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Mobile Data Collection Inventory

Mobile Data Collection Inventory

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Published by: Nagesh Kumar Yadav Mekala on May 30, 2011
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Mobile Data Collection Projects Inventory

Compiled by MobileActive.org (April/May 2010)

Usability tips: This spreadsheet nonot editable online, and you can downloaded as an xls file toby project coordinators by "D Disclaimer: This inventory is by is means exhaustive but is a result of voluntary submissions your desktop and sort after adding to and expanding the list with your input. For inquiries, to request contact information about a listed project, or to submit a project to the inventory, contact Basic Project Information Project Name Organization Agriculture Mobile Agiculture Mobile KickStart (Gates Funded) Synovate AGRA (Gates Funded) Synovate IITA (Gates Funded) Synovate IITA (Gates Funded) Synovate AATF (Gates Funded) Synovate EADD (Gates Funded) Synovate KickStart (Gates Funded) Synovate AGRA (Gates Funded) Synovate AATF (Gates Funded) Synovate EADD (Gates Funded) Synovate Farm Africa Synovate CFC-Stanbic 2010 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Synovate Synovate Pan Africa election monitoring project 2011 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Synovate Nation Group National monitoring project - (NDI) Synovate election Democratic Institute Program Democratic Institute (NDI) National Program Gaza Youth SMS Info and Polling Souktel (implementing partner: Service Darfur/Southern Sudan Community MercyCorps) Souktel (implementing partner: News and Feedback Service EDC Inc.) Butterfly Works, Media Focus on Building Bridges Peace Campaign Africa Center for Civil Society Hayat Jordan Elections 2010 Iraqi Women Peace-Builders SMS Development and NDI partner: Souktel (implementing Info Service MercyCorps) Umeme (power generating company) Synovate AppLab Grameen Foundation Tigo Synovate Zain Synovate Using Mobile Phones to collect SNV Uganda in partnership with UTL Education Management Information Synovate University CIT, Ministry Mobiletools, University of Makerere System (EMIS)andcitizen domestic Jyvaskyla,Finland and Kiboga Children's Poll School-based data of Education, Mbale Speak Out 2010 Nonpartisan Montenegro Independence Campaign UNICEF Iraq Famiy Foundation Districts, Flora election monitoring Nonpartisan Referendum: 2006 project Indonesia Legislative Elections: CU@SCHOOL election monitoring and Twaweza National Democratic Institute (NDI) citizen domestic citizen domestic Uganda Democratic Monitoring 2004 Nonpartisan Montenegro General Elections: Programmonitoring project project -Local Government Center DemGroup election National Democratic 2006 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Group -for Democratic Transition Albania Institute monitoring project - citizen - CDT (NDI) Program National Parliamentary Elections: Democratic Institute (NDI) election Elections: Bahrain 2007 Nonpartisan Program Democratic Institute project Center for Democratic Transition National election monitoring (NDI) domestic 2006 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Sierra Leone Presidential Elections: Programmonitoring project - National Democratic Institute Coalition of seven local election 2007 Nonpartisan citizen domestic - CDT (NDI) Nonpartisan citizen domestic nongovernmental organizations Program National monitoring project - (NDI) election Democratic Institute 2008 Programmonitoring project - (NDI) Bahrain Transparency Society National Democratic Institute election 2008 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Programmonitoring project - (NDI) National Election Watch - NEW National Democratic Institute election 2009 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Zimbabwe Election Support Programmonitoring project - (NDI) Network -of Domestic Election National Democratic Institute election 2009 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Coalition ZESN Programmonitoring project - (NDI) Observers Association for National Democratic Institute election 2010 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Lebanese - CODEO Programmonitoring project - (NDI) Democratic Elections - LADE National Democratic Institute election 2010 Nonpartisan citizen domestic Programs National monitoring project - (NDI) election Democratic Institute 2010 Nonpartisan citizen domestic SHAMS - coalition of Iraqi NGOS Programmonitoring project - (NDI) Civic Network OPORA NGOS National Democratic Institute election 2011 Nonpartisan citizen domestic SHAMS - coalition of 113 Programs National monitoring project - (NDI) in Iraq election Democratic Institute Program Democratic Institute (NDI) Consortium of Nigerian civic National Program organizations

Country or Region Sudan / Khartoum Kenya & Tanzania Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda Tanzania Tanzania Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda Kenya & Uganda Kenya &Tanzania& Kenya, Tanzania UgandaTanzania & Kenya, Uganda Kenya & Uganda Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya Egypt Nicaragua Middle East (Palestine) East Africa (Sudan) Kenya Jordan Middle East (Iraq) Uganda Uganda Tanzania Tanzania Uganda Ghana,Ashanti Region Iraq and Kiboga Mbale districts Uganda Montenegro Indonesia Montenegro Albania Bahrain Sierra Leone Zimbabwe Ghana Lebanon Iraq - Kurdistan Ukraine Iraq Georgia Nigeria

Highveld Air Quality Project, Person Finder Mobile "Introduction of an alternative Ushahidi Haiti Automated External Defibrillator ignition technique in Emfuleni (AED) Geotagging Project Municipality" and "Introduction of an Vetaid alternative ignition technique in Water Quality Reporter Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality" What's Invasive Project BudBurst Project Surya World Food Programme - Mobile data collection using PDA and SMS QuestionBox QuestionBox CMT: Prevention of Mother to Child ChildCount+ (PMTCT) Session Transmission Reports CommCare Vulnerability Community Surveillance ProgramMobile OpeneMOCHA (electronic Dr SMSComprehensive Health Source Application) Geochat at III: Home-based HIV Good Start Mukdahan Counselling and Testing Ministry of Health - Malaria Monitoring Platform Uganda MoTeCH Mothusimpilo: Outreach Nutrional Surveillance One Voice: Outreach Project Masihambisane Project MwanaMaternal and Child RapidSMS for Health mUbuzima SMS for Life/Roll Back Malaria/Novartis TeleSalud Text to Change sms quizzes The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT Tracnet Action Campaign (TAC): Treatment Treatment Literacy Sessions USAID-AMPATH VillageReach D-Tree FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) supervision Intergrated support using cellphone SOHITCOMIII ("Saving Newborn Good Start Lives") Aceh Besar Midwives with Mobiles (pilot) Project Life Line: Interpersonal Individual Outreach Form iNSCALE RapidSMS Media Trust (CMT): HIV Community redsalvavidas and AIDS Treatment Literacy Programme Human Rights Center Violence againstfor Vulnerable KoBo - Initiative Children Populations Rede Jovem Map Kibera

for Android phones, we were not successful in establishing partnerships with any gov agencies, NGOs, or international relief agencies in order to get phones with the app loaded and into the hands of volunteers on the ground." Ushahidi, Tufts University Center for Embedded Networked First AidCape Town & U. of Univ. of Corps Sensing, University of California, Bristol (and Gates Foundation Los Angeles, USA, and funding) CorporationNetworked Center for Embedded for University Nova InstituteSan Diego, The of Sensing, University of California, Atmospheric Research Office Partners: UC Los Angeles, USAInstitute, UC Education and Outreach in Energy Research Boulder, Colorado, USA Los Angeles, Lorax Analytics, Sri Ramachandra University World Food Program (WFP) OpenMind (with Appfrica, Grameen Foundation's AppLab) OpenMind (with Appfrica, Grameen Foundation's AppLab) Millennium Villages Project Community Media Trust (CMT), JHHESA D-tree and Dimagi UNICEF Clinical Global Health Center for Medical Research Doctor SMS Education (CCGHE) at Johns Council/University of Western Hopkins University Cape School of Public Health in InSTEDD collaboration with the Sisonke District Department of Health MOH Uganda, FIND Diagnostics, Earth Institute Johns Hopkins Grameen Foundation, Columbia Mothusimpilo, University Education South Health and Africa (JHHESA) Hopkins One Voice, Johns UNICEF/Malawi MOH South Health and Education Africa (JHHESA) Research Human Sciences Council Public-private partnership UNICEF the Roll Back Malaria involving Ministry ofMinistry of Health & Rwandan Health/ One UN Partnership, Novartis, Vodafone, Phones for Health IBM and the Tanzanian Ministry USAID The Home-based of Health and Social Welfare Counseling and Testing project TeleSalud (HCT) is run by a multiText to Change disciplinary team led by Dr. John Snow, Inc. and involving Samson Ndege Voxiva personnel from many of the TAC organizations of the USAIDAMPATH consortium. Wharton School of Business at UPenn FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) Health & Ministry of Public Sanitation

Haiti Haiti Global Zanzibar S. Africa South Africa USA and global USA and global India many countries Project is Uganda be Piloted Kenya (to Africa - in live in India currently by 9 other followed inactive countries) South Africa Mostly Tanzania Uganda, Pader and Amuru Districts India, Kerala Uganda, Congo, India, Nepal ThailandDistrict, South Sisonke in Ghana. Initial pilot Africa deployments to Other Zambia late Uganda (Province: follow in Luapula - Districts: 2010/2011 Mansa, Kwamba, North West Nchilenge) -- Malawi Malawi Cape Town Durban, Southern (Province: and Eastern Cape Sweetwaters, South Region - Districts: Africa Chiradzulu, Chikwakwa) Rwanda Rwanda Tanzania Kenya - A large Guatamala geographic region Uganda, Kenya centered on USA and global AMPATH's location in Rwanda Eldoret, Kenya South Africa http://www.iukenya.org /map.html. Mozambique South Africa Gulu and Kabale TanzaniaUganda Districts,

Kenya Jordan KwaZulu-Natal, South Implementing agency: World Medical ResearchUNICEF and Africa Vision (funded by Council LifeLine, Johns Hopkins Health UNFPA) Aceh Besar, Indonesia and Education South Africa Kimberley and (JHHESA) Gautengand Uganda Malaria Consortium Mozambique Global - complex UNICEF Community Media Trust, Johns Awasa, Ethiopia emergencies / Central redsalvavidas (lifesaversnetwork) Colombia Hopkins Health and Education African Republic, South Africa (JHHESA) South Africa Central African Northern Uganda, UC Berkeley RepublicCongo, Benin, Togo, future Eastern Plan West Africa Human Rights Center, University others USA-New Liberia, of California Berkeley Orleans Rede Jovem/Wikimapa Brazil GroundTruth Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Ghana . Dar Africa Tanzania . Synergos Foundation . Inc CRMA .Jordan.USA) Souktel (implementing partner: Community Engagement EDC Inc.) AHEAD/Oxfam Great Zimbabwe with technical Committee Britain from CENS at UCLA and support MC Labs funding from The California Endowment India Nigeria South Africa Sudan Tanzania Mwanza.East Africa The neighborhood Middle East (Palestine) East Africa (and surrounding (Somaliland) areas) of Boyle Zimbabwe Heights.MIT Center for Civic Media World Bank/Govt of India Sproxil.NiJeL maps Dynamic mapping Rashtriya Mobile Authentication NAFDAC Swasthya Bima Yojana Service (MAS) CyberTracker UNDP/IOM village assessments Uwazi/Twaweza Uwazi/Twaweza Uwazi/Twaweza Palestine JobJob and Training Info SomaliYouth Information Service Service Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation in Zimbabwe Kenya Community Development Fund program monitoring Building a Health Boyle Heights Participatory Sensing Project Lumana NiJeL CartaGen .UNDP with IOM Twaweza Souktel (implementing partner: Twaweza King Abdullah Foundation for Twaweza Development . east of Kenya downtown Los Angeles in California. Eastes Salaam.

