Proposal to host 2011

University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah

Local Organizing Committee: Matt Haber Jim Tabery

Construction of the ‘U’ overlooking the University of Utah campus, 1907

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1. Overview 2. The University of Utah 3. Conference & Event Management 4. Conference Venue 5. Accommodations 6. Access and Transport 7. Social Program 8. Recreation & Touring 9. Departmental Support 10. Budget

ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah


Utah’s Wasatch Brewery Evolution Amber Ale ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 3 . Overview Introduction .The University of Utah is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. a convenient light rail track leading to downtown Salt Lake City.Known as the "Crossroads of the West". Centrally Located . an array of new student housing. Salt Lake City is located in the heart of the rocky mountain region. Geography .We propose to host the ISHPSSB bi-annual conference at the University of Utah in either June or July of 2011. The campus overlooks the Salt Lake Valley and has four light rail stops just minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City. on the Wasatch Front. which includes members of the Philosophy Department.Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The University of Utah’s strengths in biology and the philosophy of biology. and a 134-room campus hotel and conference center.1. The University of Utah is also host to the Division of Medical Ethics.The University of Utah is a leading research university. Salt Lake City combines the amenities of a major Park City. Hiking and biking trails ranging from beginner to highly technical are easily accessible from campus. Prior to the events. and its experience with hosting large conferences make it an excellent site for the 2011 meeting. The Philosophy Department has a particular strength in philosophy of biology. International Recognition . Academics . its location and geography. well known in the field of biology and especially genetics. University facilities received a facelift that included extensive renovations to Rice-Eccles Stadium. including four faculty specializing in it and several others holding a research interest.

Salt Lake City is home to thriving craft breweries. accommodation can be found conveniently in the heart of the city. you can get a drink in Salt Lake City! As recently featured in the New York Times. They are able to take care of nearly all aspects of conference planning including facility logistics and registration ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 4 . In addition. nestled in nearby mountain canyons. The state of Utah is currently exploring options for modernizing their liquor laws. we do our best to keep a sense of humor about things. housing and feeding thousands of Olympic and Paralympic athletes and officials. and scattered across the valley. including relaxing restrictions on obtaining beer and liquor in bars and restaurants. Staff – The professional staff at the University of Utah Conference & Event Management has over 30 years experience in coordinating and managing conferences up to 3000 attendees.metropolitan area with the friendliness of a small. Anything from full-service five-star hotels to charming bed & breakfast inns are available. In the meantime. Utah recently saw its first distillery open its doors in Park City. western city. Range of Accommodation – Affordable on campus accommodation will be available through the University of Utah Guest House and Heritage Center Residence Halls. Additionally. Salt Lake City International Airport is a Delta hub and guarantees easy access without lots of connecting flights. crafting exceptional rye and vodka. Getting a Drink – Fear not. These served as the Olympic Village for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

those which offer a full range of undergraduate programs. Department Chair Leslie Francis and Professor Margaret Battin are well-known for their work in this area. are committed to graduate education. The faculty members specializing in philosophy of biology include Professor and Chairelect Stephen Downes. The University of Utah is particularly strong in the biological sciences.e. Assistant Professor Matt Haber. Of the more than 3. As of late 2007. the University of Utah is one of only eighty-eight that are classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as Research I universities.500 colleges and universities in the United States.419 regular faculty members.604 graduate students and has 1. and give research high priority. Ron Mallon and Mariam Thalos have research interests coinciding with ISHPSSB activities. Associate Professor Anya Plutynski. The University of Utah Philosophy program is increasingly becoming recognized for its strong focus on the philosophy of biology. In addition. ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 5 . and Assistant Professor James Tabery. The University of Utah The University of Utah is one of ten institutions that make up the Utah System of Higher Education and Utah's premier research school. The program is also well known for its strength in bioethics. the university enrolls 28. The Eccles Institute of Human Genetics is the focal point in genetic research at the University of Utah and boasts 2007 Nobel Prize Laureate Mario Capecchi as Distinguish Professor and co-chair of the institute.2.619 undergraduate and 6.. i.

