Definitions of key terms used in qualitative research

Action Research

Going to see a movie featuring either Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone Something the previous NSW Govt promised but never did What you get by wearing lots of bling and low rider baggy pants Maragret Pomeranz and David Stratton Remembering to pick up milk on the way home Post coital discussion. Usually one sided because the male is asleep. Course offered at University of Woolloomooloo Faculty of Philosophy. Restricted to people named Bruce Drawings or photographs of people in colourful costumes Letting the man open the door for you Mining Expensive brand of cosmetics. Even more expensive than Estee Lauder Discussion that follows Action Research What you do to get into an RSL. Often mistaken for gender validation I win the argument A creepy movie that starred John Travolta I m positive I win the argument Degustation Anything after The Beatles The ability to win an argument Singing out loud with your iPod The outcome of Saturday night Menage a trios

Constructivism Credibility or Trustworthiness Critical Theory Dependability Discourse Analysis Epistemology

Ethnography Feminism Grounded Theory Hermeneutics Interactionism Member validation Objectivism Phenomenology Positivism Purposive sampling Postmodernism Reflexivity Resonance Saturation Triangulation

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