Medinex Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
Plot NO: 2 & 3, Survey No: 277/1, Ukharla – 364005. Prepared By : Saliya Hardik. D. S.Y.B.B.A. Roll No: 88 Guided By : L. J. Vanani

B.B.A DEPARTMENT S.S.C.C.M Sardar Nagar, Bhavnagar. Ph No: (0278) 257010 Academic Year : 2008 – 2009

PREPARED BY : Saliya Hardik. D.
S.Y.B.B.A. Roll No : 88





I undersigned HARDIK D SALIYA. The student of S.Y.B.B.A. Here by declare that the project work presented in this report is my own work and has carried it out under the guidance of Mr. L. J. VANANI of SWAMI SAHJANAND COLLAGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT, BHAVNAGAR




Industrial training is the part of S.Y.B.B.A. During the training.student learns a lot which is not given in the class-room. The aim of this project is to develop not only theorical knowledge but also to give and improve practical skill, in every student, which is helpful to him in every field in his future.

Being a student of second year I have the honor of having a practical training in the MEDINEX LABORATORIES Limited located at Ukharla Bhavnagar.

In respect to the requirement the course, prescribed by Bhavnagar University. I have finished my assignment. To under take the practical study of large scale industry. Basically the report deals with four “needed study department” can be descried as general information, personal department, marketing department & finance department. The report is reflected of which I Undertook learnt during my training. This report is prepared for the purpose of the study not theoretical matter but a practical matter.

Kirtibhai N Thakkar etc at Medinex Ltd for giving me valuable information response. While I was preparing a project report on medinex ltd so man around & unknown face assisted me directly or indirectly. You require a spark and you can travel all through your destination.Vanani and all the teachers who have guided me during my project report.D. For the same I would like to thank miss rachna madam for giving me an opportunityfor training in the company.Saliya Roll No: 88 S.J.B. I would like to express my heartily thanks to all the people namely Mr. .i would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Hardik . Mr.B.A. I am very much thankful to my friends and all other members of Medinex for extending their help to complete my project successfully.L. Nandisen K Shah and Mr.MEDINEX ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is fact that behind the success of a student there is always a good teacher to be the right direction at the right speed. Last but not least.Y.

MEDINEX INDEX  General information  Human Resource Management  Marketing management  Financial management .






History of the company
Medinex laboratories Pvt. Ltd was established in 1972 with formulations and started production of Bulk drugs (APIs) in the year 1982.

Looking to the space constraints, market demand and revised norms of ScheduleM of Food & Drug Control Authority, the plant was relocated to this site. The primary purpose of this industrial establishment is the production of important & life saving bulk drugs. In-house R&D has developed the processes for manufacture of the products of Medinex. Location: The site is approximately 14.0 km away from Bhavnagar and in the South direction. The site falls under notified industrial area declared by Bhavnagar district authority. Bhavnagar is on the Western Railway Line. It is 761 kilometers from Mumbai via Ahmedabad and 788 kilometers via Viramgam. State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect various centers of Gujarat. It is situated 791 kilometers from Mumbai via Ahmedabad and 200 kilometers from Ahmedabad via Sihor. Bhavnagar is an all weather intermediate port equipped with a number of facilities. Whereas Ghogha port is a minor port. The project site is adjacent to State Highway No.8 E. The site is located at the above mentioned address and lies in the southeast corner of the peninsular region of Gujarat known as Kathiawad or Saurashtra Other location details are as follows: Place: Ukharla Taluka: Ghogha, District: Bhavnagar, State: Gujarat. The site is located: Geographical Location & Area of the Premises are displayed below. Latitude : 21.45 N Longitude : 72.10E Elevation above Mean Sea Level : 0.304 meter The total area of the site : 9905.25 meter


EYE VIEW OF UNIT Village : Ukharla – 364005.MEDINEX Name Address : : Medinex Laboratories Pvt. District : Nandisen Shah Phone Form of org. Fax E-mail Name of the Contact Person : : : : : . India. 0278-2883161 / 3291399 Privet Ltd company 0278-2883163 medinex@yahoo.2&3. Survey-277/1. Taluka : Ghogha. Gujarat. Plot .

Also because the city Bhavnagar is connected to Ahmedabad & Baroda which is 200km away with a road and connected Mumbai with a direct flight of 40 minutes…  Availability of electricity in good way…  Availability of ample of water supply in companies own bore well…  Here. land is available for future expansion…  Local worker are easily available from the market… .MEDINEX BENEFITS OF LOCATION  Outside the range of municipal octroi office.  Away from the city environment & not come under the authority of BADA  In very well developed industrial area…  Transportation facility is easily available because of the near state highway...

pumps and centrifuges. . A well maintained Cold Storage is available in the warehouse for storing specialty chemicals and finished products. pressure / vacuum gauges are calibrated periodically. etc. There is adequate safety control and Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly followed. A team of experienced Chemical Engineers and Technicians manage the manufacturing process right from the first stage to the dispatch of the finished product. Balances. Automated Potentiometer Titration. Finished products are guarantied and kept in separate Bonded Rooms.process control Laboratories situated in these plants have all testing facilities and are well equipped with sophisticated instruments like UV and IR Spectrophotometers. digital temperature indicators. The Warehouse has separate places for storage of raw materials and finished products. properly labeled and kept in specified allotted places.MEDINEX Manufacturing Plant The API bulk drug plant is well equipped with reactors. All materials are classified. Quality Control The Quality Control and In .

from Good Manufacturing practices and corrective actions are taken wherever necessary.MEDINEX Effluent Treatment Plant Effluent treatment plant takes care of the residue and various effluents generated during the manufacturing processes and adhere to Statutory requirements of the Pollution Control Board. . if any. The Company also has a Safety Department responsible for creating safety awareness at all levels. Regular Safety and Technical Audits are conducted to identify the deviations.

