Quiz 1 1. Set the factor standard (PMI) 2.

The advent of project management has been most profound in (Information Technology OR Electronic World) 3. Change visitor logon screen on website to include a username with at least 6 characters. This is considered (Ongoing operations) 4. Which of the following is not characteristic of project? A. An established objective D. Only for internal use 5. Which one is not a project? A. Develop new software program B. Design a space station C. Prepare the site for Olympic players D. Production of automobile tires 6. Which bring together a set of tools and techniques used to describe, organize and monitor the work of project activities? (Project Management) 7. A project is considered successful when A. The product of project has been manufactured B. The project sponsor announces the completion of the project C. The product of the project is turned over to operations area D. The project meets or exceeds the expectation of the stakeholders. 8. From among the following, which is the best example of project? A. Processing insurance claims B. Producing automobiles C. Writing a term paper D. Completing a college degree 9. Which stage is major portion of physical and mental project work performed? A. Conceptualizing B. Defining C. Planning D. Executing E. Delivering 10. Five project management process in correct order. Initiating----Planning----Executing----Monitoring----Controlling----Closing 11. Which of the following characteristics is not typical of project manager? A. Managing a temporary activity B. Possesses in-depth technical knowledge C. Managing a non-repetitive acting D. Manages independently of the formal organization

Create a project scope statement C. Initiating D. Executing C. Accountability B. During which project management process are risk and stakeholder’s ability to influence project outcomes the highest at the beginning of the process? A. Shorter project lead times E. Longer project lead times 18. Your company manufactures small kitchen appliances. Planning B. Innovation D. 17. Using dedicated project teams D. Accumulate historical information E. Evaluate historical information 16. Planning B. Closing 15. Flexibility C. Time to market C. What process group are you in? A. Which of the following is true? A. Divide large project into phases D. The importance of project management has increased due to… A. Reducing the number of projects a company initiates B. The new products will be offered indefinitely starting with the New Year catalog release. You are project manager working on gathering requirements and establishing estimates for the project. It is introducing a new product line of appliances in designer colors with distinctive features for kitchen in small spares. Executing C. Speed E. Identify and document business needs B. Initiating D. EXCEPT A. The movement of manufacturing operations out of the US and Europe B. Repeatability 13. This is an ongoing operation because the company is in the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances. Monitoring and controlling E. Outsourcing significant segments of project work C. Corporate downsizing has increased the trend toward… A. Project management ideally suited for business environment requiring all of the following except: A.12. introducing designer colors and features is simply a new twist on existing process. Monitoring and controlling E. The movement toward flatter and leaner organizations D. Closing 14. Both A and B are true . All of the following must be performed during project initiating. This is a project because this new product line has never been manufactured and sold by this company before B.

The project needs to be done quickly and a higher level of motivation will be needed in order to do that. Venture 20. Executing E. 5. For this situation. when it will be scheduled. The key stakeholder’s influence on the project 7. A. Crusade E. The project manager’s communication skill B. What is one of the advantages of a functional organization? A. In which of the following stages is it determining what the project will entail. related multiple projects that continue over extended time intended to achieve a goal is known as A. Strategy B. B and C are true 19. History D. Risk tolerance 6. (Matrix) organization is a hybrid organizational form in which a horizontal project management structure is overlaid on the normal functional hierarchy. whom it will benefit and what the budget will be? A.E. Organizational culture is best explained as organizational (culture). Planning D. the best functional organization is (project organization). 4. A series of coordinated. Campaign D. Team emphasis C. Teams are co-located . The amount of authority a project manager possesses can be rated to which of the following? A. Conflict tolerance E. The amount of authority the manager of the project manager possesses D. All employees report to one manager and have a clear chain of command B. Conceptualizing B. 2. All employees report to two or more managers but project team members show loyalty to functional managers C. which one is NOT a primary characteristic of organizational culture? A. The organizational structure C. Program C. From list below. Control B. 3. Delivering Quiz 2 1. The organization is focused on projects and project work D. Defining C. Elizabeth is considering how to structure a project team that will not directly disrupt ongoing operation. A project team operates with full time project manager as a separate unit from the rest of the organization is structured as a (projectized) organization.

