Muet 2010 HOMEWORK (revised) Ratio of Male and Female form 6 student taking arts and science subjects

in Sekolah Menengah Intan 2006 -2008 The graph visualise the ratio by gender taking arts and science subjects in Form 6 in Sekolah Menengah Intan from year 2006 to 2008. In 2006, two thirds of the students taking science are males. The upward trend continues as in 2007, three quarter of total science students were males. In 2008, the ratio of male to female grew to four is to five of the total number of science students. In contrast, three is to five of the art students are female in 2006. In the subsequent year saw the ratios are equally divided to 1:1 and in 2008, female dominated the art stream with a convincing 5:7 ratio. The reasons for more students should take science subjects is our country needs more scientists to do scientific research and there s a demand for more doctors and engineers as well as the need of scientific knowledge to speed up industrial developments. They urged to be creative as well as globally competitive in work environment. In conclusion, more male students opted for science subjects whereas female students opted for art subjects. ©Hongenter 2010, 6A1.

Practice 15 Question: importance of developing renewable resources of energy in our country. Importance of developing renewable sources of energy in Malaysia The graph shows the percentage electric generation mix by sources in Malaysia in the year 2005. The gas represents 64.7%in generating majority of electrical energy, followed by steam with a percentage of 24.4%.Hydroelectric and diesel contributes 6.8% and 3.1% respectively to our electrical energy production whereas other sources is used to generate 1.2% energy in Malaysia. There is importance for Malaysian to develop renewable sources of energy. We are in need to develop renewable source of energy as we constantly seeks out environmental friendly energy and ensuring the continuous supply of energy. Besides that, it s important to make energy cheaper and more convenient to use. Moreover, it helps to reduce global warming. Therefore, we as Malaysians should make effort to reduce energy usage and understands the importance of conserving electrical energy. More alternative energy should be found and developed to ensure a continuous clean and efficient supply of energy. Practice 16 Stress has become a common problem in our modern way of life. Describe ways how we can cope with stress. Your writing should be more than 360 words. Introduction stress- pressure added onto someone to increase the productivity of human ability stress also leads to mental wear out, to body mind and soul. a good management are needed to maintain stress on a controlled condition Main points go for a vacation- with family and friends. go for some picnic or tourism site to get clean air and far from busy streets and workplace. bring some cameras or laptop just in case. talk to others- try to voice out your frustrations or conditions- which causes stress to you- try to talk to someone we trust- try to sort out and hear other s opinion. go for sports- 20 minutes a week for 2 sessions- interact with people at the park. do light activities and some fun with the folks there.


manage your time wisely- do a schedule properly- advance to your schedule and do not get panic- but organisedorganised to not under stress do not do 11th hour job- choose to start early- don t delay important jobs- working with partners and not alonestudy smart for students. learn to say no- say no to something that we can t possible to handle- respect your time and yourself.

Conclusion Stress must be controlled- using specially designed techniques- to reduce stress level- that may harm productive work- to benefit the organisation. Stress can cause many illnesses thus need to be avoided.

Model test 2- writing growth and decline of mental ability according to age and ways to upbringing a child effectively, The graph indicates the growth and decline of mental ability with age. The mental ability develops rapidly of all three category of bright, average and dull mental ability person reach their respective peak at the age of 10. However, after the age of 10, all of the three category experience a constant drop as age grows. The dull ones, in example, will be most affected at old age compared to the bright mental ability person. There are many ways to up bring a child effectively, in example; parents should give encouragement for child s mental development. Besides that, opportunity for the development of intelligent and creativity as well as providing suitable atmosphere or facilities to enhance child s learning process. Parents are encouraged to spend more time with their child to make them brighter. In conclusion, parents should be responsible in developing future jewels for the country. Their effort are priceless in creating Malaysia as one of the leading countries in many fields that needs a lot of intellectuals and scientist thus develop Malaysia into a highly competitive country in the world Despite a widespread campaign, many people are still apathetic towards conservation of the environment. In not fewer than 350 words, write an article on how the government and the public can help preserve the environment more seriously and effectively. Introduction There s much of a conversation about the government s effort in conservation of the environment. Claims are there that the government efforts didn t pay off in dealing with illegal mining, illegal loggers and the river pollution. The people are unhappy with the solution offered by the government. Thus, ways to both parties involve in conserving the environment is keen to maintain our country s wide diversity of flora and fauna. Main ideas government must include in efforts like campaign to make the public to be aware of the importance of conserving the ecosystem. Government through their agencies must act their rights and roles in conserving the clean, untouched ecosystem by enforcing the law and make the people to follow the law. Convictions are unavoidable for the offenders Hotlines are open for the public-to inform enforcer about logging or any activities that can destroy our ecosystem. Actions must be taken as quickly as possible to prevent the extensive damage to the delicate ecosystem. The people should educate their children and their future generation to take care the environment and get into government effort to be constantly support development under a strict rules and regulations.


Conclusion The people and the government should wind up efforts together in fighting for the rights to preserve the environment. It is vital for the future generation to see the nature, the true nature, and not just in photographs or documentaries.

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