Large Scale : Investment more than 100 Lakes. 2. There are some basis of which the size of unit can be fixed. Small Scale : Investment up to 60 Lakes. 3.MEDINEX SIZE OF UNIT AND FORM OF ORGANISATION Size of The unit means what is investment of the company. Medium Scale : Investment between 60 and 100 Lakes. turn over of their standard. 1. . Accounting to government policy there are certain standards regarding scale operation which are as follows. Medinex investment is more then 100 lakes so that Medinex is large scale industry.

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Name of Product Adrenaline BP/USP/IP/EP Adrenaline Acid Bitartrate BP/EP/USP/IP Carbazochrome JP Carbazochrome Sodium Sulphonate JP ChlorothiazideBP/EP/USP Dihydralazine Sulphate Hydrated BP/EP Dimenhydrinate BP/EP/USP/IP Hydrochlorothiazide BP/EP/USP/IP Isoprenaline Hydrochloride BP/EP/USP/IP Glutamic Acid BP/EP Norepinephrine Bitartrate BP/EP/USP/IP CAS No. [51-43-4] [51-42-3] [69-81-8] [51460-26-5] [58-94-6] [7327-87-9] [523-87-5] [58-93-5] [51-30-9] [56-86-0] [69815-49-2] .MEDINEX LIST OF PRODUCT Sr.

MEDINEX Number of employees engaged in Production. Engineering and Ware housing on the site Sr. Total (Managers + Executives + Workers) . Housekeeping receptionist) 2 25 2 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 (peon) 1 2 1 2 2 6 2 2 5 2. Production Wing A Wing B Wing C Quality Assurance Quality Control Engineering Ware housing Administration 1 1 (chemist) 1 1 1 1 1 (chemist) 1 4 1 3 (Clerk and computer operator and a 7. 6. 4. Department Managers Executives Workers Total 1. 5. Quality Management 3.

The MEDINEX LABORATIORES of company has made contribution in national as well as international market. The firm plays an important role in the industrial development and in the growth of nation as this firm gets monopoly of quantity . Every unit has always to a more or less extent contribution to its whole industry and society. .MEDINEX CONTRIBUTION OF UNIT TO THE INDUSTRY A company or a firm is an individual which actually belong to a particular industry. The success of any company cannot be measures by the figure of profit but also by contribution of company towards industry and society. The groups of firm producing same or identical product are grouped under industry.

Otherwise manufacture the specific products as per the final product specification. if stock is partially ready. labels the material. Sampling & Testing are done from QC (as per in coming QAP) if the RM/PM is acceptable than stock inward in the Raw Material Stock Register Order is executed if product is available as per requirements Dispatch to the customer after gate pass & entry in dispatch register. Invoice & COA & other required documents In-charge Stores issues RM against the requisition. In charge stores will check the material as per check list. Executive-Production monitors & Records the production activities Order FormA is . . prepares GRN & sends copy to QC In-charge.MEDINEX Quality Assurance Plan Medinex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd MD/ Executive Director receives Written or Oral message is given to Executive Production for production /supply & stock Executive Production reviews the Order in consultation with store manager decides to dispatch the part of order. along with delivery challan. or work out for the requirement of RM & PM in consultation with store manager Executive production informs Purchase Manager for purchasing Raw materials/PM required for the product is received at the factory along with quality certificate if required from manufacturer. As per the planning.

through e-mail or Purchase Order regarding the manufacturing of the particular product. BP. Take a trial batch. EP. Invoice & relative certificates. than standardize the MFC & include in the product list after necessary approval. Executive Production then informs chemist-In-charge to start manufacturing Activity for specific product following the MFC for that product as per IP. . Executive Production ensures proper cleaning of the area Supervise the roper washing & cleaning of the Equipments & utensils Starting to process the Batch Mixing Filtration/ Centrifugation Drying Coolin Stirring Mixing with Solvent if required/Precipitation Pulverizing Receives RM at mfg. If trial product meet the requirement. along with delivery challan. Analyze & prepare trial MFC. machine required. analysis & testing of final product as per the final QAP under the supervision of In-charge QC Stock transferred to FP store Dispatch to the customer after gate pass & entry in dispatch register. USP. In case of new product analyze the possibility of production & purchase of material. JP or customer requirements. wing Heating if required Labeling & Packing Filtration In process testing of the quarantined material as per in process QAP & In charge QC Assay Result as per specification of the product Inspection.MEDINEX A A Marketing Manager/MD/Executive Director informs Production Executive on phone.



controlling. They are giving many facilities to their staff members and workers and also treating them as “family members. This applies to all type of organization e. sufficient manpower is required which is being taken care of by personnel department. production. Its employee’s welfare activities are very much remarkable. education. developing their skills and competent. organizing. which are carried out in an organization is laying with personnel department. industry business. Personnel department is the heart of any type of organization. government. it concerns with acquisition of appropriate human resource. MEDINEX LABORATERIES PVT LTD is having best personnel department.g. planning.ordination. motivating them for best commitment to the organization to achieve organizations objectives. For all kind of an organization.” .MEDINEX INTRODUCTION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is concerned with The people who work in the organization to achieve the objectives of the organization. marketing etc. co.

unless the workers co-operates. “AN ORGANITATION WITHOUT SOME STRUCTURE WOULD BE COMPARED TO AN AIRPORT WITHOUT GROUND. manager role is very important. He must understands and reach the employees motivation. Best and important role is performed by the personnel Manager in Medinex Laboratories Pvt Ltd. Any amendment in the approved qualification an experience of the personnel is done by following procedure on control of documents ROLE OF A PERSONNEL MANAGER Anywhere personnel or H. He has to assess the organizational goal and personal development of the Human Resource. NANDISEN SHAH. In this organization personnel and general administration is managed by Mr.MEDINEX Qualification/ Education and Experience of the personnel Minimum qualification/ education and experience of the personnel whose job affects quality have been determined and approved by the competent authorities.R. .” The manager has to be better at handling men.

training.R.MEDINEX The manager deals with the various laws such as factory act.P. labors law. skills & experience.  To communicate H.R.F. policy to all employs  To improve the organization with well train and motivated employ . He also is looking workers day to day activities as well as unions’ activities… OBJECTIVE OF PERSONNEL MANAGER  To determine the necessary competence of the personnel  To plan and provide training to enhance awareness and competence  To evaluate the effectiveness of the training provided  To make the personnel / employees competent on the basis of education. employees’ state insurance act and the workmen compensation act. I. and I. Act. social responsibilities.  training.D.  To maintain the records of education. skills and experience. ACT.  To help the organization reach its goal  To develop & maintain the quality of work life.

