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Summer Vacation Making Words

Summer Vacation Making Words

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Published by Tanya Holk

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Published by: Tanya Holk on May 30, 2011
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I know some of you fortunate

teachers are already enjoying your
summer break. Not me! We have
school until June 25
. So, as we
approach Summer Vacation, I will add
this “Making Words” activity to my
Literacy Stations. My students
thoroughly enjoy the Making Words
Literacy Station, and they feel a
sense of accomplishment if they get
twenty words made in our thirty
minute Literacy Station time.
Created by: Tanya Holk
Graphics: http://justsoscrappytoo.com
How many words can you make using the letters in the words:
Use the letters to make words, then record your answers here:
1. ____________________________
2. ____________________________
3. ____________________________
4. ____________________________
5. ____________________________
6. ____________________________
7. ____________________________
8. ____________________________
9. ____________________________
10. ____________________________
11. ____________________________
12. ____________________________
13. ____________________________
14. ____________________________
15. ____________________________
16. ____________________________
17. ____________________________
18. ____________________________
19. ____________________________
20. ____________________________
Name:_____________________________________ Date:__________________
Now, write a sentence using at least two of the words you made, and then
illustrate your sentence in a drawing.
Visit my blog for other activities! http://firstgradeisfantabulous.blogspot.com
Teacher directions:
Print letters on cardstock, then cut
them out and place them in a pocket
chart. (You could also print the
letters on regular paper, and then
laminate them for durability.) Provide
students with a copy of the recording
sheet. Students will make words using
the letters, then record their answers
on the recording sheet. I always like
to have an “If time allows” option, so
I include a writing activity as well.
Students may write a sentence using
the words they made, and then
illustrate their sentence.

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