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Nm Ccie-sec v3 Lab Wb by Khawar Butt

Nm Ccie-sec v3 Lab Wb by Khawar Butt

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Published by: moath501 on Jun 01, 2011
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Before you Start

This Lab builds on the configuration of the previous lab.

Lab Objectives:

Task 1

All Web servers located on VLAN 14 are not able to service Web requests.
Upon further investigation, you notice that the Web servers are getting
overwhelmed with SYN packets that are in half-open state.

Task 2

Configure R1 such that it does not allow any Web request towards VLAN
14. It should answer on behalf of the Web servers located on VLAN 14
and only pass the connections if they complete.

Task 3

R1 should start deleting half open connections if the number reaches
600. It should stop deleting half open connection if they reach 400. Set
the same parameters for the connection made in the last minute.

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