Its purpose is to increase the number of application for the vacancy. death. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected. etc. SELECTION • RECRUITMENT According to WERTHER AND DAVIS. recruitment process starts when any vacancy exists due to registration. So it becomes very important to search the right people for the right place.” Recruitment means searching prospective workers and stimulating to apply for the job in the organization. of employ.MEDINEX RECRUITMENT. Medinex laboratories pvt ltd has 2 type pf recruitments: 1) Internal 2) External . It is the basis of success. Recruitment leads to greater productivity. The process begins when new recruits are sought and end when their applications are submitted. “Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. high morale and better reputation of concern.

MEDINEX The company is doing of following 2 channels. For external recruitment process is as follows:After deciding the quality and quantity of personnel. • Direct planned interview . An interview is face-to-face. Medinex laboratories pvt ltd takes 2 type of interview for selection. After receiving call letters the employee has to pass through the interview. In other words. they give the Advertisement in newspaper with the post. it is also seen as negative process.” Selection is the process of choosing the prospective employee out of the number of applications received against the advertisement which they have given. Direct Recruitment on the basis of application. Advertisement in newspaper. 1. observation and performance appraisal method of evaluating the application where the interviewer who is a higher in a status in a dominant role. • SELECTION “Selection process is about differentiating between applicants in order to identify those with a greater likely hood of success in a job. 2. it is dropping all those candidates which are not suitable and thus. After receiving the biodata the process starts and the selected persons are called by sending those call letters.

after personal manager of the company check the candidates answer and choose that candidate. • Written test interview In Medinex laboratories. . written test interview. In interview the interviewer has opportunity of observing the candidates personal characteristics and knowledge. the company provide the questioner to the candidates and candidates give the answer that question. cohesively. In this only one person is there for interviewing candidates. harmoniously together to achieve the organization goals with full satisfaction of social and economical needs and also to development of organization. Here candidates have to face question and answers from the personnel manager also. the answer of the question right. face to face question and answers. HUMAN RELATION It is a practice of management to integrate the people in the organization to work co-operative.MEDINEX In Medinex laboratories. interviewer and interviewee meet straight forward. But they think only disadvantage for this interview is that candidates have some advance planning for interview. direct planned interview.

MEDINEX Every fifteen days every department head have meting and while taking decision they also contact the needs of department and they have facility of intercom. The management firmly believes their committed workforce provides the vital power to change and progress though continual training and effective human resource management… INDUCTION TRAINING New personnel are provided induction training. The group has manpower strength of over 25 working round the clock towards one goal produce chemicals par excellence in real team spirit. Induction training manual is updated on a two year period and / or based on the audit findings which point the gaps in the quality of induction training or as per the need / directions provided by the competent authorities. innovators. Induction training is coordinated by the HOD-HR and it is provided by the concerned department for a specified period. Records of induction training are made and training records of the new employees are made and entries made. Highly talented scientists. For providing awareness about the concerned department. professionals and dedicated workman are the backbone of the Medinex Laboratories success. an induction training manual has been prepared by the concerned department. technocrats. Periodicity of induction training varies designation wise and it is determined by the quality assurance and / or head . of the departments.

significance of following procedures and applicably rules of that of the concerned department. make him feel like a home and generate in him a feeling that has own job. Products and services processing of Products and services. significance of following procedures and applicably rules of that of the concerned department. however small. concerned department and its two sections. When a candidate is selected from the external sources.MEDINEX Induction training manual describes the basic objectives of the organization. Induction training manual focuses on the quality policy. it is to welcome a newcomer. In other words. Induction training manual focuses on the quality policy. safety. safety. he may feel unconscious because of new environment and new people. requirements of quality. .. requirements of quality.

DEVELOPMENT  TRAINING Training is concerned with development of specific skills for a particular purpose. Mainly the training is given to the new employees but some times a firm has to also give training to the old workers because now a days in the modern era new equipment are established in quick time and a firm will have to adopt it if they want to stand in the keen competition and some times old employees are not knows of the new technology undertaken by the firm. “the act of increasing skills of an employee for doing a particular job. So it there will be a training process in each and every organization. Training means. Generally there are 2 types of training given by a firm to the employees which are us under 1. ON THE JOB TRAINING In this type of training.’ As we know training is one of the most important functions of any kind of organization. This kind of training is given by conducting lecture or in the seminar. In short training which is not given in the job time is called off the job training. OFF THE JOB TRAINING In this type of training. the trainee will be trained directly but not in the working hours means after completion of their work they will be trained. the trainee will be trained directly but not in the . 2.MEDINEX TRAINING .

