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Glogster Guide for Students

Glogster Guide for Students

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Published by Patrick Cauley
This guide will show you some of the basics of Glogster and get you started.
This guide will show you some of the basics of Glogster and get you started.

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Published by: Patrick Cauley on May 29, 2011
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Getting Started

Step 1
We need to log in for the first time and change your password. This is very simple. Go to www.glogster.com and log in (in the upper right hand corner) using the username and password given to you.

Step 2
Once logged in, we must go and change our password. Click on Account settings (Iʼve circled it).

From this point you must enter your current password and then create a new one (one that you can remember). I would write it down somewhere so you donʼt lose it. If you do happen to forget it, your social studies teacher (or Mr. Cauley) can reset your password.

Step 3
Now it is time to change our profile a little. To access these features click on Edit my profile from your dashboard. I have circled it in the picture below.

Now we can add your first name and your last name. This will make it easy for other students and your teacher to find your logs. There is no need to fill in the other information. On this page you can also upload a picture as your very own profile picture.

Step 4
Letʼs create our first blog. It is very simple and the controls are quite easy to master. To start a new blog simple click on Create New Glog on your dashboard. When you are looking at your space, understand you can change nearly everything! All your tools are on a tool palette on the left. I have circled it in the picture below.

To add something, simply drag it onto your workspace.

Step 5
To save/publish your Glog, simply click on the Save or Publish button. Since Glogster is totally online, it will save your work as you go. Also, there is nothing to turn in as your teachers and your friends will be able to view and leave comments on your Glog.

A note on safety
Glogster is normally public, but since we are using an educatorʼs account the teachers can decide who can view the blog. They can let the class see or make it completely public, so it is safe and since you the student are not providing an email, there is no way anyone can get your sensitive information, even if Glogster gets hacked.

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