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Technical Skills

Writer's Block / Inspiration
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How to improve writing skills with writing exercises Improving writing skills Common grammar mistakes Glossary of writing terms Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice Grammar & Punctuation: proper use of the colon Proofreading tips Punctuation: semicolon rules Rules of English grammer Writing an introductory paragraph

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Personal Journals, Memoirs, and Letters
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How to overcome writer's block A cure for writers block Overcoming writers block: five writing exercises Overcoming writer block Overcoming writer's block Overcoming writer's block Overcoming writer's block How to overcome writers block Overcoming writer's block with the help of your kids Writer block: how to treat it, how to beat it Overcoming writer's block Overcoming writer's block How to overcome writer's block Tips on overcoming writer's block How to be a great writer Dream journals: get story ideas in your sleep! Using dreams for story ideas Writer and critique group Mornings for creative writers Help for writers: advantage of writers groups Brainstorming term paper topics How to brainstorm ideas for short articles Learn to write in twenty minutes a day 25 Tips every writer should know How to improve writing skills Writing for success How can I become a better writer? A creative writing exercise Creative writing tips: let your creativity show

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How to write a memoir How to write a family newsletter How do i start a journal? The importance of keeping a personal journal How to journal for therapy Personal journaling-- a different kind of life insurance Personal letter writing Journaling method for writers Journal writing is good therapy Journal writing tips Journal writing for the writer The value of writing a daily journal Learn how to write a letter! How to write letters your friends will love Keeping a journal Inmate pen pals


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Hobbies: Writing - articles, hints, and tips for the freelancer and professional
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Daily journal writing benefits How to write a family newsletter How to maintain a journal Memoir writing through the generations How to write a memoir

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Motivation and inspiration for struggling writers Starting a writing workshop Ideas for writing Finding time to write

Professional writing Professional letters
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How to write a thank you card Writing the great complaint letter Effectively writing a complaint letter How to write a perfect query letter Writing a letter of complaint How to write mission and vision statements Writing a letter to the editor Writing donor thank you letters How to make writing thank you notes easy! Elements of writing a great query letter Learn how to write a thank you note Learn how to write a letter! How to write a query letter How to write an effective complaint letter How to write effective complaint letters 5 tips for writing business email newsletters

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Fiction and Novel Writing
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Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams How to write a romance novel Tips for novel ideas How to write longer fiction Creating the perfect setting for writing fiction How to write a short story the creative way Writing a good plot outline How to write fiction Novel writing tips: what tense should i use? Write a romance novel in three months Write a better novel: final draft Write a better novel: first draft Write a better novel: second draft Creating dialogue in fiction Create interesting and believable fiction characters Creating a character profile Writing technique: character development Creating fictional characters Writing fiction for fun How to write short stories

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How to self publish a how- to book The tenets of submitting a manuscript Writing for city websites Great markets in which to sell your first story How to make a portfolio How to write a book proposal How to write an effective query letter for a nonfiction article The paying writing market Marketing tips for freelance writers Writing a short story manuscript format for publication How to submit a short story manuscript to an editor Free web publishing: how writers can profit in cyberspace How to secure a literary agent Editing services: Do you need them? Writing screen plays to sell Launching your unpublished books in the media Writing a cover letter for short story submission How to choose a market for your writing Self publishing on internet Building a career in writing after first publication How to decide if freelance writing is for you Writing for publication: five attention getters not impressive to editors Guide for freelance writers Freelance writing information Agents for writers: should you have one? Write a non-fiction book proposal How to market and promote a book Writing tips for writing under a pen name Should a writer adopt a pen name? Getting published in magazines Learn newspaper editorial writing Make the most of your writing editor appointment Writing a newspaper press release How can you become a freelance writer How to get an article published in a magazine

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General writing tips, ideas, and advices

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Hobbies: Writing - articles, hints, and tips for the freelancer and professional

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How to write poetry How to write a haiku? How do you write poetry? How to write poetry How to write a haiku Poetry inspiration: making your life experiences into poems Tips to poetry writing How to write poetry How to publish your poems How to write a poem How to write a sonnet How to write a haiku Poetry writing tips How to write a haiku How to write (good) poetry How do I write a haiku? How to write limerick poetry Organize a poetry writing workshop How to interpret five common criticisms on poetry

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How to write a title Non fiction writing Five traps to avoid when re writing a manuscript How to write song lyrics How do I write a book synopsis? How to write an effective speech Information on how to write a book review How do you write a book synopsis? Writing short stories that work Getting started writing children's books How to write an essay How to write a research paper Writing children's books: choosing the right audience Writing narrative personal essays Writing children's stories Writing a cover letter for poetry submission Writing a character sketch essay How to write an autobiography Tips and resources for the teen writer Creative ways to publish children's stories Writing a research paper How to write an obituary Tips for writing an essay Article writing tip; the best title for your piece How to write a good film review Writing tip: point of view Guideline to writing an essay effectively Writing film reviews: you too can be a critic Song writing tips How to write jokes Writing an essay Writing books for children Fanzines - television & publication? Five fast and easy steps to writing nonfiction How to write a working screenplay Writing a nursery rhyme for children How to write biographies: the basics How to win an essay contest Writing children's picture books What is a chapbook? Starting a critique group for writers How can I write a book

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hints.essortment. and tips for the freelancer and professional http://www.Hobbies: Writing .articles.com/in/Hobbies.Writing/ (4 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:32:09 PM] .

List these words. such as 'nice'. Now combine them in a phrase like this: 'a of '. cinder block. and it will sound poetic. 'beautiful' and 'wonderful'. Here are 5 exercises I've done over the years. but when you have someone dishing out writing assignments. You will feel a rhythm to it after a few lines. Choose something ordinary and make a list of things about it or related to it. The day I did this. Choose a word and write about it for 10 minutes. Choose another word and do the same.com/howtoimprovew_rgka. non-stop. you're forced to pull yourself out. It doesn't need to be long. If a thread is not there. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut. Now read it. and you will come up with some very powerful images.How to improve writing skills with writing exercises How to improve writing skills with writing exercises I take writing classes and workshops whenever I can. Do it off the top of your head. 3) Open up a dictionary. flood. steam shovel. Respect. the rainy weather permeated my three pieces of random writing. 4) Make a list about something. taking just 10 minutes or so.essortment. I came across it as I was studying metaphors.you! 2) This is one of my favorites. spoon. On the left side of the page. Go through it and look for non-descript words. A nice outfit .Nice means as many things as there are people! Does nice mean green or blue? Cotton or polyester? A skirt or pants? Matching or eclectic? A beautiful day . hunger.Some folks like rain. list tangible nouns. Choose a third and write 10 more minutes. If you make http://va. just writing. Examples would be 'an ocean of respect'. Ocean. horrible or fabulous piece of your writing. try and connect these three separate pieces of writing. Stretch yourself! 1) Take a mediocre. list intangible nouns. some love the sun. a spoonful of desire'.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:32:55 PM] . and detail what they are actually supposed to be describing. Although you have three different words. Are there clouds? Is it morning or evening? Is it a day to lounge at home or go out and socialize? What constitutes a beautiful day? Beauty? What's that? You can see by these examples that non-descript words rob your writing of what makes it unique . On the right side of the page. there may be a common thread running through them. Look for it. Let yourself get carried away with this. desire. flight.

How to improve writing skills with writing exercises

a list about a kiss or love or flowers, you may have a sweet poem when you're done. The class I did this in listed a yard sale. Sounds dull? It was actually very interesting to hear what everyone had to say about a yard sale, the contents, the seller, the other buyers, the type of day it was and so on. A yard sale is not dull subject matter! 5) Find a picture in a magazine. Make sure it interests you. Look this picture over carefully for just a minute and write about it for at least 10 minutes. Describe the detail, the light, the subject matter. Are there people? What are they thinking? How did they get there? Who are they? You could do the traditional 'Who What When Where Why' routine. You'll be surprised at how much you can see in a picture when you have to! These are just a few exercises to keep your creativity flowing. You can enhance them by doing them with your writing friends, too. It's entertaining and enlightening to hear how others respond to the same exercises. Don't be afraid to try a class or a workshop, either! Good luck and have fun!

Written by Nan Fischer Title: How to improve writing skills with writing exercises Description: Question no more how to improve your writing skills! You will be able to stretch your imagination and your use of words with these five writing exercises that explore description and metaphors.
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Improving writing skills

Improving writing skills
Having good writing skills can be very useful at times. If you are a student it will be helpful when you are writing a research paper or thesis and for aspiring writers it will be an essential quality. Some could naturally have good writing skills while some may lack it. If you ever feel that you can never gain good writing skills, you are wrong. Everyone can attain quality-writing skills if they try. Here are some helpful tips to improve your writing skills. Write - Write something each day. If you don’t practice you won’t gain anything. This is very true in the art of writing. You have to keep on writing to brush up your skills. But if you are wondering on what to write about, not to worry as I can give you some ideas. You can write about an incident that happened to you or about anything interesting that caught your eye when you were walking on the street. But if nothing interesting happened while you were strolling, get creative and think of anything to write. It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you attempt to write something. Take courses - Courses can give you a good guidance to writing. With the rapid growth of on-line courses you can even opt for an on-line creative writing course. Most of the online courses would be short and if you are a novice at writing it would be more advisable to pick a classroom course where you can interact with the lecturer. Join newsgroups – Newsgroups can be very helpful for you as the members can give you advice. By joining a writing newsgroup you could be interacting with the members who could be experienced writers. By sharing information and tips on the craft of writing the experience of joining a newsgroup is interesting and useful. Subscribe to newsletters- If you ever come across a website where they offer useful writing tips and information for improving your writing, it would be wise to subscribe for their newsletter. Subscribing to newsletters is free and you will get loads of information through the useful articles. Criticism - Write something and allow it to be read by a critic. If you always write but never show it to someone to read and edit the article, you might not be able to spot the mistakes in that piece of writing. Once you have written the article, proofread the article and check it for errors. Then get a critic (it would be great if the person is an experienced critic) to comment on your work. This would enable the person to give you feedback on your work and at the same time you can learn how good is your standard of writing. Even if your first article gets a lot of criticism do not lose heart. Take the experience as a learning one and remember not to make the same mistakes again. Read - Reading is another way to help you. You could go to the library to search for
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Improving writing skills

books on writing. You can read the non-fiction books on how to improve your writing as such books would guide you along on the essential steps on writing well. Apart from nonfiction books you could also read fiction books of a wide range of categories. This would allow you to observe the styles of various authors and would be helpful to you in the future if you decide to write a novel yourself.

Written by Anusuya Vethanayagam Title: Improving writing skills Description: Improving writing skills is easy with these techniques.
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Joe comes today and Joe came(not come) yesterday. http://azaz. what then are some of the most common spoken and written errors and what if anything can or should be done about them? Wrong Form of Verb This mistake serves as a glaring marker of humble social origins or failure to master elementary school training. The opposite side of the debate contends that Standard English is a tool for effective thought and without its mastery a student is condemned to second-class citizenship in the world of work and letters. Whatever the status of the debate and the response of the school.htm (1 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:12 PM] . encouraging class divisions and perpetuating stereotypes. he gave yesterday (not give). and yesterday I sat in a chair. Hence.com/commongrammar_rfoi. The most common forms of this mistake are: He "come" late to school. Some contend that attempting to instill Standard (i. and one's own concern for correctness just as blatantly as an arm-cast signals a broken arm. However. while sit and its past tense sat refer to putting one's weight on the posterior. the issue is confusing because the past tense of "lie" is. however. These two gaffes are easily mastered if one remembers that "set" means to place.essortment. school district's abandonment of Standard English in favor of Ebonics or Black English. I sit in a chair. Speech and writing will go on. and unfortunately. and I "set" in the back row. On the other hand. correct) English in students amounts to an act of cultural fascism. that the mistake is unlikely to even be noticed. despite the pleadings of idealists. It's probably safe to say that a majority of English teachers subscribe to this position. some of us will be judged by lapses from Standard English. I lay in bed yesterday. but failure to use these forms correctly is so widespread at every social level. I lie (not lie)in bed today. Depending on tense (time element) verbs have different forms or principal parts. the most extreme form of this position is the Oakland. For those who care. For example. I see today. "lie" is to recline and "lay" is to place something down. also. The absolute essential principal parts to master are these. California. In short.Common grammar mistakes Common grammar mistakes A debate rages in academe concerning the teaching of Standard English. Since this is true. lie and lay constitute another bugaboo of the same type. Perhaps. thus. "lay". With "come" the key is remembering that the past tense of come is came. the success of one's education.e. one thing is clear. He gives today. speaking and writing errors signal one's background. I saw yesterday (not seen).

The Good or Well Dilemma If there's a single usage error that can be said to be afflicting well-meaning Americans today. this type of error is not easily corrected because one must be able to successfully identify the subject as opposed to the noun nearest the verb. and Sailors with scurvy "has" (should be plural have) sore gums. it's when to use "good" and when to use "well. The trick is to make the subject and verb match in number (not tense. within a sentence they may function as subject. she knits well. for instance.htm (2 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:12 PM] . For example--the captain of the guards "don't" like ice cream. This type of mistake in its simplest form is another obvious social marker. A common glaring example is "it don't. The problem occurs when one develops an inordinate fear of good and begins substituting "well" in every normal "good" slot. "Well" here modifies the verb knits. However." on the other hand. direct object. however. There is. Furthermore. In other words. This is incorrect since the subject governing the verb is captain. Therefore. the preceding errors are essentially minor and unlikely to provoke scorn.Common grammar mistakes Subject-Verb Disagreement In standard English verbs agree with subjects in number. "Have a well day" or She's a pretty "well" singer. not guards. Pronoun Hell Pronouns like nouns have what is known as case and shift their form depending on case. which is another issue altogether). schools have rightly taught that He hits the ball "good" or She bowls "good" is incorrect. The correct form is it doesn't or he doesn't. object of http://azaz. I feel "good" or he's "good" at pool are correct because "feel" and "is" are linking verbs." A bad choice here can make one look incredibly naïve.com/commongrammar_rfoi." The problem here is that "it" is singular and "don't" is plural.essortment. "Good. a second type of subject and verb disagreement that commonly occurs where the speaker is confused because a second noun intervenes between the subject and the verb. Then egregious errors pop up. The tricky decision happens after a linking verb which will not use an adverb. Horrors! The cure here is just to go with "good" and take the blame for an occasional slip. For example. but while incorrect. purists will want to get it right.Dogs with puppies "needs" (should be plural need)lot of vitamins. correctness demands a kind of instant grammatical analysis that only those who are not likely to make the mistake in the first place can perform while speaking on their feet. remember "well" is an adverb. is an adjective. Good modifies the noun singer. He's a good singer. Unfortunately. Additional examples of this type error are-. People then say. Yes. and linking verbs don't take adverbs. The problem centers around school warnings against "good" used as an adverb. In that case.

Speakers at all academic and social levels tend to either ignore or be confused by the distinction between who and whom. The latter of the two mistakes is so widely made that the correct form actually sounds stilted. Because "who" and "whom" are pronouns. when in fact "he" and I stand in an indirect-object position in the sentence and therefore demand objective case pronouns--"him" and me." "hisself" is always wrong) and taller than "her"(should be "she"). in the second example--"whom" did you give the money to is technically correct because the pronoun "whom" is the object of the preposition to and "whom" is an objective-case pronoun. The bottom line for most social situations is go with "who" as chances are your listener won't know the difference either.com/commongrammar_rfoi." Who or Whom And finally there is the dilemma of whether to say who or whom as in these situations-Who/whom was at the door? or Who/whom did you give the money to? The good news is this.Common grammar mistakes preposition. for one must determine the role of the pronoun in the sentence. but technically speaking taller than "she" is correct since "she" is the subject of an understood verb "is. However. http://azaz. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.htm (3 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:12 PM] . if one chooses to be fastidious. it works like this. Inc. Other common pronoun errors are--talks to "hisself" (should be "himself. On the other hand. Ironically." "him" has developed an aura of incorrectness that then drives a speaker to say gave "he" and I a raise. or indirect object and vary their form depending thereon. or the boss gave he and I a raise. The dilemma for the speaker is inserting the correct pronoun in terms of its function in the sentence. Thus. Garden variety pronoun errors include--him and me went downtown. and much like the school-inculcated fear of "good. generally choosing "who" and letting it go at that. A result of this is that in situations where "whom" is the correct form. choosing the correct form again may again actually sound somewhat stilted. Title: Common grammar mistakes Description: Survey of five common grammar mistakes with advice on how to cope with each. Unfortunately correcting this type error takes a modicum of grammatical skill. "Who" was at the door is correct because "who" is the subject of the sentence and "who" is a subject-case pronoun. getting back to the examples above. "he" and I went downtown is correct inasmuch as "he" is the subject of the sentence and "he" is a subject-case pronoun whereas "him" is an objective case pronoun.essortment. Thus. they have case as determined by function in a particular sentence.

essortment. http://azaz. Review the full terms by clicking here. downloading.By printing. or using you agree to our full terms.Common grammar mistakes DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .com/commongrammar_rfoi.htm (4 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:12 PM] .

or separated by a full stop (a period.com/punctuationrule_rzed. question mark.essortment. and COORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS: and but or nor yet so (Most grammar and usage textbooks also include “for” in the list of coordinating conjunctions. . Coordinators CORRELATIVES: either . but it actually functions as a subordinating conjunction. translating more or less as “because. . exclamation point.) http://ar.” and therefore should not be treated as a coordinating conjunction. . or semicolon).htm (1 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] . I. . . .Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice A comma splice is a type of run-on sentence. or neither . . .nor not only . Independent clauses must either be joined by a coordinator (one of the coordinating conjunctions or one of the correlatives). It is the attempt to join two independent clauses with a comma. but also both .