Increasing morals of employees Reduce supervision Reducing in learning time Increasing efficiency Increasing productivity Reducing in operational problem.  DEVELOPMENT “Development is the continuous process of improving the overall personality of a person” Development is the activity associated with the managerial personnel such as executives. The human resource department gives high attention and development of each and every employee for the following purpose. Effective utilization of resources        . Development is concern with theoretical and conceptual knowledge.MEDINEX working hour means when they are working they will be trained so when any new person join the company he will have to stay with other experienced person for few days or when he was performing his job will be instructed by the other person then it is known as on the job training.

working conditions etc. objective of the job. finance manager and marketing manager through continue consultation with the personnel manager. supervision given or receives. job summary. He formulates recommends and interprets all manpower marketing policies and managerial development. tools and equipments. Factory manager has control over the other department his direct assistants are personnel manager. department in which he has to work. A specific job description consist of the details such as job title. . principle duties and responsibilities. duties.MEDINEX JOB DESCRIPTION Job description is the statement containing items such as job title. Job description is the concerned with the obtaining of proper or member to accomplish organization goals because if the proper person is not selected for any kind of job then he is not able to perform his job with full assessment so it is one of the most needed functions in any organization. authority limits etc. location. immediate level subordinates.

the employee and the employer. Promotion is a movement to a position in which responsibility and prestige are increased. many informal influences are powerful determinants of a promotional policy. honesty.MEDINEX PROMOTION AND TRANSFER POLICY  PROMOTION According to Scott and clothier. high challenges and opportunities. It is given to a suitable person who will be benefited to either side I. “a promotion is the transfer of an employee to a job which pays more money or one that carries some proffered status. In Medinex.e. cooperation. Promotion means.  Seniority merit In this method the senior as well as employee who is working efficiently is promoted  Past performance . Promotion is a term which always welcomed by the employees. there are 2 types of method for promotion. status or prestige. an upward movement or advancement of employee in the organization to another job which commands better wage/salary. merit. hard work.” Although promotions are made on the basis of ability. They are as follows.

. and get satisfaction. Transfer is the movement of an employee from one job or one place to another place without involving any substantial change in his duties and responsibilities. sometimes. A person who is interested and company thinks that the person can fit in marketing department then they will see is vacancy or not. There are 2 types of transfer in the company External Internal Medinex follows internal transfer policy   Internal transfer means other department. Transfer may be possible in the same department. ha is transferred to finance department. If a person working in personnel department has more knowledge about finance. Transfer is also a factor through which both organization and employee can be benefited.MEDINEX In this method promotion is made on the basis of past performance  TRANSFER Transfer means change in the job or department without changing the responsibilities.

If the candidate does not score the desired marks. In Medinex laboratories pvt ltd performance appraisal shall be estimated with the help of question paper given to the employees either at the end of the training session or at a time considered suitable by the head of the department and/ or faculty. No person shall be sent for re-training more than three times. In the question paper. total marks and desired marks shall be indicated. he shall automatically under go for retraining.MEDINEX PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL An organization goal can be achieve only when people put in their best efforts. How to ascertain whether an employee has shown his or her best performance on a given job? The answer is performance appraisal. . Reasons for poor performance shall be explained by the employees on a one to one basis by the employee to his head of the department. The reasons for his poor score shall be evaluated on an annual basis.

Tax deduction is applicable to both the workers & staff members. Clerk of human resource department prepares wage sheets. So it is very necessary to continuously administer the salary and motives the workers. This unit provides salary workers on daily basis. The income tax deduction is calculated at the end of the year’s means 31st march on the every year.  SALARY ADMINISTRTION .  WAGE ADMINISTRATION Company’s wages include basic salary+ medical+ over time etc. Wage administration includes basic manpower’s wage. The salary is basically dependent. Payment is done on the basis of time keeping records. Payment is done on the full day work and wages for late coming period is deducted.MEDINEX WAGES & SALARY Salary is the main motivator for a worker. Wages are counted on daily basis and it is and it is paid monthly. Workers can convert his salary in cash also. The company also maintains monthly records.

Salaries are paid to the administration.MEDINEX The date of salary payment is last day of the month.  MEDICAL: The company provides the medical convenience allowance. and facilities which are not compulsory their employees. Salary sheets are prepared in accounts office. EMPLOYEES SERVICES Employee’s welfare activities are the voluntary efforts by the employer to provide the best employment in their own industries. There are 2 types of welfare activities.  BONUS: The company provides bonus to employees on DIWALI festival.  .   Statuary Unstatuary Statuary means a firms provides facilities given by the government which are compulsory to given. UNIFORM: The company provides uniform to all the workers. Salary is paid only for full day work. Company also provides to workers lunch room for their lunch and also provides tea or coffee workers for free of charge. technical and electrical personnel.

In this company accident rate is very little and in case of accident injury is also minor. This company does not have to face any injury and this company also celebrates many years as a zero accident year. This discontent may be lead to any dispute among the management and the employees.MEDINEX EMPLOYEES GRIEVANCES Grievances mean any discounting arising out of anything connected with the company that an employee feels unjust. Management does conduct domestic injury but it is biased grievances. In this factory premises you can see slogan on hoardings and cartoons. Safety system is also good. .

There are no conflicts between management and employees and all can work with their full co-ordination and with help of 100% co-ordination. a trade union is any contribution whether temporary or permanent for employer of regarding the relation between workmen and employees.MEDINEX TRADE UNION Trade union is the voluntary association of employees including clerical. working conditions arises then it is solved by negotiation and there by is established good relationship between management and employees. Under the trade union act 1926. technical and professional staff. . In case they have problem regarding payment of transfer they report to union and solve the problem. If there is any nominal problem then it is solved by secretary and any problem regarding bonus. But the entire unit is like a family and workers going on in pleasant manners. Trade union seeks to protect and promote common interest of their member through collective actions. There is a trade union in this organization. The organization can achieve its predetermined goals.

With the help of personal record we have to all needed information about employees. attendance. Those records include all information such as name & add. There is separate file for each employee in Medinex laboratories pvt ltd for personnel records of each worker working on organization. his work. behavior and even if he taken loan or advance from the company also recorded.MEDINEX PERSONAL RECORDS All the records of the employees are available in a systematic order by personal manager and his assistants. knowledge of performance. Education and qualification. date of birth. .

time is most important part and valuable element. The working time of company is as follow WORKING TIME 9 a. The company has adopted a very good dual time keeping system. the time keeping is an instrument with which management is able to exercise control over the employees. TO 5:30 p. Medinex laboratories has more concerned about the time keeping system.m.m. TO 1 p.MEDINEX TIME KEEPING SYSTEM In any organization. The company is very particular about the time-keeping system. Different industrial units adopt different system for the time schedule of the employees. . In this company the employees entered in the company they write their own attendance.m. Thus.m. 1:30 p.

