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Mo ol Jusrenaqctot ion Wwe Cesc] [reir 29 EC 1983 MEASUREMENT OF FUEL GAS BY TURBINE METERS ‘Transmission Measurement Committee Report No. 7 Prepare by the rine Meter Task Group Ay I American Gas Association © 1061 Amaccan Gas Association INI Right Reserved OPERATING SECTION GMERIGAN GAS ASSOCIATION {ote 8) SON SOULEVARO ARLINGTON, VIRGINA 22202 See ae , ’ 4 ale le ed i eB i ea ee TABLE OF CONTENTS 6 troduction 1 Scope 2 Conirution 21 General feet 22 Body 23 Meserig Mechanism : 24 Ousput and Readout Davie 3. lnstatoion Se Genel . 32 tration Configurations 321 Recommended Installation fr la-Line Meters. 523 Optional Inston for Line Meters 3221 Optional Shor: Coupled instalation 3222 Optional Clore- Coupled Isallaion 323 Recommended lnalaion for Ante Bods Meters. 33° Siaghtening Vanes 34 Shain Hers 35 OverRange Protection 36 Brpass 37 Rudtona Towallaion Requireens 38 Accessory Insatation 381 Temperstare Measurement 582 Prewure Menurement 583 Density Messstement 384 Accu Tenens f 4 Operation ee Geaerl. 42 nial Strup 43° Maintenance sad laspeton Frequency 5) Performance Characters Sy Sei Etec. 52 Velocity Proile Elect, 53 Flu Dr etter 53 NowFlad Dag Effet 55 Repeutsbility 56 accurcy.. 52 Turbine Mater Accuracy Cure 542° Acoma Flow Rite 573, Bate Flow Rate SR” Lineaty $3 Presmre Lows S40 Maximus Flow Rate 511 Minimum Flow Rate aod Rangesbiliy S12 Pulstion Eee Pete & i A ‘. a t 6 Voter Fone Messen oor oo : Cy geains fo Calclaing Valmet Fou. Cha Fb Rave a Flowing Conditions : G13. Flow Rate a Base Conditions a GA Peestie Factor Fy ons 645 16 Pressure Base Fate Fa Flowing Temperature For Fm : G19 Temperature Bae Factor oy G18 -Compessiity Ratio Faster “5 : 2 Most Flow Messerement TT Pee get for Celestatng Nass Flow Calbraion St Genel 82 Determination of Calibration Factor 83 Presenation of Calibration Dats 84 Caltation Methods B42 General 542 “Bal Proser B43 Tranter Prose B44 Chea Flow Oatice Proves and Sonic RAS fa Line Orie Meters Field Checks . $1 General 92 Visual espection 3 Spin Time Test Tables for Fuel Gas Volumetric Celestion: oe et Prose Mie acts. 102 Prenure Bore Factors. 103 Floning Temperature Factor IMA Temporture Dae Factors. MLS Comprerutity Rao Factors. Nomenciatre. . aR 19 1, ey Ey