It takes only a little effort to help him understand what you are saying.essortment. WRONG: My parents can’t make it this weekend.Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice II. or A person who is hard of hearing is not trying to be annoying. CORRECTIONS: A person who is hard of hearing is not trying to be annoying. 1. they have other plans. One way to correct a comma splice is to add a full stop (end-stop punctuation) between the two independent clauses. CORRECTIONS: http://ar. it takes only a little effort to help him understand what you are saying.) III.htm (2 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] .) question mark (?) exclamation point (!) semicolon (. they must either be completely separated (with end-stop punctuation) or completely joined (with a coordinator). Stops END-STOP PUNCTUATION (FULL STOP): period (. it takes only a little effort to help him understand what you are saying. Whenever two independent clauses are next to each other. Independent Clauses An independent clause is a clause that can stand alone as a sentence.com/punctuationrule_rzed. --EXAMPLES-WRONG: A person who is hard of hearing is not trying to be annoying.

2. CORRECTION: http://ar. and my brother Allen was tapped to manage his business until a suitable replacement could be found. he hoped they would soon find another manager. CORRECTON: The biology club will meet on Friday. but he hoped they would soon find another manager. they hurried to interview possible replacements. Another way to correct a comma splice is to join the two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction. CORRECTION: He agreed to do the job for awhile. or My parents can’t make it this weekend. CORRECTION: Our Uncle Tom died rather suddenly. several important issues will be discussed. --EXAMPLES-WRONG: The biology club will meet on Friday.Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice My parents can’t make it this weekend. they have other plans.htm (3 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] .com/punctuationrule_rzed. WRONG: He agreed to do the job for awhile. WRONG: Our Uncle Tom died rather suddenly. They have other plans. WRONG: Our uncle’s partners knew Allen would stay for only a few months. and several important issues will be discussed. my brother Allen was tapped to manage his business until a suitable replacement could be found.essortment.

com/punctuationrule_rzed. which can then be set off from the main clause by a comma if it is a non-restrictive dependent clause.Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice Our uncle’s partners knew Allen would stay for only a few months.htm (4 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] . because they have other plans. CORRECTIONS: Although he agreed to do the job for awhile. so they hurried to interview possible replacements. they have other plans. http://ar. he hoped they would soon find another manager. WRONG: Our Uncle Tom died rather suddenly. WRONG: He agreed to do the job for awhile.essortment. 3. A third way to correct a comma splice would be to change one of the independent clauses into a dependent clause. WRONG: The biology club will meet on Friday. several important matters will be discussed. my brother Allen was tapped to run his business until a suitable replacement could be found. he hoped they would soon find another manager. my brother Allen was tapped to run his business until a suitable replacement could be found. --EXAMPLES— WRONG: My parents can’t make it this weekend. CORRECTION: My parents can’t make it this weekend. several important matters will be discussed. CORRECTION: When our Uncle Tom died rather suddenly. CORRECTION: When the biology club meets on Friday.

Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice or He agreed to do the job for awhile. Conjunctive Adverbs A frequent cause of comma splices is the mistaking of a conjunctive adverb for a conjunction. IV.essortment. they hurried to interview possible replacements.com/punctuationrule_rzed.htm (5 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] . not conjunctions. they are actually sentence adverbs. they hurried to interview possible replacements. Although conjunctive adverbs have a weak conjunctive (joining) quality. and cannot be used to join independent clauses. CORRECTION: Because our uncle’s partners knew Allen would stay for only a few months. though he hoped they would soon find another manager. Here is a list of the most commonly used conjunctive adverbs: accordingly also anyhow as a result besides consequently for example furthermore hence henceforth however http://ar. WRONG: Our uncle’s partners knew Allen would stay for only a few months.

essortment. --EXAMPLES-- http://ar. the two clauses must be separated by a full stop.htm (6 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] .Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice in addition indeed in fact instead likewise meanwhile moreover namely nevertheless notwithstanding otherwise similarly so still then thereby therefore thus yet Whenever a conjunctive adverb appears BETWEEN two independent clauses (rather than simply as a modifier WITHIN a single independent clause).com/punctuationrule_rzed.

Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice WRONG: She will never agree to give you an extension. they usually spend more time socializing than studying. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . CORRECTIONS: Most freshmen feel overwhelmed by the workload in their college courses. Therefore you had better get that paper finished tonight. Inc. downloading. http://ar. Nevertheless.By printing. therefore you had better get that paper finished tonight. Review the full terms by clicking here. they usually spend more time socializing than studying. therefore you had better get that paper finished tonight. CORRECTIONS: She will never agree to give you an extension. WRONG: Most freshmen feel overwhelmed by the workload in their college courses. or Most freshmen feel overwhelmed by the workload in their college courses. or She will never agree to give you an extension. nevertheless.htm (7 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] .com/punctuationrule_rzed. or using you agree to our full terms. Title: Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice Description: An explanation of how to recognize and correct this common error and follow punctuation rules. nevertheless they usually spend more time socializing than studying.essortment.

essortment.htm (8 of 8) [2/5/2004 12:33:21 PM] .com/punctuationrule_rzed.Punctuation rule: how to correct a comma splice http://ar.

A number of unexpected problems cropped up: the orders didn't go out on time.htm (1 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:30 PM] . glitter. appositives. there was a breakdown in communication with the branch offices. or a clause used in apposition to a substantive (a noun or a noun substitute) in the introductory statement. EXAMPLES The children were asked to bring certain supplies the next day: crayons. EXAMPLES WORD There is one thing a human being simply cannot do without: hope. glue. lists. a colon implies a "promise. for example--is to follow. and our top salesman was http://nh." and what follows the colon "delivers on" that promise. and quotations. PHRASE Her goal was easily stated: the state championship. 2. Generally. 1. a phrase.Grammar & Punctuation: proper use of the colon Grammar & Punctuation: proper use of the colon The colon (:) is most often used to formally or emphatically introduce series. One factor cannot be ignored: the bottom line. CLAUSE There was only one question left to answer: who had sent her the first warning? Don't overlook the most important rule: never argue with the boss.essortment. scissors. A colon is frequently used after an introductory statement that clearly indicates that something--a list or an enumeration.com/grammarpunctu_rxjn. When extra emphasis or a degree of formality is desired. and ribbon. a colon can be employed to introduce a word.

cabin assignments. Kennedy issued this stirring challenge: "Ask not what your country can do for you. EXAMPLE John F. Thanksgiving. and camp clean-up." 4. cabin assignments. Christmas. and Memorial day.) EXAMPLES Dear Sir or Madam: Gentlemen: To the Selection Committee: 5.htm (2 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:30 PM] . Do not use a colon to separate a preposition from its objects. 2. http://nh.com/grammarpunctu_rxjn. a colon is used to separate the introductory statement from the quotation that follows. If a quoted passage is formal.Grammar & Punctuation: proper use of the colon recruited by another company.essortment. ask what you can do for your country. "High Risk: Children Without a Conscience" ______ COMMON MISUSES OF THE COLON 1. Do not use a colon to separate a verb from its objects. and camp clean-up. 3. CORRECT She was in charge of registration. A colon is used after the salutation of a formal letter or a business letter. A colon is used to separate the title of a book or article from its subtitle. WRONG She was in charge of: registration. (A comma follows the salutation of a fiendly letter or an informal letter. long. or paragraphed separately. New Year's Day. The major holidays for the upcoming academic year are as follows: Labor Day.

CORRECT We were offered a choice of desserts: pudding. 3. the sentence must end with the introduced element.htm (3 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:30 PM] . (The main clause cannot be picked up again after the introduced element. http://nh. and ice hockey. racquetball. or using you agree to our full terms. and ice hockey. Inc. Although there are only a few rules governing the use of the colon. Unfortunately. Review the full terms by clicking here. but we were too stuffed to eat another bite. 4. After a word. an assortment of pastries. an assortment of pastries. and ice hockey. downloading. and a fruit cocktail. CORRECT I enjoy playing physically demanding sports such as soccer. phrase. or clause has been introduced by a colon. racquetball.essortment.Grammar & Punctuation: proper use of the colon WRONG I like to play: soccer. racquetball. Title: Grammar & Punctuation: proper use of the colon Description: Frequent misus of grammar & punctuation is common. and a fruit cocktail.By printing.com/grammarpunctu_rxjn." WRONG I enjoy playing physically demanding sports such as: soccer. and ice hockey. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . CORRECT I like to play soccer. racquetball.) WRONG We were offered a choice of desserts: pudding. we were too stuffed to eat another bite. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. this form of punctuation is frequently misused. Do not use a colon after "such as.

essortment.Grammar & Punctuation: proper use of the colon http://nh.com/grammarpunctu_rxjn.htm (4 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:33:30 PM] .

they could be a typed document that needs to be re-typed because a file was lost. character for character comparison of the new document and the old document. For a content proofread. punctuation. An easy way to start a format proofread is to 'scan the edges' of the document and look for anything that sticks out and doesn't look right. You will also be looking for consistency. A comparison proofread is the first type of proofing that will take place. A comparison proofing requires a word for word. If your memo says. Take out any extra spaces you find within the text. there is a consistency error. There may also be specific formatting rules when typing a memo for company. Then look at the overall page: Does it look balanced? For example.Proofreading tips Proofreading tips The skill of proofreading is necessary whether you are a student. Do not try to proof a document from your computer screen. The purpose of the content read is to make sure the document is correct and reads well. "(s) he would be in violation of company policy” and then later states " he/she would need to report the incident to the appropriate supervisor". if applicable. This 'original document' could be your own handwritten notes. spelling. The following tips will help you do a more accurate proofing at any stage: 1. you may put aside the original document and focus on the new document.essortment. a format proofread is performed. Finally. logic. Give yourself ample time to go through each of these three types/stages of proofreading for the cleanest most professional resulting document. Finally. for example. http://ny. and factuality. You are looking for a correct format and consistent format in the document. content. No matter the context in which you are writing. At this stage you will be looking for correct sentence structure. you will miss many errors this way. There are certain formatting conventions that are followed when typing. a business letter. A format proofing is just what it sounds like. or they could be a document with changes scrawled by hand all across the pages. There are three types of proofreading: Comparison. A change should be noted to use either "he/she" or "(s) he" consistently. a professional writer.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:33:45 PM] . is the text consistently justified or consistently left aligned? Now scan the document and pay attention to the spaces instead of the words. there are systematic procedures that you can follow to ensure you produce the best work possible. It applies to projects in which you have an original document you are copying from.com/proofreadingtip_rvww. A comparison proofread may not be applicable to every project you do. Always proof from a hard copy. or someone who creates lots of office memos. The purpose of this reading is to make sure that the exact same words and punctuation are in both documents. this is the time when you will check page numbers and footnotes. and format.

you are less likely to miss omitted text in the new document. get more than one person to proofread your work. When possible. You know what you mean to say. http://ny. the number of things you need to look out for may overwhelm you. Review the full terms by clicking here. do not simply circle the errors. When you are doing a comparison proofread. When marking the document. write out the change you want to make. When you are doing a content proofing. 3. do one proofing for spelling and punctuation. don't forget to proof the revised document. Be clear and specific about your corrections. try reading the document backwards.essortment. If you are able.Proofreading tips 2. do not proofread your own work. First check to see that all the corrections were made. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . so you are more likely to skim over errors. Inc. 6. use a straight edge (such as a ruler or piece of paper) as a guide. next proof the document for grammatical errors. you are less likely to miss spelling errors. then read over the document one more time to make sure you didn't miss something the first time around! Title: Proofreading tips Description: Proofreading tips to help professional writers. 5. Error free writing and typing is possible! Copyright 2002 by PageWise. try using proofreader marks. downloading. outside the context of a sentence. During a proofing for spelling. or anyone that writes as part of their work day. If you are unsure of the proofreader mark for a particular correction. For example. 7. After corrections have been made. more specific proofreads rather than one big proofread.By printing. When each individual word is looked at. Everyone has different strengths and they will find different errors. then do a third content proofing for factuality and consistency. If you carefully move the straight edge from line to line on the original document. or using you agree to our full terms. students. 4.com/proofreadingtip_rvww.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:33:45 PM] . Break down your tasks. It is best to break it down into quicker.

essortment. then you can pose questions in your introduction leading the way to the remainder of the article. It should also be something you can draw from when you want to write your conclusion for they often say the same things. the introductory paragraph can give some guidance to anyone who may struggle with your writing. is summarize the point of writing anything at all. your reader would already understand the direction the article is going to follow. think of the entire article you are planning to write. First of all. No matter which you choose it can be a powerful way to approach your writing. just in a different way. So look ahead to your goal. It could give more meaning to your whole piece rather than stating matter-offactly that they need to fix their own problems first before they can get along with other people. Maybe they could be thinking about all the ways they react to any given situation and how that might be related to something in their past. there are a few factors to keep in mind.Writing an introductory paragraph Writing an introductory paragraph When you set out to write the introductory paragraph of an article. That way you are summing up two points together but being sure to point out that one follows another. it is also a smaller version of the map showing the course in which you will go. If your article will happen to have a particularly philosophical point of view. the easier your article will flow in the direction you want it to. Either one from a philosopher or famous person or a quotation gained from a person interviewed for the article. What the introductory paragraph should do beyond providing a starting point to your article.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:33:53 PM] . The more organized you can be ahead of time. You could give your reader something to ponder while they read the rest of your writing. An introduction could make note that the particular career you want to follow provides excellent job opportunities but important education is needed first. So think of it this way: Not only is the introductory paragraph a starting point on your road map. Suppose you want to explain how people should strive to get along in their relationships by focusing on their own internal issues first. Do you seek to strictly inform or is your approach going to be more complex? If you think that the reader may have a difficult time understanding what point you are trying to make. you would not likely start out by discussing how to get that job if education is necessary first. For example. Ask yourself what the goal is of your writing.com/writingintroduc_rhof. Quotations can also be a fine way to start out an article. the direction you want your article to take and how impacted http://msms. if you want to write an article about how to follow a particular career path. Then when you start to write the process it takes to follow that career path.

Writing an introductory paragraph you hope your readers will be and follow that path with courage and determination to be the best writer possible. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Inc. or using you agree to our full terms.com/writingintroduc_rhof. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. http://msms.By printing. Review the full terms by clicking here.essortment.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:33:53 PM] . downloading. Title: Writing an introductory paragraph Description: Learn some basics of writing an introductory paragraph to grab your reader's attention.

things you wanted to accomplish.How to write a memoir How to write a memoir If you have ever thought of writing your own memoirs. they most likely won’t be much more interesting to those who do. you may be sued for libel! If there are any goals you worked towards during your lifetime. but don’t bore your audience with minute details about your birth. tell about how it made you feel to finally realize what you’d been working towards and give any advice that helped you get there. If you write your memoirs well. no matter how large or http://vt.essortment. It also gives credibility to your memoirs when you can associate them with a certain time period. don’t bore your readers with his name. where he went to medical school and how many children he had. you might have been stopped by feeling like no one would ever want to read about you! This is absolutely not true. Did you have troubles in math? Tell about it. at the very least. you should try to assemble some sort of memoirs to leave a record of your life and accomplishments. Try to get the dates right. Using colorful language and developing lush stories is all we need to do to keep our memoirs from becoming a boring history lesson. Include mentions of any vacations you took. Make facts short and elaborate wherever you have an interesting or unusual story. Memories can be fuzzy things and what if you didn’t get the story quite right. you shouldn’t make public the private lives of others whom you are no longer associated with. include these in your memoirs and include what steps you took to achieve your dreams. Family members especially will love to hear about things like this that can cause them to say. it will be easier for people to check out what else was going on at the same time and it will give your readers a frame of reference to work from. There are fascinating stories in even the most ordinary lives and all we have to do is find them and bring them to the page. If you accomplished what you set out to do. be a treasured family heirloom. Maybe there was a horrible storm the day your were born. career dreams. If you include fairly accurate timelines. oh. Although it is a factual book and your memoirs. don’t include the full names of anyone that wouldn’t appreciate being made public in your book.com/howtowritemem_rmtv. or your mother gave birth to you in the family home. they will serve as a valuable family history which will be treasured for generations to come.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:03 PM] . maybe it runs in the family! Unless you’re sure they won’t mind. don’t go through every single age chronologically whether anything happened worth noticing that year or not. Even if your memoirs never get published. Memoirs should start from the beginning. if you don’t make it interesting to readers that don’t know you. people you met along the way and any particular difficulties you may have had. Likewise. focus on the most interesting facts to present to your reader. Keep in mind that memoirs can be like home movies. Unless the doctor that delivered you had a witty comment or other notable features or personality. Even if you are not a writer. they will.

essortment. Inc.By printing. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.com/howtowritemem_rmtv. whether they are a writer or not. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Review the full terms by clicking here. http://vt.How to write a memoir small. downloading. Memoirs can be a valuable family heirloom. Title: How to write a memoir Description: Writing memoirs is something everyone should do.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:03 PM] . or using you agree to our full terms.