S. SCHEME Those employees. The benefits are being provided to the employees by this scheme.I. SCHEME The full form of is EMPLOYEES STATE INSURANCE.I.  In case of employee’s sickness 75% salary will be provided by the company.  Medical benefit for employee and their family members if they are not self-dependent. whose remuneration is less than Rs.S. SCHEME  E.I.S. . = 10.S. This scheme is totally for the benefit of the employing under ‘workman compensation act 1948’ under this scheme employer has to contribute and the government is managing this fund.I. scheme.  CONTRIBUTION OF E.000 is covered under the E.MEDINEX STUDY OF E.

the subject and the method of training in the user friendly terms and definitions. first the training material shall be prepared by the proposed faculty and this shall be checked by the next higher level officer and when approved. The method of training shall be very simple and clear. Silence shall be maintained. Providing training Training shall be provided to the approved identified personnel. periodic checking shall be done with the participants whether they are in a position to understand the topic being taught to them. TRAINING MATERIALS & FACULTY For each training subject. Faculty shall introduce themselves. Writing board/ transparencies/ projector / computers may be used for providing training. During the training session. . one copy of such training material shall be submitted to the human resources department as a record. Training shall be done with the help of training materials which may include the written / printed matter/ photograph or any other illustration or the practical demonstration at the work station.MEDINEX  In case of employee’s death. his family members are given compensation and thereafter pension.

When again not responding to such request. and when the observations of the employees are found valid.MEDINEX Any person not responding to the training or is a source of embarrassment to the faculty. When a person can do the required quality of job without any supervision. faculty is authorized to remove them from the training class and report for such negligence to the higher authorities in writing. a feedback shall be taken from the employees. Employee shall provide their comments on the contents of the programmed and how this could be further improved for future participants. . HOD/HOD-HR shall sit in the training. Records of competence shall be made in the employee training records. A training programmed should result in enhancing the level of quality and commitment in the employees for skill/ products and services quality/ customer satisfaction/ regulatory compliance/ cost control Feed backs on the training At the end of the training/ practical classes. he shall be considered competent. Competence shall be established by scoring minimum marks in theory and minimum marks allotted for practical. If the faculty is not good. training programmed shall be terminated. such person shall be requested to take interest in the training. Determination of the competence of the personnel Competence shall be determined with the help of practical training. The comments of the employees shall be reviewed and suitably included in the training material or training methods. one of the participants shall request the head of the department or HOD-HR for the termination of such training.

when the person of the concerned department is sent on transfer of assignment to other departments of the Corporation. the employee training records and training attendance sheet shall be updated by the employees/ head of the departments. Such training shall be submitted on an annual basis to the HODHR. Training records shall be maintained till the employee is in the services of the concerned department. For departmental training and competence development. Training records shall be legible and easy to read. HOD-HR shall release a circular for submission of year’s training/ competence records of the all the employees whose training needs have been identified and provided. a copy of the training records showing his details of training and competence. For every New Year. duly signed and dated. . EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE For training to be provided by the external faculty. HOD-HR is responsible for making training attendance sheet and update of the training records. Training subject shall be clearly written. he shall be provided. Concerned departments can take at any time the extra blank forms relating training from the HOD-HR. on putting a request in writing by him. fresh sheet of training attendance sheet and employee training records shall be released by the HOD-HR to the concerned departments.MEDINEX RECORDS OF TRAINING.

to achieve its objectives : Company has well laid EHS policy. Medinex laboratory is equipped the following facilities. Composite effluent treatment facility & recycling of treated stream. Regular monitoring of safety and environment standards. Safety committee is constituted to review safety and environment related issues periodically. Adequate equipment for personal safety and fire fighting provided. to update safety knowledge and standards.      . HEALTH & SAFETY It is the most commitment of the medinex laboratories management team to protect environment and health of employees & society through preventive measures to establish best EHS performance record. headed by manager. Training and awareness program is conducted. Continual technical innovation and technology update to reduce the generation of pollutants.MEDINEX ENVIRONMENT.

the management of medinex is developing operating standard as per ISO 14001:1996 Environment Management System. In order to further improve EHS standard. monitored and received and reviewed at periodic intervals by the appropriate management committees. EHS programmers are planned. MARKETING MANAGEMENT .MEDINEX  Health monitoring of employees through qualified medical professionals.


.MEDINEX  MARKETING RESEARCH  QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTEMENT  RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT  SAMPLING  ADVERTISING  CHANNEL OF DISTRIBURION  PROCEDURES FOR MARKETINIG  ORDER ACCEPTANCE AND PROGRESSION  CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS INTRODUCTION According to Philip kotlar “marketing management” is the process of involving the analysis implementation and control of programmes` designed to create exchange for the purpose of achieving organization activities.

The results of these efforts are the high reputation and trust credited to them. Good marketing has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business success. They have been continuously improving their core technology. it is their mission to supply high quality products to their customers. Formally or informally. The company enjoys the monopoly for its products in Indian market. Medinex laboratories pvt ltd has two main activities namely. people and organization engage in a vast number of activities that could be called MARKETING. The company delivers goods after certain period and satisfies the requirements of the customers. Here the customers give order and according to that order they produce the products. Medinex laboratory has also contract random planning. you cannot reach . MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing is really very important for each and every organization without marketing. And marketing profoundly affects our day to day lives.MEDINEX Marketing is everywhere. The company does not require marketing because of monopoly products. Marketing practices are continually being refined and reformed in virtually all industries to increase the chance of success. specially Chemicals and Pharma materials. quality standards and flexibility to meet their customer’s need. There are not any monopolies other unit which produces all the products. you can not popularize your products in the market.