Sum up the work package and risk contingency reserve estimates C.Quiz 3 1. You are having difficulty estimating the cost of a project. Remind the appropriate members of the billing organization that monetary compensation is not worth compromising the integrity of the individual or the organization 3. The construction company tells you this is standard practice and is required by the law. Refuse to pay the fee C. More work than planned was accomplished B. Which of the following BEST describes the most probable cause of your difficulty? A. you are told that you must pay a US $5. Have the construction company pay the fee D. This concerns you because you get a bonus for maximizing billings to the customer. Senior management B. It improves quality and is less expensive . Inadequate acope definition B. Ask for the customer’s approval before adding the resource to the project scope C. What should you do? A. It improves quality and is more expensive C. Work was delayed D. To create a cost baseline from this data. A project is over budget to dat. Which of the following is NOT a reason this could have occurred? A. the project manager would: A.000 fee to the government permit officer to obtain the facility permit required by the law to start construction. Engineering D. There was a cost increase from the supplier C. Who of the following has primary responsibility for establishing design and test specifications? A. Use the highest level of the WBS to estimate analogously B. Your company wants to assign a resource to your project and asks you to bill the resource to the customer. Have the customer pay the fee 2. While visiting the country where a new branch office is being built. Lack of company processes 6. A project manager has completed a detailed WBS and cost estimates for each work package. Quality control 7. What is the BEST thing to do? A. It reduces quality and is more expensive D. Ask for clarification of the intent of adding the resource D. Pay the fee B. It reduces quality and is less expensive B. Roll up work package estimates into a project total and add management reserves D. Unavailability of desired resources C. Procurement C. Which of the following BEST describes why quality is planned in and inspected in? A. Gain expert opinion of the project total cost 4. Work was done inefficiently 5. Maximize customer billings in any ethical manner possible B. Lack of historical records from previous projects D.

Calculate the benefit to cost of purchasing a new piece of equipment B. Your company is concerned about improving its project performance. She has to decide if she will accept the assignment to the project or whether she wants to be assigned to a different project. Which of the following should they look at? A. Internal measures have been created and have helped to identify areas needing improvement. A new employee of the company is assigned to work on a project that is in the early planning processes. Determine the project scope and measures to ensure the scope is met C. You have your way. Job description D. Use the reward system currently in place throughout the company B. Read a project management magazine each month. 10. Activity definition B. All of the following are tools to perform quality control EXCEPT A. Control charts D. However. Flowcharting 9. Ignore rewards because they are management’s responsibility 3. Cost of quality B. Quality audit Quiz 4 1.8. and look at the results of other companies’ project to help to determine quality measures for future projects. Which of the following would be the BEST thing to do? A. Statement of work D. Do whatever it takes to manage the project successfully 2. the project manager is not at work and is not reachable. Always apply the business practices of your own country D. Additional measures of performance are still needed. Perform a root cause analysis on the quality problems that have occurred on the project D. Which of the following rules should apply to international dealings on your project? A. Create a specific reward system for the project D. In creating a project management plan. Risk management plan B. I have mine B. how should a project manager use rewards? A. You are in the executing process group of a major project with an estimated cost of US $22million. WBS C. Do not violate any basic fundamental human rights C. Inspection C. Responsibility assignment matrix 4. and the project manager has . Management wants to be sure that the project is following define quality standards. Where can the team member look to help her determine what work she is given on the project? A. Ignore rewards because the functional manager will take care of it C. Project management plan C. Two team members are having a disagreement over the potential sellers of a project component.

D. End users 4. Functional managers B. 3. During project planning Quiz 6 1. B. Stakeholders C. B. You should discuss the details of the previous month’s issues and the current status. determine their requirements. they would like to reduce the frequency of meetings. How many communication channels have been added? A. Which of the following BEST describes how status meetings should be managed on this project? A. you do not need to hold status meetings as long as you send the key stakeholders a status report every week. The project manager suggests a compromise. When is the BEST time to help build the people working on the project into a team? A. Team members C. Review the project charter more thoroughly. your project had five team members. and the team members want to solve the problem. Scope D. additional requirements were demanded by a group of stakeholders when they learned they would be affected by your project. What is the BEST thing you can do to prevent such a problem on future projects? A. Throughout the project D. looking for incomplete descriptions. The frequency and level of meetings as well as the format and type of information to be exchanged should be defined in the project’s communications management plan during project planning. Because the team members are busy with the project executing processes. During project executing. The project manager must identify ________.offered to help. The customer requires monthly meetings. Management B. During project executing. 9 B. Near the end of your last project. Originally. Who should decide the BEST course of action? A. A. it is only necessary for the project manager to meet with the customer once a month to fulfill your contractual obligation. Before committing to a project cost estimate C. A project manager new to project management is taking on a new project. 18 D. This became a problem because you had not included the time or cost in the project management plan for these requirements. examining the business case for ‘holes’. Review the WBS dictionary more thoroughly. and then manage and influence those requirements to ensure a successful project. C. co-located team. You are working on an 18-months project with a small. and there are total of eight people on the project team. 28 2. Project manager D. Now the scope has expanded. Do a more thorough job of procurement planning . Customer 5. During project initiating B. C. The project sponsor and senior management are in another city and have requested weekly updates. 10 C.