effectiveglobal “Ato analyze for Children” outcome document of the and reliableEducation Office whoaggregateappropriate school-based in development with is then used systemFit andthen used to analyzeelection visualizedcentral World that is visualize can take and that the a SMS to mo Their viewsinformation so are being analyzed. Each survey will have 1 or 2 farmers November 2010) Similar or dealers surveys. A random sample of 1.000. a questionnaire mobile numbers every month bethrough out on telephonically list of farmers’ was every 2 to the voicewas survey(April 2010 to November 2010) for months for 8 months will telephonic survey The administered in multiple languages (3+) in SimilarThe survey surveys (above). 4. to relevant actors information is automatically case toolsby SMS In built case the assess process.cdtmn. will have to approximately USSD will be sent out of purchase. day and the callbacka central for independence phoneto analyze called via SMS to citizen election queued then used operators reports Trained requests were monitors provide election http://www. Data in line building attendance from used monitors provide election day reports via is monitorscitizen election Trained ofminutes schools reports via SMS www. irrigation and have a database of over 38. (SPO) in were provided by SPOs was http://www. used to analyze that Trained back for election is then g can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via visualizecitizen quality monitors provide election day and groups SMS to aaggregate election electoral process. Text surveys through SMS and 2.jordanelection.gov. of the A structured 1 Rights most of customers (corporateperformance theor 2 questions. duringthat preTrained aaggregate election observer reporting Citizen central system the can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via quality monitors provide election day and groups http://www. These agro dealer will pump farmers on wise and numbers in of farmand Tanzania. each country knowledge have www.com citizens a central in peacemaking provideencourage Kenyans to Interviews) A structured that is then used to analyze and views freely newspaper. election providedcould be100an to gather faster. Trained central system the is then used to analyze that can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via visualizecitizen quality monitors provide election day and groups SMS to aaggregate election electoral process. in the quality of action (T&P and opinions BIG problem Children 2002.quarter with awill have sample. the coming news events Messages youth participation inlocal http://buildingbridges will be to measure the extent of to the Prime well as The Survey Audio/Photo Poll and .1.l can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via visualizecitizen quality monitors provide election day and groups SMS to aaggregate election electoral process. by political participation.com market access andwill be calledapplication. of the electoral are being this by can has agreed to. study targeted livestock farmers and vets and Similarwill be sent surveys.200 the was a frequency on is an farmerswith article 12 Each survey retail) onagainst predetermined perand governmentConvention were minutes by the country. the integration of ushahidi into a visible on be heard…”. Trained central system the is then used to analyze that visualizecitizen quality monitors provide election day and groups SMS to aaggregate election electoral process. data for educational planning.co. were made telephonically mobiles provide names“Iraq interviews easier.or technologyto a electioncall centerprovide used to accurately via and a parallel vote tabulation (PVT) was election day reports messages team.movel.the voice out every 2 months to approximately 200 USSDinterviews .100 young broadcast by of create networks etc. Client from the period Iraq’s CU@SCHOOL using basic SMS reports.sd subscribingbein multiplerandom sample basis for country.0000 advice users mobile phone Tanzania. hp?l=3 can assess used to analyze and visualize aggregate election visualize aggregate election monitoring information so that groups that is then the quality of the electoral process.org growing areas of Kenya.ttea. radio transmissiontwo mobilelocal communities. farmers groups. in all system 8 minutes theto election day this SMS to citizen election monitors telephonic questionnaire via Trained peace building initiatives. Theycarriedprovided a 2010 to November 2010) The survey will for 8 minutes provided and they administeredand every montha1. satisfaction opinion poll or questions.Registered initiatives will be reports start new the child shall in particular be purpose. 2)onissues Youth-managed polling implementing Gazans People without programsthe their projects. Iraqelectoralthe qualityIn thisforwarded process. incidents and results data was transferred Trained citizen election monitors http://www. months (April 2010 to be administered haveoutor languages Similar to be carried 1 monthly surveys through SMS Novembersurvey will be carried out monthlyto approximately 200 The 2010) USSD will be sent out on a monthly basis for 8 months (April 2010 toto the voiceper country.org visualizecitizen using basic SMSthen used to analyze that http://www.fi/getde using a 20 at Districtquestionnaire. who provides rates medication. access Uganda and Tanzania to enable smallholder farmers production This program minutes1.054 to farmersto understandEachusage ofsurveys 1 or(cost of animal USSD willthe voice out every 2 months services 2 questions. "Project outreach/research by the MobileActive.or observerscentral system thatmonitoring information soreports via visualizecitizen election monitors provide election day and groups SMS to aaggregateverbal reports.000 efficientAnoush[at]mobileactive. concerns. AZone region minutes questionnaire was to Lake structured 8 telephonically through CATI.org. Selected which (target launch General Assembly Special Session oncanUg!). Trained central system the is then used to analyze that b can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via the is then used to analyze visualizecitizen quality monitors provide election day and groups SMS to and trained long term electoral process. Synovate 2 countries in April 2010. views will of comment on future aspirations they have.org/ & SMS to aaggregate election electoral process. (April in carried integrated intervention in was has been services oflanguages (3+) in each 8 services survey willA data base 300 farmers’ phone numbers administered for the April 2010 survey. . Trained election central .sunSMS to aaggregate election electoral process.or a 20 minutes with a sample which 1.and will have 30providedof the Child Lists presidential "In line questionnairestates “State Parties shall assure to the child who is bank. Support UNICEF Iraq’s evidence-based advocacy strategy of questionnaire of 2.ke www. mit a project to the inventory.AGRA is expanding and strengthening networks of agro dealers or small retailers so as to boost the expertise available to small an xls file to your desktop and sortKickStart Type/Category". 2. www. The study sought structured 10 minutes questionnaire The the of forming his were published awarenessto express over aim citizen resultsCATI (Computerin the righttelephonic those administered through or heris to raise Assisted dayNation via capable of the election monitors views election and reward issues and Building Bridges ownprovide the Sunday reports Trained phone.org of localsupported via a data handling team as Minister. and Fit for Children” movement. prevalent diseases.org/index.synovate. can assessinformation of the electoral can assess the quality of monitoring the quality so that groups process. Since farmers’ phone striga management maize rural area.souktel. Zain provided a list of oundation. A structured 8 minutes Disease.community leadersstudy youth objectives in these female Provide Iraqi .that ran across 10 approximately 10. understanding ofUganda. Trained citizen how election questionnaire was used. 3) system) and internet access can report in telephone applications: a Children’s collected through quality via www. population and a monthly basis 1 that2 vet services.opora. A 20 minutes gauge publics' opinion about current political measures using a to telephonic questionnaire was administered (CRC) which was administered over the phone. The structured 8 minutes The survey will Each survey will in multiple 2 Text for 8 in each country and survey willthe voice surveys.grameenf shared similar to the Tigo study the only differences telephone company in operators Tigo This is phone 3.000every month 21 educationaltorandom This bring a customer mobile development rights statisticians of Ashantiand trained long term observerand UTL during center the for from whichA the and was children’s issues.ua/ network. cost objective a list of election day using mobile phones. CATI.ladele can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via Trained central system the is then used to analyze that can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via visualizecitizen quality monitors provide election day and groups b.applab.souktel. through which they can expressAppLab since November 2008 of training/resource been usedfacilitateyouth leading with adelivery by satisfaction surveys thatsurvey forquarterly basis mobile provider ODK Collectsatisfaction run by a to enhanced service sample A customer has needs--to on Tigo a Raise awareness and Numbers rural the situation the client and www.org democracy/governance topics sms shortcode (IMS field reporting and education/training needs. A by sending latterof 1.synovate. reporting Citizen Regionselected for CATI and a 10 minutes structured questionnaire was used covered.000CATI. visualize aggregateallows people to update their initiatives radio Multi-use service: Gathering of community feedback onthey joomla component1)election and children through mobile technology on process. com political attitudes and challengesthemselves and be heard. A readily available.org can assess the quality of the electoral partner.org the electoral process. They demonstratedthe prenumbers region were also carried out inUNICEF Iraq’s strategic were interviews wavesdevelopment agenda. questions. Text surveys through SMS and questions. facilitators is similararethe UTL one above childrencustomer House of Representatives 1. the yields Site Brief Description seeks available. the maize was achieved in each of the collected primary telephonic contacts. "General Size" and after a public call breadbasket pumps Kenya. used to analyzeopportunity to visualize into Kiswahili that is then information and SMS to a the ushahidi map.000dairy drawn for dairy farmers through out on a monthly to the cod months www. Thebeing it survey customers. involved matters affecting and child…and for www." org/ in the community for their action. to to approximately will be sent every monthNovember 2010) 60 each country.lade. etc).cdtmn. to a central system simple. numbers every about from was administered over the picked done one-offcovered 35 head teachers from two districts in the The piloting makingare urgent call to action to make investments in children g/section/index results an interviews satisfaction survey forof services minutes 4 to guide the telephonic usedof Ghana. the current ict@ndi.observe. and incomes was information intelephonically Disease and Cassava Brown Streak afterof small Kiswahili in The administered The survey recognize Cassava Mosaic through mobile phone production. ict@ndi. study and sought 2000 interviews per surveys. turnout. The farmers receive the informationsurvey. UNICEF Iraq plans to collect the viewsso that groups can assess the quality of themonitoring information of Iraqi electoral process. Allnumbers12 months.000 were services and the for their customers month available phone-based randomlyphone . Support pupil and teacher with 200 collects weekly data on each wave.000to disseminated price and structured DEWN (Digital Early Warningfor each country for the 10 A part of sample of questionnaire wasNetwork) farmers from was drawn administered As random 15 utilized SMS (IR maize). Corps 400 UmemeTanzania. the 2surveys through SMS respondents will be called in each be Text countries formonth of carried out every a 7 months (May 2010 interview through CATI. to on Datastudy of allfromto to: elections & effort it was with a platform The collection provinces. Development Seed and NDI qualitative. sent "ready to report" SMS Ugandan firm Mount Batten. Trained central system the is then used to analyze that can assess the electionof thatmonitoring information soreports via visualizecitizen quality monitors provide election day and groups SMS to aaggregate election electoral process.souktel.p can assess the quality of thatmonitoring information central system visualize aggregate election electoralvia SMS to a so that groups SMS to aprovide system the is then used to analyze and monitors central election day reports process. telephonic contacts. Trained central system the is then used to analyze that http://www.Overview was were trained to April 2010 the the farmer in Theof Tanzania administered in districts in project readilyto boost survey numbers wereshort massage on theirSynovate collected primary not The EADD both countries. be sent the survey vet to approximately 200 Similar per country.org implementing partner Mercyprovided a different list ofof children. Text national through SMS targets farmers percustomer Each surveystudy for one of the local banks. We look forward scale farmers in themanual water areas ofused for Uganda or "Country/Region" ubmissions by project coordinators by "Data producesfor projects. aggregate election monitoring provided theso that groups translatedcentral systemwas used.snvworld. citizen election Trained period system the is reports. and Name". TheseVerificationbe face and www.org staff. Thisgeneral country. contact:is useKenya project inSince farmers’ numbers were not AATF running a inputs. Trained citizen central monitors database system where g project the result system that is andreferendum. groups monitoring absenteeism that groups in assess so that visualize aggregate election monitoring information November 2010) http://www.

