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Building on the technical communication skills and document writing skills you have developed
this semester you will now have the opportunity to create a new type of technical document that
is imperative to society. We all have, at some point in our lives, needed instructions to assist us
in completing a task. Have you ever thought about the people that write those instructions and
all the steps it takes to compose them? You will now.


Your next task as part of a technical writing team is to design a set of instructions. You must first
decide what you would like to write a set of instructions for. It can be how to operate a product,
how to assemble a product, how to troubleshoot a problem, etc. Then you must decide who the
specific audience is for these instructions. Finally, you must write the instructions and design
the document. Keep in mind all the technical writing skills you have developed throughout the

Your instructions should:

½ Help solve a problem

½ Be targeted to a specific audience
½ ëpply your knowledge of the characteristics of technical documents
½ ëpply your knowledge of document design

There is no page requirement but the document must completely instruct the user on how to
complete the task. You will turn in a printed out copy of the instructions on the due date.

In class you will create a proposal sheet that will help you write this technical document!