the US. Improve the layout of the weekly updates to encourage reading by team members. Team communication with the WBS D. What is her BEST tool for success? A. Create a signature log so team members can indicate when they have read the project updates B. Which of the following would BEST describe what is going on? A. Extensive use of ______ communication is MOST likely to aid in solving complex problems. Revise the communications management plan appropriately to meet the informational needs of the stakeholders. B. There was an inadequate change control system. yelling is not a common practice in the client’s culture. The responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) B. A project manager has just been assigned a team that comes from many countries. Interestingly. Formal D. and Britain.00pm on Thursday. The project manager starts to explain why the change affected the schedule when the project manager’s boss stops the meeting and carefully removes the project manager from the room.D. Verbally C. C. D. The teleconference C. A project manager is in a meeting with the customer when the customer starts to yell about the fact that a change she requested will result in a delay to the project schedule. Nonverbal 6. Verbal B. D. Communication and well developed people skills 10. Paralingually D. There was an inadequate agenda for the meeting. Formal written communication B. Written C. C. Informal written communication D. Japan. Nonverbally B. What should the project manager do? A. Informal written communication E. Formal verbal communication C. How does MOST communication occur? A. Which type of communication would you use? A. the project manager learns that most members of the project team are not reviewing the weekly project updates. About midway through the project. Informal verbal communication 9. Pay more attention to stakeholder management. The project manager did not properly interpret the customer’s communication. 5. . A. Referentially 8. Require the reading of the project updates in order to receive any rewards on the project. The project manager did not inform the boss before the meeting. 7. including Brazil. You want to let your team know that the weekly project status report is now officially due by 4.

A.000 loss C. Change 4. and the project is expected to last five months.Quiz 7 1. This morning. You had no reason to suspect quality issues in these materials before now. the expected monetary value for the project is: A. $ 200 2. a project team member alerts you to a newspaper article detailing unusually high defect rates in materials that your team has been using to develop your product prototype. 80% 6. It would be BEST to ________ the risk. $40. $100. a project manager identifies a risk that. $ 20 D. Stop working on the prototype B. 60% D. 20% C. $200. on budget.000 profit B. Avoid D. and on specification. Control scope B.000. Verify scope C. Accept C. In light of this. which of the following processes should you be MOST concerned about? A.000 loss 3. what is the probability that this risk event will occur during the fourth month of the project? A.000 profit D. $ 100 C. Plan risk responses D. If a project has a 60% chance of a US $100.000 product development project. a fire could occur in the building during the testing.000 loss. Less than 1 % B. Your project is well into the executing process group and remains on time.000 profit and a 40% chance of a US $100. What is the expected monetary value of the decision displayed in the chart? A. Deflect B. Some of these projects have a very similar scope and may overlap with your deliverables. no matter what the company does. $60. $ 4 B. If a risk has a 20% chance of happening in a given month. Develop a risk mitigation plan . Quantify the risk C. You are a project manager for a US $3. Your project team has identified dependencies on six related projects that are providing major deliverables to your project. What should you do FIRST in response to this concern? A. Plan communications 5. During the Identify Risks process.

3. and then revisit them during project monitoring and controlling C. 0. $550 million. You know the schedule is not too bad. and set them. Transference 10. If earned value (EV) is US $300. PV. D. What would be the MOST helpful in finding this information? A. Test its assumptions C. What should be done with risks on the watch list? A. and planned value (PV) is US $375. Mitigation C. cost variance (CV)=US $100 million. A risk identification plan B. and your actual costs are US $500 million. Avoidance B. You are progressing at 125% of the rate originally planned. and SPI? A. A risk impact matrix Quiz 8 1. since your schedule performance index (SPI) is 1.1. what are the CPI. and give them to the customer 8. What should occur in light of this identification? A.92.92 2. You are only progressing at 80% of the rate originally planned.000. Environment process assets D. During the executing process group of the project. If the team cannot identify a suitable response to an identified risk.20.20.92. 0. Document them.D. 1. Your variances show schedule variance (SV)=-US $50 million. 0. -$100 million. Considering you feel you should . Include it in the risk triggers B.000. As you review the project results you notice you have spent US $1. $650 million. Document them.000 at the last reporting point. 1. A risk management plan C. You are progressing at 116% of the rate originally planned. Document them. aside because they are already covered in your contingency plans D. You have just been assigned as the project manager for a sizeable engineering project. a team member identifies a new risk. and you want to quickly review the project’s procedures for managing risk.20 C. C. Acceptance D.000. actual cost (AC) is US $350. 1. Document them for historical use on other projects B.08 D. what does the schedule performance index (SPI) indicate? A.92 B. Your project involves putting together over 13 different subprojects. $650 million. B. You are only progressing at 86% of the rate originally planned. 1. You are having difficulties in ensuring three subcontractors are doing their work currently. 0. Add it to the risk management plan D. You are tracking your project using earned value management (EVM) and find you are behind schedule but under budget. You are working for an international construction company. Assess this risk 9.200. which risk response strategy would they apply? A. Determine a workaround 7.

1. Divide by SPI B. $230. The project is only progressing at 89% of that planned.19. D.000.000 D.000. $230.89 means: A.000. Divide by CPI 5. and $230. One common way to compute estimate at completion (EAC) is to take the budget at completion (BAC) and _________.000.19. Multiply by SPI C. A cost performance index (CPI) of 0. 1.000 4. $130. $130. and $130. and $130. B. we expect the total project to cost 89% more than planned. we will have spent 89% more than planned.1. and $230. 1. When the project is completed.000 C.1. 1. C.000 B. what are the cost performance index (CPI) and the schedule and cost variances? A. A. The project is only getting 89% out of every dollar invested .000 to this point.200.have spent US $1. At this time. Multiply by CPI D.

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