How to write a family newsletter How to write a family newsletter THR FIRST EDITION OF YOUR FAMILY NEWSLETTER ROLLS OFF THE PRESSES! Though it’s more likely that this landmark issue will roll from a computer printer. That said. the headline excitement should be the same. Even your one-year-old can contribute a scribble. for ideas about material. with the option of changing fonts for different sections of the newsletter. silly jokes. Most likely. cartoons and photographs. recently seen movies. especially with an accompanying drawing. A newsletter is a wonderful project to bring your family together.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:09 PM] . and of course you can change point size (the size of the letters) for headlines and subheads. If you would like a spiffier look. it will also be an educational experience so couched in fun that children won’t notice all the writing and design skills they’re practicing. such as Helvetica or Times New Roman). a sports award. desktop publishing programs are available. Though not all software programs offer the same variety in font selection (“font” means the overall style of letters. A newsletter may become a document of family history that is as rich and telling as a photograph album. (If articles seem closer to a Mad magazine style than to your local newspaper’s. if you have a color printer and scanner. Computer programs also let you format text to add boxes around sections you want to set off.com/freefamilynews_rwjk. wish lists. A third grader might interview grandparents about important life stories. Hopefully. format and design. All software programs will provide both italic and bold. They might choose to form an editorial board or they could prefer taking turns as managing editor. Through experiment you can choose which styles you like. you won’t care to splurge on an expensive http://ia. let the creativity begin! All aspects of your children’s lives contain material to be explored: best dinner of the week. or a school subject they’ve recently discovered. they all provide some diversity. an editorial could be well served by a serious-looking font. Give them as much editorial and artistic control as their ages can handle. Preschoolers often find great delight in seeing a silly tale they’ve dictated to an older sibling in print. latest family news in a more whimsical choice. the only absolute rule to ensure the success of this project is that it must be fun! Let this be an instance where children take the lead. Children can make a game of examining all sorts of publications. just enjoy the humor!) Individual writers should contribute according to interest and writing ability. For instance. and experimenting with different styles will enhance your children’s computer literacy. In fact. In terms of including drawings. create more than one column. After setting limits regarding offensive material. you’re all set for business. foster an atmosphere governed by freedom of the press and team spirit. but any copy shop can provide the same results for a moderate fee.essortment. and underscore subheads. Computers allow for multiple options in your newsletter’s look. ranging in price from $20 to more than $100. from glossy magazines to PTA mailers. An editorial page is a great place for teenagers to discuss their opposition to a family policy.

Inc. this project could exist in a computer-free environment—a few handwritten pages filled with your children’s ideas. Whether it winds up as a brainstorm thrown together when the mood hits or turns into a formal publication distributed to friends and relatives. If your newsletter becomes a creative experience in which your kids learn to work as a group. http://ia. the ideal family newsletter is the one that your family creates.essortment. or using you agree to our full terms.How to write a family newsletter package unless you’re certain your family newsletter is a serious project. though. Title: How to write a family newsletter Description: How to keep in touch through the unique format of a newsletter! Copyright 2002 by PageWise.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:09 PM] . gaining a sense of closeness. Review the full terms by clicking here. or see if your child’s teacher--so impressed with this project she might develop it into a class activity--will make a school computer available. downloading.By printing. Finally. it’s a special event. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . many public libraries service communities with systems access.com/freefamilynews_rwjk. If you don’t have a computer at home.

we have to cultivate it. It also teaches us to be grateful for everything that went well and for simple beautiful things in our life. 'this' is the life you have and there is no escaping it. The best time to do that is naturally before hitting the bed.essortment. obviously you can not carry a camcorder all day long. but it is possible to take some time out to record the events of each day and to analyze them.The importance of keeping a personal journal The importance of keeping a personal journal KEEPING A JOURNAL How is it that you would define your life these days? Is it exciting. An honest analysis of each day would help us see what went wrong and why and what needs more attention. Normally days would pass by us so fast that before we know. But there is simple and more economical alternative. There are a few things to remember in order to get the most out of having a personal journal. the pain wont just disappear. So how is it that you can record each day. or painful or boring or may be just meaningless. if you do not acknowledge the pain. It is like ignoring some pain in your body. So it is not the good or the bad circumstances that make us a winner or a loser but it is the way we deal with them that determines who is a success amongst us and who a total failure. No matter how is it that you see your life.com/keepingpersonal_rfxk. which we may not notice otherwise. Write everything down: http://scsc.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:34:18 PM] . Accept this and it would easier for you to come to terms with the undesirable things in your life. Have a personal diary in which you must write down something about your day. our 24 hours have come to an end and a new day is staring us in the face. you would not try to do something about it and nine times out of ten. it would only reach an excruciating degree. Life is a very beautiful gift and you must remember that good and bad events both make up our life. Keep a journal. It would still be there and chances are that your neglecting your life would make it even worse than it already is. And then it may already be too late to do anything abt it. You may not know how to slow things down. It is only when we have acquired the maturity to know that this is our life and it can not be otherwise. But acceptance doesn't fall upon us just like that. Just cursing your life wouldn't make the negative disappear. but the fact remains that good or bad. that we get the strength to make whatever changes we can think of in order to make our lives better.

It is good to put down just about everything that happened or you gave a thought to. I know it is very difficult to even think positive when all your life seems to be in a mess. You are likely to over react when you are hurt and upset. Be grateful for simple small things in your life. how you felt. you would find yourself appreciating these small gestures that brought a smile on your face.The importance of keeping a personal journal Don't hold yourself back when writing. remember every day is important because it will never come back. The kind passenger who let you have his seat. or the adorable child who chatted your ears off in the bus. Yes. Do not forget to put down some pleasant thoughts: It is very important that even if you have had an awful day. Remember no one cares about your writing skills.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:34:18 PM] . It would help you get control over your negative emotions and put things in the right perspective. But in the end. Never ever. It will not only relax you for sometime but in the long run. you must. what you should have said and what is it that you want to do about it. And please don't worry about someone else reading it.essortment. It is only natural that you wouldn't want to think anything nice about him. Do mention how you felt. What happened. There is no contest going on. it is okay to call him anything you want. Because all these little worries would keep you from writing candidly and honestly and chances are you would miss out on important details. Just keep writing. but make yourself do it.. Because you wont be showing your personal stuff to anyone in the first place. mention something pleasant that happened that day. what you think you should have done and didn't do. No one cares what your skillful you are. Think one good thing about that rude person: When you are writing down about that rude person who you think has ruined your day. without fail. force your self to mention just one good thing about this person even if it is seems negligible. it is ok to vent your feelings about him. Don't wait for an important event to take place. whether it is your boss or your boyfriend. so try to gain some control over your emotions before you decide to do something about him or his behavior. Make a list of next-day goals: We all have plans for our lives.com/keepingpersonal_rfxk. Do remember to mention them in your journal. before going to bed each day. make a list of all those things that you would want to achieve the very next day. do write each and every detail of it. and you feel it needs more mention that others. so it needs to be paid attention to. If something needs really significant took place. but it would do you good to let your mind move from the negative track even if it is just for a few minutes. These very short-term goals http://scsc.

com/keepingpersonal_rfxk. In the end. wish you all the best and Happy Writing! Written by Kiran Piracha Title: The importance of keeping a personal journal Description: It is important in a persons life to be keeping a personal journal. http://scsc. We all want things from God. make sure you put it down on your list of do-to things. How long will it take. This will help you know just what is it that's really important to you and whether you believe it or not some of your prayers even get answered.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:34:18 PM] . Review the full terms by clicking here. write down a prayer: It is another very important part of a personal journal if you really want to achieve something out of it. Remember " A single grateful thought raised to heavens is the most perfect prayer". Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Journals are to be filled with meaningful things if real benefits are to be reaped. not matter how small. or using you agree to our full terms.The importance of keeping a personal journal would help you achieve more than you ever can without a list. just write them down. So friends. So whatever it is you want to do.By printing. It will put your mind at ease and give you a sense of achievement. Inc. a few minutes? So don't delay it any more and just do it. out it down and do as many as you can the next day. downloading. For example. Put down a heart felt prayer. you have to make a call which you have been postponing for some times now. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .essortment.

it helps raising your emotional quotient (EQ) and in controlling stress.essortment. You must also write down your own reactions. who was catty. Similarly. On the other hand. By giving you an insight into your consciousness. The coffee might have been particularly good.Journal writing tips Journal writing tips One of the elements common to most famous writers is that nearly all keep a regular journal in which they write down their daily accounts. Keeping a record of your life gives you an insight into your subconscious mind that would not have been possible otherwise. Following a few basic guidelines will enable you to start a journal and more importantly to enjoy keeping it regularly. if you have just given an exhilarating presentation in the office. if during breakfast. What you should put in your journal is the thoughts and feelings that went through your consciousness during the day. http://vtvt. Also while writing down your account. This is where most people trip up by not knowing exactly what to write in it. Remember. It is equally important to know what not to write down. who gave a particularly warm compliment. the journal should deal not with the events that happened to you but what you yourself achieved during the day.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:34:30 PM] . Instead. what touched you deeply. They complain of not having anything to write as nothing ‘important’ happened during the day.com/journalwriting_rsob. you don’t have to put down the details of the presentation itself. The mistake they make is in assuming a journal is just a record of the day to day events in their lives. Also the habit of writing something daily unleashes your creativity and writing skills as you try to transcribe the events of the day into words. not with your daily routine but with your experiences during the day. you are writing down your account so that you will be able to access this phase of your life at a later date. but it is hardly something that is going to interest you much later. Use all your senses and writing skills to analyze not just your own emotions but also those of others. try to recall what experiences you went through: what made you laugh. your partner had given you a particular look that had sent your pulses racing. You will discover as you do this that you are far more aware in your subconscious mind of other people’s feelings. Most people at some time or the other do try to keep a daily journal but miss out due to some simple mistakes. how thrilled or proud you were and so on. you will enjoy rediscovering that feeling from the past again. instead you should describe the reactions to it: who was encouraging. what made you cry. give free rein to your creativity. The first thing to decide is what to put down in your journal or diary. and this in turn will sharpen your own EQ or emotional quotient. While writing down your account. You will then hardly be interested in recalling at what time you had woken up on this date or what you had had for breakfast.

You may also use a laptop or other computer if you are comfortable with one. It remains as a treasurehouse of memories for you.com/journalwriting_rsob. Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to write every single day. You will find yourself laughing all over again as you describe the event. Instead keep a small pocketbook by your bedside and at the end of the day. this is the best way to start. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . But even more than that. and add new meaning to it.Journal writing tips In trying to recall what to put down. all the wisecracks of your friends and others and their conceits. at the end of the day simply put down all the events that made you laugh. It acts as a catharsis for your pent up feelings and will help raise your emotional quotient (EQ). Recalling these at the end of the day is the surest way of controlling stress.essortment. Review the full terms by clicking here. Nearly all successful writers keep a journal regularly. which enhances your creativity and sharpens your EQ (emotional quotient). For the same reason use a good notebook instead of a datefilled formal diary. The aim of writing a journal is to enable you to return to it someday and relive the highs and lows of your life.By printing. Your journal will act as a powerful tool for you to analyze your life. you will find that the situations that stick the most in your mind are the ones that made you laugh. http://vtvt.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:34:30 PM] . Copyright 2002 by PageWise. you can give free rein to your creativity and hone your writing skills. Title: Journal writing tips Description: Journal writing tips about this enjoyable and self reflective activity. just scrawl down a few notes of the day’s events that will bring them back to you when you sit down to write. and gives a permanency to the events in your life. Inc. your emotional quotient (EQ). you can write down your account from your notes. In fact. writing the journal itself acts as an outlet for your subconscious mind. downloading. and this will heighten your emotional stability. whether you laughed till you had a bellyache or whether it made you laugh much later also. avoid making your journal writing into a chore. By regular journal writing. Some tips on how to start one. Also put down how much you laughed. Then every three or four days or whenever convenient. or using you agree to our full terms.

essortment.com/journalwriting_rsob.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:34:30 PM] .Journal writing tips http://vtvt.

Carry the journal everywhere. First. even nice people snoop. They are helpful for anyone to understand themselves and the world better. as anything on an employer’s computer is considered their property and an idea can be stolen or your privacy can be invaded anytime. all the better. Here are a few benefits of journal writing. The letter that is never sent (don’t leave it out. Many therapists and self help groups recommend journaling as a recovery tool. http://riri. and to the world. which can be looked back upon to find patterns of mood. one day seems to blend into the next and many a thought evaporates and is no longer clearly remembered unless written down. If you know shorthand or can make up a code language. If you journal on a computer. Just keep writing. In caves. health and environment. on scrolls. you don’t want to be at work and have your unemployed roommate reading your journal while watching the daytime soaps. a discreet pocket or purse size notebook can take a person back to the days of playing “spy” and no one has to know what you are scribbling during that boring board meeting. these are all things that can be set down on paper to work through. have a password that only you know. Writing ideas as they occur prevent missed opportunities later when the brilliant idea is just out of your mental grasp. Man’s longing to write is as old as his thoughts. Diaries are not just pretty teenage books with locks on them hid under pillows. in books such as the Bible. A picture is worth a thousand words. If one tries to recall where one was at or what happened at a particular moment. Second. Possibly one of the most potent forms of communication is a person communicating to his or herself. so be aware. you want the convenience of being able to jot down a thought.essortment. someone might mail it). Keep your writing with you everywhere. anytime anywhere. Journal writing. However. the secret crush. they have written things down. or journaling. the things better left unsaid.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:45 PM] .com/writingadaily_rssx. is a way to document events in life. in the form of a Diary or Journal. Temptation is hard to resist. but a few words added to the picture complete the story. for a couple of reasons. No one wants the company Techno geek to hack into their journal because he can and the voyeur in the next cubicle could be spying as you type your password. I would not recommend journaling anything private on your work computer. Journaling can also be a cathartic tool. a short journal entry will help bring it back to life. and it has been used as a form of communication for centuries.The value of writing a daily journal The value of writing a daily journal For as long as people have lived. In our busy life.

or using you agree to our full terms.essortment. How to keep a journal and keep it away from prying eyes.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:45 PM] . http://riri.com/writingadaily_rssx. Inc.By printing. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Review the full terms by clicking here. downloading. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .The value of writing a daily journal Title: The value of writing a daily journal Description: How writing a daily journal (or journaling) can be used for self direction and recovery.

Remember to personalize the card to the person who will recieve it. Don 't make it sound like its a card that anyone could receive. You will be glad that you did. don't you? How do you go about writing a thank you card? You simply start by taking afew minutes of your time andsitting down at the table. Writing a thank you card is a burden for most people and some will try even desperately to get out of it or just ignore it altogether. tkae the short amount of time it takes to sit down and write that thank you card that you ahve been putting off. and what you completely want to say to them. you know. then specifically thank her for the toaster she gave you as a wedding present. And. if Aunt Mildred gave you a toaster for your wedding. Be sure to write down in your thank you card the type of gift or service that they gave you or performed for you. Think about the necessities of the card or note. You expect to be thanked too. note.How to write a thank you card How to write a thank you card A thank you card is necessary after you have been a guest at someone's house for dinner. fresh waffles and will think of him/her every time you use it. Of course you will start with the phrase Dear (the name of the person) and then go from there. Donot just thank a person for the present as that is too general and it makes it sound like you do not really remember what gift they gave youm or. Let them know how much you appreciate their generosity. http://il. stayed at their house as an overnight guest or longer. and the reciver will too. tell the gvier that you and your family will enjoy hot. This isn't a lie. end your card or note with anouther thank you and then you can properly sign off of your card or note.If it was money tell them for example that you are going to put it towards the purchase of a new coat for the winter. This makes the giver feel good by letting them know what you are goiong to do with their gift. or received any sort of significant kindness and generosity from them. Thst is. or letter to the person that you owe thanks to. Tell the giver how you wil use their gift. but it should not be this way. if the gift was a waffle iron. By significant this means that a thank you card is not necessary if a door is held open for you or some other small act of kindness is performed. Or. A verbal thank you would be enough in this case.People deserve to be thanked for their acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. as most people are reminded of the giver every time they use or look at soemthing that someone else bought or gave them. what they did for you. above all. You can purchase a pre-written card which will make it easier for you. for example. Or you can start with a blank card or a sheet of paper and compose your own original card. received a gift such as flowers from them.essortment.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:58 PM] .com/thankyoucardh_rhqc. Finally.

Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Inc.How to write a thank you card Title: How to write a thank you card Description: How do I write a thank you card? Read this article and learn how. http://il.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:34:58 PM] . downloading. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .com/thankyoucardh_rhqc.By printing. Review the full terms by clicking here.essortment. or using you agree to our full terms.

or poor service.Writing a letter of complaint Writing a letter of complaint Occasionally we find ourselves on the receiving end of a defective product. Not only do most companies have a fourteen-day return policy but you may need to recall details of your transaction and you will need to act while the events are fresh in your mind. followed by the "what" and the "how". http://wywy. product-number 011011. Your letter only needs to be a few sentences long. Before composing the letter. ensure that you have made photocopies of all pertinent information such as product and postage receipts. However." by the author XXX. Yours Truly. stick to the facts only. You must clearly outline your demands for the company to be given the proper opportunity to please you. I believe I was shipped this book in error as I had ordered the book "How To Write A Love Letter" by the author YYY on March 15 2000 and to date I have not received the book.essortment. On April 1 2000 I received a book entitled. I am returning this book and including my postage receipt. It is not necessary to know the name of the person that will be receiving your letter.com/complaintletter_rcst. "How To Write A Complaint Letter. take a moment to think about how you want the situation to be rectified. With a little know-how. This experience can be so infuriating that we feel we must mention it to someone in charge and have the situation rectified. company error. The most important step to customer satisfaction is the need for you to act immediately. To whom it may concern. Your Name Here Account number 777 777. Please credit my account the amount of the postage and send me the book I had originally ordered entitled "How To Write A Love Letter" by YYY. When relating the information. State the "when" first. Before you sit down to write your complaint letter. just enough to get the point across. "To whom it may concern". warranties or contracts. you will be able to get the results you deserve and find happiness in the consumer world. a replacement product or perhaps credit applied towards your account? Once you are certain of your request you will then be ready to compose your letter. This is a small tragedy since many businesses are fully prepared to remedy any problems that arise. A sample letter is shown below. many of us choose instead to swear off a company or product altogether simply because we lack the skill and confidence to express our disappointment.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:35:06 PM] . so it will be quiet acceptable to address your letter. Do you want your money back. as you will need to back up your request with tangible proof. No need to get insulting.

The "what" is the situation of the shipping error and the "how" is the credit on account for postage and a second request for the desired book to be sent. many times they offer their customer an additional bonus such as a gift certificate. why not take the time to commend a company or sales person that made an effort to please you? It will do your heart good to know you gave someone a boost. Written by Melanie Cossey Title: Writing a letter of complaint Description: Writing a letter of complaint can be effective.com/complaintletter_rcst.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:35:06 PM] . The complainant should also photocopy the letter for her records. Have you been less then impressed by a product or service? In this article I will discuss how to write a letter to a company to get the results you deserve. proving she ordered the book in the correct manner. or using you agree to our full terms. http://wywy.essortment. If you give a company the opportunity to right a wrong. Inc. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. I have written complaint letters to several companies and have always received the results I expected as well as a few unexpected extras. The complainant will include the postage receipt and a copy of the original order form.By printing. If you take the time to express your dissatisfaction. many companies will not only meet your requests but will thank you for giving them the opportunity to do so. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . While you have your pen and paper out.Writing a letter of complaint The "when" in this example is April 1 2000. Review the full terms by clicking here. coupon or free product. downloading.

