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Career Guide

Career Guide

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Published by: Ravindra Halubai on Jun 01, 2011
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That extra hurdle past the finishing line is the stuff that makes a reputation. Do you take the time to look back at your work and
make sure it is of the highest quality and cannot possibly be improved on further? Do you always aim to exceed your boss's
expectations and stretch your own limits? There are people who are happy to meet goals and others who look back at their
work with great pride and accomplishment knowing they have set new standards and have given their company far more than
would have been simply 'satisfactory'. Take ownership of your work and always ask how you can deliver the best possible
product or service and help others on your team do the same. Be aware of what the competition is up to and aim to present
something superior.

6. Help your Manager Do His Job Better


How you approach your manager is often a large predictor of your success. Approach him/her as an adversary or as a ceiling
and you are creating for yourself an unnecessary encumbrance. Approach him/her as an ally and role model and work to
nurture a collaborative partnership and you are well on your way to making great music as a team. Remember, your boss is a
valuable resource and you should treat him as such. Ask yourself what type of person you would like reporting to you and what
you would expect from this person, then aim to deliver the same to your boss. Always put yourself in your boss's shoes and try
to make his life easier by anticipating his needs and having the solution ready. Work hard to help your boss soar and he will
take you with him.


Motherhood to Workforce

Many women interrupt their careers to have children but then find themselves wishing they could do more. If you are a mom
who left a highflying job to spend time with Junior after one too many guilty nights, or if you never made it to the workforce and
are now desperate to get involved but finding it difficult as a full-time mummy, Bayt has identified 10 ways to ease into work
without shocking your mummy system disproportionately. Here are just some ideas of jobs you may be able to do from the
confines of your home which require very little overhead and labour and need not be overly stressful.

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