Category Religious places, 8 Nos. located away from each other A large garden for kids, a lot of flora & fauna, boating, lion safari, Kanheri Caves (with waterfalls in monsoon)

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Ashta Vinayak

Ashta Vinayak Trip

National Park, Borivali

At ten minutes walking distance from Borivali (East) station along Western railway in Mumbai. SeeNational Park at Borivali In the Arabian sea, launches, motor boats are available from Gateway of India with booking of return tickets, an MTDC holiday home is available there




Hill station, boating, rope way, museum, botanical garden approx. 50 Km towards Surat, trekking near Hatgad Dam, lake and Randhra waterfalls, boating while paying a visit to Amruteshwar temple

Located in Gujarat, near Maharashtra border after Kasara, go by road, Five to six hours from Nashik by road, GTDC resort


Located in Nagar district, 185 Km from Mumbai

Near or Via Thane / Kalyan :-By bus from Thane station upto Patonapada stop, Beware of a powerfull stream of water in monsoon, private bungalows are available on rent with facilities of restaurants, Forest Dept. rest house near entrance of the forest is available after doing its room booking in the forest dept. office at the base of hills, waterfalls is in deep woods called Deveechaa pada. Another waterfalls near Gaaymukh stop along Ghodbandar road

Yeoor hills

hill, sancuary or Borivali national park area and waterfalls

after Chowk phata. Murbad. you need to carry food and water. 2 hours climb-up on foot. need to carry food & wate with you Near Kharghar along Thane Vashi Railway line or Thane Belapur road. Near Panwel. 30 minutes walking distance from Ghansoli or Kopar Khairane along Thane Vashi Railway line or Thane Belapur road. private vehicles can go upto base of the fort over a rough. try NMMT bus No. although you can get snacks at many taparees along the path.Gavlidev Waterfalls Approx. the 2nd highest. there are three dargaas at the top of the mountain Near Badlapoor Along Kalyan Murbad road and a few kilometres after that you can go to back water of Pimpaljoga dam Approx. Near Panwel. 20 Km. difficult . Kalsubai Peak is the highest in Maharashtra Pandav Prapat Gaadheshwar Sankashi Waterfalls Dam Trekking Bhilawade Waterfalls and lake Malangad or Haji Malang Trekking for religious place Barwi dam Dam and Kundeshwar waterfalls Malshej ghaat Waterfalls Wisava Resort A small dam and lake Harishchandra gad Trek. at 2 Km from Saralgaon near Murbad Khubi phaataa via Kalyan. need to carry food or availale on prior order in the village Near Kalyan. go by ST bus from Kalyan railway station and then approx. near Waawandhal village. 11. Malshej or from Pune via Aale phaataa. soil road over a dam. no facility for stay at the top. after Khandeshwar Near Panwel.

visit to Jaysagar dam and lake also that supplies water to Jawhar village From Kalyan Murbad Malshej upto Vaishakhare village or from Junnar upto Ghatghar. 110 Km from Nashik. plenty of hotels & restaurants are available. 3 Km away Waare village Matheran Hill station. loghouse / resort for one night stay Near Jawhar ST bus stand. trekking choice from Neral to Matheran. palusa waterfalls in monsoon Near Vikramgad ST bus stand. resort available. trekking Bhivpuree Waterfalls in monsoon and Kondana caves near Kondiwade village Zenith Peb fort or Bikatgad Waterfalls Trekking. dormitories or cottages in Green Valley Resort in Paloo vilage. good in monsoon Half an hour distance in a rickshaw from Neral (East) along Central Railway Can go there by the metre gauge railway from Neral along Central Railway or by a private vehicle. 50 minutes on foot or go by auto-rickshaw upto half distance and then on foot. approx. 160 Km from Mumbai. food at taparees only near Bhivpuree station or at Gogate Wanviha near Hondiwade caves Near small dam at Palasdari and between Karjat and Khopoli The base of fort is at approx. 80 Km from Nashik. direct road upto this waterfalls. 115 Km from Thane. see lake and Ganesh caves locate din nearby area Dabhosa waterfalls all round the year Naneghat 2800 feet height and Jeevdhan 3768 feet height and Ghatghar near Shahapur Trekking and fort Near or Via Neral / Karjat :-A resort / farm house near a small stream of water wih a small dam. You can go to Tapalwadi waterfalls also on the way Between Neral and Karjat.Sajan village Mohokhurd dam. waterfalls in .

need to hire a person (may be the caretaker of guest house) for cooking of the food By road from Thane to Nashik. Devbandh. difficult and a temple of Lord Shankar Peth fort Trekking Near or Via Kasara :-Half an hour travel by private jeeps from Aatgaon station along Central Railway (Kalyan to Kasara line). LBS Marg. 4255 feet tall. you can view Bhandardara lake from its top Near Nashik. Phone 2540 2522). Naupada. Vihigaon etc. water is available but we need to carry food Trekking starts from a small village Khandas near Karjat. half an hour climb-up on feet. by ST bus from Karjat or Thane towards Mokhada / Jawhar Via Kasara along Central Railway. then six Km upto Balwant gad. Suryamal.Mokhada. ST buses or jeeps from Kasara station. othwerwise go by road by an ST bus from Kalyan or Pune via Manchar / Rajgurunagar. Base of fort is in Shendi village. required to do booking of guest house at Forest Dept. base of the fort.. office at Thane (Near Teen Haat Naka. good for one night stay but no electricity.or Vikatgad monsoon from Neral.e. after Kasara see for Khodala . by road Tansa forest wildlife sanctuary and lakeside view Vihee village waterfalls Ratangad or Ratnagad Trek Trimbakeshwar and Panchwati Religious places . Bhima Shankar Trek. after that 1 Km Peth wadi i. no raestaurant. From Karjat to Ambivali village 30 Km by ST bus. 3100 feet height.

