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LAAS (GBAS) Testing at Memphis and the Way Ahead 26 April 2007 Ahead

Presentation Topics
• LAAS/GBAS Level Setting • Beta LAAS • Memphis Activities (Provably Safe Prototype) • CAT I GBAS Program Schedule • Implications for Air Operations


Local Area Differential GPS (DGPS)


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Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Augmentation










200 100 0 Category (CAT) I - 200 FT DH & 1/2 Mile Vis CAT II - 100 FT DH & 1/4 Mile Vis CAT IIIA - 0 FT DH & 700 FT Vis


The SLS consists of the following major components: Airport Traffic Control Unit (ATCU) Remote Satellite Measurement Unit (RSMU) • SLS Control Panel installed in Air Traffic Control Tower • Flat Panel Touch Screen available in three configurations • • • • • 3-4 RSMUs per Installation • 12/24/48 Channel DGPS Receiver VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) Cabinets • DGPS Reciever packaged in an • Dual 19” Rack & Panel Cabinets environmentally protective enclosure • Differential Correction Processor (L) • Dual Element Multi-path Limiting • FAA-certified DO-178B Software Antenna • Power Distribution & Local Status (L) • Requires site survey and placement • Single/Dual VHF Transmitter/Receiver (R) against siting/installation criteria • Maintenance Data Terminal (MDT) Differential GPS (DGPS) Control & VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) Antenna Elliptically polarized antenna 3 Bay Lindenblad configuration Single/dual VDB configurations Secondary VHF Transmitter and Antenna may be remotely located 5 .What is a Satellite Landing System? Honeywell’s Satellite Landing System (SLS) is a ground-based navigation aid used to provide CAT I/II/III precision approach and landing capability.

CAT I GBAS – Cabinet Configuration • Ability to separate DCP and VDB if needed for Airport Layout Full Station DCP Cabinet Honeywell SLS 4000 Displaced VDB Breaker Panel Honeywell SLS 4000 Breaker Panel Blank Blank OR Silence Normal Not Available Test Service Alert DCP Cards & RPDP Fan Tray LSP Power Supplies Drawer with Shelf RPDP Only Fan Tray LSP Power Supplies Drawer with Shelf Blank Rx 1 Tx 1 Silence Normal Not Available Test Service Alert Blank Blank Rx 2 Tx 2 Outlets Fan Tray Outlets 6 .

GLS: GNSS Landing System Cockpit Displays GPS Antenna Aircraft Aircraft Surfaces Pilot Interface VHF Antenna MMR Autopilot •GLS Certified on 737NG (Qantas Early Adoption) •GLS Basic on 787. A-380 •GLS Retrofits and Additional Forward Fits in Plan •DoD Fleet Paced by JPALS 7 .

Germany Chicago O’Hare Upgraded to Provably Safe Memphis Prototype Chicago Midway Frankfurt (Germany) Minneapolis Seattle Moses Lake .Deactivated 8 * Transmitting LAAS messages (ICD DO-246B) Provably Safe Prototype. Malaga. Bremen 2Q07) SLS-2000 SCAT I SLS-3000 BLAAS* Saskatoon (Canada) Regina (Canada) Norfolk Island (AUS) Taipei (ROC) Cedar Rapids * White Sands Kennedy Space Center Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Jackson Hole Upgraded to Provably Safe Malaga (Spain) * Prototype Phoenix Patuxent River . Sydney.Deactivated Newark . including Sydney. Australia and Bremen.Deployed Systems • Honeywell/NASA demonstrated the first DGPS autoland in 1989 • Honeywell continues to support legacy installed base (SLS-2000/SLS-3000) • NASA using White Sands & Kennedy Space Center for Shuttle Landing Training (SLS-1000) • Boeing using Moses Lake and Seattle for B737 Production Flight Test of GLS (SLS-3000) • Provably Safe Prototypes demonstrating FAA-approved Integrity Monitors (Memphis.