MARKET SEGMANTATION . You cannot earn high prestige and status. The main function of the marketing department in the organization is to see what should be the marketing strategy and what the current situation. Customer’s service is also one of the functions of marketing department through providing and implementing good suggestions there department. In the organization marketing really plays vital role.MEDINEX at the heart of the customers and you cannot create high image. The marketing department collects all these information’s of feedback from the customers and so on. when the marketing department of any organization will really play very active role. All these will happen.

It sells 50% of their production to overseas market and 44% to domestic market. who might require separate products or marketing mix. They may differ in their wants in resources. But company has two types of segments of markets. Japan. Through market segmentation company divide large.MEDINEX Market consists of buyers and buyers differ in one or more ways. In this segment the Indian market are covered while another market is called overseas market. heterogonous market.K. Medinex laboratory has two different products at the same place at Bhavnagar. CUSTOMERS . characteristics or behavior. U. In this market segmentation of different country are covered where the company is dealings. into smaller segments that can be reached more efficiently with products and services that match with unique needs. Market segmentation means dividing a market into distinct group of buyers with different needs. location. One is domestic market. etc. Under this segment the countries are covered like U. buying attitudes and buying practice. So the production making is only this place. The units cover many areas of India.S.

. Their medicine is most purchase the company their name are us under:  CUSTOMER  Cipla  Ranbaxy  Cadila Customer Feedback Following Parameter is consider by Managing Director for Customer Feedback  Quality  Quantity  Packing  Dispatch Documents  Communication  After Sales Services Managing Director through Mail takes customer Feedback. Telephone. and also frequency of repeat order & maintain Customer Review Register. Personal Visit. Medinex laboratories have also export the medicine in foreign country.MEDINEX There are many customers of medinex laboratories.

According to marketing association “marketing research is the systematic gathering. Ascertaining the strength and weaknesses of competitor’s marketing strategies. like competitors and governments. So as to enhance the competitive strength of the company in the market place. Marketing research is the most essential part for development of any industry. The various areas of market research broadly include. It is the application of scientific method to the solution of marketing problems. Marketing research as the systematic design collection    . Assessing the market trends. objective and exhaustive search for and study of the facts relevant to any problem in the field of marketing.MEDINEX MARKETING RESEARCH Meaning : Marketing research is the systematic. recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services. Purpose : Our purpose of research is to gather facts about markets and the forces operating therein. Determining the size of both current and potential market. It is the systematic gathering and analysis of data about problems connected with industry.

like competitors and governments. Ascertaining the strength and weaknesses of competitor’s marketing strategies. Assessing the market trends. Medinex laboratory has a marketing research because the company main purpose of research is to gather facts about markets and the forces operating there in.MEDINEX analysis and reporting of data relevant to specific marketing situation facing an organization.  Determining the size of both current and potential market. The various areas of market research broadly include.   . So as to enhance the competitive strength of the company in the market place.

Quality assurance interacts with the customers in case of non-compliances as per the standard customer complaints handling procedure. . with world class product quality and timely delivery. We have firm commitment to provide best customers services to our valued clients.MEDINEX QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTEMENT Quality control laboratory is equipped with modern highly sophisticated test equipments and carries out the analytical tests as per international standards for the item to be tested. Quality Assurance is an independent department engaged in ensuing the compliance of work operation as per the set quality standards. Each of our raw materials is tested before approving it for use in production. we send to the end user is accompanied by our Certificate of Analysis which establish our confidence in our product and Quality Assurance we provide to the end users. Our quality control facilities are fully adequate to test each of our products both for purity as well as impurity profile. Every consignment. and each of our finish products are tested to ensure that product meets standardized specification designed by us and approved by our customers.

identification of the right route of synthesis. Medinex laboratories devote its R&D resources for establishing new technologies to put up new markets as per the client’s requirements. trouble shooting. optimization of the control parameters. quality improvement programmed and improvements in the existing process technologies. the scaling up of the processes developed and validation of the entire system. A highly motivated team of Research professionals is engaged round the clock in the product and process development. All the products that are presently manufactured and marketed are developed inhouse and successfully commercialized in the chemical market. A Technical Committee. Design and development programmed of R&D Dept. Search for the development of new molecules and finding their applications continue.MEDINEX RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Medinex laboratories pvt Ltd is a Research & Development oriented company. the tailoring of the specifications. comprising of experienced organic chemists. are always planned. chemical Engineers and Analytical Scientists. reviewed and validated as per the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System requirements. R&D operations include the research for the new molecules. approves the R&D findings periodically and ensures proper implementation of the organizational needs. .

given below:  If there are N numbers of bags of bottles. belong to sampling. . safety packed . • IN low bulk • • • According to customers expectations In easy packing Should be durable.  Sampling should be. From given container. There are some methods. then N+1 sample are take as minimum one sample from each other. has excellent access to technical reports and reviews published in national and international journals of repute. lab acquires the sample on a random basis. least scientific journals and the computer database. .MEDINEX R&D Dept. SAMPLING Quality control lab adopts various methods of sampling.

phone. letters. It has limited number of customers who are suing its product as a raw material. Because it’s not producing the consumer goods but in case of overseas market Medinex advertises about its product in magazines. application  External. letters . so the company does not require the advertising for its products…  Communication :  Internal. fax & E-mail. Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas. And the company has monopoly product. Medinex laboratories does not advertising at all in India. The producer also can display a message towards the people or customers. We can say that advertisement is the broad subject of services or goods by identified sponsor.MEDINEX ADVERTISING The most important function in marketing is advertising. Advertisement means to put something towards the society people and have to inform them above the products.

