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(YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE) A NATURAL WOMAN 4 Moderately f¥ Look-in' out, T used to feel ELF, A > (CH baa And whenT — knewI'dhave to face FF it made me feel so oF t (© 1967 Scroon Goms-EMI Music Inc., USA ‘Screen-Gems-EMI Music Lid., London WC2H OEA Words and Music by CAROLE KING, GERRY GOFFIN & E JERRY WEXLER: (G# Bas) morn-ing rainy SS spired. = an-oth-er day, choc +H Hin 1S : : Be-fore the day = 1 weet clea amin clea ER a fe i FF life was so un~ . the key to. my. et sy HR mind, ‘cause you make = me__ feel, you make me - you make — me. feel like a, 2 bet ot aba at fe ih fae get (E Bass) to Coda @ (C$ Bay 2 6 ff ea we soul was in the lost and found, __ bes, en (Ch as9 to claim it, 5 (Gas * know just what was wrong with me, "il your