Intuitive Inquiry Week 6: I Work In The World Philosophy of Creativity in The Workplace Gail Tucker Whipple Institute for

Transpersonal Psychology January 19, 2011


I work in the world. Wherever I go, I occupy myself with seeing God in all beings, the sky and the ground and everything in between I do what I have to power to do in making heaven on earth. In my life, I have conducted my business in classrooms and living rooms, TV stations and virtual broadcast facilities, nurseries and kitchens, hospitals and homeless shelters, grocery stores and cruise ships, bedrooms and boardrooms, on piano keyboards and computer keyboards, with partners and foes, children and my elders. My business is to sell the reality of a better world through my open heart, impeccable word, God-given abilities and anything I undertake. The creative skills I practice are soothing souls, elevating minds, inspiring new perspectives and creating opportunities for spiritual growth in myself and others. Over and over again.Because I know that harmony is alchemy. Transforming discord to concord is necessary for the survival of our world. It is a big job, but that s what I do. I am a social creative. I turn negative energy into gold.

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