I have had editors tell me that they enjoyed reading my query letter so much that they could hardly wait to get to the actual article! Some have also shared with me experiences where the queries were so boring that they said they could not even imagine having to read anything more. There is a good chance that this editor is the no nonsense type. all because of a poor query letter. Even if the editor is not completely taken with the idea that you submit. This isn’t the important part. Your query letter is an editors first impression of your writing (and we all know how important first impressions are). While it is important to keep it professional.How to write a perfect query letter How to write a perfect query letter You have the power of life and death in your hands. An editor will get a glimpse of your ability as a writer as they read your query letter. They take query letters very seriously and so should you. And filled with facts and figures. or taste if you http://dede. and they love a good letter just as much as the rest of us. it is also possible to still be interesting as well. The article is the place where you must concentrate all of your efforts. You may be saying to yourself that I am over reacting. If you notice a large amount of comical or easy going pieces. This is just a query.com/howtowriteque_rexr. Assignments that you would actually be perfect for. Show your lighter side.. If the stories seem to be cut and dry. It is the free sample. Or should I say at your finger tips? You can open the door to a bright new future or put a nail in your own coffin! I’m talking of course. Finding favor with an editor will not only increase your chance of being published. You can get a feel for the type of editor that you are dealing with by reading several issues of the publication that you would like to write for. Your query is your way of getting your foot in the door. I have received assignments solely on the content of my query. A door that will either be flung wide open or perhaps shut and locked! You may be cheating yourself out of great writing assignments. if he feels you have talent and likes your style . your best bet is to be strictly business in this case. right? Wrong! Editors see it much differently. he may point you in the right direction and give you the advice that you need to help you create the type of work that he is in need of. Your query is your chance to grab them by their tails. Often there is a certain niche that needs to be filled. It is actually the first piece of work that you will submit to them. By doing this you will get to know the types of articles that this editor finds appealing. then you may want to be slightly humorous in your query. about your query letter. Editors are people too (no matter how hard we find that to believe).. Possibly an avenue for future assignments as well as an opportunity for future publication.essortment. but will also help you to get the honest unbiased feedback that you need to succeed.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:35:13 PM] .

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . This also applies to publications that ask you to contact them for more information. Put your best face forward. They are concentrating on you and you alone.essortment. What makes you interesting? What areas do you shine in? Why are you the perfect man (or woman) for the job? What you lack in experience can be made up by what you possess in talent. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. here's how! Learning how to write a perfect query letter can open doors that you never dreamed of. This is the time when you have their undivided attention. They are reading and examining your work intently. Do what you do best to help you get what you want.. if the sample is good they’ll want more.com/howtowriteque_rexr. so write a query that is as interesting and exciting as that thriller you are working on. Spark their curiosity. It’s as simple this .How to write a perfect query letter will. Remember. Think of your query letter as a personal interview.. a successful query is the first step to being a successful writer. You’re a writer. http://dede. downloading. don’t lose it. or using you agree to our full terms.. Title: How to write a perfect query letter Description: If you want to get an editor's attention . Sell yourself.By printing. you’ve got their attention . This is your chance to wow em! Remember. Cause them to raise an eyebrow at you. Inc.. that will cause them to desire more! Give them something that will cause their mouths to water. Be as passionate about getting assignments as you are when you are lost in the pages of your most recent love story... Your query can be that aroma that reminds them that they are hungry. Review the full terms by clicking here.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:35:13 PM] . I once got an assignment immediately because the editor said that she found my inquiry so fascinating that she knew the story must be even better! Put as much effort into your queries and inquiries as you do the actual article.

not a phony name -. Just focus on one or two key points that you want to make and then get out.). as long as you don't cross the line of good taste. Offer a countervailing opinion. 2. To make sure your letter is compelling enough that the editor will not toss it in the reject pile: 1.com/lettertothe_rvet. This enables the editor to quickly check the original item to verify any references you have made to it (i. 9. If you are referring to a previously published letter. that you are using your correct name -. Write short. arriving by ordinary post. You can even be a little wicked.attack his/her views. rambling introduction to your subject. Put your full first and last name. 4. If you don't get a confirmation call within a http://wa. Cut to the chase. the more competition you face in having your letter selected. The letters editor may have hundreds of choices in each day's mailbag.and ensure it has the best chance of being published? Keep it short. Let your sense of humor and irony shine through. Make it an original to the publication you really want to publish it. address.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:35:32 PM] . statistics. 17).and that you did in fact write the letter).Writing a letter to the editor Writing a letter to the editor Do you want to write a letter to the editor -. Be witty.e. Avoid wornout cliches and weak puns (groan). keep it focused and keep it within the bounds of good taste. Most publications will want to call the writer to confirm authenticity: (i. e-mail or fax. 6. 3. grouped in two or three paragraphs. Aug. don't launch a personal attack on the columnist -. 7. etc. a news story or column. You don't need a long.e. quotes. The bigger the circulation of the publication to which you are submitting. Try to advance the debate so that other readers might join in the discussion in subsequent letters. punchy sentences. Don't send copies of your letter to a whole host of publications. respond by putting your own personal twist on the subject. If you are responding to a columnist's views (or any other opinion piece).essortment. identify it by its headline and the date it was published (Re: Davenport grinds out a win. phone and/or fax numbers (day and evening) and your e-mail address at the top of the letter. If you have read a news story or feature article that relates to something you've experienced. 5. 8.

while content newsletters should get insider features. To make a link work for AOL.com.essortment. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Depending on your list. unless you like second-rate response. and your program will always be effective. These 5 marketing tips will help your newsletter writing efforts. But don’t treat these readers like second-rate citizens. or using you agree to our full terms. the most effective e-mails are 500 words or less.5 tips for writing business email newsletters message will not reach the widest possible audience. But if you must go into more depth. Inc. If you don’t want to clutter your newsletter with AOL links. make sure that you do not exceed the 25K file size. make your newsletter personal and exclusive.yoururl. http://vava. Do this. For e-commerce newsletters. In general. send the @aol. 4) Provide an AOL version or links. add in personalized addresses (Dear X).htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:35:58 PM] . that link won’t work for America Online mail readers.By printing. Title: 5 tips for writing business email newsletters Description: An e-mail newsletter is a great way to get customers coming back to your site. do the following: linkname In the example above. However. If your technology allows it. most readers will be able to click on it. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . downloading. that could be anywhere from 10 to 50% of your subscribers. this could be a newsletteronly sale. Review the full terms by clicking here. The goal is to make your newsletter reader – who is likely to be your strongest customer – look forward to getting your newsletter.com portion a different newsletter.com/tipsbusinessem_pxc. When you provide a link in your newsletter. and provide your readers with exclusive benefits. 5) If possible. the AOL user would see a link on the word “linkname” that would take them to www.

com/tipsbusinessem_pxc.5 tips for writing business email newsletters http://vava.essortment.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:35:58 PM] .

. BRIDGING THE GAP. For SETTINGS http://meme. There are no prescribed story-starters as you provide all stimuli yourself. WRITING FAST . The technique described below is open-ended. Writing flash fiction means writing fast and writing tight. These are your BUBBLES.Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams Outline a draft story in your coffee break! Impossible? Not if you use the BUBBLE technique which will concentrate your attention on short.it should take you about 5 minutes to accomplish the first stage and about 10 to 15 minutes to accomplish the second stage. You should now have 3 „spiders“ one below the other in the center of the sheet of paper. The method is split into three parts .in block capitals in the center of the sheet spaced out evenly one below the other. Ready to start? Get a blank sheet of paper. Set your timer to 60 seconds. you will be writing words in block capitals. DROPPING THE NET Write down these words . „HERO“. At the end of each line. which you will also encircle.. Now circle them.htm (1 of 5) [2/5/2004 12:36:08 PM] . Now draw 8 lines irradiating outward from each of your BUBBLES as if you were drawing spider legs. It is a creative technique that utilizes the mind`s ability to weave meaningful connections between disparate elements. Write the words quickly without thinking too hard.essortment. 3) a conflict and 4) resolution. a magic marker and a timer that can be set for seconds and minutes. Steve Moss. „PERSPECTIVE“ . your story will contain all of these vital elements. easy-to-answer questions.DROPPING THE NET. Editor of „The World‘s Shortest Stories“ (Running Press) says about the 55 word stories in his collection. The time limit for writing down 8 words will be 60 seconds.„SETTING“.for our purposes a story is a story only if it contains the following four elements: 1) a setting.com/microfictionsh_rlub. Reawaken your editor to get the story honed down to an entertaining short-short of less than 200 words. In the third stage we WRITE TIGHT.“ Using the bubble method as described below. 2) a character or characters. „. CATCHING THE FISH. We shut down your internal editor to get you from a point where you have no story to a point where you have written a rough draft.

GREED.Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams write 8 settings that come to mind spontaneously: e. Set your timer again to 60 seconds and write down 8 different ANIMALS. Why that? In writing flash fiction you need to write fast. LOVE.. write LACK OF and your original EMOTION. is suffering from A LACK OF (in this case) JOY. This forms the BOTTOM LINE or FINAL SCENE of your story. In our example the bottom of the sheet would look like this: JUNGLE JOY MOUSE Encirle each of the words to make them into BUBBLES. We still have no idea of what the beginning of the story is but we know that at the end of your story your HERO (man or woman. move on to PERSPECTIVE. etc. In our example we would write in LACK OF JOY. http://meme.g. JOY from your EMOTIONS BUBBLE. woman. ANIMALS are rich in associations so by playing with the idea of an ANIMAL as a framework for personality you mine a rich field of connotation. Example: SETTING ? LACK OF (JOY) HERO ? This is the TOP LINE of your story.doesn`t matter) will have the perspective of MOUSE (maybe he will be feeling shy or timid?). LADYBUG. Next. how he or she views the world. Now make new BUBBLES on a clean sheet of paper and write the words you selected inside This time write them horizontally across the BOTTOM of the paper. etc. for whatever reason. For now just jot down the ANIMALS) Pick one idea from each bubble and highlight it with the magic marker. near the top of the page. I will show exactly how this works later. i.e. you must know where you are going. HOSPITAL. (These ANIMALS will encapsulate the predominant PERSPECTIVE of your HERO. young or old . Next step: Draw a line upwards from your centre BUBBLE .e. He will be in a JUNGLE (either physically or metaphorically -more about that later) and he/she will be feeling the EMOTION JOY. We don‘t yet know the SETTING he or she is in and we also do not know if our HERO is a man. JOY.com/microfictionsh_rlub.(EMOTION). You have just given yourself a DESTINATION..htm (2 of 5) [2/5/2004 12:36:08 PM] . At the end of the line. Write down 8 emotions . To write fast. DISAPPOINTMENT. MOUSE.g. To the left of the EMOTION BUBBLE write the word SETTING? and make that into a BUBBLE. For example you might choose JUNGLE from your SETTINGs BUBBLE. They can be ordinary or whacky or a mixture of both. MOON. For example. and MOUSE from your PERSPECTIVE BUBBLE..essortment. On the right hand side draw another BUBBLE and write the word HERO? inside. Initially. child (or something in between!). your HERO. JUNGLE. Now reset your timer and move to EMOTION. CAMEL.

the HERO undergoes a CHANGE. WHO is the HERO? The HERO IS SOMEONE WITH THE PERSPECTIVE OF A MOUSE i.let your imagination weave its own pictures and associations. comes up with completely differnt responses. HOW. micro-fiction included. By encountering a CONFLICT.essortment. Jot down your ideas at the end of the lines. Again WRITE down the answers to these questions FAST. maybe he feels frustrated as he is stuck in a boring job. Everyone who does this exercise.e. Jot down your ideas at the end of the lines. SETTING ? LACK OF (EMOTION) HERO ? CONFLICT??? JUNGLE JOY MOUSE This is the framework of your story.com/microfictionsh_rlub.Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams Between the TOP LINE and the BOTTOM LINE. WHY questions. Look at the BUBBLE on the TOP LINE where it says HERO. in the center of the page. someone quiet. WHERE is the HERO at the end of the story? http://meme. Don`t stick to them slavishly . This CHANGE leads to the RESOLUTION of the story as seen in the BOTTOM LINE. The answers I have given below are merely suggestions. Now set your imagination to work. write CONFLICT??? and encircle it. Look at the BUBBLES on the TOP LINE Again draw spider legs out from each of the BUBBLES and jot down spontaneous responses. CONFLICT is important in any story. We will ask WHO. WHERE. HOW is he feeling initially? He is suffering from a LACK OF JOY. even with the same stimuli. All you need to do is hang on some flesh. We will take the words in the BUBBLES as springboards. The complete page should now look something like this (with more space in between).htm (3 of 5) [2/5/2004 12:36:08 PM] . shy and easily intimidated.

By resolving the CONFLICT he will have undergone a CHANGE. BRIDGING THE GAP WHY is he there? Try to forge a story line that will take your HERO all the way from the TOP LINE down through a CONFLICT to the BOTTOM LINE.I recommend either 60. phrases and ideas. Perhaps he has discovered a rare Amazonian medicinal plant. By writing tight. Don`t worry about expressing yourself particularly elegantly. If you complete all three stages. In the final stage we set a WORD LIMIT to WRITE TIGHT. you will find that you automatically REWRITE. The first draft of the story is there on the desk in front of you. CONFLICT??? (loses job. Your mind searches for the UNKNOWN CONFLICT that has taken the HERO form the EMOTION AT THE OUTSET to the FINAL DESTINATION. reads an interesting ad) These questions set up a CREATIVE TENSION between your skeleton view of the INITIAL SITUATION and the FINAL SCENE. But it is also effective. Maybe 400 500 words. This is the single most effective way I know to WRITE TIGHT. It sounds brutal and it is. Jot down your ideas as to the HERO´s persona (job. As you reduce your word count. 150 or 200 words. CATCHING THE FISH In the first two stages we set ouselves TIME LIMITS to WRITE FAST. Reduce your word count by throwing out all the unnecessary words.essortment. Slash it by half. You will have a HERO in a SETTING in which he comes across a CONFLICT. his home etc) through to the impetus for change. That`s right. Better words and expressions pop to mind. Set the timer to 10 minutes (or 15 if your coffee break is longer) and scribble down the bones of a story. you should have a finished manuscript of 200 words or less. It will encapsulate all the elements of a traditional story line. the initial SETTING (his office. falls in love.Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams The HERO is in some sort of JUNGLE. marital status etc). HOW is he feeling? Joyful. the street. Jot down your spontaneous ideas. Maybe AN AMAZONIAN RAINFOREST or a COMPLICATED JUNGLE OF A RELATIONSHIP. Use them.htm (4 of 5) [2/5/2004 12:36:08 PM] . How long is it. http://meme. Or maybe he is caught in the throes of indescribalble bliss even though he doesn`t know for sure what his next step will be (emotional jungle?) Write down your own ideas. you are able to CATCH ONLY THE HIGH QUALITY FISH. The task here is to RELEASE THE TENSION you have set up between the beginning EMOTION and the FINAL SCENE.com/microfictionsh_rlub. At some point the story will take over and you will want to start writing. But set yourself a WORD LIMIT.

downloading. Review the full terms by clicking here.htm (5 of 5) [2/5/2004 12:36:08 PM] . Inc. or using you agree to our full terms.By printing.essortment. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Written by Carole Eilertson Title: Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams Description: Flash fiction is a new genre. Writing ultra short stories is easy if you use the bubble diagram method Copyright 2002 by PageWise. http://meme.Writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams Now all you need to do is submit it.com/microfictionsh_rlub.

research the romance book publishers market. Write where you are starting the story and where you are going to end it. Most if not all the publishing houses want a standard formatted manuscript sent to them. reread it. Now it’s time to put your thoughts onto paper. made your changes and researched the http://vava. This is a good rule of thumb.How to write a romance novel How to write a romance novel So you‘ve been reading romance novels for as long as you can remember and now you think you’re ready to write one. The best way for beginners to start is to jot down your ideas. one of your characters changes their own name. Then you should check for any inconsistencies. The Internet is a great tool for this. don’t be surprised that if you the way.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:36:23 PM] . Everyone has at least one book in them.essortment. ages. your story will flow and you will hit each major event you have decided on. Take a week or two away from your book and then go back and reread it. You’ll want to have a list of their names. special talents and any other information that you think is important to your story. When you start to write your book. After you’ve written your book. This will be your plot. Upon request. eye color. it is always helpful to have someone read it to check the flow and content of the story. When you’ve finished. Search out each house’s guidelines and decide where you’re story fits. After you've written your book. Now you want to name your characters. you should always keep notes about each person you write about. hair color and style. they will give you their writing guidelines. These are the life of the story. Keep notebook handy for thoughts or changes you want to make. This is a big deal. height and weight. if you follow these simple directions. Set goals for yourself and follow the rules and deadlines you have set. You may find you have a couple of subplots along the way but don’t fret. you need to make writing your book a real job. This happens to a number of great writers. Next you‘ll want to jot down ideas for different events that will occur in your story. If you are going to want to have your book published. Congratulations you’ve taken the first step. must good books do. nicknames. The characters “live and breathe” inside their minds. You may have certain names picked out already however. All of a sudden you know the character is not who you thought she was but she “tells” you the name she wants to be known by.com/howtowritea_rdcd. Once you start with characters. Some writers will tell you to write X amount of pages per day or week. Follow them to the letter for submission or your manuscript will never even be looked at.