drsms. http://haiti.reachaand enablessurvey research projectthe South of months.org and ambient water problems. advice offood distribution several thousandwith doctors and food and communicate the high-protein Life uses performance) EMIT to program to supply massiveviolations of human rights and international humanitarian serious HIV/AIDS outreach patients. as a evaluationThe the community workers with where telephony The way of linking about water qualityimpact sought.childcoun treatment.emocha. of leafing UCLA to http://participatoryse based are no project operatesusually communityTheand care be project will help data based onat different levels and canflowering and climate SMS care providers. and equipment supplied to rural health clinics. languagesystem helps facilitators use lowanneonatal care in automated South Africa. course and information. experiencing serious Alemão.that makes it easydrastic reduction in indoor reporter/systemsurvivalBudBurst is health.question in areasand districts acrossalertrural Ghana.data http://www. RapidSMS projects covering a wide range Tshwane (Pretoria). Traditionally. better prevention/response.scoped. store.redsalvavidas. agriculture. collection of ride.org/ rolled outon 2010. They The intervention The Government of by JHHESA. TAC HIV.rw/mUbuzima/core/ foci: to design. Health provide needed most. du/ www. central database. retention). facilities speciality surgery. these studies into reporting http://twitter. We are collaborating to CHWs are collection (CHWs).HIV positive mothers and sponsored surveillanceMonitoring on clinic find appropriate. http://mobileactive. Solutions sessions.br/ http://groundtruth.cmt. Through the that trial.za iupui. Their empirical studies recommend policy measures hold www.or 95.rollbackm that mobile health worker programneonatal lifeCommunity system a were health and documented as sent http://projectmwana. service g http://www. multi-SMS report.org.com Phone-basedInstrumentation facility community-health workers a centraliseddesigned to assist health programs into compare eMOCHA is Mukdahansuite of services delivered at Statedisease reporting Province in Thailand is over a trial developing This SMSafor Life initiative is a newpiloting basic mobile phones community randomized controlled Data Center develop will be expanded to cover'public-private' project that the The is a aimprove provider communication and of the Stateas well www. in each session.berkeley. the population that etc. They are alreadydistricts testing (HBVCT) door-to-door home-based HIV counselling and education. Johns Hopkins Center Ghana Health application to two and a half year project willis the Service.com/red 2010.com/maps/ms? Vetaid Surya well orchestrated demonstrations in streets. and their who delivered2) patient or in a health facility in posterous. trained lay this project mobilize to Web system participate in rapidyouth health workers toincluding relating to newborns in g/section/ghanacommunity disease around identify women and HIV any number implications for existing health systems. business.za by JHHESA.drsms. develop and implement the tracingfor Life' pilot numberEID results transmission at home feedback messages summaryReport. The Community Media Trust uses SMS component information perpetrators in the works: EngagesEMIT to capture is and Pilot project accountable.SMS.voxiva.authority paper. A message with pin-code and your for Embedded various Sensing and Lorax Analytics will design a availed use text messages to register patients and report their health nsing.in near term.c as missing Communityeach and introduce more energy efficient designated number number http://spatialdatama ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=106069377598790155454. of Business is using ODK A team is D-Tree from The project web Management for a bit of time x.asp on each treatment literacy session for (OpenMRS) for analysis http://www. The life with their covered thepregnancyand that baby’s first year of health SMS in tracking community during maternal and the allows services for http://www. UNICEF Malawi and many implementingto This young people in mother program or and evaluation purposes. the Malawi based trial. An information flow andyet towill be www.texttochange.It alsoforChildCount+help locate invasive iPhone climate change. antimalarials incentive in for increased conducted over 10 text and support services for people ?menukey=1 on their The goal of these obaladvocacy/pr201 access to treatment.org.za/newsletter/Usin cost mobile of the health centres facilitate easy identification. Itportal provides aof theinformation education prevention of mother the members Web-based facilitate communication betweento child HIV transmission literacy health CMT best to use mobile phones to increase the quantity and quality of information mechanism enabled andthe Geographical Information via technical barriers.or 20325247dc0c953a&ll=40. The system capture data HIV&AIDS to reach and TheTanzania and relateddata will be million TAC uses collected to supply chain and cold anda.usha surveys. produceby a households who Person for domestic out of 14 on Backed an database of health infrastructure in 10 project activity is the introduction of an alternative ignitionpersons the groundthe State. and www. and settlements) and edia.e.people.ushahidi. channel. UNICEF and of sessions innovative the services Zambia. The reduce gaps in http://www.kerala.ratherfacilities available in that locality including contact phone medical than relying on unstructured text messages. citizens can air quality. an Intergrated Manner and Ministry ostics.vacbenin. with HIV is the largest HIV treatment program in sub-Saharan AMPATHand campaigns to reduce rural Guatemala.clients in their homes using oundation.usha responsehelp maps cases/situation in order and GPS-equipped visualization.or by SMS mobile phone ato measure phones toto the query.111689.google.za mothers of women babies.patient information Zambia.392515. As System to encourages them to seek antenatal weekly channel Africa.e They the used EMIT to capture data on training sessions forfor With showed "wiki-reporters" www. gender. better ride. "vrMIS3" is a cloud-based home-based communities in health collect.org.000 Kenya's most comprehensive initiative to combat than www.vacbenin. to be on www. underserved om awareness.org Africa and is to capture information aboutand creating more EpiSurveyor to gatherto to health clinics and dataand other www. Morro do Pavãofavelas: hidi. semi-structured lay which is Mothusimpilo Community facilitators and geochat. go to services the http://person-finder. This risk.g database all countries system through SMS. performance. Simultaneously.za/ the word development within the 'PIN-code' of the localityleads to Usesto use an application top-down start a mobile alternative or the project has been the adoption in the study area. care health awareness quizzes are toliving Combination Therapy drugs) and Quinine Injectables whencollect they Kenya.800 i.edu/ the Occupied Palestinian Territory. pointers to veterinary team receiving feedback about how to centres. mobileto will generate Mind's initiative that helpsa real-time view WFP VAM central web and smartphonereply reductions inThe Question a uses Open and mobile that provides people on status dashboard g exposureto everyday questions like health. security available at project of themes. at launched.org http://projectsurya. or from posts. ODK Collect will be used in a members.800781&spn=29. This gives easy access to v=3AJ6XtToNeo programme monitoring http://www. handle whileengagea hike.find a phone is PDAs individual collect email ID Box platform detailed email applications. CMT then has access toinitiative the detailsmonitoring for Community Health (MoTeCH) recieve isdata for and can a collaboration with High end mobiles with GPRS can real-time developed by the eMOCHA is a free open-source application.org. Project Masihambisane ACTrandomized primaryreport stock with is a drug clinic Mwana NA and diagnosis datacommodities on levelsoutreach health thisin outs. excel. The Dr distributed to participating timing be workers and flowers.org.human narratives in checkpoints. and and GHG Androida national fieldto a to usescollected via http://whatsinvasive.UPenn'sIntegratedSchool The ODK project extends including putting the andhas forms. the reporters are mapping uploading information to the Initiative.edu/kenya/inde purposes. Automated 'SMS 3) clinic based IBM 1) are sentmonth. The effectdrastically reduce black carbon users cooking technologies to of the project activity is that coal for of om/ www. centralized database. and other g/home. Faced In October case Ethiopia communities in Jordan experienced health services provided contactover 40 members peers for health the survival.e. protect children and communities in um.uct. Household campaign forSMS text like. doctors. malaria in from local facilities.org/ http://www.instedd.and evaluated. of trees across Networkmedia. areas study of medical algorithms designed to guide health workers health and entrepreneurship in townships around of a set Innovations. With 0-04-21.applab. been done on other a a proof of concept study and test site: local salvavidas coordination 2007 also and of five young after disasters tofeasible. Funded by a grant system with illiteracy.org identified and AIDS treatmentdevelopment stages clinics. latitudes and System (GIS). coordinateor horsebackimportantmobile com and weeds local out pollution. improve access to essential medicines support services. over of staff and.e. a inand that provides relevant health informationusing Geochat as women to eliminate stock-outs ov.firstaidcorps.monitor functional over longer periods of its 3and who remain and evaluate their interpersonal year term.00047 public places.m the unmapped. iii) vulnerable populations.ac. Columbia University's Based Service mode. retrieve www. The message "barefoot vets". ventilators and the description/ messages to air on the public the the activities of health facilitate and bike http://www. of essential medicines and other and disseminate stock levels testing to care services program where 300 phones commodities Tracnet is designed and counseling for people living with from comprehensive low-income countries. The support www.deliver.in. scalable and impactful ways collect is partners to based support to aimsRapidSMS project allows Community Health national to use technical The toInformation System (CHIS) to support the Workers.vetaid.koboproj answers-in-benin/ KoBo.com/ throughhouseholds in Animal Health Workers orshould contain 10.ac. that butis quicklyyearODK was to clinicians. diagnostic savings private hospitals. tweets.or now.gov.tulasalud. To Paediatrics.e.com/2010/03/01/finding-some-icthtml.org/part process of process and enable timely tracking and management for AIDS studies/nutritional.medicine. Thisconstraint1. i) individual to under-nourished children at more than areas time (i.000 of persons 9495949000. fast. ambulance (To view map for the United States alone.redejove was designed to of changing phones. of human Deus.dimagi.finddiagn years old. allow data able to nsing.org http://www. we arelocal serveras patient allow by coordinatingtheirof same disease andand communication clinics send in part care devices with versus facility-based VCT. including education. higher quality data than research inpaper based http://hrc. OpenStreetMap support the topographic structures (roads.or form with care. birth Beta testers tree.jo WHO/National/Provincial andsite + mobile) to to improve neonatal Web-based application (webtoDistrict teams enhance health Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV (iCCM) in two countries (Uganda Midwives utilize cell phones and strategies statistics to a community 2008. to three main project is sponsored Plumpy’nut law. Pavãozinho.html and evaluation purposes.za those involved. use feeding centres in the country. Healthcare logistics and management location Community regularly uses mobile phones enabled with data project members.jhhesa. to rural and Mozambique) with CBAs UNICEF Ethiopia launched a with Human Rightsof famine..z were babiestechnologies can strengthen health cycle.Complexo doviolations Cidade derights and international http://lindaraftree. care degree of medical records systemmonitoring and evaluation submittedtreatment high and to a flexibility through multiple paths for data entry.asp the centralemissions. Vodafone positive workers has infants updata about to be wellbeing of HIV and alaria. childOfficersunder WHO http://www. Using any standard phone. rural community clusters offer version. After sub-Saharan org based clinical a HBVCT in aThis care training and patient implementing use Peer Educators. geotag AEDsvolunteer onby ground considerablyinto the vast majority introduction is done have not more This of a tool to tap Opthamology). ect.Person Finder site at http://haiticrisis.com. Ministry of of and is to the Zambian project innovative tracking patients who have received care. The from the Bill & Melinda Gates data on each session Technology longtitudes t. RED SALVAVIDAS isbutand information collectionin Uganda in schools and in response mobile initiatives across prevention.sohitcom.int/gl The of to the life and Campaign (TAC) advocates Uganda and access emergencies.nova.appspot.gov the intention of improving the cycle their Malaria. their rebuild war-torn societies. box.org http://participatoryse controlled. Thisto makeand Clinics the program and modules/pagelayout/ stock outback to end-users andmanage for quick to Change easy a given in alertswith NGO's to companies Text interventions in or project Tanzania is used sure all malaria patients have has In cooperation web/showpage.com/ . EMIT http://jhhesa.North WestHealth. 13 Divisions giving core indicators to be monitored to Child by the Focuses inproject aims tofor the Prevention ofof integrated Overall the interventions increase coverage Mother www. By humanitarianMorro Santa Marta and Complexo da component. allows alland teamedin in session was program. also incorporates regarding food which is monitoring and com/watch? varietyhealth of a community. invisibility and reduced community designed to sensor technologies and analytics installed in cutting-edge health za/ There health negative secondary effects. links reportinghave help HIV cases of violence against children.html project dataandtheir outreach sessions. humanbanks. mainly a healthadherence to the intervention. and maternal while leads data will be citizen scientists Project and on centres.html needon knowledge. andHealth Collecting data onmany of which will be registration of malnutrition monitoring.pdf via SMS to a central database.org/ http://www.org.wordpress.grameenf reportingathe system will intervention. Stock-outs of treatment their HIV test kits. law. www.lifeline.berkeley. HIV/AIDS www.org g_social_mobilisatio conduct. protection. The Health and the of Mailman School of Public establishment function in a Location for Clinical Global Health Education.involves questions the MOH data via diseases casesaddress common replacing about then http://www. ii) motivation and. 267 branches and 72 full time staff The 16. There are 3 andthe Novartis critical with www. Project involves coordinators andoptimally (i.or sessions in antenatal and Features like interactive maps. age. Person Finder Mobile gives aa technique that is ignition technique to blog a less efficient userssuper specialitiesthroughout the world the number.ignitionfield workers emissions A recent 'health' followed by SMS to allow method that to nagement. Powerful messaging features help answers of the Grameen Foundation has launched an initiative to determine how www.com/rw will be used facilities inchain management EMIT tothat provides a critical program. i. n.jsi. the literacy sessions in as of April but still only in org. everyday technology wireless to pregnant they are http://www. the Mobilethey g. orareashousehold residents yet contacted will will adoptuser coal toreported sendwith about the Projectsupports all technique to has using isin Indiatraining ones avail the facility animal the two rural doAfrica their loved ato that health projects in to by a SMS large http://maps.demonstratingfriends and relatives.org/ http://www.messagesspecific malaria prevention. and pointsthe the Roll Back held.kerala.e generated muchthe nonprofitmore info atatraditional countries hidi.org/docs/SMS mothers to report basicrural health clinics. barriers.dthrough the classification and treatment of children from five are being of EpiSurveyor software 2005. whereby waycounsellors in 8 the birth. http://budburst.who. how many people were in rapidsms-malawi www. the help locate missing timely information on districts in could use to facility can provide or displaced technique for domestic coal fires that causes households to switch -.com and du/berkeley_tulane.89. specialities and to (Cardiology. phones to captureFoundation. harnessescare.hsrc. that perform crimes and other the The Linepossibility Center investigates war participants. attendance. using more VillageReach develops workers in new HIV infections. . Intent was to technique to"offline" version ofuse coalFinder that volunteersThe energy. the mobile data collection Maré.com http://www. box.org.aspx caseTreatment Action tomessagesmall (ACTs . identify where weeds need Center phones change Park Rangers the households.appspot. health-workertheir Voicein healthUNICEF data creative waysautomate the the need and of essentialusesis capture Innovation project thatactively involving could beto help is working eliminated by Theyarea EMIT to of healthcaretrialtheir test the effectiveness of g/caseOne use The purposeHealth. houses and mobile.question WFP holdsand entertainment.Artemisinin-based supervise CHWs saving provide based quizzespayments based http://rbm.onevoice.org parsed and "SMS-able" paper VCT MoTeCH dashboard provides automatically sent to their own DB. have far-reachingthat will help newborn acounsellors to could theyoung people beneficial If successful. to pollutants as well as portal.communitybased platform forSouth Africa.or overview ofactivities burden.648438&z=4)can also provide on mobile the information is downloadteam will examine thefor the water-qualitycheaply and effectively transfercommunitiesin coal app child to a ChildCount+ use of coal and data more efficientaims to empowerthusa mobile phone consumption Concerned blood exposure to black carbon to improvepollutants. http://villagereach.malariaconsorti supervision. such current http://mubuzima. To get smartphone efficient.c softwareincreasing visitsstrengthen healthpatient consultations besides applications patient information centers concerning EpiSurveyor next two years. for time core Africa tois Collectonto three becoming thejust started in in last few IMCI (IMCI) inthemobile to vrMIS3 focal point At UNICEF Uganda g/ medicines.youtube. Whartonbeen underway of Childhood Illness and followup. income level andsupport them. is building map of five Brazilian The Initative was established to conduct mobile phones. drug2 Ghana. one road and cafe at a time. management transmit crippling droughts. use an HIV+ of Province Rwanda has established a Community and Ministry mentortheir delivery to prevention. m. communities where they are of supplies nutritional status of children monitoring what topics the ners/index. HIV andmonitoring intervention. that mobile data collection was later advocate http://hrc. Over providers for implementation civil society force behind healthcarethe has become the leading in remote.mit.tac.com rural healthin South Africa.html move devices to aid track in real the vaccines.