Budgeting & Accounting . and maintain account records. Conference & Event Management We will be working with the University of Utah office of Conference & Event Management to organize and run ISHPSSB 2011. Timeline .utah. University Conference Services can work with many funding sources: grants and contracts. Accounting statements are prepared for evaluation throughout the program planning stage and upon program completion. Registration forms can be received by mail. purchase services and goods. e-mail or via the internet. please visit their website at: www. As part of budgeting and accounting the following services are offered: create budget. receipt of fees. They offer the following registration services: creation and maintenance of internet registration form. custom designed database.3. and non-profit organizations. confirmation letters. Their Summer Conference Program is one of the premier conference programs in America. The unique needs of each conference are added to this comprehensive schedule. invoice participants. The budget is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure expenses stay within agreed-upon amounts.University Conference Services develops and monitors program budgets using an integrated budgeting. Conference groups from all over the world choose the University of Utah as their conference site and bring groups ranging in size from 10 3000 people in a variety of accommodations ranging from our on campus hotel to newly constructed suite style residence halls and apartments. approve sponsorship money. and registration statistics and reports. foundations.University Conference Services can handle all details of registration for any number of participants. handouts ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 6 . For more information.University Conference Services implements a master timeline for all conferences outlining the tasks that need to be completed on a monthly and weekly basis. fax. telephone. name tags.guesthouse. accounting and forecasting system. Some of their services include: Registration Services . Special events and dining options are their specialty. private industry. compile accounting summary. on-site registration.

The newly constructed Health Sciences Education Building and Milton Bennion Hall (see images below) can house the 8-10 parallel sessions. which can hold the 300-500 attendees at the plenary session. The newly constructed Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building (see image below) is also very close by and will be a perfect venue for either/both a potential poster session or book display. DVD/VHS player. Larger auditorium-style rooms are also available in the Olpin Student Union as well as in Orson Spencer Hall.). Conference Venue The University of Utah is well-equipped to host a conference of ISHPSSB’s size and scope.4. Health Sciences Education Building ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 7 . All of these buildings accommodate coffee breaks and also conveniently offer non-disruptive conversation space to carry on the discussion and debate long after sessions have ended. with every room equipped with standard A/V equipment (overhead projector. etc. data projector.

Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building (home to the University of Utah Department of Philosophy) Milton Bennion Hall Ray Olpin University Union ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 8 .

ice. free local phone calls. hair dryer. coffee maker. Continental breakfast is included. voicemail. each with one twin bed. Double suites contain two bedrooms. refrigerator. Heritage Commons was the site of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games athlete village. microwave. Deluxe suites contain four bedrooms. Consisting of 1350 residence Hall beds and 150 apartmentstyle beds. The Guest House is also adjacent to a TRAX mass transit train station and campus shuttle-stop. which we can lock in once we sign a contract with Conference & Event Management. each with two twin beds. and a sharedbathroom.  100 of these rooms will be available to the conference at a rate of $95/night. and soda machines. each with one twin bed. Other Area Hotels for Additional Rooms and Options: • • • • University Park Marriott Hotel – 218 rooms Chase Suites Hotel (Family & Pet Friendly) – 128 rooms Hotel Monaco (A Kimpton Hotel) – 225 rooms The Grand America (AAA 5-diamond) – 775 rooms 9 ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah .Completed in the Fall of 2000.5. two shared bathrooms and a living room. pillows. single suites contain two bedrooms. Hotel amenities include free parking.Located on the historic Fort Douglas grounds. Cable TV hookups and laundry facilities are available. A limited number of suites are also available. and free wireless high-speed Internet access. and include Residence Halls and Modern Hotel accommodations (slated for refurbishing in 2010). Bed linens. and $34/bed/night based on single occupancy. and a shared bathroom. laundry facilities. fitness room. iron & board. Rates listed are 2009 rates. this hotel features spectacular views of the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding campus. Heritage Commons Residence Halls . Rooms have a single king or two queen-size beds. On campus accommodations will be arranged by the office of Conference & Event Management. cable TV. small bath towels and soap are provided. convenience store. Apartment-style rooms have the same layout as the deluxe suites with the addition of a kitchen. all accommodations are suite style. Accommodations There is a range of options for accommodations on the University of Utah campus and Salt Lake City. All rooms are airconditioned and have in room telephones. 600 beds will be available for the conference attendees at a rate of $24/bed/night based on double occupancy. The University Guest House .