MEDINEX CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION Most producers use intermediates to bring their products into the market. They try to forge a distribution channel a set of independent organization involved and the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user. The company has the monopoly market in India. Medinex has another type of segmentation is overseas markets. In which the company sends the output by selected agents through the exporting center--. Producer -> Sales agent -> Industrial distribution-> Industrial customers The producer has the sales persons to sell the products of the company to customers and the customers also can not direct deal with the company. This channel is only for the domestic market segment. so all the customers have to get from the company. So far the company is concern: it has two different channels as follows. Direct marketing • • Producer Producer consumer retailer consumer  .BOMBAY  Producer-> Industrial customers That means the producer directly receives the order from the customers and producer send goods according to their orders.

Marketing Executive carries out an informal review of the enquiry before offering a proposal to the client. The enquiry is received. The review takes into consideration the  Existing production load  Probability of the order  Market scenario and other relevant inputs .retailer Industrial customer PROCEDURES FOR MARKETING Enquiry Handling Marketing Executive keep on exploring new markets and manage to keep in touch with existing Clients for marketing relevant issues.MEDINEX • • • • • Producer Producer Producer Producer wholesalers wholesalers industrial consumers sales agent industrial distribution retailer agent consumers . Enquires are received by means of verbal.consumers . reviewed. written or by personal visit through Email/ Courier / Fax. and recorded in the enquiry register.

MEDINEX ORDER ACCEPTANCE AND PROGRESSION The orders are received. joint decision is taken & communicated to the customer against receipt of the final order an acknowledgement is sent to the customer if contractually agreed mutually. Order Amendment . In case of any clarifications required necessary communication is done with the Customers and all such conclusions are recorded in Work Order. Marketing Executive accepts the orders and a copy of the Work Order are sent to the production department for further processing of the order. reviewed. and recorded in the Work Order. In case of new product Marketing Executive in consultation with Managing Director & Production Manager evaluate resource requirement basis on ability to manufacture pertinent product on trial.

MEDINEX For all amendments in the order received after accepting the orders Marketing Executive carries out necessary communication with the customer and understands the required amendment. then it is reviewed & discussed with concerned personnel and necessary corrective / preventive action is taken by SM. And all accepted amendment are communicated to the Production Manager by Verbal / Written and recorded in Amendments. Records of customer complaints are maintain in the Customer Complaints Register  Customer Feedback Following Parameter is consider by Managing Director for Customer Feedback  Quality  Quantity  Packing  Dispatch Documents  Communication . CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS Whenever any customer complaint is received. Final decision is convey to the Customer by SM. He discusses the desired amendments with production team to decide whether to accept the amendment or not if required consult Managing Director for final decision.

and also frequency of repeat order & maintain Customer Review Register. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT .MEDINEX  After Sales Services Managing Director through Mail takes customer Feedback. Telephone. Personal Visit.


Now a day’s finance has serviced as the backbone for any economy. brain and soul of any business organization.MEDINEX  MANAGEMENT OF WORKING CAPITAL  RATIO ANALYSIS  LEVERAGE  BUDGETING  INVENTORIES  CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION Finance is the blood. .

It may have to invest in additional plant and machinery to . This is the only department of function. controlling and administrating the fund in a firm. The word “FINANACE” is really a very energetic word. In organization also this department plays a very vital role. An increase in a firm’s market share will lead to higher growth. The first aspect to be attended to is the estimation of how much money business organization requires and for what purpose. Finance is an essential of organization. In the second place it is to be seen how much the amount estimated for meeting the business requirement should be raised. Finance is concerned with the planning rising. Finance is lubricant oi and without this fuel. at the time is required. The firm would need assets to sustain the higher growth in sales. which identifies income of the FINANCIAL PLANNING Growth in sales is an important objective of most firms. organization cannot move further. the decision regarding finance must be properly by a firm Organization of accounts and finance department.MEDINEX In modern money using economy finance may be defined as provision of money. an organization.

The firm would have to acquire raw material and convert them into finished product after incurring manufacturing expenses when the firm grows at a high rate internal funds may be require.  Short term financial planning. The long term planning is used when any expansion / modernization activities of the business for development of the product of new product.MEDINEX increase its production capacity. There are two types of financial planning:  Long term financial planning. The process of estimating the funds requirements of a firm and determining the source of funds is called financial planning. Financial planning means deciding in advance the various financial activities to be performed to achieve the basic objectives of the firm at maximum return with minimum effort. The basic objective if financial planning is to raise the necessary funds. purchase of any fixed assets etc. Financial planning for Medinex based on balance sheet as on 31st march 2008. Financial planning of an enterprise should be prepared with due care. Financial planning is the pre-requisite for the smooth financial management and for the purpose of growth and expansion of business activities. . Company decides how much time should be allowed to customer for credit and if company needs money quickly then asks their customers to pay as early as possible. Short term planning is used to the smooth functioning of day-to-day business and also for the payment of miscellaneous expenses. In Medinex laboratories every division makes it budgetary plans according to their requirement.

ORGANIZATION OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE DEPARTMENT . This can help company to achieve targets. Company not only prepares projected cash inflow and outflow statement but also prepares expected future project and consumption of raw material.MEDINEX Planning for manpower :Company collects finance from the financial institutions. bank.

CAPITALIZATION . the purchase manager influences the level of investment in inventories and the sales manager has say in the determination of receivable policy. In Medinex finance department area headed by managers. buying raw material. an integral part of the job for the managers involved in planning allocation of resources and control. the marketing manager provides input in forecasting and planning. packaging material. Financial management is to an extent.e. In this organization finance department includes payment of wages and salaries and other benefits. i. In the company financial management is highly specialized in nature and is handled by specialist. In Medinex financial management functions lies with the top management.MEDINEX There is an inseparable relationship between finance on the one hand and production. new machineries etc. Board of Directors/Managing Directors/Chief executive or committee of board. The production manager shapes the investment policy. marketing and other functions on the other.

