Serie Nature L Oreal s first ever eco sensitive hair care products

while respecting the hair fiber. fig. tomato lycopene in its formulas. Endowed with a real benefit for the hair. these original and sensorial formulas embellish and protect the hair. fiber. Professionnel· ingredients. To this development. the packaging (PP. backed by L·Oreal advanced research. end. ‡ Série Nature. a leading name in the world of hair care Professionnel. selects natural origin ingredients like Avocado. products and services announced the launch of its eco-sensitive brand ecoSerie Nature. ‡ it offers an array of natural products that deals with varied needs of different hair types without compromising on efficiency and performance ‡ It is a range in line with the trend for sustainable development. . bringing the goodness of Nature and science in its first ever ¶Professionnel· hair care range with natural origin ingredients. formulas. a air care ra ge wit at ral rigi i gre ie ts~ ‡ L·Oreal Professionnel.Expl re t e j ys f at re wit L real Pr fessi el ~I tr ces Serie at re. approach. reflecting the brand·s sincerity and its desire to fall within a more eco-responsible ecoapproach. PET. PEHD) are recyclable.

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