you need to carry food and water. bus. six Km by road from Saphale station by rickshaw. good for one day picnic. twelve Km from Warai phaataa along Ahmedabad highway Via Vasai or Virar along Western Railway. Dolkhamb or via. then to Chikhalwadi village within one hour walking or alternately by ST bus from Kasara. Approx. 3 hours climb-up on foot. many resorts are available Near Vasai (East) along Ahmedabad highway. at 40 Km from Aasangaon along Central Railway. private vehicles. Shahapur. moderately difficult Near or Via Vasai / Virar / Saphale :-Pelhar Arnala Lake near a small dam beach Waterfalls & temple of Lord Shankar Near Vasai (East) or Virar Near Virar. Kalyan Murbad Saralgaon Shenwa Walmiki Ashram at the base of Aajobaa (Dongar) Trekking. Aasangaon.Brahmagiri Trekking for religious place Near Nashik. 2000 feet height. or 7 to 8 Km after Vajreshwari phaataa. Near Sakwar village after Shirsad phaataa along Palghar by ST bus.5 hours climb-up on foot. no facility for stay at the top Via Dehane village approx. good for one day picnic. go to Trimbak by road along Kasara Nashik highway and then approx. a number of taparees are available for food at the top Near Vasai (East) or Vajreshwari or Virar along Ahmedabad highway. Near Saphale after Virar along Western Railway. 2. drinking water is available Tungareshwar Chinchoti Waterfalls Tandulwadi Fort Trekking Takmak fort Trekking .

approx. combine this with Wadpada waterfalls at approx. 8 Km.5 hours climbup on foot. 1 hour walking upto Supzara waterfalls Near Wada. 30 Km distance Near Aamgaon along Manor Wada road Kaaldurg Trekking and waterfalls in monsoon Zanjroli and Tarukhand hills Supzara Dam. then go by ST bus and get down at Tilsa bridge along Khardi . combine this with Tilse village at approx. from here 1. 20 Km or Vajreshwari / Ganeshpuri From Virar or Vasai towards Bhivandi.Dahanu of Western Railway and then approx. drinking water is available From Palghar station along Western Railway. approx.Aasawa Durg Trekking The base of fort is in Sutarpada village approx. 4 Km from Parali village. opposite to the road towards Bhaje village Karle Caves and Ekvira Devi temple . go to Manor village by ST bus and then to Waghoba Khind or Waghoba temple at approx. Along Wada Khodala road.Manor. nearest railway station is Malawali before/after Lonawala. 20 Km or Vajreshwari / Ganeshpuri Via Palghar . waterfalls Tilse village waterfalls. 3 Km walking on foot from Kelwe road station along Virar . 4.Pune national highway No. Dam & lake side is at approx. lake side. Vaitarana river side or lake like Wadpada Waterfalls Vajreshwari / Ganeshpuri Kohoj fort Hot water springs and temple Trekking Near Lonawala :-Along old Mumbai . 7 Km by ST bus or private vehicles from Boisar along Western Railway.

difficult Walwan Dam and Bhushi Dam Dam Malegaon Agricultural tourism. launches. Alibag Beach and Kulaba fort inside the sea Kankeshwar temple Trek and beach side fort .Morgaon Baramati route. adventure sports at private resorts Pawana Near Kamshet along Mumbai Lonawala old national highway No. 25 Km walking from Lonawala. opposite to the road towards Karle village Located near Lonawala Tung. boating. Both places are near Alibag. please check the high tide & low tide timings if you plan to go inside the fort for more details Near Kelaj village via Torna fort to Shivthar Ghal Rajmachi Fort Trek. Visapur forts with waterfalls in monsoon Along old Mumbai .Saswad .Pune national highway No. there are no toilets in this village although there are many homes of villagers Lonawala This resort is located in Baramati. nearest railway station is Malawali before/after Lonawala.Bhaje Caves and Lohgad. 4 Approx.Jejuri . Korigad forts Trekking dam side area. ST buses are available. no electricity. Tikona. 4. Pune Hadapsar . no vehicles. alternately go by road. see www. motor boats are available from Gateway of India with booking of return tickets.agritourism. farm house Madhe Ghaat Trekking Near Alibag :-Launches. but residence & food at villagers' homes.

Can be combined with Alibag beach Sagargad Trekking . lunch facilities are available at Kankeshwar. Koeelee is 15 Km from Alibag and 20 minutes walk from the base to top of fort. approx. 750 steps and 1 hour climb-up to reach temple.Pen road.and Koeelee fort motor boats are available from Gateway of India with booking of return tickets upto Alibag. half an hour from the base to top of fort. 5 Km along Alibag . alternately go by road. no facilities of stay at Koeelee from Khandala village at approx. ST buses are available.

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