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Book Report

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Published by: ayanao on May 30, 2011
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Bone: Treasure Hunters by Jeff Smith Book Summary The book I read was called Treasure Hunters.

The story took place in a city called Atheia, a place where most of the characters lived. The Bone cousins and Princess Thorn and Grandma Ben were visiting the city and they had to hide from the guards who worshipped the Lord of the Locust known as Tarsil. They went to the city to find Briar because they wanted to stop her from releasing Tarsil from the Dragon’s curse. Tarsil wanted to take over Atheia and create terror all over Atheia and kill Princess Thorn. Tarsil wanted to kill Princess Thorn because she was a dragon worshipper and didn’t want Tarsil to be free from the Dragon’s curse. With the help of Briar, Tarsil was released and returned to human form. Tarsil went after the Bone cousins and Princess Thorn and arrested all of them. As soon as they got arrested, the rat creatures decided to attack Tarsil and his guards the Pawans. I really liked reading this book because the pictures and the words looked like a comic book. I liked the pictures because there was a lot of details, and lots of colors. If I could change something I would make the book longer because I want to know what happened to Princess Thorn and if the rat creatures lost the battle against the Pawans. I want to also change the pictures for the battle between Briar and the captain of the Pawans because there is too much blood in the pictures. I would recommend this book to my friends because there is so many exciting things that happen in the book that you don’t know what will happen next. Conclusion of the Story The guards pulled the gate down and fell back as Tarsil went to hide. The rat creatures attacked the gate and broke through the gate by punching with their amazing strength. The rat creatures starting attacking the guards because they hated any living thing that wasn’t a rat creature and the guards wanted to take over their valley. The battle between the guards and the rat creatures was very short because the rat creatures had amazing strength and speed. The rat creatures beat the guards without losing one rat creature. After the battle, the rat creatures went to look for Tarsil and they finally caught up to him and they killed him. As soon as the rat creatures killed Tarsil, they went back to their valley because they saw no one else left to kill. When all the rat creatures were out of sight, Grandma Ben came out of hiding and went to look for the Bone cousins and Princess Thorn in the dungeon. Grandma Ben found them locked in the dungeon and she kicked open the bars that they were trapped in and helped them get out. The Bone cousins and Princess Thorn and Grandma Ben left the city because Tarsil was dead and couldn’t hurt anyone else. The people of Atheia came out from hiding in their houses and took the bodies of the guards to the Valley so that the rat creatures could eat them.

She worships the dragons and has great strength. Even when the Princess Thorn was captured by guards and was told she would be burned alive. Grandma Ben is Princess Thorn’s grandmother. Princess Thorn wears a blue dress with a white head scarf and a brown headband. she never gave up looking for them and would fight every guard to find them.Main Characters Fone bone is the youngest bone cousin and he is in love with princess thorn. Phoney bone wears a purple shirt with a star on it and he also wears a green Gnome’s hat. Princess Thorn is the Dragon princess. Phoney bone is the second youngest and he loves Gold. Grandma Ben wears a black dress with a white apron over it and she wears a red head scarf on her head. Moral of the story The moral of the story is never give up on what you believe in. I think that is the moral because Princess Thorn and the Bone cousins and Grandma Ben went to the city of Atheia to stop Tarsil from taking over the city and causing terror and they never gave up. When Grandma Ben saw that the Bone cousins and the princess were arrested. she never stopped wanting to stop Tarsil from taking over the City. Grandma Ben is the Queen of the Dragons. Smiley bone is the oldest bone cousin and he takes care of a baby rat creature because the rat creature is his pal and Smiley bone wears a red coat. . Fone bone wears a giant goblin’s hat and has a gray rag that he wears when he goes out because all the guards will recognize that he is a bone cousin.

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