Additional dining options abound in downtown Salt Lake City.Heritage Common Residence Halls Dining – The Heritage Center dining facility is an all you care to eat cafeteria that features a large selection of food varieties. just a short ride from any of the four campus TRAX light rail stops.80 (plus tax). The facility can accommodate 450 people at one time. including vegetarian and vegan options. and about 1000 through the facility every hour and a half. A three-meals-per-day meal ticket is available at a daily rate of $22. ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 10 . Single meal tickets are also available.

Most delegates can expect at most one connecting flight.6. and each offers 24-hour service: City Cab.S. The Heritage Commons Residence Halls were the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games athlete village. Upon the recommendation of the ISHPSSB proposal site guidelines. buses. and were IOC approved. the Conferences & Event Management has hosted ADA conferences in the same facilities to be used to host the ISHPSSB 2011 meeting. social programs. Local Transportation .25.The Utah Transit Authority provide an integrated service of buses and light rail. These passes are valid for two hours after purchase on buses and TRAX. TRAX . We are happy to work with ISHPSSB to identify possible barriers to access and propose alternative plans. This included possible venues for meeting space. TRAX has multiple stops on the University of Utah Campus and runs directly into downtown Salt Lake City and beyond to the Gateway Shopping Center. Salt Lake City International Airport .Salt Lake City International Airport is a superb and convenient facility for arrivals and departures. and accommodations. It is a Delta Airlines hub and has just recently added a direct non-stop flight to Paris. and light rail to get delegates wherever they need to go quickly and conveniently.Salt Lake City has an efficient network of taxis. Yellow Cab and Ute Cab. A full day pass that is valid for unlimited rides on buses and TRAX can be purchased for $5. Access and Transport Accessibility . UTA .50.An above ground light rail service. Additionally. TRAX provides an easy way for delegates who choose to stay in accommodations downtown to reach the conference venue. Standard one-way fares are $2. airports. a baby stroller (with baby!) was used to assess the accessibility of the meeting site. The airport has consistently ranked first in on-time departures and had the fewest cancellations among U.The University of Utah is an ADA compliant institution. Salt Lake City International Airport is conveniently located just 4 miles from the central business district of Salt Lake City. ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 11 . Taxis -There are three main taxi companies in Salt Lake City.

A large section of the Downtown area. Campus parking lots are available for rent during the summer for conference guests as well. This will help facilitate attendees who wish to explore Utah beyond Salt Lake City. including Temple Square and the area just west of the State Capitol.A new UTA commuter rail service has been created which runs from Salt Lake City north 38 miles to Pleasant View. Permits are available for a minimal fee (less than $10/week) for guests staying in the Residence Halls. FrontRunner . There are current plans to create a southern extension which will expand the current southern terminus 44 miles south to Provo.The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus services connect downtown Salt Lake City with surrounding suburbs and the TRAX light rail service. Several buses run from downtown Salt Lake City to the University of Utah campus. Parking -  Complimentary parking is available to hotel guests at the University Guest House.Buses . ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 12 . is a fare-free zone and there is no charge if commuters or visitors enter and exit a bus or TRAX between the designated streets. Free Fare Zone.