tell a little about yourself and any background you may have in writing. When you’re ready to send out your manuscript be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope in your packet. downloading. In this letter. the obstacles are overcome and they live happily ever after. publishers get hundreds of manuscripts and it takes awhile to get to all of them.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:36:23 PM] . Copyright 2002 by PageWise. That will kill the book before it even gets read. fighting conflict.essortment.How to write a romance novel publishing houses. Make sure your synopsis mentions that these things have happened. Which ever you choose to do. NEVER put anything negative about your lack of experience or anything negative about your book in this letter. Review the full terms by clicking here. Send it out. almost all romance books have the her and heroine falling in love. Remember. or using you agree to our full terms. http://vava. Next you’ll need to write a cover letter addressed tot he specific editor for the line you are targeting.By printing. either inside or out and in the end. but they do. Remember. you’ll need to write either a query letter or a book synopsis. Inc. Written by Vanessa Mullins Title: How to write a romance novel Description: Learn how to write a romance novel with this easy guide. they should both include highlights of your book without getting bogged down with too much detail. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .com/howtowritea_rdcd. Good luck and happy writing. Sit back and relax or start your next book.

most of the action and conclusion appears in the end of the text. Break chapter into halves. It's a common thing to have a book begin with a chapter on one thing. In fact. This is a wonderful exercise for the imagination. thirds or quarters and outline those as well. if leaped into. then proceed to the beginning. It also eliminates the gaping hole that many writers sense at the end of a manuscript. controlled fictional formats: Step One: Outlines Outlines are a fiction writer's best friend. This block is completely natural. Chances are. Creating backwards is the easiet way to coherent whole. Don't let your story control you. If you are at an utter loss for how to proceed to longer work. short stories and factual information inside a novel's storyline. Short stories and poetry are easily contained within formats that the writer can control. Longer fiction often looms so large that the writer fears becoming lost in his own sentences. For instance.com/howtowritef_rdwm. If you are having problems conceptualizing a long fiction story in its entirety. The smaller the sections you are writing. the easier it will be to see how they fit into the larger picture.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:36:30 PM] . Creating an end to proceed toward creates a comfortable journey. there are no loose ends to tie up after writing. then continue with a second chapter contiaining an entirely new story. because your creativity will exert itself making stories meet. take a good short story that you've written. then insert a poem. Step Three: Try Writing Backwards Take a look at the outline you've put together.essortment. It is often possible to find poems. To make a healthy progression from short fiction to long fiction. Step Four: Combine Your Short Fiction Talents The shape and content of novels has changed greatly. Many writers find that if they write the ending of a piece first. Carefully lay out a ground plan addressing each chapter. the following steps will address the ways that long fiction can be formed without ever leaving the safety of small. Take the short http://sd. toss a bunch of shorter works into the pot. try to remember that long fiction can always be contained within several chunks. then consider making it two or three stories instead of simply one.How to write longer fiction How to write longer fiction Many writers experience a block when trying to move from shorter forms of fiction writing to longer forms like the novella or novel. Step Two: Consider Multiple Subjects.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .By printing. The same thing applies to longer fiction. http://sd.essortment. This procedure gives fiction work a burnished aspect that will appeal to editors. Step Five: Give Yourself Time It is a common thing for a writer to create a rough short story. Review the full terms by clicking here. put it down for a few months. Even when your work is complete. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. and then approach it with a clean slate. Written by genevieve thiers Title: How to write longer fiction Description: Learn how to write fiction and find ways to extend your shorter fiction into long works. or using you agree to our full terms. You may be surprised at the freshness and creativity that this produces.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:36:30 PM] . This practice is especially suited to the novel and novella. and insert it into a chapter. Take the chapter and make more like it. then combine. set it down for a month or two. Give yourself time to write and re-read what you are putting down on paper.How to write longer fiction story and the poem. Inc. and then come back to it with a clear idea of how to edit and finish it. downloading.com/howtowritef_rdwm. because much work must sit untouched for periods while other pieces of the work are being created.

be sure to read other writers from that genre. Nonfiction.. http://ar. Whether it is the right answer.Tips for novel ideas Tips for novel ideas There are so many ways to come up with ideas for writing a plot or creating fiction. But don’t stop here. questions can become a pathway to new story ideas.. If you like westerns. etc. The six ?’s of story telling Questions always lead to something.) will help keep you updated on what’s happening in the world and it will increase your memory bank. we need to break out and re-discover words. magazines. then read westerns. The five ‘W’s’ and the ‘how’ questions have always been a good guidance tool for this.essortment. Depending on what genre you are interested in.com/novelsideaswri_rdkt. read biographies or self-help books. If you like romance. Sure we can get ideas from watching television but it doesn’t work our minds like reading does. or a new idea or thought. Reading both fiction (novels) and non-fiction (newspapers. The key is to ask yourself detailed questions about your story line and leave no stone unturned. read romance.htm (1 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:36:38 PM] . Never forget these questions when writing: How? Who? Why? What? When? Where? Stretch your mind by reading In a time where the television has taken control of most of our homes. These are the basic six questions you want to ask yourself when coming up with a new story line. Sometimes it's as easy as looking around oneself to find that great idea. or whatever else you like. Get to know that genre and what the publishing industry is offering readers. Here are some tips for novel ideas.

Watch for a theme. http://ar. etc. Don’t just watch. The goings-on around us can supply us with endless plots and scenes…if we are paying attention. There are so many places to ‘people watch’ such as: the airport. but discover how the people react to what’s happening to them and around them. People watching can stretch the borders of our imagination. Let them flow and write down your answers. They give more shape and substance to your scenes. shopping malls. You never know what will happen. Imagine the scene as if you were experiencing it or seeing it for the first time Imagine the scene as you are now Imagine the scene as if you knew you were going to die soon Imagine the scene as if you were seeing it for the last time because it won’t happen again in your lifetime By doing this you will give yourself a broader writing point-of-view. walk. try a few different ways to discover new ideas for your writing. etc. Be a watcher – of people and places This world is a busy place. and it’s these questions that can lead you to new story ideas. dress. Your readers become more entranced when they are given more information. always bring paper and a pen with you.essortment. Sounds Sounds are important to describe in any story. look. The way they act. As an observer.htm (2 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:36:38 PM] . speak.Tips for novel ideas You can even dig deeper when reading a fiction novel. You will also find that your readers will connect better with them. when you’re stuck in traffic. You will open up the doors to great storytelling and your characters will become much more realistic and reliable to your readers.com/novelsideaswri_rdkt. All fiction books have themes such as ‘love triumphs all’ or ‘good guys finish first’. Observation is a key tool to discovering how the world works. buses or any other transport system. People are constantly fascinating me. watch. in a dentist or doctor’s office. Wherever you go. etc. I could sit in one spot and watch people pass by for hours. You might just see something that will spark your imagination and set you on a new journey of storytelling. Ask yourself questions about why they do what they do? Why do they look happy or sad? Are they on vacation? Where are they from? Why are they here? There are so many questions.

It’s been said. taste. It can happen in school. in a meeting. Journaling Journaling is a great tool for writers. Journals. Listen to the sounds around you. Inc. then writing from our dreams could be a great way to write from our hearts. I always jot it down for future reference. If this is true. Here are some tips for novel ideas. This is a tool that writers can use to stretch and improve their writing skills. ideas. or a confidant that we share with. it is our chance to open up ourselves and become extremely vulnerable. sounds or smell or sights that we don’t want to forget and anything else that pops in our heads. in a way. on an elevator. I hope all these tools send you on your way to great story telling! Written by Krista Barrett Title: Tips for novel ideas Description: Novel ideas for writing a plot or creating fiction is easier htan you believe. Good listening skills can and will increase your ability to write great stories. ‘dreams are a window into our very soul’. For some. Write down the sounds you hear around you and give a detailed account of each of them.Tips for novel ideas Reading should be like living for your reader. Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to what is happening instead of just watching. sound – these are all key to making your story come alive for your reader. smell. and in that. Fantasies provide us with another great way to glean new story ideas.. This is another great way to open up and stretch your imagination for new stories. you become more aware and prepared to provide details of the sounds you need to make your story credible. We all fantasize at some point in our lives. thoughts. If I dream something that I think I can use in a story. I always keep a notebook and pen beside my bed. wherever you are. Sometimes it's as easy as looking around oneself to find that great idea.htm (3 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:36:38 PM] . Take time to sit and allow your mind to take you wherever it wants to go.essortment. etc. Dream and Fantasies Dreams can often provide you with incredible stories because there seems to be such a freedom of the mind when we dream. scenes that suddenly come to mind.. http://ar. By listening. It’s amazing what ideas for story lines and scenes come to light during this time. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.com/novelsideaswri_rdkt. find out what we’re passionate about. Touch. It should be a world that contains all the senses. can become a friend to us. It’s a place where we can write down all our secrets.

By printing.com/novelsideaswri_rdkt.htm (4 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:36:38 PM] . http://ar.Tips for novel ideas DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms.essortment. Review the full terms by clicking here. downloading.

You do not need to take notes or form an outline. It might not benefit you to take a workshop or class that has too much focus on technique and writing the "right" way. or in some other way affirm your trust and faith in this entity. play soulful music. If you choose to take a workshop or class. Light candles. there are plenty of writers who forget to make this a priority. Let your imagination and inspiration guide you. or any other so-called higher power. the key is to find the one that works for you. Sometimes too much focus on grammar.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:36:49 PM] . You certainly may do so if you wish. Nobody has the exact recipe for how you write best. and it is important to let the creativity flow. so it is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules.How to write a short story the creative way How to write a short story the creative way Writing a short story can be creative and fun if you don't get bogged down in too much technique and protocol. and the so-called technique of creative writing can sap the creativity out of the process.essortment. . Assuming that writing creatively is your priority and that you want to write a short story. call a creative friend. Writing a short story is an extremely creative process. . the universe. or do something that inspires you and validates your creativity. many people are drawn to writers workshops and creative writing classes in search of learning to write.If you have a faith in nature. you can learn all the technique in the world and still not write a great short story. try a few helpful hints. trust the process of it. When it comes to writing a short story. walk the beach. workshops and classes are not always the best avenue to learn how to write. Although that might seem obvious. spelling. . While many people find workshops and classes to be very beneficial. do a meditation. make sure it is the one for you. Many.Start writing. thank your creator. Buddha.Do something creative for yourself before you begin to get yourself in the right mood. You do not need to plan ahead. dance in your living room. Be creative. But to really stay true to creativity. Allah. This is only a suggestion that some writers find to be helpful. There is no http://nh.com/howtowritesho_rynt. The point of creative writing is to write creatively. that is okay. you might want to say a prayer. God. If you do not believe in a higher power. Unfortunately.

or using you agree to our full terms. http://nh. Inc. Do not worry about your technique for now. But you might enjoy the creative writing process more fully if you let your imagination lead the way . Title: How to write a short story the creative way Description: Writing a short story can be creative and fun if you don't get bogged down in too much technique and protocol. . remember that some of the greatest writers of all time did not worry about technique. took is to ENJOY YOURSELF. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .and let the creativity fall into place.essortment. such as that old feeling that your writing isn't good enough and that your technique is not up to par.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:36:49 PM] . no good or bad. Review the full terms by clicking here. and most important. Let the writing flow.The final. this should not be an issue. Unless you plan to win some great award. Don't worry about editing as you go along. Just let yourself play and enjoy writing creatively. one of the most famous books of all time.com/howtowritesho_rynt.How to write a short story the creative way right or wrong.You might find along the way that something keeps trying to bog you down. for instance. Certainly you can edit along the way if that makes you happy. Even if you want to win an award. certainly did not adhere to any traditional sense of what a book "should look like". Copyright 2002 by PageWise. downloading. . His book "Dubliners".By printing. Look at James Joyce.

Creating the perfect setting for writing fiction

Creating the perfect setting for writing fiction
When writing fiction, a writer spends a great deal of time concentrating on the plot of the story, the characterization of the people in the story and the beginning and endings of the story. However, another exercise that demands just as much attention is the development of the setting. Your characters and plot can go no where without the correct setting. And, your setting is not going to help your story at all unless you create the detail your reader needs in order to place him self in your characters' world. Setting is very important for three reasons. First of all, your characters need an environment that will help deliver their story. It has to be a place that is in keeping with your plot and theme. If there is not a setting for the story to take place, there is no story. Second, your setting will help you develop your plot. A plot that takes place in a sea side harbor is going to be a lot better developed for your story of the intricacies of industrializing the canning industry, than is a desert reservation. Keeping in mind what kind of story your are telling will automatically give you ideas about your setting. A fantasy story about mole people is not going to be very viable if it takes place in a desolate barren land with no hills. Third, your characters will be better developed if their setting is clear to your readers. It is hard to understand why a character would lock themselves in a basement due to a phobia about tornadoes if he or she lives in a place where there are no tornadoes. Your readers just may consider this a bit too odd to keep reading. Hence, a cowgirl trying to save her family's ranch will be right at home in a western wilderness setting. The fact that she can walk in the fields at night and not be startled by the calls of owls and coyotes will tell your reader a lot about what kind of character she will become. Now that we understand why our setting is so important, lets look at some ways to create a believable and workable setting. You don't want your setting to be too rigid. It may need to change as your story develops and your characters grow. That office building may need to start out as a storefront until your character has found his fortune to build the skyscraper of his dreams. Always keep in mind your plot and your characters as you develop your setting. A reader is not going to understand a long monologue by a character about the beauty of dirty slums that he grew up in and caused his sister to die from rabies due to a bite from a rat living in the same apartment building. However, a remembrance atop a high rise apartment building about the first time a that girl made love to that very special boy

http://tntn.essortment.com/writingfiction_rcck.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:36:57 PM]

Creating the perfect setting for writing fiction

during a hot summer night would cause such a monologue. Be careful of details. You want to have enough details that your reader gets a clear picture of the surroundings. However, if you try to get too detailed, the prose of your story will become tedious and your reader will lose interest quickly. It is important to note that the sun is a burnt orange as it descends behind the skyline of your city. But, if you go to great lengths to describe the rays of the sun and the different shapes of the buildings that comprise your skyline, your reader just may forget that there is a vampire waiting in the basement of one of those buildings. Setting is a great way to allow your reader to become part of your story. If done correctly is will pull your reader into your writing and absorb his or her thoughts completely. But, if overdone it will make your reader put your story down and forget it even exists. Give your reader some credit that he or she can figure some things out for themselves and let them munch happily on the events in your story while enjoying the scenery.

Written by Chrystal McCoy Title: Creating the perfect setting for writing fiction Description: Here is an article to help create a setting for your fictional writing.
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Writing a good plot outline

Writing a good plot outline
You were just hit with a great idea for a novel. You’re inspired, energized, psyched, and can’t wait to start writing. STOP! Back away from the keyboard. Have I got your attention? Good. The first thing any writer should do before starting any serious writing is to craft a plot outline. A good outline is like a blueprint of your story. The same way an architect would never start building a house without first knowing where he was going, neither should a writer start building his story without fist knowing where its going. Your outline can be detailed – with scene descriptions and dialouge, or brief – with only a few lines describing the main action in each scene. Which ever method you choose, its best to rework it roughly three times. The first draft isn’t expected to be perfect; Its purpose is to give you the main shape of the story – letting you know what you need to get from point A to point B. Start this outline by writing the beginning scene, the end scene, and all other major scenes you already envision. This will give you an idea of what other scenes you need. Fill in these extra scenes until you think you have a fairly well fleshed out story. Try to write a set amount of scenes each day, and never stop when you’ve run out of ideas. Stop in the middle of an idea so you don’t start “cold” the next day. The time this draft will take varies considerably from person to person, and depends on how detailed you are and how long the book you’re writing is. For some it might take only days, while, for others, it might take weeks. When you do finish this draft, then put it aside for a few days to give it a “cooling off” period. When you think you can look at it objectively, then take it out again, and start revising. Start the second draft by taking out a pen and coffee, and reading through what you’ve written. Jot down any thoughts you have, and ask yourself these questions: Do the scenes switch easily from one to the other, creating a continuous piece? Are all the scenes in the correct order? Is the pacing right – should a scene maybe be added, or deleted? Try to look for a central “theme” in your work – the main point it’s making or story it’s telling. This isn’t necessarily a moral, just a central “idea”. Once you get down to your story’s true “core” you’ll be able to better see what needs to be reworked. In a good novel, every scene some how relates to the main “core. Any scenes that don’t relate need to be either cut out or reworked so that they do. Take your time with this stage, reworking the outline until everything seems to fall into place. When you think you’re finished, put it aside again – this time longer than the first. When you take out your outline for the final draft, and read through it again, you will probably find only minor changes that need to be done. A scene added, or maybe just reworked. If you aren’t sure about something, like the beginning or ending, then experiment with it and see what else you can come up with. Remember though, that even your best draft of an outline probably won’t remain completely unchanged throughout the whole novel. Just as Architects get ideas as they build, so will you as a writer. As long as you have a blueprint, you can experiment with these changes without
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Review the full terms by clicking here. and so do great Novels. http://meme.Writing a good plot outline damaging the structure. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. or using you agree to our full terms. Inc.com/writingplotout_rtuj. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .essortment. Title: Writing a good plot outline Description: Great houses start with blueprints. downloading. Learn about writing a good plot outline for you story.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:37:09 PM] .By printing.