Sydney Siting The “Hook” at Sydney airport extending into Botany Bay N GPS Reference Receiver Antennas VHF Data Link Antenna GLS Facility Shelter 9 N .

Seattle LAAS Ground Facility 10 .

Seattle LAAS Ground Facility 11 .

Seattle LGF 12 .

Seattle LGF 13 .

Seattle LGF 14 .

VDB 15 .Seattle .

Seattle .DCP 16 .

Moses Lake LAAS Ground Facility 17 .

Moses Lake LAAS Ground Facility 18 .

Moses Lake LAAS Ground Facility 19 .

Moses Lake LAAS Ground Facility 20 .

Typical SLS Installation VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) Antenna SLS Ground Facility Remote Satellite Measurement Unit (RSMU) Memphis International Airport 21 .

Configuration Upgrades Upg r Differential Correction Processor (DCP) rade (w/ Additional Memory) NEW High Zenith Antenna & Multi-Path Limiting (MLA) GPS Antenna Same “Provably Safe” Integrity Algorithms & PSP Beta-LAAS Software de Upgra Elliptically Polarized (EPOL) VDB Antenna NEW Same VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) Radio 48-Channel GPS RR 22 .

Memphis Physical Implementation KMEM VOR-TAC PSP (New) RSMU locations Original Beta-LAAS Shelter RSMU #3 will be moved after construction in area completed Original RSMU locations 23 .

Sigma Iono Environment errors Sigma Troposphere Sigma PR (pseudo-range) Ground Ground Non-Zero Mean errors Sigma Monitor Executive Monitor 24 Assigned to Honeywell Honeywell Ohio University SV / Signal errors Ohio University FAATC Illinois Inst. Tech. (IIT) Stanford Ohio University IIT Honeywell Ohio University Honeywell FAA Technical Center Honeywell Honeywell .Validated Integrity Algorithms Integrity Risk Area / Algorithm Ephemeris Monitor (Type B) Signal Deformation Monitor (SDM) Low Power Monitor Code/Carrier Divergence Monitor Excessive Acceleration Monitor Ionosphere Monitor.

PSP System Status: September Flight Test 25 .

and no major problems have been seen • System was sufficiently stable for flight testing 26 .Several coding issues were found and repaired .Site parameter data adjustments are required LGF installation procedures require alignment with the ADDs .PSP System Status: September Flight Test • Stability testing began in Mid-August .Problems are in the “expected” category.Multiple planned and unplanned restarts have occurred .

VDB coverage checks Full orbit around the VDB at 23NMI 3000’ AGL north and south radial passes .A total of 100 straight-in approaches At least five to every runway end.PSP System Status: September Flight Test • Planned flight testing . one from 20NMI 65 approaches to a selected primary test runway end • RW36L was selected because it presents the greatest potential for interrupting GPS signal at the LGF 27 .

PSP System Status: September Flight Test 28 .

00 Mean 100'DH: 0.00 14.00 600.PSP System Status: September Flight Test FAA LAAS / PSP Flight Test @ KMEM Vertical NSE Ensemble 18.20 StdDev 100'DH: 0.00 1400.00 400.00 1000.00 16.00 1100.00 -6.00 8.00 -4.00 -12.00 10.00 6.00 1300.00 -16.00 300.00 2.00 200.00 500.00 12.00 700.00 -10.00 -8.00 0.00 800.00 -14.00 -2.23 Vertical NSE(m) Height of DFP above FTP(ft) N47 / All Runways / 20-Sep-06 B / 8 Appr 29 .00 900.00 100.00 -18.00 1200.00 4.00 0.