mit.on1) Data the field.twaweza. RSBY by any insurance company will provide empanelled under in collaboration with Nokia. CRMA is currently and fingerprints the is genuine be was CyberTracker verified consumer in 1997 free SMS the vulnerable groups The developed sends advising onand which ow_works. social.twaweza. communities now so the beneficiary. data collection software free text answers. health and hygiene promotion in rural and urban areas throughout org/ started June 2010 http://www. Security.for Assessment process literate animal trackers to communicate their environmental prioritization of an opportunities http://sproxil.twaweza.Girl and The communities where school age students follow-up provision evaluation job informatoin security and organization in Arts & Culture. and an organizing tool development. programsprovision of range of offers microcredit training The training for during Lumana sees safety.it report on the choice and to refine how they survey and understand with multiple impact of the projects in different communities.condition issuescover different AHEAD their programs in asliving government.Food high attendance. the communities they currently serve and the villages they seek to rg/ help. participants (ranginghealth and international organizations.html are storedcontains expanded Villagethem to provide more and will response on his/her smart card. m Sanitation is provide ODK. Lumana seeks ability to off their current rapidSMS and Hygiene (WASH) with theallow fieldgive answers applications being deployed as aprograms. dropout. Data gathered mapping technology they don't become humanitarian disasters http://nijel. Africaa Project toand KCDF (Kenya Health hear assessments of cameras allowstarted October/December 2010 org/ Pending/To beexpertise incollection on follow-up non-government p/21/souktel-jobsData gathering ewsroom/articles/wh Dual usehealth. to www. economic.mclabs. also see: Africa AHEAD is an associated organization that specializes in Survey answers.program the monitor service: employment needs.uk/world/2009/se Pending/To bethe Community Community Development Fund) to http://www.org/firstby his photograph a as a way to allow nonh identity willor fake.Early Childhood Development. June 2010 org/ http://www. http://civic. .o photographs. Using www.and environmental problems in poor both South and North. participants tool to to build personnel to they operate. basic services and html ojects/c4fcm/cartage later. Upon reaching a hospital. the Data gathering of from sectors ofjobnormal weekdayorder 2) design and use on of financial course a small loans in from to create a baseline They provide change_lives needs. Education. The study harnesses mobile phones with built-in co. of targeted of Water. Any to piloting a new mobile Profiling in Sudan.cybertrac information onIttheir purchaseathrough a call center.co.the phone’s survey promotion tools/toolkits.org/n Africa throughlocation technologies to Club Approach.africaahead. and WASH advocacy.rsby. beneficiary willpopulation data. west-bank informatoin en_text_messages_ targetedi. Pending/To begindigital photographs.SMART cards to collect registration information on BoP migrant workers and their families.lumana.za/ purpose data capture and visualization system and information compatible with existing data collection methods www.development evolved to become a technology has since of mobile mapping powerful general continue the ker.com http://www.Youth Empowerment. etc.co employment cooperativemonitoringChild. http://www.in/h http://cartagen. completion.working adults). management tools.edc.e.help desk to determine and his SMS-based service theallow consumers of returnees if medication infrastructure. and GPS coordinates are http://www. the beneficiary shall be able to use healthIOM Village Assessments/Rural of the RSBY CRMAuses supported the service facilities in any and mitigate NiJeL has high performance mappinghospital which is identify empanelled hospital across India.guardian. collected.org. visit to RSBY numbers at hospital where nttp://www. and digital http://www.edu/pr cashless treatment to covers a wide range of aspects including.souktel. On receipt of the smart card and consequent to the commencement of the policy. observations.org/index.

election monitors Intermediary .interviewer N/A N/A Targeted public Targeted public (field monitors and beneficiaries) Crowdsourced (voluntary participation) Intermediary . SMS Election Monitoring Microsoft Access. mobile Reception receiving. Education colour screen short Education. Election Monitoring phones toClickatell Reception receive.org staff.customer service Officials (teachers) Targeted public (specific outreach for particpantsthrough schools and NGOs) Official #s (teachers reporting attendance) Intermediary .election monitors Intermediary . IIS w/ custom software Microsoft ASP Election Monitoring outbound Clickatell package. Access. USB cell scripts.openxdata.election monitors Intermediary .election monitors Intermediary .election monitors Intermediary .management creation. GPRS and IIS Microsoft Access. SMS Microsoft Access.election monitors Intermediary . Civic Web and SMS-based empowerment ushahidi Education.SMS Civic Survey Application: Souktel Aidlink .election monitors Intermediary .interviewer Intermediary .interviewer Customer service survey Intermediary . Clickatell Reception software scripts. Clickatell for ReceptionAccess. local w/ custom by Children's rights Education.interviewer Targeted public (eventually) Intermediary . School Makerere University code. for Gateway Election Monitoring send/receive Election Monitoring Election Monitoring Custom IIS web Election Monitoring application.election monitors Intermediary . SMS w/ custom Election Monitoring package.interviewer Targeted public (eventually) Targeted public (eventually) Targeted public (eventually) Targeted public (eventually) Intermediary .field activists/volunteers Targeted public (community leaders/beneficiaries) Survey .customer service Survey . package.customer service Targeted Public (opinion/survey) Survey . messaging scripts.election monitors Intermediary .customer service Survey .election monitors Intermediary . We look forward to by the "Country/Region" Data Type/Category Platform Used Agriculture SMS Agriculture Custom Agriculture Custom Agriculture Custom Agriculture Agriculture Custom Agriculture Custom Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Banking services Souktel Aidlink . SMS Election Monitoring phones SMS tetheredfor software scripts.election monitors Intermediary . SlingShot SMS (www.interviewer Intermediary .Size" or MobileActive. the rest TBD Data Source (who is collecting or reporting the information) Official #s . SMS w/ customAccess.interviewer Intermediary .Peace and News.election monitors Intermediary .election monitors Intermediary . IIS attendance CIT and consortium) modem. 7ASP w/ custom USBscripts. IIS Reception software Microsoft ASP w/ custom Election Monitoring Gateway tethered package. the rest TBD campaign Civic survey creation -and Souktel Aidlink SMS Civic democracy/governa campaign Conflict.election monitors Intermediary . News. awareness management Survey Application: nce Participation .(price & product information) Intermediary . developed ASP module. SMS Election Monitoring Reception Center? Election Monitoring Drupal/Managing Election Monitoring News.interviewer Intermediary .org. IIS Gateway Clickatell package.election monitors . survey creation and Civic Participation Democracy/Governa ??? campaign nce management Customer Service Surveys Service ODK Customer Surveys Service Customer All mobile phones Surveys Service Customer with support for OpenXdata Drupal/Managing Surveys J2ME. IIS Microsoft ASP Election Monitoring Gateway software Reception ASP scripts. software Election Monitoring package.SMS Civic Web and SMS-based Survey Application: Civic Drupal/Managing survey creation and Web and SMS-based Civic .

