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Descriptive Phrases on Scenery

Descriptive Phrases on Scenery


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Published by: Ken Lim on Jun 01, 2011
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Descriptive Phrases on Scenery

Sunrise/Sunset - The sun rays glint brightly in the clear waters. - The sunset was glorious, all rosy and salmon-pink. - The sun-lit sky and sea blend perfectly into each other. - The awe-inspiring sun danced in from the horizon. - Dews on the blades of grass sparkled in the sunlight. - The high sunlit clouds drifted across a clear blue sky. - A torch of fire started to light up the darkness around us. - Basking in the golden rays, I hope to have a flattering tan. - The unending bright sky was glorious luminous blue and pink. - The sky was overwhelmed by crimson and amber-tinted clouds. - The sun filtered through the clouds, signaling the end of the rain. - It was a blindingly hot day and the humidity in the air was stifling. - The whole landscape was bathed in the warm glow of the rising sun. - Palm trees swayed to the gentle breeze in the warm tropical sunshine. - The sun and the moon were visible in the clear blue early morning sky. - The sun shone brilliantly and the water in the pond glittered invitingly. - Windows threw wide in the hope of tempting in a non-existent breeze. - A golden glow spread across the sky as the sun chased the dark clouds away. - As the sun set, the few thin strips of clouds on the horizon turned shimmering gold. - It was a lovely walk, with the sun setting behind the mountain in a sea of liquid gold. - From freezing night, it turned to scorching day as the sun climbed towards its zenith.

The morning sunshine wafted gently in. .. . . diffusing across the room.A single shaft of moonlight penetrated the overhanging clouds.wrapping us in an invisible shawl of warmth.A smothering blanket of darkness covered us. .The sky was a delightful expanse of azure blue.The sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold. "It's going to rain tomorrow. passionate mix of scarlet and yellow.The evening was very still and the darkness carried the faint perfume of flowers and the scent of the dew-rinsed earth.There was a haze in the sky.The sun shone more kindly now and the trees which framed the scene were golden and lovely. . .We could hear the chorus of frogs from the creek and the myriad softer sounds that stir in the night.The moon was abnormally large and it bathed the earth with its luminous glow. My brother merely remarked. A mild heat radiated round.Fireworks blossomed in the night sky. . .The warm rays of the morning sun were caressing my chubby cheeks. . . orange and green.The sky began to glow as the flaming orb rose from the horizon and ignited the sky causing it to burst into a bright.The pond was bathed in a golden hue by the gentle sunlight and the water was as clear as crystal. The clouds have no place in the morning sky as the majestic sun reigned supreme. so the moon was surrounded by bluish rings. It looked like a beautiful silver ball sitting on a velvet cushion. turning to giant flowers of pink. . spilling light all over the land and the white clouds. . Night . ." Lightning & Thunder .

. Rain . forming a thick.A flash of forked lightning and a great clap of thunder came close upon each other.The wind was howling and soon there was a heavy downpour. .Thick black clouds and thunder rolled in from the west and rain began to fall.A curtain of rain beat down the heavens. both magnificent and fearsome. .A thunderous boom reverberated among the distant mountains.A deep. .The sky seemed as if on fire .Flashes of lightning lit up clusters of seething clouds. .ablaze with streaks of luminous purple. .Rumbling clouds closed in over us.The howling of the wind frightened us all. . . . .A cloud. .A bolt of lightning tore across the sky and a peal of thunder followed. .Lightning and thunder raged with fury. booming burst of thunder rumbled fiercely. dark and ragged clouds.Thunder came marching from far away with increasing tread.The morning was cold and wet with a brisk wind sweeping the rain across the land. . blue bolts flashing across the sky. ominous and black. . . drifted over the mountain and released .It was a cold grey afternoon with a dull sky threatening rain. For a brief moment the sky was illuminated and the clouds looked strange both bronze and black at the same time.The wind was sighing and thrashing in the tree tops and the boughs moaned. . grey canopy.Rain pelted down from the skies.The rain beat across the field in solid sheets. . .The sky above was full of tumultuous. followed quickly by bright. . driven by a strong wind.

Little white clouds drifted lazily across the sky.Thick. with occasional chinks showing a brief glimpse of the bright blue above it.Only a light patch in the middle showed where the sun had fought and lost . . I sometimes felt as if my every move was being watched and a ferocious beast was lurking in the intimidating darkness of the forest ready to pounce on me and shred me into pieces. .a sudden shower. I walked alone in the streets surrounded with a deafening silence that could make your imagination run wild. .In the distance towered a snow-capped.The sky seemed to be one huge grey cloud.to break through the impenetrable cover. .The air seemed scented with the sweet aroma of flowers. Beautiful Scenery . . The cold breeze that felt as soft as cotton made my hair stand on ends. heavy branches and lush dense foliage provided a cool . rolling away into a blue haze of high mountain peaks. My eyes darted around anticipating any sudden movements among the trees and bushes. beautifully symmetrical volcanic mountain. . hardly casting the slightest shadow on the sun. .The gloomy sky was shrouded with dark and heavy clouds. The rustling of the leaves did not comfort me at all but instead I wished I were deaf than to hear such heart-stopping sounds that could make any person run helter-skelter.I was consumed in darkness.Low hills ringed the valley.The sun was blotted out by huge black clouds which were racing across the sky blown along by a strong wind. .Masses of heavy black clouds opened their gates together and drenched us with a wall of cooling rain. The slightest sound could even bring the bravest man down o his feet. . .I paused to look at the gay flowers that rioted in the garden. .

. .In the distance.The ocean seemed to be gleaming a luminous blue.They were halted by a seemingly insurmountable rocky mountain range. howling with boisterous winds and robbed of all color by the ashen skies. . Seaview . Dull Scenery . . hypnotic melody. .Washed and dusted.shelter for my languid afternoons. repetitive sounds of the lapping waves came together in a gentle. . .The Atlantic spread out before them like a piece of pale blue china.The grey brown land was devoid of life except for an occasional snake.The rock was hard as flint and a fall would have meant serious lacerations and broken bones. the trees glittered and the hordes of parrots came back to flash their rainbow bodies amid the timber more loquacious than before.The soothing.The recent rains had dampened the wild flowers in the fields and they now look battered and bedraggled. Harsh Scenery . giant overarching trees reached towards the sky their dense foliage casting a mosaic of shadows on the ground.Beautiful beaches encircled the island. casting a spell of serene tranquility over the mesmerizing scene. . .The countryside was awash with sheeting rain. . .Gigantic waves crashed on the rocks around us in a pandemonium of sound.A gentle breeze came up to sin white drifts of sea water over the beach.

Despite the blistering cold. . The two lights on top of every post looked like the feelers of a cockroach. pieces of torn newspaper floated around as the breeze went by. The place was like a pig¶s sty ± trash cans.The alley was dark.The streetlamps from the surrounding rounds were casting a misty glow strong enough to silhouette a group of people making their way across the road. . bitter and cold.Street .All the lights in the houses were on. she waited for him. Sights of beggars filled the street. A row of lamp posts stood upright on the road-divider. . pointing horizontally at both sides of the road and staring at the incessant movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Scraps of food littered the place.

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