. Capitalization = share capital + reserve and surplus + debenture + term loan long There are three type of capitalization    Over capitalization Under capitalization Optimum capitalization The Medinex laboratories pvt ltd of company had opticapitalization when the company was pvt. Under capitalization means capital of the company is less than in proportion to its total requirement. So company’s capital is very high and now a day’s company capital is increased. Ltd. Capitalization is linked with investment in the term of capital as compared to rates of enterprise more the turn over more is the requirement of capital vice a versa.MEDINEX Capitalization means capital structure of company as compared to the capital requirement of the firm. So company facing under capitalization. It shows that amount of capital required by an entity as the investment in the company. So the company provides facility of credit period of maximum is provided to customers.

MEDINEX MANAGEMENT OF WORKING CAPITAL Short term requirement of capital is known as working capital. The account starts when any purchase process of sales process is over because after that the entry should be made. but for Medinex for it means the current assets. Gross working capital means the difference between current assets and current liabilities of the portion of current assets. It is historical function.  Gross capital  Net working capital Gross working refers to the firm’s investments in total current assets. which is financed with long terms funds. For any transaction first voucher is made in journal or ledger. Broadly speaking working capital is used in two sources. . which can be converted in cash in short term.

it indicates that the cost of sales is high or the purchasing is inefficient.P. / Sales ) x 100 The net profit is unsatisfactory when gross profit rate is taken into account.MEDINEX RATIO ANALYSIS  Profitability Ratio:  Gross Profit Ratio = ( G. This evidently indicates that administrative and selling expenses are high.P. Stock ratio = (stock in trade/ turn over) x 100  Liquidity Ratio: ./ Sales ) x 100 IF this ratio is low.  Net Profit Ratio = ( N.

– B. It can be calculated with the help formula as mentioned here:- . 2) financial leverage. Here risk may be defined as the degree of firm’s ability to cover its fixed payment obligation. Higher the leverage higher the expected return. This should be utilized to make prompt payment to creditors and benefits of lower prices and cash discounts should be obtained.A. Leverage is used to describe firm’s ability to use fixed cost assets and to magnify return to its owner. The working capital is much more than the present requirement.MEDINEX Curent Ratio = (Curent Assets / Curent Liabilities) Liquid Ratio = (Liquid Assets / Liquid Liabilities) = C. This ratio represents a very comfortable liquid position.L. – Stock / C.D.O. 3) Combined leverage. LEVERAGE ANALAYSIS Leverage simply means risk in technical firm. There are three types of leverage: 1) Operative leverage.  Operative leverage:Operative leverage is defined as the ability to used fixed operating cost magnifies the effect of change in sales on its operating profit.

I.fixed cost.T. Contribution = Sales. E.MEDINEX ►Operative leverage = Contribution E.B.I. Degree of operating leverage= % Change in E.T E.variable cost.I. E.I.T = Increase in E.I.B. Change in E.B.T E. i.B.T % Change in sales.I.T .B.T on the firm’s E.e.I.B.T Change in sales = Increase in sales Sales  Financial leverage:Financial leverage can be defined as the firms ability to use fixed financial change to magnify the effect of change in E.T Where.I.B.B.S.P.B. Where.B. It can be calculated with the help of formula as mentioned here number: ► Financial leverage = E.T = Contribution.

B.S.I. OR .B. combined leverage  Combined leverage:Combined leverage is nothing but the multiplication of above two leverage.I.B. Change in E.T Based on the above two leverage.MEDINEX Where.T = Increase in E.B.S = Increase E.P.T.T.I.S.I.P.P.B.T E. E.T Where.INTREST Change in E. It can be calculated with the help of formula as mentioned here: ►Combined leverage = contribution E. one leverage is also recommended via. (earning before the tax) = E.B. Degree of financial leverage = Change in E.P. Change in E.S.T . E.B.I.

It is related to the allocation of capital. debtors and other types of assets must be judiciously met. Medinex laboratories pvt ltd is budgeting every month because the turn of Medinex is more. . The capital budgeting decision means a decision as to whether or not money should be invested in a long term projects. means planning for capital.MEDINEX ► Combined leverage = Operating leverage *Financial leverage BUDGETING Budgeting. the commitment of funds in a land. building. equipments. In any business.

The company keeps some goods in the stock for emergency demand.MEDINEX INVENTORIES Inventories mean stock. If the inventory period is long there is interest loss and company has to suffer. The stock also have some value. The term inventory refers to the stock of the product of the firm is offering for the sale. The assets that firm keeps or stores as inventory are………  Raw material  Work in progress . means interest because the cash is now diverted to stock.

I have concluded that it is a marvelous company not only in the production of the goods but also in management. . interest……. So company does not have to suffer a loss of CONCLUSION From Medinex Labolateries Pvt Limited Company.   The inventory period of the Medinex Laboratories Pvt Ltd is 10 days to 15 days. Medinex Ltd. marketing and human reasources. which is quite enough. The objective of inventory management consists of two counter balancing parts.MEDINEX  Finished goods. in finance. To minimize investments in inventory To meet the demand of the product by efficiently organizing the production and sales operation. Company is very large scale company and I have gathered all important topics which gives me good knowledge about the company ‘s finance departments.

L. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.Shah. Paresh P. Managerial Economics Prof. Chandra p.Shah.Memoria. J.Mehta Financial Management Prof.Shah. “Abraham Koshy” and “Mitleshwar Jha” Twelfth Edition – A South Asian perspective. “Philip Kotler”. Dr P. Sv.M. Marketing Management.Priyam.K. S. 2.P.MEDINEX The entire staffs members have help me during my training.Gankar . my training in this company and they gave me full support in completing this report of company. Dr. P.B. 4. I hope that the company raises its profit and good reputation to our country. 3. Prof.. Personnel Management C.

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