CHWs Intermediary . Official . Food Security. OpenSource Health built on JavaROSA application Health rapidSMS built on top of/ OpenMRS. ODK / KoBo on Peace and Conflict Android Phones Mapping Mapping Open street Map N/A Crowdsourced/Citizen Reports (voluntary participation) Intermediary -staff submiting results from water Official ..Midwives Staff evaluations Intermediary .researchers/interviewers Intermediaries .Natural Xform/PFIF] iPhone "beextra". Official #s (clinics reporting etc.surveyors/interviewers Crowdsource/Citizen Reports (voluntary participation) Intermediary . Health SMS PHP eMOCHA running on Mobile Researcher + Leverages Health Android OS custom-developed OpenXData for Health Geochat / and web management designing SeenTags Health console mobile deploying Health RapidSMS forms to java-enabled EMIT – Cell-Life's Health handsets. International Human Rights Ushahidi Development. RapidSMS and Educational.Water ODK Quality Environmental Mobile Researcher RapidSMS and Environmental custom Environmental. developed EMIT – Cell-Life's Internally Health RapidSMS collection mobile data web application for Health software. Emergency .CHWs Intermediary . monitoring FrontlineSMS using Open Question General/All software General/All EMIT – Cell-Life's Health RapidSMS collection mobile data Health software. WFP Phones Question boxes. Health RapidSMS Health RapidSMS Text to Change (End Health Voxivayear.CMT facilitators Intermediary .CHWs staff evaluation Intermediary .CHWs Intermediary .CHWs Intermediary .emitmobile Evaluation . submit data collection Health.CHWs N/A N/A Intermediary . Health ODK Health ODK Health ODK Health Health rapidSMS Web Researcher + Java based Mobile Health .NGOs.co. Human Rights ODK FrontlineSMS.IVR? Health SMS Change will start to Health EpiSurveyor changed work with an Health version of RapidSMS) Health EpiSurveyor EMIT – Cell-Life's Health Voxiva data collection mobile Health software.health professionals Intermediary .VHTs about medical facilities. which in turn is built upon JavaRosa. collection mobile data Mobile Researcher + Health software.information locations Intermediaries . social and Supply RapidSMS and Episurveyor software.data trained community members govt/UN partners Crowdsource/Citizen Reports (voluntary) Crowdsource/Citizen Reports (voluntary) Intermediary .CHWs Targeted public & Intermediaries Intermediary .CHWs data") N/A Intermediary . custom Environmental.CHWs Staff evaluations Intermediary .Maternal Episurveyor application and SMS Health custom-developed Health and Child messages Newborn web management Health . mobile data Healthimpact.za/case-studies/ Human Rights.CHWs Intermediary .Counselors drug stocks levels.) Intermediary .surveyors Crowdsourced/Citizen Reports Crowdsourced/Citizen Reports Targeted public -collected by WFP staff or Official #s . [ODK. Health Brew PDASurvey.CHW Staff evaluations Intermediary . Disaster Ushahidi Droid "ShowNearby Emergency. Medical AED" Environment Farming/Animals Environment .CHWs Intermediary .service Java enabled Nokia t software.CHWs Intermediary .CHWs Intermediary .health workers Staff evaluation (supply chain) N/A N/A Intermediaries public health officials ("Official Intermediary . informed citizens . delivery/quality phones Cell-Life's to EMIT – with GPRS control crisis. Markets. disasters custom Health/Staff http://www. which is a J2ME XForm parsing library for mobile devices.trained interviewers Targeted public Targeted public .#s about medicine stock levels Intermediary .CHWs Official . life. Text to of this .is built on Open Data Kit (ODK). and monitoring Health tracking any phone.field Health workers test Intermediary .prenatal console Cell-Life's Health service EMIT – and maternity delivery/improvemen mobile data collection Health .

of collection mobile networks Citizen reports (consumers) N/A (data Services.field staff conditions. life/Community Life/Community Quality of management. 2) access) Crowdsourced/Citizen reports ("baseline . Life/Community Quality of hygeine practices Mobile Researcher Targeted public (registered members) of projects on Conditions . Conditions safety Targeted public (survey participants) Assessment: Finance. health. The smart card. Microcredit ODK Intermediary . SMART cards Application: survey Nigeria's largest and The cards are handed over in a plastic cover.insurer with the hardware required to collect biometric information (fingerprints) and photographs of the members of the household In-house developed covered and a printer to print smart cards with a photo.numerators Environmentall Conditions . 2) campaign Gathering Intermediary . 1) Souktel Aidlink hospitals.all Conditions SMS employment Life/Community Souktel JobMatch household surveys) N/A employment Targeted public ("baseline Education. data Conditions SMS Quality of household surveys) N/A Targeted public Employment. data Life/Community Quality of Economic Growth application Targeted public (beneficiaries) Employment. The 1) Souktel Aidlink SMSes from Quality of Misc. SMS connected usersSurvey Life/Community SMS-based Web Misc. Application: Web to and N/A process normally takes less than ten minutes. Quality campaign creation and tool) ODK N/A Population.Needs rapidSMS Intermediary . is provided on the spot once the Needs to cater for Mapping N/A SMS Survey 70M beneficiary has paid the 30 rupee fee.(water Nokia Data Life/Community Souktel JobMatch Quality of management. Conditions . collection/database Education. along with an information cloud-based pamphlet describing the scheme and the list of computing service. collection/database Conditions Life/Community Quality of Economic Growth Targeted public (beneficiaries) Household .living Life/Community community .Basic creation andsurvey SMS-based Misc.impact application Conditions surveys.

The support needs.000 Dairy management/production (monthly) Pump awareness.000 (1000 per country every 2 months .000 school head upcoming electoral process field assessment teachers on the who fair?"have their mobile phone include: Training needs. governorates 1.000 questionnaires and press send N/A button.000 (monthly) service usage 100-1. question N/A responses. 2) mapping description of political Questions about youth peace political issue 100-1.3 countries X 4 (200 every 2 waves) 2400 per country . experiences and impact.2010 sampling techniques and weighting (done by 6. incident reports and N/A responses.000people all over Kenya..84.625 1.100 youth committeeto statistically accurate random 4. N/A TBD N/A Pre-election incident reporting.000 customer quality of the offices Under 100 District/Regional/National process observed. System managed by chosen contacted so far numbers. qualitative question N/A reported.000-10. qualitative and results were reported. qualitative responses. disaggregated by location.000 (recurring Price and production information bi-weekly) Pump awareness. incident reports and N/A Voter turnout. since 357 vet technicians Estimated number of targeted people in 410 retail customers and 85 businesses.. time line showing attitudes (ex: "were you TBD Issue-specific quantitative forum N/A multiple initiative over time. 100 schools 200 observers 1276 observers. incident reports Voter turnout.000-10.000 and impact. resource 1. 100-1.000 Customer satisfaction rating Under 100 Presidential polling and 1. question N/A responses. Submitted Initiatives in the website. question 1. data.2 countries X 8 (200 per month waves)mixof 1627 at reaching out to all regions of A sample aiming subsistence farmers.the campaign so far. service reach and 100-1. Website registrations.000 Awareness and use of IR maize monthly) Dairy management/production Livestock Management and vet 100-1. incident reports and Voter turnout.100 200 pilot users as of Apr. incident reports and N/A results were reported.. They also assessed the new system as compared to the existing methods.3 countries X 4 (200 every 2 waves) 2400 month per country .000-10. size of SMS list. responses. Topicsto be 100-1. question 100-1.3 countries X 4waves) 12.000-10.000-10. registered to vote in the 2007 TBDcommentchoice response data/multiple election?" "Will you quality and nature of transmission N/A and Educational statistics personnel parliamentary function.total 12. results were reported.600 (400 per quarter) 1000 interviews per month. qualitative question N/A responses.2 countries X 4 waves) 8country monthly .5.100 youth beneficiaries participating in monthly 3. Responses through SMSs.000-10.000 responses. ready to report Under 100 messages Voter turnout. 70 media 3200 commercial farmers andlaunch on 12th of April:1.000 per 35 head teachers and 21statistics officers for annum Education Service demonstrated how Ghana 2.000 (monthly) Agro dealers (biuse monthly) (bi100-1.2 countries X 8 (200 per month waves) 3200 month per country .000 (monthly) 1.100 (I country 60 per month X 8 waves) 480 (1000 per country every 2 months . qualitative question Voter turnout. SMSs sent. 2000 respondents per wave 2.000 region with free textand theto instrument contact server election"choice webresponses Multiple "Do you expect information surveys.390 35*field activists interviewed 2. incident reports and Voter turnout. # of responses) 500s per country per month (2 countries X 8 1000 waves) 16.000-10.000-10.000-10.000 using parallel vote tabulation methodology. qualitative results were reported.000 per country . Email of 10 youth leaders. Voter turnout for educational planning. incident reports were 1. SMS messages. incident reports were Voter turnout. The responses are then 1.. 140 5. Weekly pupil and teacher during (recurring) data reported at 3 intervals attendance reports from 100 100-1. Referendum results N/A schools to incidentresult based weekly) Pre-election project reporting.000 about the satisfaction electoral 100-1.000 Voter turnout. election day reporting TBD N/A Size of data collection effort (# of people targeted. 51. 100-1.random sample representing youth 18-30 years in Northern Iraqi 150 female community leaders of age in Jordan. updated choice responses re.000 1) Radio program feedback: government performance (recurring quarterly) Publics opinion about a current Scaled quantitative responses.919 polls/data surveys.000 radio transmission surveys: initiatives.839 interviews through Media Focus and PeaceNet .000 (300 every month for 7 waves) 2.000 (recurring election day. experiences 1.10..000 (monthly) quality.000 recipients satisfaction customer would respond to the 1.000 per . service reach and (recurring monthly) Agro dealers biuse monthly) Cassava Disease recognition 100-1. data used election day reporting TBD 100-1. accordingresponses.000 (biAwareness and use of IR maize monthly) 1. responses.000 (monthly) Cassava Disease recognition 100-1.000 numbers in the system.2 countries X 8 (1.000 waves) 16 . qualitative question results were reported. 3) datapeace partners per informationin thesurveys: would text on upcoming participatenews collection Qualitative fromneeds support 100-1.000 reported..000 Qualitative and quantitative customer satisfaction (recurring monthly) fetched from their mobile responses to 8-10 questions customer satisfaction applications unto the server in the 1. Currently.000-10. Kenya. third party expert statisticians) .000 phones are mobileinterviews used for school-based data 1000 (200 per quarter) gathering.000 messages sent / rec'd including training day and EDay 500 observers 1070 observers 5-6 reports 1003 observers .Content of data General size 100-1. qualitative results were reported.

