Child Labor
What is it?
by Laura Shultz and Steph Hagan

-Poor countries - Large populations

- Lacking in strong government - Hardly any natural resources

- Mines - Work in oceans - Moving machinery - Carrying heavy materials - Extremely hot/cold temperatures - Agricultural work - Tannin work - Glass work - Work with pesticides or herbicides - Working with chemicals - Working with silica dust

-bananas in Ecuador -cotton in Egypt -Benincutflowers in Colombia -oranges in Brazil -cocoa in the Ivory Coast -tea in Argentina and Bangladesh -fruits and vegetables in the U.S.

Mining and Quarrying
- Gold in Colombia - Charcoal in Brazil and El Salvador -Chrome in Zimbabwe -- Diamonds in Cote d Ivoire - Emeralds in Colombia - Coal in Mongolia

- Carpets from India, Pakistan, Egypt - Clothing sewn in Bangladesh - Footwear made in India and the Philippines - Soccer balls sewn in Pakistan - Glass and bricks made in India - Fireworks made in China, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, and Peru - Surgical instruments made in Pakistan


.and many more 2 .Pillsbury .5/30/2011 Prostitution Child Labor is evident in companies that we re all familiar with. including: -Costco -Campbells Soup Co.JC Penny .Wal-Mart -Gap .Sear .

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