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Condition of class is an indication/confirmation that the vessel is no longer 10

0% adherent to the class requirement. Even though far from being in danger of lo
osing its class any condition of class is something to be taken serious and to b
e avoided where possible.
Condition of class certificate
Issued to a classed vessel.
Issued by classification society surveyor.
Enables the vessel to proceed to voyage when as per surveyor:
The vessel is fit.
In efficient condition.

Certificates will embody surveyor s recommendation for continuance of class.

Subjected to the confirmation of the committee.

Issued in the event of:

Seaworthiness of the vessel in question due to:
Any maritime accident by which vessel sustained damage to hull/ machinery.

Repair done as required.

If surveyor thinks that the ship is only safe to proceed to next port for a chea
per or more thorough repair, an endorsement to be made on interim certificate as
The vessel is safe for intended passage until the next port for further repai
r and examination.