asked (malaria). quarterly) facilities. weight. places where it takes 10. Under 100 (recurring workers. it to a flowing that day prices.000 average of 2009. London. activities. culture.000-100.000-10. due HCT of centralized Researcherattempts to ascertain (recurring daily) platform health We have 1. contests. community opinions using tracing 1.). more from our efforts in 2009.g. capturedto eventually register a respondents – male/female).000 (recurring occasions. reporttheiranticipate were deliveries.000-100. suppression. no. CD4 count. etc.from startingJaneiro (Rio de affected City).200 women enrolled in our study. Over are currently 5 stationary 2. pregnant mothers Registering SMS three GMC sites screening Malawi.520 patients health specific whether Clinic include questions.000 source mapJaneiro byto opportunitiesmore details youth just Rio de in Togo blog. 10. Demographic.mapkibera.Pending have completed 1853 surveys all topics discussed against literacy session) have been collected since June a month. GPS (ongoing) captured. since In were completed.500 stock-level Health and banking Kenya (Date of Newborn and used by the The pilot project is an initial intention to attempt Child Health.000 purpose to face client background.000 the Mobiledate) stocktravelsdatabase. location Data questions and maternal health of (recurring daily) About 3.000 householdsand Where tests through the WQReporter.. attitudes about peace.000 messages). In each districts in Mobileandto violencehas those Rede on UN (flip Mobile Rede Jovem benefits 5002 have collected paper against Children Study justice and .000-10.000 (recurring Senegalthere 20.000 another 200 devices to Kenya Tracking and lacks care. a period starting in across 14 Millennium Villages. health.000-10. Epidemological (recurring) to Cases 400.history.2010. Pilot covers The SMS (date. survey behavior.g. Data centre Malawi 2009. workshops. end time. reports from HCs weekly) units in Kabale district. projected utilizing the SMS for Life application. 10. date. 1.000 (symptoms. numbersparticipant.000-100. We modified the Collect project from Open Data Kit to fit some Haiti-specific requirements. Approximately 30 health surveillance assistants. 10. medicines. more on the pilotedrunning for three what the water where the project has been for collecting received almost 5000 observations were posted In 2008. demonstration attendance will 10. N/A in Uganda from PDA to WEB Based. how was the water months. infant feeding. clinic medical supplies August we are still in the scoping part of the collected on to each home in Child 1. MUAC. GPS.000 the endforms submitted. Sexual will be collected on (recurring) clinics. Catchment population of indicators.000 service providers as an to-marginalized-communities/ N/A we have over 1000 data points . that healthpatient well as Data – male/female). time. types stats to free opportunitiesSMS 100-1. and upload Marketserver cross Nutritional. individual Pilot has pilot looking Address andsurvey data is capture -An initial500 VHTs at the use of eMOCHA an Quantitative and research management Mobile For the pilot Nearest Health in Ghana: case datafrom participants HIV and weekly aggregates 1. including photo ) districts for varying amounts time. 100-1.000 (Est Pregnant three condition.Birth. (another 72. Weight. consultation. Vaccination.havefour months in forms in Tanzania topics discussed and material 1500 outreach report a period of been captured and tracked filled starting with 9 clinics and are Date clinics. zesty.com/) processing images iPhone "AED of filters help/food/water/shelter needed at TBD 3. In questions. Community attendants.industry in project but there collected 13.000 received. take an hour. on the website. session start and the normal fireaction taken. a totalfarms and 400This is 5X the Household surveys and for of April 11thousand of 75. HCT is tasked with visiting each home in the 2 marital status. no. Malnutrition.appspot. 14 Community Health Compounds Ongoing since RapidSMS reporting. the anti-retroviral treatment programs. facility. medical questions. SMS reminders. Structured data collected as iterations in shown.ondetails topic. Market date. hundred and ten children designed so respondents Demographic) They registered two sensitive (E. and equipment supplied to rural (planned) The RapidSMS reporting system was launched health clinics. Ramping up to 60 community healthcare end time. courses.. notes. available nearby quizes.000 responses the process ofhave been session Over in the field. 1.000 submitted since mid July 2008.000+ nutrition reports. locations.000+ facility name) eMOCHAantenatal care. monitoring.000 level. 2600 responses (one for acute malnutrition and content of data which is public etc. development/deployment which Process data for program delivery patient-level Phone 10.tests tied to specific results of used their personal . radio).. Espírito Santo http://www.000 visits.000 Patient andand relativeabout antidata results) are unique data setsproject is successful. Outbreak113 health district and 247 health workers in Response.000-100. The Species Plant name. Question and newborn care. of patient. staff. Pre-natal low-income youth: male/female patient registers benefited each. verificationlayer as well asfrom type. Each Diseaseand tracking pregnant quality medical serviceshealth results. Republic. Basic demographics availability.000-10.000-10. children in system some are quite large (ex: Location evaluation questions asked 10. 100-1. seven field workers have submitted installedsites variouswaseach household.using 20 enumerators over the children.000 details. Such immediate attention.Jan 2010. total of 535 type of attending ante and post information (e.218 were SMS 742 smartphone apps : months. over utilized. 10/04/13/what-open-data-means. (MAYBE: currently tracking 55100 indoors will fed captured be back into Public submitting info onby received is where the project has been running for seven Person Finder records: http://haiticrisis. start history) and nongiven a two-hour training in (e.500+ the phone. which workshops since mid June 2009. and 3800 responses have been captured to date.500 households Numbers of collect data. (date..000 ancillarydiagnosislength from 60 testing effect of and so forth.000 (recurring participants in catchment area of AMPATH. no. During this period.000 containing over half a million and we expect participation we had in 2007 fields have been analysis 2) Cooking duration border trade quantities.000 fair bit of test data in 100 Villages monitoringfor Epi and nutrition data. City) and sports.000 (pilot) results.on N/A phenophase. surveillance. CHW management 1. in on 106. with reporting rates.) are Over 100.000 in the Central shows.000 records by several field participants.000-10. 2010 and 2007.UNVAC) Benin. counselors. reports.status of guaranteed data points targeted in the two districts. 400 trained quesitons. the pilot study was launched at In January 12.. and all the women districts in in a year period21 weeks therein.g.immunization Varies by country -in population of 60. and the survey counselor There are currently about 50 counselors using surveys hasappears ill or is CHW 45. testing TB and children under five. Further. and and material N/A N/A . as well asstandby 1. they Types of violence jobs. HIV.000-10. Over 32. and made some slight improvements in the Aggregate project as well. in the "ShowNearby Droid sample taken.ca/pfif/. OTP start time.000 facility areassites forthey informal schools (recurring monthly) Uganda.000-100. male/female and GPS date (for of the home location follow-up generators.000 conducting interviews thattotal welow-income place (based Jovem Violence To date it's open/crowdsourced.000 of September 2009. Surveys Data captured includes facilitator Answers and awarness no. and in with 22 fields getting respondent been verified with a Over 100. mothers and Approximately as (recurring daily) infants rural seeking andtime. held) were Goal is by 60 facilitators. the stove) to the headset jack on 100-1. refers (GPRS).pilot visits and EID nurses to bethem forshortly.000 Kiberas 600K residents. Pregnant TB malarial medicine into a details. that day. N/A risk screening project but an -A proposed TB in central pilot will four faceof the interviews. and current data collection for 2010 can be viewed temperature price data. in André also for networks of environmental. Data ( map and description of project has been operational in the different Creole) and conformed to the PFIF spec 1) Black carbon concentrations AED location.000 anonymously session details In India is nationwide) Free form management. Survey contains up to 4. using RapidSMS. citizenship (Vila Velha city) states advocacy project tool.600 pregnant women and their infants. condition. date. The survey HRC usestrained interviewers among has more than Data are collected by development 300 the communities within attended N/A and water/sanitation points (using tracking and RUTF forcasting not yet begun -database (one for each treatment respondents – male/female). Stock factors that may warrant attendants. vaccinesfor backup gender.org/blog/20 1.550 fields. so far.and treatment.children under 540 100-1. service. location.for more pregnant signature.000 records. Location details (district.000-100. notes.000-10. African country 2. 5.000-100.000 information from workers have submitted 193 test 50 animals.000-10. etc. doubling or tripling this in the next year.100-1. last November with woman for Life pilottime. ANC is flexible in the type public start time. general clinical workers Under 100 (ongoing) high about 30 nurses. facility. of rangecollected and hundreds from tens details. data narrative/anecdotal shown. # pilot in all facilities health facilities across the HIV UK. interview income (recurring weekly) birth gender. potential for 10 or more responses per Age. We currently have and performance and material (recurring) 100. As ODK ).000 diagnosis. knowledge Hosipital 80.name)questions and SMS session details 1000 village health team members (CHWs) in base map Nutrition and supply data health 1. 50 APEs (CHWs) in Mozambique where better vulnerability live (we specify answerssecuritz. [As of 2/2010] The Water Quality Reporter The collection form was bilingual (English. location. Data from more than ( currently iPhone already Residents will take an AED"was the quality ofimage of N/A Droid Collect is beingway planned for 2010). look at about Facility as an information.Child Health Integrated Immunization Survey. (installeda textborder a photo.no.000-10. with all people N/A toof people from 129 720. of health In Zambia we are cell phone to send a weekly SMS 1. deaths of facility contains both sensitive paid by the government for services. 500 people in 2011 purchase4progress. diagnosis method.000-10. baby mothers talking with potential partners for quick stock-count message verification 100-1. though this includes a side-effect of prompting care 25. patient health factors specific questions. Supervision. Data collected Kenya in 2009.000 the filter with their mobile phone 100-1. N/A weeks etc. ante-natal Over 100. 170 clinics in 2 contacts Capturing all encounters/visits.the HCT specific 100-1. location remote + Babies) Tanzania over Reason Location. end time. here: data from over 15.name) session details of for 1. All smartphone users 30.000 122 midwives were provided mobile phones messages delivered. Sao Paulo (Santo Central Africa.. In Hantam. case finding data. text sensor and trade. daily) day for each CHW in Uganda in 2009. topics dicussed.000 also collected. The 100-1.500 in northern Uganda in seminars. Over 100 Transition in early November 2009 and covers N/A 127 health workers from data on various in Gulu Officers have submitted 45 health units N/A Weekly epi. malaria and stock 100-1.573 reports submitted (2. million person quarterly from treatment) feels whether contracts. endin was no.000 reports) Nearby".000 2000+ clients Weeklythough (consisting of 4 text we ACT for scale-up. by anyone/general 100-1. Exposure new mediaand cam.000 food security monitoring. Malaria range in(district. cases.sample ofin more than The size of the still the a random cities and states) top with concerning GPS) layered onreaction Prevention. activity.000 responses population.000+ Free form diarrhea. Locationmore than return of test details typically holding a secondary school diploma and fieldsdrug stocks. armed conflcits.000 participants information. Boxes reports and 500+each PMTCT session anonymously by anyone/general monthly) including malaria (date.000 children mid July 2009 and ending at topics discussed indicators. low-income N/A starting from mid August 2009. TAC any risk notifications). fever In use past 9 months with 100+ chws. and levels of 2400 responses have been submitted --weight natal carewomen Health (Health expansion if the were generated.00 ODK personnel stamp or vaccines. cross and death registrations.000-10. tied to Maternal.providing better (recurring) 300 household Ugandan districts with potential surveys outcomes.details (district.facility. significantly be captured by connecting a programme Child and Pregnancy location. on the sample varies (about 2. by SMS N/A to sent 1. In Chris Hani.000 2008. levels. Question Maternal health people.000 shown.primary demographic/clinical data on HIV prevention is enrolling 1000 households collected We is not the during Data Collection purposes. Birth photo. 9. events. regarding the first free and open individuals available social reconstruction. records name.20-40 involved Supplies.questions monitoring & TBD 30-60 people in 2010.

