Face Your Challenge: Now comes the time

Amal se ek nai dunya mujhey banana de~~~ Muqadaron pe bharose ki baat jaane de~~~ Mujhey har ek bunyiad hilane de~~~ Mujhey apni nayi dunya baasane de~~~ -----------------------------------------------------------English---------------------------------------------------------------------It s not that far now, the journey is almost through~~~ It s not much longer until I come back to you~~~ When everything is so challenging around you~~~ There s always a secret strength that l never bound you~~~ I know that the time is hard & I know that the war is quite long~~~ But that secret courage inside would help you to be strong~~~ Fear not, face your challenge, fight your battles & make your way~~~ Ask your heart, explore yourself &transform your night into a day~~~ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now comes the time to make my dream alive~~~ Now comes the time when I can prove myself~~~ Now comes the time when the world knows what I am~~~ Now comes the time when my journey starts~~~ Now comes the time to achieve all that I have dreamed about~~~ Now comes the time when I can make myself free~~~ Now comes the time when I l become, what I desired to be~~~ ----------------------------------------------------------------Urdu------------------------------------------------------------Raah gum karda tha, manzil se both door gaya~~~

Dafatan sholay nikalney lagay toofaanon mein~~~ Is qadar mere muqadar ka sitara chamka~~~ Jab se halchal hui paida mere armanon mein~~~