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Weg51024OGL D6 Magic

Weg51024OGL D6 Magic

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Published by tedehara22
This is West End Game's Magic supplement for their D6 Fantasy rpg.
This is West End Game's Magic supplement for their D6 Fantasy rpg.

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Published by: tedehara22 on May 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tis unusual book appears to possess a heavy leather
cover, with thick pages of what might be sheepskin.
Seemingly scrawled by the pen of a monk are the precise

lines of and unknown language, as well as illuminative
page. An Easy Knowledge/Intellect or a scholar roll reveals
this is an uncommon book for a monk or a monastery
to produce, as it has a devilish favor to it.
In fact, the book was created in the tenth century in a
French monastery, but not through normal means. One
of the members of the order had been found practicing
magic, but only after a demon has possessed his physi-
cal body. Te order acted quickly, performing a binding
ritual that locked both the unfortunate monk’s soul,
and the demon’s energy in the prepared vessel — Te
Book of Malachi

Contents: Te secrets of this book can be released
simply by the use of the understand gibberish spell (or a
similar spell). Casting this spell to read the book releases
a demon (of the gamemaster’s creation).
Protections: Te book requires a special spell to


Language: To all who look at the book, its weird
geometries of sketches and illuminations and bizarre
letters appear to be structured and form a language.
However, no amount of skill can decipher this book as
it is not in any particular language.
Reading Period: Once understand gibberish has been
cast, and the user looks upon the frst page of the book,
the rest is done: Te book manifests a demonic form,
and it “reads” itself. Within one minute, a fearsome
entity stands before the empty pages of the tome.
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