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091805 - Oh, But if the Moon Lady Wasn't So Big

091805 - Oh, But if the Moon Lady Wasn't So Big

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Published by: Saralise Antara Nada Azrael (SA NA) on Jun 01, 2011
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12:37 AM - Oh, but if the Moon lady wasn't so big!

Current mood: Yawny

OHHHH My God! Am I tired!!! Again, awake at nite. The Full moon so bright and luminous. Is it getting closer to us? I think so. I can feel the pull of it's organic essence, calling me, haunting me. I am not sure where to contain these emotions, or these vibrations. All I know is that I sit with them and wonder why they are not going to good use!!! (hehe) It is time for me to rest now, for I have been talking all day. Today was a day of conversing with new souls, adding to my plethora of ingrates. No, but really. Dev said to me, "Where are all your friends?" Good question. Since I just started, I am just getting the hang of it. I am not even sure how MySpace works. I am sure I will figure it out. I could go on and on with the lengthy anticdotes, but I can't stop yawning. After all, it is late. TTFN, my friends!! Saralise

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