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PrafulKumar Nikam

´Real India·lives in its villages´ -Mahatma Gandhi .

Agenda Introduction Situation of Shining India (Urban India) Situation of Shrinking Bharat (Rural India) Future dangers Way Ahead Our contribution Conclusion .

Introduction Did we fulfill the Goals Of Independence? .

Shining India .

Shrinking Bharat .

.Future Dangers Naxalism High food grain Inflation.

.Way Ahead More investment in Agriculture & Supporting Industries. Distributed Industrial Investment.

Our contribution Influence the Influential Contribute to CSR related Activities. .

.Conclusion Rural India till contribute 70% of Indian population and we need to take them along with us for nation growth. Small efforts in present will yield great value in future.

which will give hope to world ´ .swami Vivekananda .´Lets create the India.

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