Don’t take them too seriously. But some people enjoy writing. If you do beat it. instead write about your emotions.Writing fiction for fun Writing fiction for fun Some people write for money. Written by Frank Flowers Title: Writing fiction for fun Description: Writing fiction can be fun. just continuing the story. If you can’t seem to get a group together.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:37:28 PM] . Then each group will continue the story. And don’t just write about what you did or who you saw. The most important thing is to remember that these are all just games. Others because they have to. then try to set a personal goal and then try and beat it. Try writing in a journal if you don’t already. and the end result will be very different and pretty funny. but trust me it gets to be fun. try and do better the next. One base topic is set and everyone must write about it. If you don’t like that idea.com/writingfiction_rzad. if you write 5000 words in one day. For example. try getting some friends together and have a writing contest. A good example is to have everyone write about their biggest fear. Then another person continues it. Then you can have two or three people who have not written with the group to judge all the stories. You can include prizes to make it more challenging. there’s plenty you can do on your own. and it also improves your self-confidence. It may seem boring for the first few days. It can be a fun and interesting hobby. if you know how to make it fun. This will probably help you to improve your writing more than anything. You could go on and on for as long as you want. you could divide everyone into two groups and have one person write the same beginning for each. http://vtvt.essortment. Usually this is best if it’s something fiction or a personal experience. And if none of these sound interesting. try and beat that new standard. This is where one person writes part of a story. Anything that comes to your head. but you can look back later on and see the progress you’ve made. Whoever has written the most compelling one wins. You can get a group of friends together for a “Round Robin” as it’s sometimes called. This will not only help you grow as a writer. To spice things up. I have several ideas on how you and your friends can do some basic writing exercises just for fun.

Writing fiction for fun Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Review the full terms by clicking here.By printing. http://vtvt.com/writingfiction_rzad.essortment. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms. downloading.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:37:28 PM] . Inc.

If you spend all your time introducing characters.com/howtowritesh_reob. Don’t give out too much information in your introduction. This can be just a couple of paragraphs or several depending on the length you intend your story to be. and finish off the story. You can conclude your story with a bit of a twist or a surprise to keep the reader guessing or wondering what would be next. Keep it to the point and keep your reader interested. Sometimes the best short stories are the ones that leave you guessing. In your plan you should have an introduction paragraph that sets the scene and introduces your characters. The thing about short stories is that because they are short you do not have too much time to introduce your characters and to set up the scenes. StudyWeb When writing short stories. or prepare it for the big conclusion. keep the number of characters in your story to a minimum. As you come towards the end of the core part of your story. these should be where all the action happens and should be the core of your story. The core of your story is where is all happens.essortment. It should answer any questions raised in the core part of the story. Leave most of the information and action of your story for the middle of your story in the core part. Your introduction should make an impact on your reader. hence the name “short story”. Before you start writing it is a good idea to briefly plan out your story. A short story is a usually a fictional story or it could be otherwise. but it does however need to bring a feeling of finality to the reader.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:37:38 PM] . Always finish with a conclusion that rounds it all up and brings the story together. It should be precise and present the characters and events sharply. There should be a few paragraphs in the middle of your story. start to finish the story up. http://nd. Make a list of possible characters and describe briefly what you want to happen in your story. so do not be afraid to create a bit of mystery in your conclusion but make sure the story feels finished and concluded. The idea is to keep it fairly simple and make it fairly fast paced. Concentrate on what your story is about and try not to go off track on to information that is not needed. but it is short enough to be read in one sitting. your reader may lose interest and you may run out of time for all the action of your story.How to write short stories How to write short stories Some of the best fictional stories are short stories. Make sure that all the characters you include are necessary to your story. Your conclusion should be one to two paragraphs and it should bring the whole story together. Pace your story out over a few paragraphs but remember to not give more information than is necessary. The conclusion is where it all ends up. The idea is to create just enough excitement that the reader desires to read on.

essortment. You do not have much time in a short story to explain yourself. Try to keep the reader interested. You story should flow from one paragraph into the next and not have an interrupted feel about it. Inc.How to write short stories When writing short stories be precise and do not “babble” on about unnecessarily things. downloading. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. so describe your scenes well and with descriptive words.com/howtowritesh_reob.By printing. What have you got to loose? Give it go today! Title: How to write short stories Description: How to plan out your paragraphs and write short stories and short story fiction. Be careful not to over use big words and create a story full of fancy language.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:37:38 PM] . intrigued or guessing. Review the full terms by clicking here. keep it direct and simple. Writing short story fiction is easy and just about any one can do it. write about something you know and take it from there. It is quick and it doesn’t take long to pull to together a story with a few ideas. http://nd. If you feel stumped about what to write about. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms. Try to keep it simple and to the point.

. “ Who are you writing for? What will it be about? Will I let others read it? Do I care if it is being read? How long will it be? What rhymes with A?”. This could be the first line you write. can be 20 words but written in a way to look like a two word sentenced piece. the want to share. or just plain passion. Your poetry that you create is an extension of yourself and yes. Meaning. or a everyday saying. How does she make you feel? BOOM!!! She makes you feel special. Your reader may enjoy this as well. let's begin. But do not write yet. or an event. MOOD=Seductive. you have no set guidelines.. Remember your MOOD. Please understand that one’s ideas and views are different from the next person. that they would get laughed or not accepted because of their lack of knowledge in the “world of the poets” or limited vocabulary. When writing poetry. or a setting. If your mood is seductive. “Topic.” TOPIC=Girlfriend. and Mood” should be there. then be blunt. bring that poem to a “kiss and not tell” closing. one does not have to be born knowing rhyme. Be sure to put all emotion into the piece. original poetry written is a result of emotions. Most people think. when attempting writing poetry. Your poem. Begin by writing things you know will bring the MOOD on in the piece. You can begin yours with a word. Your piece you created must fit the MOOD you set. or a descriptive event. You can see this when studying poets from the 17th century to present day now. are questions that should not be in your head.com/howtowritepoe_rzbq. if you do not desire that. The poem is yours. All poems do not have to begin with a topic. Remember. in poetry you must FOCUS. “I want to write a poem to my girl friend. The feeling are true. no matter how long it is. external situations. Not true. It is basically written upon how that writer feels.How to write poetry How to write poetry When in grade school.. The mood is yours.they will. Your example is that you want to write to your girlfriend. In closing. FEELING=Love.essortment. Just different articulations on the vocabulary. Which did you choose? In writing poetry. Feeling. bring it to an abrupt ending making the reader want more to read. But do not be afraid to write and get “not so http://de. The choice is yours. you are given a choice either to recite poetry or create and read poetry. Structure. The end result could be that “she makes you feel special” or beginning with “she makes you feel special by doing _____”. Or. Example. it will be judged by those who read it. that could also be your last line.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:37:55 PM] . describe your emotions to the point of where the reader feels them with you. If you cannot do that. The key word is FOCUS. Writing poetry has no limitations. So you have the tools but the words do not come to mind! FOCUS. STRUCTURE=Based upon if your girlfriend likes to read or not. You have the MOOD and you are FOCUSED.

com/howtowritepoe_rzbq.essortment. Title: How to write poetry Description: Learn how to write poetry. See how easy it really can be creating your first piece. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.How to write poetry good” reviews.By printing.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:37:55 PM] . the art of writing rhyming or non rhyming sentences to express emotions. Poetry is like an art of work Keep writing. Inc. you can only get better. and translations. events. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms. downloading. http://de. Review the full terms by clicking here.

essortment. Or maybe you write one line. > Not having enough information on the topic. you can fight back! The first thing you must figure out is why you are having writer's block and then decide what you can do to sneak around it! Why can't I write? Writer's block is caused by many different things. However. When writer's block gets a hold of you. If you are so uninterested in the topic that you can't even write about it.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:38:13 PM] . of course you can't do that. Not having enough information on the topic. pencil in hand. if you haven't thoroughly researched your idea..the dreaded writer's block! What is it. This goes hand in hand with #2. > No interest in the topic. but seriously. spouse and the kids and are so drained that you are too tired to write! Writing takes time and concentration. > To tired to concentrate. only to erase it or crumble the paper up and toss it into the trash. tapping it against the desk top. If you are trying to write about something that you know nothing (or very little) about. at the desk. No interruptions. ask if you can be assigned a new topic. set aside a scheduled time that is only for writing. you ask? Writer's block is that terrible menacing mental block that prevents you from writing! There you sit. If you have too many responsibilities that are constantly interfering with your writing. a book report or a book that we are trying to write. The more you learn on the topic. What can I do to get around writer's block. chances are you will have little success. Sometimes writers get so excited about an idea that they want to start writing it at once.com/overcomewriters_rfec. Here is a list of reasons that could be causing you to be unable to write. If you are like many freelance writers. or stop it altogether? http://msms. Do more research so that you are able to better develop the story. whether it's a letter. Just kidding.How to overcome writer's block How to overcome writer's block All writers have experienced it at one time or another. If you are writing an essay for school and the topic was assigned by the teacher. you go to work at your day job. no phone calls. why would anyone want to read it? Try changing the idea or the slant to something that you can become more interested in. an essay. the easier it will be for you to write about it. You are unable to focus. Try to do some additional research or talk to others who are knowledgeable on the topic. unable to write. you may find that you aren't able to develop the idea as you had planned. run your errands. > Your idea is under-developed.. get rid of all of them. cook dinner. It has happened to the best of us. take care of the pets.

Start writing about your topic and continue to write ideas for five or ten minutes. you can always resort to writing a grocery list or honey-do list. But. write about whatever is on your mind. Now list two or three things that come to mind about each idea. there are some things that you can do to dance around writer's block when it tries to grab a hold of you. or until you can't think of anything else to say about your topic. Place Idea 1 at the top of the page. Freewriting is sort of like talking to yourself. and Idea 3. If you find that you can't focus on the topic. Often it is helpful to put the idea aside for a while. > Write every day! Writers need a schedule for writing. when you come back to it. > Create an Outline! Remember back in high school when your English teacher would make you do those outlines? Those are great to use when you are going through writer's block. Idea 2. but doing it with ink. so must a writer. jot down two or three major ideas. > Practice Freewriting Freewriting is writing about whatever comes to mind. > Work on several articles simultaneously. Pick an object on your desk and write about it. a middle and an end to your article.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:38:13 PM] .essortment. And when all else fails. The worst thing you can do is to give into the writer's block. Idea 2 in the center and Idea 3 toward the bottom.com/overcomewriters_rfec. Written by Victoria Walker http://msms.How to overcome writer's block You may not be able to stop it altogether. everyone experiences circumstances that preoccupy their minds or cause them to lose their focus and concentration. If you are thinking that you forgot to take the trash out. Finding out what your obstacles are and how to work around them will keep you writing. Label the major ideas Idea 1. try switching to another topic. Use these ideas to develop your sentences and paragraphs. Anything at all. Just keep the ideas flowing. If you can't think of anything to say about your topic. Sometimes. Instead of composing long sentences or ideas. Just as a star athlete has to practice to stay adept at his craft. then you can write that. you may have a different perspective. From time to time. This will help you determine a beginning. even if it is journal writing or freewriting. even if you can't think of anything to write about. Try to write something everyday. writers will get burned out while working on an article.

htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:38:13 PM] . downloading. this advice will help you to overcome writers block! Copyright 2002 by PageWise.How to overcome writer's block Title: How to overcome writer's block Description: Whether you are writing a book.com/overcomewriters_rfec. or using you agree to our full terms. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . an essay or a letter. Inc.essortment. http://msms.By printing. Review the full terms by clicking here.

it’s totally for you. you’ll know the answer to this. now what?” I think after you write it. I’m sure that you’ll find after the first sentence you should be able to write a good journal entry without worrying about grammar or spelling. Don’t even think about writing. And if you’re still stuck. If you’ve had writer’s block for a long time. So take my advice and see if it works. I’ve done a journal entry. The whole point of the journal is to be able to write without anyone reading it. but just try it. it’s simple. Clear your schedule for about an hour. Well with a journal you can just write the first thing that comes to your mind.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:38:43 PM] . and then just write. It’s hard to break out of.A cure for writers block A cure for writers block Everyone suffers from writer’s block at some point. no matter what the topic. I think I’ve found a good way to get the ball rolling. then I have another method. And always keep writing. I’m already into the flow of writing so I just switch topics and boom. Remember. You may think watching movies will do anything but help you write.essortment. I’ve gotten some incredibly wonderful story ideas from movies. It’s there only for you and you have total control. Also. but not for everyone. but when you do you actually become a better writer. even when I was stumped. I forced myself to write. I suggest taking a weekend off and watch a lot of movies and read as much as possible. The secret to getting rid of your writer’s block is to keep a journal. even a note. If it doesn’t work for you. Whether it’s writing an essay. I find that after writing a paragraph or two in my journal. everyone get stumped on how they should right. so simple it’s ridiculous. You just write a few words about your day and you’ll find yourself in the mood to continue. http://txtx. Try and make writing a habit for you. Most people have a hard time just starting off with the first sentence. I started a journal as an experiment. lots of ideas come to my mind. we may find ourselves completely blank on how to start it off and how to word it. Write a quick sentence on what your day has been like or who you’ve talked to. Force yourself to write. the pressure of someone else reading it isn’t there. “Ok. Like I said. I no longer have writer’s block. Set a time where you’ll write everyday. This should work for most people. just so I could look at my feelings and thoughts each day. It’s pretty simple actually.com/curewritersblo_refg. a letter. Continue this for a few days and you’ll find yourself into the flow of things. and after I watch something I find myself writing. People naturally get into habits and want to stay with them. After the weekend you’ll find yourself full of ideas. the only other option is just waiting it out. Well after spending a lot of my time writing.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms.By printing.com/curewritersblo_refg. http://txtx. Review the full terms by clicking here. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:38:43 PM] .essortment.A cure for writers block Written by Frank Flowers Title: A cure for writers block Description: Tips to help cure writers block. Inc. downloading.

essortment. To combat this tendency. its solutions are usually simple. and vice-versa. it is a writer’s worst nightmare. It doesn’t matter if it’s a masterpiece or absolute crap. and pretty soon you’ll be approaching every piece as though it were simply a rough draft. Step Three: Make a U-Turn Many writers often feel that their writing becomes “stale” for reasons that they can’t explain. While writer’s block is often a very complex problem.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:38:51 PM] . Letting the expectations and standards of the outside world slip into your private sphere is almost certain to leave your mind blank within minutes. Step Two: Remember Your Motivation Often the pressure of writing something leads one to forget why they’ve chosen to write it at all. Why? Because being able to do my own thing is important to me.Overcoming writers block: five writing exercises Overcoming writers block: five writing exercises The phenomenon of writer’s block has had many a writer burning the midnight oil trying desperately to compose a piece. This is neither practical nor healthy. with amazing results. Chances are nine out of ten that it will be some of the most real. (Example: If you are a serious writer. and discover the motivation to move forward. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately. If you are a woman. Why? ) After a period of time you might be able to unravel the cause of your writer’s block. Writing in one genre for a long period of time make actually lead to writer’s block. as long as the pressure is off. Then read it. ask “Why. The following are five carefully composed exercises that are designed to combat the worst kinds of writer’s block. When you feel yourself answer. In a world of fast-paced deadlines and fickle audiences. Ask yourself why you started writing in the first place. Take a piece of paper and make a question list. write things that are completely opposite to your normal routine.” (Example: I started writing because I love the freedom.com/overcomingwrite_rcke. Step Four: Try a Disguise http://ar. To keep your writing fresh and retain a sense of challenge in every piece. take a piece of paper and write whatever you want for as long as you like. Step One: Write for Yourself Many writers sit down to the blank page prepared to write the next Great American Novel. write as a man. try comedy. relaxed writing you’ve done in a while. Try this exercise several more times.) Then bring this freedom back into your daily work.

Review the full terms by clicking here. (Example: For a detective story. You may scare the neighbors. (If it is a TV. Step Five: Use Outside Influences More often than not.By printing. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.) If you really want to get into things. wear camouflage. a little more than imagination is needed. or using you agree to our full terms. turn it so that it is not facing you. http://ar. For a war tale. Written by genevieve thiers Title: Overcoming writers block: five writing exercises Description: Experiencing the frustration of writers block? Follow these five simple exercises to create inspired prose. however. There is an easy solution to this problem. poetry and news in all situations. throw on accents and parade around the house in character. downloading. Try dressing in an article of clothing that your character would wear. or jump from story to story recording reactions.essortment.Overcoming writers block: five writing exercises Writers are well known for their ability to step into the skin of a character and make it come to life. Write on the first story you hear.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:38:51 PM] .) Then let your stories take their inspiration from the greatest pool of strange stories around: the daily news. writers become blocked for lack of a story. but your writing will take a turn for the better. This exercise is guaranteed to give you a large set of ideas to work from while you write.com/overcomingwrite_rcke. Inc. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Sometimes. wear a trench coat. Take a radio or TV and place it near your writing space.

essortment. you just don’t know where to begin. http://va. You type your first sentence. facets and themes that you can’t seem to separate all of those complexities into one central idea. Just one brilliant sentence that would glitter and shine like a beacon to take you the rest of the journey. but. yet.” Then you hit the delete button exactly forty-nine times. Instead use connectors: like. Perhaps something quite moving and poignant happened.com/writersblocks_rrru. you probably already have an idea of what you want to explore. “My best friend Billy was a really great friend. Often your mind is so full of great ideas. instead. the problem is you have too many ideas. and how a bond was forged in childhood because of this event. Close your eyes and write with absolutely no punctuation. how to beat it You have a plethora of abstract ideas and concepts that you would like to explore. how to beat it Writer block: how to treat it. your best friend’s face appears. and. That first sentence didn’t even scratch the surface much less hook anyone. emotions. But brilliance hasn’t made its appearance yet. textures and smells. But if you were to be honest with yourself. how you both shared this particular event. You realize how much this friend meant to you. she overwhelmed you with too many pictures. You know you are blocked when something like this happens to you: You decide you would like to write a story about a childhood experience. and even a glimmer of a real concrete idea hasn’t even whispered in your ear. where your whole concept of the world was forever altered. For an opening line. It’s not that you don’t have any ideas. however. Your mind begins going through all of the memory files. it reeked. Set a kitchen timer for ten minutes and write the longest sentence you possibly can. The trick is to hone in on one concept then build from there.Writer block: how to treat it.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:04 PM] . insights. and you could do it too. This is often the reason a writer becomes blocked. Your muse didn’t fail you. who shared the experience with you. if you only come up with one sentence. sounds.

as well as the occasional kick in the pants. try to acquaint yourself with one. grandchildren or volunteer work will fill the well. If you don’t have enough time for such nonsense. just spending a day with their children. The more you write. all dressed the same yet in their sameness was beauty and grace all aching for the love of the warm yellow golden light to touch and nourish them but their amber faces were happy and round and they bobbed as they noticed me free wheeling by on my magic bike on an unforgettable warm summer day…” The idea of this exercise is to escape from the rules of writing so that your imagination is free to draw from your own very personal experiences and insights. Every artist has a deep well within their mind where ideas and emotions connect to form stories. the better your writing will become. If you are not already involved in a writer’s group.com/writersblocks_rrru. how to beat it Here’s an example: “Riding my bike past a field of sunflowers. There are a great number of books on the market that deal with the problem of writer’s block. all their faces gazed toward the sun like a mass of fanatical religious zealots. that will reflect in your writing. Here are some favorites: “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg “Writing the Natural Way”. If your town doesn’t have a local group you can join then get resourceful! There are literally thousands of groups you can join via the Internet. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and you aren’t too busy for your writing time. “But how do I replenish my well?!” The writer must spend time doing the things that bring him joy.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:04 PM] . Writers are a special group of people. Eventually you will discover a theme or idea that you will want to revisit. Make writing a priority and an integral part of your daily routine. or going to church will nourish that imagination. Perhaps a walk through the rose garden. For some writers. If you are a writer. then your writing will suffer. Write whatever thought pops into your mind.Writer block: how to treat it. then to go deeper it’s safe to say that you are a great observer. by Gabriele Lusser Rico http://va. and try to expound on every idea that appears. It is vital that the writer replenish that well often. The process of creation requires a lot of energy. and if you are tired.essortment. They need to interact with other writers for support and inspiration.