its guns were trained on downtown Salt Lake City! In 1991 the Fort was closed and 51 acres were transferred to the University of Utah. Possible venues for social events during ISHPSSB 2011 have been chosen for their proximity to accommodations. The Officer’s Club and the Bandstand also sit in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains and overlook the city below.Founded in 1862. Fort Douglas is a designated National Historic Landmark. The Fort Douglas Officer’s Club and the adjacent Bandstand (see images below) are a stone’s throw from the University Guest House and residence halls. Fort Douglas was established to help secure the Western US Overland Mail Route. a closing reception or poster session reception will also be included. Another potential site is the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. and out of concern of secessionist activity in the area — indeed. comfortable and convenient venue for a warm summer night in the Rockies. making check-in. Alcohol is allowed if provided by approved vendors and caterers. and a deal was struck with the University that Fort Douglas would serve as the Athlete’s Village for the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes that would be attending. Depending on funding. ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 13 .7. which held the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2002 Olympic Games. Social Program The social program for ISHPSSB 2011 will include an opening reception at the Officer’s Club at Fort Douglas. Banquet . located on the University of Utah campus (see image below). and attendance at the opening reception a one-stop shop. and a banquet at one of several possible venues on campus. and which now houses the Tower as well as the Olympic Cauldron banquet facilities (see image below). Salt Lake City was selected as the host city for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. It will be a beautiful. A University task force determined that the best re-use of Fort Douglas would be to transform it into a residential village for University students and visitors.Potential sites for the conference banquet include Rice-Eccles Stadium. conference registration. About this time. Opening Reception .

Possible venues include: Fort Douglas Officer’s Club Fort Douglas Bandstand Rice-Eccles Stadium Utah Museum of Fine Arts ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 14 .

Fort Douglas Military Museum. camping. From snowcapped mountains to arid deserts. river rafting. and Dinosaur National Monument. Gilgal Gardens. climbing. with Arches National Park. ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 15 . planetariums. Cultural Activities .8.July 2008. Bryce Canyon .Salt Lake City is home to a number of museums. World-class hiking. and general points of interest: The Leonardo Science Museum. Salt Lake City. Utah’s Hogle Zoo as well as the Tracy Aviary are also just a mile or two from the University. venturing either to Antelope Island State Park or to Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. gardens. attendees can also quickly visit the Great Salt Lake. easily accessible by car within 3-6 hours. Canyonlands National Park. week…or lifetime. Utah has over 40 state parks.) These are all in southern Utah. Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Bryce Canyon National park. Recreation & Touring Life Elevated . bouldering. Temple Square. Clark Planetarium. day. Zion National Park. What’s more. National and State Parks Utah is America’s national parks capital. and the state of Utah host a great variety of attractions that can fill an afternoon. Capitol Reef National Park. and casual site seeing are all nearby. mountain biking. Utah truly is life elevated. many of which rival national parks. (Mesa Verde National Park and Grand Canyon National Park are also just across the border. Red Butte Gardens. Beyond the city limits. Utah Museum of Natural History. Utah is an outdoor paradise. and Wheeler Historic Farm.The University. weekend.

The King’s English Bookshop. Rare book hunting happens year round in Salt Lake City at Ken Sanders Rare Books. is just a 20-minute drive from Salt Lake City. Other Activities . While attendees will not be able to take full advantage of these resources.Resorts . Snowbird’s slopes are often open until July 4. many of the winter resorts offer a range of outdoor activities during the summer months. Historic Park City. Look for moose on a hike at Alta. Park City has some of the finest dining and entertainment in the state. for the true skiing/snowboard enthusiast.Utah is famous for its winter sports (Greatest snow on earth!). Utah! ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 16 . and Central Book Exchange. situated right in the Wasatch Mountains. Golden Braid Books. Or. Take a mountain bike down a run at the Sundance Resort. which hosts the Sundance Film Festival every year.The Salt Lake Bees (minor league team for the Anaheim Angels) play throughout the summer.