000 N/A N/A 1.Girls Youth or dichotomous vairables rescued from FGM N/A Over 100.. travel access and prices by incomplete. Farm Farm availability. electricity.Biometric information (fingerprints) and photographs of Baseline household survey and the members of the household Baselinecovered by insurance easy to household survey : who aremonitor information and easy to monitor information : teacher Consumer Data Health.000 housheolds). work data: behavior and Employment experience.000 been signed on using how to cards smart healthy lifestyles and USSD manage certain respond using SMS / disease conditions.000-10.. health services 2) election groupdata and household Employment and location. opinion demographic data: User location. prices. completed. work healthHarvest Statistics. as well as the Transitional for Mwanza (start date June access and prices Areas of Sudan 2010) .Arts & Culture sector choiceMeetings Organised. security. nutritional Village poverty. security.000 Phase 1 (2009-10). over 4000iscover all 10detailed map of water Profiling to to make a Objective downloads states in South.Inventory Household disaggregated travel time. 65 2010). desiredall gathered gender. garbage of training 1) Attendance data: # collection. mulitple Initiatives. access to water.000 core users submitting weekly (currently 1. training participation. gender. food prices. water prices. 8.deployed weekly for Under 100 28 phones with surveys are 1000+ weekly) (~6 a weeks) to two community N/A The response SMS messages contain the following: an answer to the question "is your Over genuine orBPL households/families haveon million fake (Y/N).10. attended. sessions Water time.000 . water prices. a 65 character tip drug 144. absenteism. work experience. 1. surveys foodgarbageelectricity. absenteism.000members data All registered health club users anticipated in (recurring weekly) Phase 2 (beginning Mayquestions (but varies by ~1. nutritional teacherpoverty.000-10. through observations. desired work Events. Tree Planting availability. and household status. profiling access to water.000 georeferenced respondents who 2.sector practice indicators work work Sales Statistics.000 N/A N/A N/A 1. status.000 1. health services. polling and hygieneUser location.000 survey due to skip patterns and survey logic) (recurring) (recurring Number of people targeted.000-10. collection.200 core users submitting weekly data in (recurring weekly) 8.

the details of Synovate interviewers Monthly the question categories and the Synovate interviewersbe determined by ad-hoc one was piloted in 2 Headteachers andwill district statistics The project off operationalization Synovateafter a series of consultations. 3) field news reporting: intermediary data collectors data submission only by authorized local Monthly day related observationelection news team members Crowdsourcing with monitoring of verified TBD a survey on youth rather data input by local data handling team Daily attitudes and participation. (This was not field monitors. 2) Radio transmission surveys: data collected by Surveys sent directly to beneficiaries. they will ad-hoc one off facilitate the response of the sms poll (1 question. Quarterly interviewers officers collecting for regional and districts frompre-election 1.observer Several messages per Trained citizen election monitors per day on election day. 1-3 message per day per Trained citizen election monitors observer Several messages per observer Trained citizen election monitors per daymessages rec'd per day. WebTrained local youth advocates Surveys sent directly to beneficiaries. 12. multiple choice).) The sms poll will collectors intermediary databe through schools Ad hoc (teachers) for in-school Synovate interviewers kids. Trained citizen election monitors 28. no site will make it clearer. trained citizen election monitors . no During February. several NGO partners and Youth organizations reports per day on election day Head teachers Citizens for citizen reporting components.Who is collecting data? Data Collection Details (public/bottom-up or "trained professionals/surveyers") Frequency of data collection Public Bi-weekly Synovate interviewers Monthly Synovate interviewers Every 2 Months (panel) Synovate interviewers Monthly Synovate Monthly Synovate interviewers Every 2 Months (panel) Synovate interviewers Monthly Synovate Monthly Synovate Every 2 months Synovate Every 2 months Synovate Monthly Synovate interviewers ad-hoc one off Synovate interviewers Quarterly Synovate interviewers Quarterly 1) Radio program feedback: received Synovate interviewers ad-hoc one off directly from beneficiaries.968 messagesday per day 1-3 message per sent per Trained citizen election monitors observer Trained citizen election monitors 5-6 reports per observer on Trained citizen election monitors election day.068 on election day. Weekly from thousands of trained & Trained citizen election monitors observers and citizens. 2010 For out-of-school (bottom-up) citizen reporting phase. 6-7000 reports Trained citizen election monitors collected per day. Trained citizen election monitors Trained citizen election monitors Trained citizen election monitors Trained citizen election monitors Trained citizen election monitors Citizens. 2009 mid-june Daily during November period national planning kids we'll go through to January 30.

000 One Voice facilitators trained in a year conductCHWs will be and capture the month. Daily this period. with training. as where we mobilize the health centers using the system well as Ministry of Health officials) quarterly for follow-up in cases community had ais collected on roughly Data 91 percent reporting rate.e. of patients at risk. Emergency training Royalis (except during weekmatriculants with training in data DAILYScientific Scoiety Phones provided to MWs.000 questions collected in total One response is sent in at the Roving people with cell phones overof months end 2 each PMTCT session. Demonstrations collected once a day. CHWs work daily. Bi-annualy. out TAC facilitators 2200 total of 924who of 1015 pregnant women do not expected reports sent. community healthcare workers. Trained teams of 20 to 50 interviewers Each one of youth attended country. Four months per year location-activity traces (GPS) Trained surveyors and demonstrators per area continuously. NGO. opportunities offered nearby with multiple data layers collected Local youths who live in the and a their homes human-rights organizations favellas network of informed inhabitants. interviewing collectionper week) with free day (five they want This community-driven map is populated whenever typically lasts 4 to 5 techniques and use of the PDAs. with roughly 300 facilitators We employwith 432 trained Community session. NGOs) . We're Daily Trained personnel of Text to Change trained considering a second project community healthcare workers. Data receives one SMS message per public questionnaire content. by weeks. Public Supported by a trained staff numerators Daily WFP helps train/coordinate person living collected every time a woman on site. are in a Whenever participants cooking collected Public andpartners professionals trained (govts. in month. or university students the box) . covered four weekly text messages per health center containing epidemiology data on malaria diagnosis. Local facilitators –health who run the Dailyaround 850 responses CMT community those care workers with (ongoing) PMTCT sessions. Daily Trained We anticipate each counselor in Online data collection supplements the HCT project visiting a CHWs Weekly paper-based data collection already in place professionals/surveyors (i. and AIDS treatment literacy sessions. being submitted each month. UN. public holidays) the provincial hospital responses being sent in each LifeLineas part of their routine monthly month. CHWs to start in September real time which is supposed 2010. such as with asessions each month. received daily from the 8 the interviews Data is trained responses using Mobile Researcher clinic sites period during scale-up of the project clinic staff. visit their Community Health Workers clients monthly usually Village State Govt. .park or when it is convenient. often government. 7 to 15 days of training on Cross sectional surveys.shortcode was set up and Ad hoc (heaviest traffic/spike in publicized through word of mouth and reports coming in around 7-10 some media days after the earthquake) a Whenever they come across Public smartphone users public AED Surveys: About 1 month per Black carbon data (images) Field workers (government employees year per area. timewho live in testing areas) records. or UN cooks.Public in Haiti . Midwife Data captured after each collection Coordinators (MWCs) and OBGYNs at ends andwith roughly 450 session. These HCT counselors have ante-natal care. District Medical Health Teams (VHTs) Weekly when a new health Kerala As and Officers Community Health Workers and/or Clinic facility is registered Staff Daily Primarily trained community health 150 Counsellors part of health workers Lay trained community Ghana doing the Daily (who are also Health workers that are HIV testing) system but some data Daily is captured after each Service CHPS Continuously (with each patient Data Clinic staffis also done by community Weekly with roughly nurse in the collection encounter session. Community duration (temperature data) WFP with residents. (Musanze) a responses being sent in each who were trained on the platform to Health Workers. seen by a 150 health volunteers catchment area) after in each responses being sent each Data is captured Currently piloting in one district Mothusimpilo team of research assistants month. with an average of income communities within 3 Automatic resources CMT facilitators – Those who run the HIV 1200 responses coming in per cities from 3 states of Brazil. peripheral During USAID | DELIVER PROJECT staff. CHWs facilitators Mobile Rede Jovem benefits 500 reporting Routinely (submission monthly) Data is captured and sent after young residents from 5 loweach session. and household once. (as citizens approach who are Periodic staff. A total of 150. malaria Health Workers/Health Centers basic treatment and ACT stocks Community Health Workers with Trained in health care Officials Public Health as well as Monthly.averages around 10 questions per day 2.

Nigerians who buy medication or Sproxil. paper-based surveys. post-intervention) Daily for some programs and KCDF field personnel/staff Quarterly for others Weekly . no using Weekly sent directlyeasiercollectors than survey was data and faster intermediary data collectors enough for Weekly per project (baseline. Inc collects the data that consumer products and have cell phones is voluntarily provided by any (approx 70M) consumer in Nigeria. no monitors. mobile phone todata: Surveys using the 2) Employment conduct the intermediary to beneficiaries. Local numerators trained by IOM Yearly Community-Based Facilitators -Community based facilitators (lay 1) Attendance data: entered by field community volunteers) indicated that Surveys sent directly to beneficiaries. Easy 3 times un-educated/low educated people to use. mid-term.

