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Dear Lorie,

This match was made in heaven

where God lit the fire of love,
These matches weren’t made in It is a blessing I enjoy upon this
heaven, earth,
They’re nothing but sticks of wood. thanks to my Father above.
And for lighting fires, except in the
heart, There’s lots of power in this perfect
they certainly work real good. match,
its flame shall never depart.
There’s lots of uses for these little I give you my joys, I give sorrows,
matches, I give you the depths of my heart.
there are many things they can do.
They can do things for good, and also A match like this is real special,
for ill, I only get one in my life.
but after they burn they are through. This match fills life with blessings,
and I thank God he made you my
Matches like these are common, wife.
people buy them every day.
They use them once, blow them out,
then they just throw them away. With all my love,