Flight test continued and met or exceeded goals 30 .Overall flight test was very successful • Adjustment to Type 4 Message Data . etc.Honeywell technical support on site during flying .TAP legs added to Type 4 before flight test • Prototype Software Glitches .Able to patch software . .FAS segments adjusted to match ILS (TCH.Lessons Learned from Flight Test • FAA Flight conducted Sept 18 through 28 .Some difficulty with new prototype software modules Still working to achieve Stability Test objectives .Related to limits of prototype station .Flights included straight-in plus TAP legs.) .

20A) • Audit & Review Process Audit & Review Process • System Engineering Reviews • Safety Assurance Reviews • Software Assurance Reviews • Hardware Assurance Reviews • System Verification Reviews • CIB Reviews • Technical Data Package Review & Approval SLS-4500 System Approved Provably Safe Prototype • 11 Algorithm Description Documents • Preliminary System Safety Assessment • Prototype Code LAAS Facility Approved LGF Equipment Upgrades • Receiver Certification • Processor & Memory • Certifiable Operating System • Integration & Test FAA Memphis Project LAAS Service Approved 31 . HE Security. etc. Software Development/Assurance • Test & Evaluation • CIB & Training • Baseline Configuration & Acceptance Planning Documents • Non-Fed Specification & Test Cases • Deliverables & Artifacts List • Approval Process (FAA 6700. RMA. • Hardware.Cat I GBAS Overall Approval Airservices HI Development Contract • PSSA. SSA.

Expected to be complete and approved September 2008 .CAT I GBAS Development Schedule • System Design Approval (Part 171) Plan in place: .Using Integrated Product Delivery & Support (IPDS) Processes . December 2007 .All documentation required by Non-Fed Spec FAA-E-AJW44-2937A • FAA Review and Approval .Qualification stations for Honeywell .Planning & Specification Development Phase .Red Label Black Label 32 . Bangalore • SLS-4000 (Red Label) hardware install. delivery to Oklahoma City • Certification documentation submitted April 2008 . Clearwater.Large talent pool onboard: Minneapolis.Evaluation stations for FAA (Memphis and Atlantic City) .Later. 2nd Quarter 2008.

Europe .Honeywell: North America. Africa.Deliveries in 2008 .Orders in 2007 .GBAS Global Product Launch • Honeywell/Airservices Australia Agreement . South America.Deliveries in 2009 33 .Converted to Black Label units after System Design Approval • FRP Start 2008: Black Label Units .Airservices Australia: Asia.Order book open now . Australia • LRIP Start 2007: 10 Red Label Units (Early Adopters) .

Honeywell JPALS Team Combined Strengths: • Unmatched experience in application of DGPS to Precision Landings • Setting Industry Standards (ICAO. RTCA. EuroCAE) • Pioneers & Innovators in DGPS Technology • Recognized System Developers. Integrators & Manufacturers • Leaders in DO-178/278B Safety Critical Software Certification • Experienced Integrators & Objective Evaluators of GPS & Anti-Jam Technology • FAA LAAS Contractor • US Navy ACLS Provider • Only Aircraft OEM w/ Certified GLS Capability Bringing the Best Together for JPALS Program Success 34 .

GBAS Multiple Glideslopes 35 .

GBAS Multiple Glideslopes & Thresholds 36 .

GBAS Offset Approaches 37 .

GBAS Guided Missed Approach/Departure 38 .

ILS Clear Zones 39 .

GBAS Requires No Clear Zones 40 .

GBAS Adjacent Area Operations 41 .

GBAS Multiple Concurrent Operations 42 .

Air Operations • A single ground station provides precision approach to all runway ends . siting.Replaces multiple ILSs • Ground station transport. and maintenance are remarkably efficient • A single ground station enables numerous additional air operations Benefit to Military Air Operations Worth Further Investigation 43 . operation.

Summary GBAS (LAAS) Sysygy .Military Air Operations Via JPALS Global GBAS/GLS Realization Accelerating 44 .Ground station design maturity .Airborne equipment (GLS) certification .Ground station production .Airborne equipment (GLS) production .Ground station design approval (“certification”) .

com 45 .honeywell.www.