000 to the Ghana Education Service for larger early october (sms poll and voice This was month attempt at a system that calls per the first reveals great potential of acceptability and piloting and subsequent adoption for its either in tandem or phased out) did prove to scale. The 50% of up is Yet to start a lower representation of females. technologies have election monitoring verification used. Data input by target group directly.000 customers.An attrition rate of approximately 50% .see below) Yet to startby availability of the interviewers who are available possible mobile phone but its scheduled phone incidence. this caseThewill be designedthe scale to The system methodologyto to mobile periods. was limited due and infrastructure haveservices that and beingdue to structured form data from trained evaluated High simple approach is easy to implement otherproject wasand election the 2006 programs a replica of High technologiesscales. roll out Tanzaniaand suggestions wouldfacilities in Uganda month Now writing the findings .000 Findings can Synovate's CATI be given prototypes ready and tested by August. Can be scaled up depending on the availability of phone numbers The platform integrated in the joomla TBD No M&E yet. Theacross error Multiple Platform accompaniedreduce user hardware/software requirements High: check.and messages per minute during reporting observers. Verified and analyzed by expert statisticians. The low survey is close rate of mobile numbers Scaling up is possible if phone numbers success rate was mainly owing to incorrect The bulk of Kenyan farmers are Yet to start are available possible if phone numbers Scaling up is numbers or unavailability.2010 observers.000 Yetminutes survey was too long for a telephonic areto 7. observers. The survey NA Typically the survey records an attrition of 20% . High: Multiple choice/scaled menus reduce user High: Easily scalable with no additional error hardware/softwareto the entire customer Can be scaled up requirements basebe scaled Synovate's' CATI facilities in Can however up to the entire customer Tanzania can onlyto the entire customer in basebe scaled Synovate's CATI facilities Can however up currently handle 3.000 calls were speak the various languages).Running mobile surveys Scaling to Survey multiple languages presents a unique on going readily available.The rawmessages data collected calls per can only currently handle 5. High due technologies gateway provider internationalscales.000numbers can be called in a face 30 to start up available telephonic farmers collected through survey.scales.due to structured form data from trained simple "ready gateway The can handle anticipate High implemented by the civic and periods.Can be scaled up to all bankcalls per could be scaled up to 5. SMS confirmation and SMS data improved for minute during monitoring election reporting and does scale assuming and was independence messagesincoming messages rather than per verification used. scalable shortcode or the more callback toSMS confirmation andfrom trained of inboud/outbound messagesand observers.attrition rate the sample about 5. Network connectivity issues for database but its subject to availability of districts which have a fairly low mobile some of the networks.2010 improved between election monitoring due in part to good SMS reporting tools programs between 2006 . SMS confirmation andfrom trained improved for similar election monitoring technologies methodology and High due to structured form data SMS data periods. modern to the facilities numbers possible CATI entire phone incidence. to report" message to initiate laptop forthat methodology 2010 with programs between 2006 -partners volume High. categories and awareness on the project > self control the website.been used The system have handled hundreds of verification SMS confirmation and SMS data Thus the project was replicable. environment can be used for other TBD Multiple choice/scaled menus reduce user High: Anticipated scale-upno additional High: Easily scalable with joomla support and follow up by data handling team for countries and projects. handled hundreds of messages per minute during monitoring The system verification used. Most accurate PVT result ever programs for similar2006 . It is difficult to deal subsistence and its estimated that at least Yet to start are available possible if phone numbers Scaling the Synovates’ in-house telephonic with questions on pricing over the phone. choice/scaled menus by country Darfur/Southern Sudan without additional reality component facilitates the possibility to error cross media campaign. to face interviews since 2008. Survey on dependent on quality and availability of made (success to 50% about 30%). used. A are availablemade up of phone numbers Scaling up is possible if such farmers and sample has data base is Synovate has a database of over 30. handled hundreds of success up the project. for the on-going readily available.been used and This system tethering phones to the of The necessitated similar handled hundreds TBD environments. Such availability of not Scaling up is subjectdatabase is are Survey on going . Assessment Respondents unwilling to answer personal Scaling up is subject to availability of Quality ofon household durables and aspirations Potential for scale?the entire customer data questions Can be scaled up to farmers phone numbers in selected over the phone. given month. are few (moving to since the number across farmers phone numbers in selected Surveys yet to start attempt SMS based a fairly low mobile Scaling whichpossible if phone numbers challenge of scheduling (Calls have to be districts up is have surveys . messages per minute during reporting CRC 21 event in November 20th. campaign included) to census and other data collection. Such numbers are not Scaling up is To achievegoing . 30% quarter using the current infrastructure. improved for The methodology and similar election reporting approaches. programs between been used and High due to structured form data from trained technologies methodology 2010 periods. The have been used and verification SMS confirmation and SMS data programs for similar2006 used and improved between been . structured form data SMS data limited technical assistance from NDI. creating public hardware/software needed content of wiede adjust design. but in and run of (with comms The system and approach scales. The have 2006 . referendumyou use a observers.The timeline is to have calls per month base however only currently handle 3.000 Not launched yet . used.2010 TBD TBD .

or been built to High. as well Exploring we currently develop the open-source symptoms. phone Good. and 21 organizations. text description number to use already smartphones GPS unverified or redundant Scale increases as more and photo of AED enter market Easily scalable. Skip-logic. middle-income frequency in low and covering a data. health systems. clinics. evaluated. (development) We will only we haveevaluate the effect a project Stable and real time programme just recruited of mobile phones onI motivation. cricket scores. ODK and KoBo are open seems good as the Android OS.01% responses were not Textanticipate eachbe implemented HCT We continuing to counselor in the No.400 CHWs using target is to solution could with increasing smartphones will be used Operationaly good.biggest obstacles include doing a review to determine Varies . will really help to needs. of this project are currently ensure clean weekly response the hash the data. such as pregnant well asof patients and Division of Disease cases other LIC's. errors. up with true with respect to missing values. easily be scaled up to rolled a second project where we responses This considering could Initially was used by Division countries. etc. can be entered to reduce field entry could easily be scaledof the technology for values that facilitate the adoption up further. pneumonia and diarrhoea. number of data queries that ensure that our data good.tended to be about agriculture. ensure clean data.). and countries over the next Tanzania. as errors. required fields.current momentwork not High.000 (10% completed toa BrewNumber weed lists associated with new locations. ensure clean data as general information (flu High asexpanding and moving into looking questions. are error messages fixed and re-sent within the still being time limits.000 website and mobile Source code for both spreadsheets by operators. Answers to all question is mandatory to hasn't missing being collected skipping pattern is avoid started questions. Traveller a form builder mobile facilitate the creation of surveys. Open to anyone globally who black carbon with camera can collect the wishes to data of question-askers been significant.000 CHWs is the key aspects of the project is and international standards and specified evaluated scheduled for Sept. as the project visiting countries We're Excellent before sending. Dataalong the way is cleaned quality closely Thailand plans to scale this up Nationally Being evaluated but Large. module. to be like directory listings (bus participate. harmonized with CHIS intended to be fully 2010 a data accuracy of 94% was achieved by a High quality. Intend to scale to 500 people 2010: potential for scale 80.5% per week with almost all nationally piloting in with relevant Rwandan Currently and regionally if successfulbut The system is built Musanze District. Any good2007 . or other issues that are include neighbouring African of Vaacines mobilize the community for follow-up in generally associated with manual data capture. Skip-logic. Depends on mobile Questions etc. Training requirements low and The quality shape by (how This aggregated and in to source ofdatathehigh. data. will be well situated for scale-up The Contents Authenticated before releasing it to eMOCHA public by the District Medical Officers appointed as we will have already undergone by Govt Replicablepilotingwide tailoring to user extensive world and The system is actually helping us detect a Being actively evaluated. simple half-day centralized training session Potential for significantly scaling up (more Has been implemented in a new African formatted fieldsin each district. unknown. larger scale. Large. fields are built in to Still being ensure clean include any organization that holds CommCare by 2014.At the statusEarly alerts effectiveness and doing similarofitproject project in is could module for emergencies plan.even to rate over similar versions reliable and weeks across all three pilotto each form to %.some reports were verified and effectiveness. required fields. and Immunizationat risk. rapid surveys. University of Nairobi School of Community health The proposed new of using still exploring possibilityproject is it onin a very preliminarycommunity surveillance and Weekly enhancing stage i. Our We are building to We anticipate that smartphone platform. required fields.Ushahidi is being experimented with in various contexts .. but new Planned households to visit innextgood allows park officials the addition of year. Within headset yearsQuestions tended To be Validation systems haveencyclopedia-type collect the temperature data.in the topics andwhere users. Road children resources Highmalaria. do not have ante-natal care. Any phone Still being evaluated. Questions quality control done are documented on Good. There are no coding beenproject out. health workers are built in to ensure clean data. Expedition protection mobile High quality. others unknown a crisis hits. and yet automatic. Corporate mobile emergencies measure the cost Good Skip-logic. Message formatting organizations. at clinic). to with . is also collected. anticipate mobile module for Plans to offer: Family supervision and Daily datafew months under the guidance of the in a use/flow. Application distribution on date). The high response rate with two scale up to 150.Even though only the date field was Still being evaluated collected) whileto Change is scaling to more mandatory. so public knows the up before were location (viewable on map). has fully completed. solid M&E and the full intent to scale errors averaged 7. population of about anyfew years. and formatted Veryorgansisation potential for scale up in Piloted manager. facilitators view their countries..project is still in development communitymobilemanagement ofprotection as the SMScase module. scientific basis yet. ease. out or range This project could be scaled scale-up. health mhealth tools on an scale. We module. High quality. Extensive of records: 120. CHWs) and out (more/different data being country every quarter since July 2009. and for all and other Ministry of Health systems. required fields.? solution on a smaller or fields are built in to each form to ensure clean use this to answer your integrated programs implementing specific vital possible EMIT Blood banks andquestions mobile module. -. The current system easily Currently still in development.e. which source. The platform can be used by anyone. as well allows for high level of customization. and getting short codes set N/A actionable (shared with response orgs). the form toevaluated.the project will start manager. Skip-logic. Our paradigm is to be times. less than 0.the period Could support national project are currently and similar versions of this level responses and branching errors. women who now division of Child Health has picked it up on the Bi-Annual monitoring of child health week. High quality. of theis particularly reporters can use their own phones. or encyclopedia/fact type questions formatted Currently inactive (needs funding) up to functional CHW programs be scaled and working High. required fields.A mask is used to limit the type partner clean data. Skip-logic. and This project has been successfully scaled conduct training to build capacities of formatted fields are built in to the form and to ensure module organizationsnational level. Surveilance. of 2 years the system has to each form to The average Skip-logic.we are working on protection mobile stage. lost forms. any phone with athe next 5jack can Today-Modest. forward determined. data. required fields. Some demographic network will be the challenge. PMTCT sessions in 1 million people in location. more it quarterly quiz a household once. being used by a number of other formatted fields are most in districts was 95 built rural South African conditions found in never dropping below 93%. educational outcome has appsais open source. Over TBD formatted fields are built inproven to be both being used by a number of other This project could be scaled up with ease.plan.resillient .) Technically easyour systems to scale. . linked goodof our datais enddata is project. and The projecthave 1. and it up from provincial to in countries to High .

fake products. 2010. High . data entry errors and people trying to re-use authentication codes.several times an hour all week long Being evaluated We get good fidelity . Very good High: Multiple choice/scaled menus reduce user error Multiple choice/scaled menus reduce user High: error High High: Scale-up from 8.we can tell how many responses are from genuine products. in process as of Apr.000 users in process as offrom 1. 2010.000 to 10.000 users High: Scale-up Apr.200 to 8.

that common. the CATI only available in Kenya and not in Uganda or Tanzania. should havemultiple A substantial Running mobile surveys across been up and of presents a not available numberrunning by areunique challenge languages farmers March 2010 but Notes thebeen(phone switched mobile there has day (Calls have tothe off) and during of scheduling delays from be provider mainly because of the text call backs have to be rescheduled for scheduled by availability toll free options are not up to 9pm. It is difficult to get lists of commercial farmers and vet technicians as this is built through referrals and customersof Quarterly surveys to bank a number themin some casesto participate elite who are unwilling are also the in voice surveys. arereceived asin the local are not well published some Findings customers are called multiple times newspaper and it generates a lot of interest Although the surveys were supposed to be 10 minutes. It is interviewers who speak the difficult to pinpoint the language to use languages). various early evening . for the SMS surveys in Uganda where multiple languages are used as its unclear as to how to establish which language goes to which respondent. calls average 14 minutes. .Given that cross-network charges are USSD option isfacilities need to be high. We anticipate a low response rate for the SMS/USSD surveys. The supported by a system that allows for USSD/SMS system same network calls.

Very good See the CMT case study at http://www."Unfortunately. while we produced a working application for Android phones. Examples of pilotreports can be found on HRC our project website. we were not successful in establishing partnerships with any gov agencies.za/caseWe use Solio solar chargers and car studies/ to be totally independend from chargers external power sources. or international relief agencies in order to get phones with the app loaded and into the hands of volunteers on the ground." Initial report/paper on project will be public soon.Never deployed -. .co.emitmobile. NGOs.

Africa + India. Addressable market of 2 billion people .

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