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English 13-11-2009

English 13-11-2009

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Published by: cechechito on May 30, 2011
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César Fridays 18 – 21 Great opportunity, brand-new lofts in old port facility for rent or buy.

Exclusive zone with easy access from the centre of the city along two recent inaugurated avenues. It’s a large loft with an up-level bed room, an amazing kitchen with a spacious breakfast table, and two bath rooms. It has a spectacular view of the river; you can wake-up every morning seeing the sunrise. The old buildings that used to be a warehouse were recycled to warms and comfortable apartments. The neighbourhood it’s flew populated, and all of them have recently moved to they new home. There are many pubs and restaurants that were opened in the last months all over the coast of the old docks that stay open late at night. The place is ideal for single professionals or young couples that loved the outdoors and healthy live.

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