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Granny Stripe Owl

Granny Stripe Owl

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Published by Inthesky71
Granny Stripe Owl Pattern
Granny Stripe Owl Pattern

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Published by: Inthesky71 on May 30, 2011
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‘Granny Stripe Owl

I used Stylecraft Special DK . Hook Size: 4.5mm

Chain - ch Double Crochet – dc Treble Crochet – tr Single Crochet – sc

Instructions: Starting with the tail: Make 6ch, turn, in the second chain from the hook make 3trb (a treble cluster), make 5ch, miss a stitch and work another treble cluster, 5ch miss a stitch and the final treble cluster. Change colour. Turn work upside down and pick up 9 dc evenly along the work turn. First row: 3 trbl (Treble cluster in the first stitch of the row) , 1 ch, miss a dc, repeat 3 times along the row ending with three trb. Turn. Second row: Join in the next colour. Work 1 trb. Miss a stitch then work 3trb in the next stitch, repeat 3 times, in the last stitch of the row work 1 trb. Repeat these two rows four times. Then repeat the first row once more. Fasten off. Using your contrast colour, work 1 row of dc evenly, around the outside of the owl shape. Work another round of dc into the previous round of dc. When you get to the ears work 1trb cluster, 1 ch, 1trb cluster into 1 ‘corner’ dc. Repeat for the other ear. Wings (both sides the same): Pick up 7 dc along the side of the Owl, into the first dc work 1 trb cluster. Miss a dc and work another trb cluster, repeat one more time. Turn. Work 1 trb, 5ch, work a trb cluster into the space between the previous rows clusters, 5ch, repeat twice more, end row with a trb.

Eyes (both the same): Using black ch 6 and link into a circle, work a round of 1 dc into the first chain, 2dc into the next. (repeat for one round). Change to yellow, *1dc into first two dc, 2dc into the next* repeat between *and * for the round. Next round: *1 dc into the first 3 dc, 2dc into the next* repeat between *and* for the round, fasten off. Beak Make 7 ch. Turn 1 dc into the second chain from the hook and each subsequent dc. Turn. (6dc) Repeat this row until 1 stitch remains, fasten off. Making up Sew in all the ends. Sew on the eyes and beak. Make Ear tufts by inserting small tassels. Block Acrylic carefully under steam paying attention to the wings and tail.

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