595 or up to $51. Salt Lake City and the University of Utah in particular are well-positioned to accommodate a conference of ISHPSSB’s size. Chair-elect. Professors Haber and Tabery have already initiated the necessary organizational work to ensure a successful conference at the University of Utah in 2011. Working with the University’s office of Conference and Event Management. as well as the standard inter-session refreshments. If you have any further questions about the University of Utah hosting the ISHPSSB 2011 biannual conference. and rooms for the parallel sessions and plenary meeting. they have secured accommodations for conference attendees. They have managed to develop a two-tier budget wherein the entire conference could be locally organized for as little as $42. Department of Philosophy ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 17 . Anya Plutynski. as well as providing financial support for a philosophy of biology lab group that meets weekly. sites for the Opening Reception and Banquet. Downes. The 2002 Olympics and Para-olympics were held in Salt Lake City. In this capacity. I will be chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of Utah in summer 2011. The University of Utah has a long and successful history hosting national and international conferences in a wide range of disciplines. and myself) as well as a growing core of graduate students. Departmental Support Dear ISHPSSB 2011 Site Selection Committee: As chair-elect. and the University hosted the opening and closing ceremonies at their renovated stadium as well as housed and fed the athletes. the city built an extensive public transportation system linking the University to the city and surrounding areas. I welcome the opportunity to host the ISHPSSB bi-annual conference here. Yours sincerely. Stephen M. The University of Utah has reinforced this commitment through funding for retention of faculty in philosophy of biology who have been made job offers elsewhere. As part of this effort.975 (with anticipated local financial support if the economic situation improves). please do not hesitate to contact me. locally organized by Assistant Professors Matt Haber and Jim Tabery. We have four tenured or tenure-track faculty actively publishing in the area (Haber. Tabery. Our Philosophy Department has made a long-term commitment to philosophy of biology.9.

who will be helping us run the meeting. Nonetheless. with 40% student and 60% full member composition of attendance. On top of that. and $125 for full members. We put this budget together with the help of the University’s office of Conferences & Event Management staff.. Still.000.g. BYU Biology). Below we have included breakeven points for different levels of funding obtained. Banquet tickets will also be made available. we have not been able to secure any guaranteed funding for hosting ISHPSSB 2011.000 . there is a $500 charge for creation and maintenance of a conference website. We have estimated registration rates of $75 for students. and t-shirt sales. booking accommodation.10. but will pass along catering costs in the cost of banquet tickets. and other planning. which we will roll into the registration fee. they charge 18% of cost of any booking or projects they do for us. and 495 for Tier 2. ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah 18 . we are hopeful that as the economic climate improves and campus budgets regain some stability that we will be able to raise at least $20. Possible funding sources include support from various Deans and schools on campus. accounting. As described above. Due to the present economic climate. this includes handling of registration. which puts our breakeven point for 500 attendees at 406 for Tier 1. Budget Below are two sample budgets assuming 500 attendees. our budget below assumes no funding. plus an 18% service charge.g.$25. outside grants. with Tier 1 being more bare-boned than Tier 2. e. We have included the cost of securing a location in our budget. Both are rather sparse. collaboration with other local programs (e. They charge $30/person.. This produces an effective rate of $105.

450 $51.975 Net to ISHPSSB Tier1 Cost Tier 2 Details Tier2 Costs Item Opening Reception Location Opening Reception Catering Banquet Location Coffee & Tea Program Guide Auditorium & Classroom Rental Website Conferences Planning Fee ISHPSBB 2011 Host Proposal – University of Utah Total Estimate INCOME Assume 40% student rate @ $75 Assume 60% full rate @ $125 Effective rate $105 Breakeven registrant no funding 19 Breakeven registrant $10.000 Breakeven registrant $20.500 $9.000 $5000 $550 $3000 $500 $15.000 $2000 $10.595 Gross to ISHPSSB $15. 1 drink ticket Rice-Eccles Stadium 7 breaks.000 Breakeven registrant $25.000 .000 Medium Apps.000 $37. 1 drink $475 Officer’s Club $475 $15.400 $30/person + 18% costs $42.905 406 310 215 168 $525 495 400 305 257 Net to ISHPSSB $5000 Printing Costs $4200 Add 1 pastry/person $1720 Fine Arts Museum $12.500 $52. coffee & tea only Printing Costs Orson Spencer Hall Milton Bennion Hall Creation & Maintenance $30/person + 18% costs $300 Student Union $3000 Milton Bennion Hall $500 Creation & Maintenance $15.EXPENSES Tier 1 Details Officer’s Club Light Apps.

edu Jim Tabery. Department of Philosophy University of Utah . from the University Guest House & Conference Center Matt Haber.utah. mhaber@philosophy.Sunset over Salt Lake City.

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