” by Henriette Anne Klauser Title: Writer block: how to treat it. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .com/writersblocks_rrru.By printing.” by Elizabeth Ayers “Writing On Both Sides Of the Brain. http://va. Review the full terms by clicking here.Writer block: how to treat it. or using you agree to our full terms. how to beat it “Writing the Wave. how to beat it Description: How do you overcome that blank page? Learn about writer block and how you can release the pent up creativity! Copyright 2002 by PageWise.essortment. downloading.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:04 PM] . Inc.

com/howtobeawri_rkcu. Being a good writer doesn't mean just a person who can spell well. Many writers get so caught up in their writing or typing that they may indeed make many typos. this is not going to be a love for you. many great writers have people who actually proofread for them. Most well-known writers have been known to write thoughts and feelings much better than being able to speak them. because when the words just seem to pour out. but being a writer does not mean just putting words correctly on paper. decide what kind of writer you want to be after you have written in all different fields. have others read your work and give you an opinion. Read all kinds of stuff: fiction. pick subjects that you really feel deep in your heart.How to be a great writer How to be a great writer Becoming a writer: to many people this sounds like an easy job. 4. 5. Before you become a great writer you first need to spend lots of time being a good reader. You need someone who is a good critic. writing has to come from the heart. children's books. 3. 8. Your heart must be in it: if you start writing and the words do not flow. as that is the only way you will learn. nonfiction.essortment. Finally. especially when you first start writing. I have found it's best not to use family members.. so do many typos. we have heard time and time again that practice makes perfect. test the waters. so do not let this issue disturb you. As a matter of fact. because they will always tell you it is good. Be a good reader. This is true with any career. or you have to force your thoughts to get them on paper. Never let any bad http://meme. Anyone can take a subject and give you facts. This will give you a feel for how the words will look and sound on paper. Here are some tips to consider when deciding to pursue this career.. just try harder. 1. so start slowly by picking subjects you really have a feel for. at least not right away.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:39:16 PM] . but a good writer also shows you heart behind the words. and they won't point out the errors. everything. so if your first article doesn't make the grade. This will give you a better article. 2. Be prepared for let-downs. 7. To start writing. 6. You will continue to get better as you go along. don't give up. After you write some things. Remember everyone doesn't start out being good. Practice.

Review the full terms by clicking here. Written by melissa ransom Title: How to be a great writer Description: Learn how to be a great witer with these tips. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Copyright 2002 by PageWise. 10. learn from your mistakes and learn from your critics. and once you get you reputation established people will even ask you to submit your work. Keep journals of when you wrote your work.com/howtobeawri_rkcu.essortment.How to be a great writer remarks about your work get you discouraged. http://meme.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:39:16 PM] . downloading. Now with the World Wide Web it makes it so much easier for writers to get their work seen. Inc. or using you agree to our full terms. 9. this will also give you a chance to look back on all of the stuff you have ever created.By printing. Submit your work to many places to get noticed. You may find once you write it you may not be able to re-write your work twice. Save as many copies of your words as possible. Some of the advice you get may help you to one day become that great writer you have always dreamed you would be.

over and over again. Or should I say there are ideas floating out there while you sleep. If you’re simply writing for an article. I have learned how to relax my mind. I keep a dream journal and I have learned how to get my best ideas from my dreams. ask for the ability to remember the dreams. you want to write. newspaper and on TV just to name a few.com/dreamsjournals_rgjx. To make that idea jump from the page and walk right into the hands of book buyers. a pen/pencil to write with. and you can do it too. work surroundings. I believe the best way to find these ideas are to keep a dream journal. and for what reason. In order to find those ideas it may take a little soul searching as far as what. but it can be done. and untouched. Finding ideas may be even harder when you are given a certain theme but in this case you will have to do a little more research to be able to get your point across. the mall. Ideas for short stories and novels that are found in everyday life have pretty much been done. grocery store. http://ky. In your family life.essortment. and to allow myself to go into a positive dream state. But if you’re trying to write a short story or novel for a contest or the bestseller list. It will take some time to train your mind to remember your dreams. Place them right under your bed in a spot you can reach. Before going to sleep every night. and talk to your dream maker. but nonetheless the ideas are right before you. the trick is to turn that idea into a bestseller. Because most of those ideas have happened to all of us or someone close to us. Your idea has to be the changed around. then it may get to be a little harder. First of all buy a little notebook. the ideas you choose don’t have to be that broad. so well that it will trick the world into believing that it’s new. and a book light. lie on your pillow. Ask for specific dreams.Dream journals: get story ideas in your sleep! Dream journals: get story ideas in your sleep! Ideas for short stories and novels are everywhere. ask for clear dreams.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:25 PM] .

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . don’t move. open your book. Inc. Be sure to keep a smaller notebook with you at all times to jot down any other thoughts that may come to you during the day. After a few days of doing this project it will become a part of your daily routine and you’ll have so many ideas to use in your writing you never see writer's block. After you have cleared your mind of any thoughts left from the dream. Review the full terms by clicking here. close your dream journal. and start writing. and then go back and write the full sentences. or using you agree to our full terms.essortment. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.com/dreamsjournals_rgjx. Click on your light. thank the dream maker before getting up. Add any thoughts. downloading.) You don’t have to write in complete sentences. so be ready to write them as needed.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:25 PM] . just write keywords that will help you remember your dreams. and write in the morning. positive or negative that may come to mind about your dream. Don’t forget to write the date and time on each page. except to grab your notebook. Turn off your little light. http://ky. Sometimes your dreams will come to you once you’re on your feet. Or what the meaning of the dream may be. pen/pencil and light.Dream journals: get story ideas in your sleep! As soon as you wake up in the morning. (If you don’t sleep alone and have a chance of disturbing your mate. put your journal next to the toilet. again.By printing. and get ready for your new day. Written by Stephanie Storey Title: Dream journals: get story ideas in your sleep! Description: Dream journals: How to find ideas for you short stories and novels while you sleep.

essortment.com/dreamsjournals_rgjx.Dream journals: get story ideas in your sleep! http://ky.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:25 PM] .

the writer is unaware of any problems his or her work may have that prevent him or her from becoming published. You can start by going to your local library. Each one wishes to touch a soul at least once with his or her words and gift of weaving those words together to form some kind of meaning. The question you may have is "How do I find these groups?" It is a lot easier than you may realize. Just get one started.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:42 PM] . Writer's groups are a rich resource for all writers. The resource librarian will know how to help you begin looking if she or he doesn't know of a group personally already. Use the newspaper if you can afford it. Look in the want ads to see if there are any groups advertising for new members. It is best to find bulletin board and chat communities that host a variety of different topics oriented boards or rooms. it is time for you to think about doing so. If you are a writer and have not joined a group yet. Either in person or online. Finding online groups is just as easy. or whatever comes to mind to help you find any groups with websites. The problem with getting only positive feedback is that there is no promotion of growth for the writer. groups. author. if you have found no luck with any of these. These collections of personalities that all share the same dream provide invaluable support and resources for any writer. However. this could prove to be a long tedious search. A grammar and spell check function on a word processor can only do so much. One other place you can check is with any local colleges or adult education classes.Help for writers: advantage of writers groups Help for writers: advantage of writers groups Every aspiring writer likes to hear how wonderful his or her work makes a reader feel. And. If you still can't find a group. There are two ways to become involved with writer's groups. Writer's groups will give you the constructive criticism and resource information you will need to get published. check with your community center or the city hall to see if there are any groups registered using city buildings for their meetings. Advertise on community bulletin boards and grocery store bulletin boards. And. In person groups are all around you.com/helpwriters_rdtq. also. Of course you can just go to any search engine and type in words like writer. start your own group.essortment. finally. Newspapers are a good place to check. It's just a matter of knowing where to look. Some of the places that have countless groups are: Egroups http://ok.

which will help them help you in a more effective way. http://ok. It is a helpful tool that will guide you to a successful writing career. This will give your group a good sense of who you are and give them insight into your writing. Once you find a group. Written by Chrystal McCoy Title: Help for writers: advantage of writers groups Description: All writers need help. No matter where you find your writer's group. Egroups and Topica are great because they come straight to your email box and you can reply just by sending an email. Also. Keep your introduction as brief as possible. support. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.Help for writers: advantage of writers groups Topica Yahoo! Clubs These are just a few of the places that will have writer's groups. Those places are: Zoetrope Themestream There are bound to be even more if you take the time to research them. have fun with it and remember to take constructive criticism in the spirit in which it is given. try to keep away from groups who only want other genres. If you write a specific genre. Read the group's guidelines before joining to make sure you are able to commit what is necessary. Writer's groups are wonderful tools that can help a writer achieve his or her goals while allow him or her to make lifelong connections.essortment. Include personal stuff as well as any publishing credentials you may already have acquired. introduce yourself and have a sample of your work ready. Keep in mind what you want to gain and contribute to a group.com/helpwriters_rdtq. If you write only nonfiction. and constructive criticism in order to grow in their craft. include all the types of writing in which you are involved. Inc. There are two other places on the web that can give you invaluable exposure and access to experienced and talented reviewers. The best ways to find writer's groups is to find bulletin board or chat communities and then look through the boards and rooms for ones that are geared towards writers.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:42 PM] . With all three places you can start your own group if you wish. don't try to join groups that are geared for fiction writers.

Review the full terms by clicking here.essortment.Help for writers: advantage of writers groups DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:42 PM] . downloading.By printing.com/helpwriters_rdtq. or using you agree to our full terms. http://ok.

htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:54 PM] . brainstorm. Blizzards. You get the idea.How to brainstorm ideas for short articles How to brainstorm ideas for short articles Even if our writing aspirations include writing the Great American Novel or the next bestselling movie script. There is no right or wrong. From the above example. 1. Begin the session by clearing your mind of any preconceptions. But where do writers get their ideas for new articles. Snowblowers. Riff on connections. which should keep freelance writers working for quite some time. You need to devote all of your attention to the brainstorming process in order to benefit. clear off your entire agenda for a few minutes. suggest a group brainstorming session.just ideas. Kids home from school. Snowplows. Winter weather. feelings. Bad driving. other related subjects. Slush. useful or useless.com/brainstormingid_rzlz. Pick a subject and just start talking about it. Shovelling driveways. Snowball fights.. In order to have a good brainstorming session.. Snow. With the explosion of the Internet and the continued growth in the print magazine industry. here's what a writer might submit as a query: Ten Worst Blizzards in History How to Shovel Snow Safely My First Snow Ball Fight Ideas on Entertaining Children on Snow Days How to Drive Safely During a Snowstorm Five Ways to Earn Extra Money During Winter http://tntn. If you work with other writers. Take those rough ideas and turn them into marketable ideas for short articles. Snowballs. so don't skip this step unnecessarily. making freelance writers very valuable commodities indeed. Colds. the bread-and-butter of the freelance writing world continues to be short articles and stories. When in doubt. content will be the new mantra of the working writer. Everyone from the church secretary who creates a monthly newsletter to the editor of a national magazine needs short articles to fill the pages.essortment. and what should a writer do if the old brain pan seems to be running dry? Here are some ideas on how to generate short articles on just about any subject you can imagine. marketable or unmarketable. This is one of the most time-tested methods for generating new ideas. Companies with Web presences will need fresh content as never before. memories and so on.

famous figures. 3. Keep an eye on other mediums for new ideas. include phrases such as "According to Dr. scoring. radio talk shows and newspapers can help generate a lot of useful ideas. for example. 2. Think outside the box for new ideas. tricks. who's and what if's to consider. Let's take our bowling expert's situation. even if you believe that the 'how-to' element has been exhausted.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:54 PM] .. trends and forecasts. One concern for beginning writers is the fear of plagiarism. This is the perfect opportunity to start thinking 'outside the box'. where's.How to brainstorm ideas for short articles You can always take a few minutes out of every day to brainstorm. Mediums such as television. If you use quoted material or research. movies. personal anecdotesall of these elements can help generate new ideas. This in turn leads to fewer and fewer ideas.com/brainstormingid_rzlz. strategies. and the chances of creating any more useful articles are slim. lane conditions. or submit an article on child abuse after seeing a documentary on a public television station. You still have why's. Here are some questions to ask yourself when generating new ideas on a subject you believe is tired: What is the history of bowling? Who are some of the best bowlers in history? Have there been any recent equipment changes? Where do you see the sport going in the future? Have there been any humorous bowling incidents? You can adapt these sorts of questions to any other subject you seem to stuck on. Go beyond the nuts and bolts of your subject. You are perfectly free to write a story on fire safety after seeing a local news report. head cardiologist at Pratt and Whitney. Dave Winters. the incidence of heart attacks among veterans is climbing. leagues and ball selection.essortment." http://tntn. you are not in any danger of plagiarism. Writing articles on a subject you know very well does not have to end when you've covered the 'how' side of things. Histories. which can unblock your creative side on those days when inspiration is not working. Using the exact phrasing and not crediting outside sources for information will hurt a new writer much more than writing an original article based on ideas you heard on a news program. He or she may feel that the subject of bowling has pretty much been exhausted. Many experts who become freelance writers become frustrated after writing all the 'how-to' articles they feel are useful. Rest assured that writing an article on your own after seeing a television program on the same subject is not plagiarism. As long as you use that idea as the basis of an entirely original article.. They may feel that any idea generated or inspired by another medium will be considered plagiarized. theories. Information in and of itself is free to all. a professional bowler may write articles on ball delivery. and can cripple the creative process. spares. For example. and general ideas are not protected by copyright laws.

or professionals you encounter.By printing. Review the full terms by clicking here. or using you agree to our full terms. Watch people interact in a public park or mall.essortment. If you are completely stuck for new material. downloading. By taking time to recharge your creative batteries. 4. Inc. you may discover some renewed interest in writing.com/brainstormingid_rzlz. take time to observe your surroundings. Engage in conversations with friendly strangers. Nothing replaces observation. Join in an online discussion group to see what concerns are currently on people's minds. try these hints and brainstorming ideas designed to inspire new proposals and queries. Written by Michael Pollick Title: How to brainstorm ideas for short articles Description: If you ever feel like you've run out of ideas for short articles. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Many interesting article ideas can be generated simply by taking the time to consider what potential readers really want to know.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:39:54 PM] .How to brainstorm ideas for short articles Real plagiarism comes as a result of improper quoting or not quoting at all. Using facts that are public knowledge is not considered plagiarism unless those facts are copied verbatim from another uncredited source. If you make sure that your article is original. http://tntn. then you can get a lot of inspiration from watching the other media outlets. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .

It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to come out and make it's way onto the page. It had gotten so bad that I would stare at the blank piece of paper and nothing would come out. it dawned on me. When I write in my journal I come to understand that what I write doesn't have to be perfect the first time out. The same person that told me that I have to write to learn to write also gave me another piece of advice that had confused me at first. You can use your journals in several different ways to acheive your goal. Whether it was a story or an article. If all of the writiers had a voice then were was mine? Only the actual act of writing can bring out your inner voice. I sit down and pour my soul out on to the paper. All that I had asked was a simple question. To get to your inner voice. Keeping a journal has also helped me discover my writing voice. you have to peel back the layers of junk and copies of other writers until you get to the real thing. By devising assingments for you to do you can get your creativity http://vtvt. I was still so angry that I grabbed my journal and wrote for twenty minutes. For so long I heard about this mysterious voice that every writer has.Learn to write in twenty minutes a day Learn to write in twenty minutes a day Someone once told me that to learn how to write you have to write. It doesn't have to be pretty. when I finished. Keeping a journal has been an essential key in my education as a writer.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:40:04 PM] . You just could not have gotten to that 10% without writing the 90% junk. I was convinced that it wasn't good enough to put down. Every night. This one nightly ritual has freed my mind more than I can ever explain. That night. One of the most important things it has taught me is that my first drafts do not have to be perfect. He told me that you have to write everything in you mind out when writing a first draft. I would get frustrated when what I wanted to say didn't come out right the first time. As a matter of fact.essortment. when I can get to the point of just writing and not editing myself as I go my prose comes out much clearer and filled with more feeling. I was learning to write. By choosing words and deciding where to use them do you find the way you like to say things in your writing. I belived that is would come naturaly and that is why my inability to write perfect prose on the first shot would distress me so much. When you go back to edit it you find that 10% of it was what you actually wanted to say. They use the pages to get out all of thier emotions that were pent up during the day. Many people use it as a diary.com/learntowrite_ruyp. It doesn't even have to be interesting. That is what I use my journal for. All that I had wanted in return was a simple answer. The rest of that day I was fuming. You can also use your journal as a mini writing class.

htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:40:04 PM] . Some people like to type on thier computer while others prefer to use a pen.essortment. Inc. downloading. or using you agree to our full terms. You never know how things change when you look at them from another perspective. Some people like to use the same type of book for every journal in thier library. You might be amazed at what you find. There are many types of exercises you can do to help develop your professional skills and open the wellspring for ideas for your writing. http://vtvt. Title: Learn to write in twenty minutes a day Description: Learn to write in twenty minutes a day by keeping a journal. Another good exercise is to take a confrontational incident that has happened between you and another person and write a scence form their point of veiw.By printing. This can help you create a sense of place that is needed in all types of writing. I use a seprate book just for these such assignments.com/learntowrite_ruyp. Some people use a sketch book so that lines do not limit them while others prefer lined paper. My only requirement it that they are appealing to the eye. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Work on observation and description by going to a place you have been to a thousand times and trying to describe it. Review the full terms by clicking here. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . I use all kinds of notebooks. all you have to do is get your feelings out so you can read them at a later date. This is not only good writing but also good therepy.Learn to write in twenty minutes a day flowing for your other writing projects. I have some with flowers on them and some with cartoons. There are no hard and fast rules to keeping a journal. Explain what you see as if you are talking to a person who has never seen it before.

an honest approach. I feel honoured that many feel I write similar to Ms. and by fans. All those hours spent curled up with books. if and when we've got a writing style? 1. your life's experiences. 2. a wry and quick wit. Bombeck. your parents. I don't mean just this year. know our style. With me. Bombeck and knew Erma had made people laugh for years and also knew she had passed away. Your style could be a combination of those writers you love to emulate. What I wanted to hear was not that. For a lifetime. but an unconscious one. Well. but that's another story. How do we find our style.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:40:11 PM] . I am quite familiar with Ms. They will tell you what they enjoy about your writing. and some that were not. I have to admit that I have never read Dave Barry faithfully although I am familiar with his style and flair for writing. 3. both good and bad. it's humor. I guess you can in fiction. and I know that readers like the emotions I evoke with that expressiveness. Expressing myself in words comes easy to me. Some time ago I sent samples of my writing to a few friends. your beliefs and the area you live in. Once you lock in on your style. But I like to think those I admire are a little bitsy part of my writing style today. Style also comes from your upbringing. Do you have a writing style yet? Don't worry.com/writingimprove_nye. but high on the list is a lot of reading. I mean your readers. Finding your style Finding your style comes from many things. Knowing your style I've often asked friends who were writers. http://ak. while perusing some of my writing.essortment. You can't do it. or realize. but that wasn't it. and a quirky way of looking at life. dream to be. but I have no desire to "replace her". your fans will let you know. Values instilled in you growing up are hard to get rid of when you're writing. an open way of writing. what is my style? They tell me all the things I'm good at writing about and how I make them laugh. this is not a blatant thing. all the rest will follow closely behind. and they both decided that night. had to influence what I do as a writer.How to improve writing skills How to improve writing skills The most important thing to discover with regards to writing is your "style". that I was a combination of Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry. Really.

You'll read all about style in Writer's Digest and other places. or using you agree to our full terms. downloading.essortment. http://ak.By printing. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . The words of the wisdom? Just be yourself and let your "self" enter whatever you write and there you will find your talents and hidden potential.How to improve writing skills On the discovery journey of locating your own style. I say don't look too hard. Review the full terms by clicking here. Inc.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:40:11 PM] .com/writingimprove_nye. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Title: How to improve writing skills Description: A guide to developing your writing skills.

You will often spend more time researching than writing.essortment. The majority of money to be made is in the non-fiction market. Now you need to know the most important aspects of the writer's life. 2) Don't expect to make a lot of money. Writers must research markets as well as their ideas. Venturing blindly into the writing business usually leads writers back to that old 9 to 5 job they hate. chances are that writing may be a good career choice for you. http://wiwi. 3) A writer should be able to write on any topic. That's why we are called "starving artists. Each query letter you write will get better." Writers often have to write as a second career. as a spare time passion. Read the newspaper. or are you determined to write only about well-read issues? Now if you answered yes to these questions. or surf the internet for ideas you may not have considered.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:40:24 PM] . 1) Expect Rejections! You will not sell everything you write. you probably won't even sell most of your ideas. 5) Research how to write query letters.com/tipsforwriters_rszp. Have a friend critique for you. or join a writer's group. Try your hand at a few before submitting any. answer these questions to decide if writing should be a career or a hobby. * Do you want to be wealthy from your writing. Get used to it and move on to the next idea. books you normally wouldn't read.25 Tips every writer should know 25 Tips every writer should know People who begin writing for a career often don't realize what they are getting themselves into. 4) Be prepared to research. So what is it that writers really need to know before they begin writing? First things first. or would you be just as happy writing for free? * Do you enjoy researching? * Are you easily motivated? * Would you be willing to write non-fiction brochures about the life of the aardvark.

11) Keep your query letters short. Third paragraph should briefly list your credentials and why you are the most qualified to write this article. 17) Always send an SASE with your query letters and manuscripts. but most of the time it's not your writing ability. but professional and courteous. 10) Be willing to negotiate. sources or interview subjects and what department it would be best for in the publication. 12) Don't write articles before you query. Don't wait for publications to post a notice that they're looking for submissions. 20) Send your query letter to more than one publication. flexible. First paragraph should contain a hook. The odds that more than one editor will want the same article is slim. You don't have to settle for the price they offer. 18) Put forth your best work. The internet is quickly becoming one of the best ways to become published and there are some great high paying markets. Always.com/tipsforwriters_rszp.25 Tips every writer should know 6) A writer must be patient. http://wiwi. or an excerpt from the article itself. but they also look great on a resume. 8) Look for online markets. 7) Be prepared to wait for editors to reply. They should be no longer than 3 short paragraphs. You have a very slim chance of selling the article as is. Editors are overworked and underpaid. just like you. 13) Join a writer's organization. 16) Don't call an editor without his/her permission. 14) Don't take rejections personally.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:40:24 PM] . ask for article assignments and send your resume and ideas to them. approximate word count. 15) Treat editors like normal human beings--who can make or break your career. unless an editor specifically requests manuscripts to be sent. Be personable. Many editors are willing to discuss payment and rights offered. and have some skill in writing. Most editors don't have the time to offer their reasons why they can't use your article. 19) Always query first. 9) Be assertive. Don't ever do a job halfway. Second paragraph should include a working title. without changing the slant. Starting online will make it easier for you to break into print.essortment. Grab opportunities when they arise. Not only can they offer you plenty of advice on writing.

but should be something you love. 23) Every writer gets criticized. We all have our own story--now is the time to tell yours. It will show in your writing. 22) Act confident. http://wiwi. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.By printing. This article covers everything from queries to publishing. Title: 25 Tips every writer should know Description: Top 25 tips that every writer needs to know before they choose writing as a career. You can always go back to it later. or your writing.25 Tips every writer should know 21) Don't berate yourself. Every day pick a simple topic and think up different articles/essays you could write on that topic. or using you agree to our full terms.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:40:24 PM] . 25) If you start to find writing to be a chore. Writing should not only be a career. Every writer has work that needs revision. 24) Keep a journal for brainstorming. stop for a while. Act professional. Review the full terms by clicking here.com/tipsforwriters_rszp. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . downloading. Inc. rather than a goal.essortment.

These hands should be clutching a pencil scratching away at a large yellow pad or poised above a keyboard plunking out the next chapter to our book. There really is no other way. The point is you. Allow yourself no more excuses. lamenting our writer's block while waiting for some inner muse to "tell" us when the time is right to write. would you? Fifteen minutes is findable by everybody. That's called finding your flow. you must rewrite and rewrite again. Writing and mastering the art of procrastination often seem to go hand in hand. yes YOU. If you want to reach some level of writing and publishing success. Go to bed fifteen minutes later than normal. Get up fifteen minutes sooner than normal. You are hereafter not allowed to listen to that repetitive. http://nh. First: You will write for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. Go ahead and write the reasons why you don't want to write. CAN set aside that seemingly oh-so-elusive block of 900 seconds and you WILL use that time to write. Write at your kids hockey game. you will also discover that you are writing longer than fifteen minutes with no idea where the time went. Write anyway. Yes. but instead to submit it for publication. negative voice inside you questioning how you will EVER find the time. "What will I write?" You might ask. Keep doing that long enough and believe me. Truth is.essortment. Nada. you'll come up with something worthwhile to write mighty quick. you must write. Write while you're eating your lunch. you actually grin.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:40:49 PM] . Odds are. those "hands" should not be running through our hair. per day. None.Writing for success Writing for success Many writers are born procrastinators. When you're in the flow you'll notice that when you re-read your work you not only don't cringe. How do you escape the miring muck of self-doubt and lack of discipline and start traipsing down the path of writing success? The following will give you a boost out of the stagnant muck and get your work into readers hands. "What if I'm not inspired?" Tough. The concluding step is not to stick it in some drawer and/or allow it to ferment upon our computer hard drive.com/writingsuccess_rtag. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't want to find the time. Following that.

In either event. You can allow these little blurbs to defeat you or you can look at them realistically. you will likely notice many of them. Your long-term goal might be to have a novel published within 3 to 5 years. as well as those editor's who note positive comments about your submission. you will also likely encounter rejection. your courage to face the writing unknown. Website's looking for writers. for good measure. contributor's copy!) from another editor. as well.. The fact that you are reading this shows a keen interest and a certain sense of committment to yourself and your talent and that is vital. It's part of the package. trust in yourself and your abilities to write and just as importantly. And no matter what.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:40:49 PM] . Follow these steps and you will likely encounter success in one form or another. and to flex your writing muscles at every given and publishable opportunity. Above all. It certainly wouldn't hurt to pen Op-ed's and submit those in the process.com/writingsuccess_rtag. Or perhaps your long-term goal might be to have a chapbook of your poetry published and your short-term goal is to write a certain number of poems and have submitted at least a couple of them for publication in the not-so-distant future. http://nh.Writing for success Once you've reached this point. What you must do is to allow yourself to reach for your writing goals. That is the only way to become acquainted with writing colony which you want to be a part of. you must continue writing and submitting. Also. It's happened more than once to a writer whom I know very well. draw staunch determination from the same aforementioned sources--adding a haughty dose of "I'll show you!" from those editor's who perhaps were not so kind. look around. Poetry contests. and see if you can glean anything helpful from them. but only as long as you wake up quickly and follow it up with action. And yes. and that you will never be published because you're just not good enough. It is completely true that the same written work which winds up buried in the grave of one editor's "circular file" could then receive an enthusiastic thumb's up and fat check (or at the very least. people. Dreaming of achieving writing success is fine. sit down and list (in writing of course!) your writing goal(s). don't tell yourself you can't write. ..essortment. Every goal varies for every writer. Your short-term goal might be to pen the outline and synopsis of your book and complete the first several chapters within boundaries of the coming year.) Take your inspiration from your work and your own drive.

can be published and achieve your writing dreams.By printing.often via a letter of acceptance from an editor (for YOUR work) is truly unforgettable. or using you agree to our full terms. So get to it and write. Review the full terms by clicking here. Learn how you.com/writingsuccess_rtag. determined regularity.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:40:49 PM] . too. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . downloading.essortment. http://nh. Inc. It is worth it. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. So are you.Writing for success The induction into the world of published writer-. Write on! Title: Writing for success Description: Those who find publication are those who write and submit with confident.

We writers try to look at the world a little differently. 1. In order to keep those ideas fresh. Every writer needs to find a style that works for them. Humor can make the reader smile. Here are some ideas.essortment. You can use many techniques to bring impact. Use over-exaggerated examples to describe a point. Using something that the reader can relate to will often help them to hear what your message is much more clearly. · This technique makes your point more real to your reader. leaving a pleasant feeling. Many times the techniques that fiction writers use will help to touch your reader. Here are a few examples: · Ex: Your prose will reach out and grab the reader! · Ex: If you employ these techniques then you can write like a best-selling author! 2. · Use a funny anecdote or humorous analogy. Often a creative analogy can make your reader relate to your ideas. Then I would be able to tell you how to do all of these wonderful things. 3. An example of this: http://or.Creative writing tips: let your creativity show Creative writing tips: let your creativity show How can I allow me creativity show in my writing? You can spice up your writing by adding something creative or even something new that you've never seen done. You can bring a little pizzazz to your non-fiction articles by using these many different techniques.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:03 PM] . Here is an example: · Ex: It's too bad I'm not a writer. What do you mean by magic? Writers use "magic" in many ways to dress-up their writing. adding sparkle to your message. try using a touch of magic.com/creativewriting_prh. Just because it is non-fiction doesn't mean that it shouldn't be dazzling prose. while entertaining him or her immensely.

almost like reading an Encyclopedia. go write an article! http://or. Use Alliteration to spice things up. This is a good example of using a story: · One day a writer was reading an old magazine and saw an article about writing that she thought had a good topic. Now you will be able to add your fingerprint to each new article. 6. The article was rather boring. · Write like a demon. She picked up the magazine for further inspection. Use a simile to brighten things up. This is both over exaggeration and simile. noticing that it was over fifteen years old. This piece had been sold long before she understood the art of adding creative fiction techniques to her non-fiction articles. · Think like a poet. · Your article will 5. loving child. but the writing didn't touch her.Creative writing tips: let your creativity show · Ex: Writing a great non-fiction article is like raising a child. · Ex: Try using whimsical words of wonder. The next time that you search your mind for a fresh approach. I hope that by reading this article many of your questions were answered about how to add your own creative touch to your article. She looked down. Now. 4.essortment. · Ex: 'Make your story sing' is both alliteration and metaphor. but she wasn't sure what. realizing that this was her very own article from a few years back. Right there in black and white was her name staring her in the face. after awhile she put the magazine down.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:03 PM] . Add a metaphor to your article. If you instill the right values in your child and give them caring guidance. 7. Here are some examples: · Ex: Your article will sing! · Bring your readers into your soul. the page flipped back to the first page of the article. · Your article will read like a Nobel Prize winning book. you will raise a morally conscience. hopefully this article will come to mind. She thought that the article needed something. Well.com/creativewriting_prh. Just as the woman was setting the magazine down. Good luck with all of your writing goals.

essortment.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:03 PM] . DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms. you will find a smorgasborg of scintilating ideas! Copyright 2002 by PageWise. http://or. downloading. Review the full terms by clicking here.By printing.com/creativewriting_prh.Creative writing tips: let your creativity show Title: Creative writing tips: let your creativity show Description: Creative writing tips: helps the writer who struggles with using creative fiction techniques. Inc. In this article.

Edit what you've already written. But before you give up. A http://oh. try these ten ideas for interest retention: 1. 4. Much more important than the actual deadlines. like immersing yourself in the book itself. Rereading it may stimulate new ideas and dredge old tangents to the surface.essortment. What songs would you have on the soundtrack and in what part of the movie? While you may never see (or want to see) your work on the silver screen. since you'll be more likely to stick to them when they're in black and white. this will get your mind thinking in new ways. Editing will not only improve what your work. Long writing projects often become difficult as self-doubt. giving new direction and renewing inspiration. 6. This "working vacation" can often do wonders. Local people and events may provide the inspiration you need. Because so many of us are simultaneously goal oriented and procrastinators. Who would star in it? Where would it be filmed and who would direct it. "Do something else and you'll come back feeling refreshed and ready to write. Include what you've already achieved and what you hope to accomplish in the near future. self-imposed deadlines are excellent motivational tools. writer's block. Even worse. that old advice.Motivation and inspiration for struggling writers Motivation and inspiration for struggling writers Your "great American novel" may have started with a bang. 3." hasn't worked. Write your plans down. Keep a journal of all the triumphs and pitfalls you've experienced. Reward yourself. it will temporarily give your mind a break without letting it shut down all together. The enthusiasm that was nearly overflowing at the beginning has dried to a trickle.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:12 PM] . 5.com/inspirationwrit_rsmw. Visit the setting of the novel or a place that reminds you of it. and endless everyday distractions begin to pile up and take their toll. but now it's all you can do to drag yourself to the keyboard. 2. the rewards you give yourself after meeting them will make self-discipline much more appealing. Immersing yourself in the location of the book is. in many ways. Break a large project into smaller pieces and give yourself a time limit in which to accomplish these smaller tasks. Pretend your story is a movie. Make deadlines (and actually stick to them).

Make a dust jacket. downloading. write it down. Draw a map that details the setting or make character sketches for easy reference later. 8.essortment. Let them read and critique what you've written. If you have a scene. but have no idea how to get there. floating around in your head. Review the full terms by clicking here. Do something for your novel besides writing. what would you say about it? How would you summarize your work to make it appealing to the casual reader? A view of the bigger picture may clear up your mind as it struggles with details. The next time you have writer's block or are bored with what you are currently working on.Motivation and inspiration for struggling writers reward can be anything . If none of these suggestions have helped. gather all these loose tidbits and see what you can do with them. what you've done and what you hope to do. If you're at Point A and know what to do at Point C.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:12 PM] . Tell everyone what you're working on.By printing. If your manuscript was finished.a candy bar or a cruise to the Bahamas. Just make sure that your treat is something you wouldn't normally do or buy and that you have both the time and budget to enjoy it. go ahead and jump ahead. Not only will they be able to give you advice on how to improve your manuscript. you should be back on track in no time. Again. 7. you may need to take a serious look at your writing project. with a little effort and creative thinking. to motovate and inspire writers who are struggling to stay interested in their long-term writing project. http://oh. they'll pressure you to keep writing so they can read more. Talk to people. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Work out of order. or using you agree to our full terms. 9. this productive down time will utilize your creativity and breathe new life into your project.com/inspirationwrit_rsmw. more than likely. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. but. 10. Inc. But. or even a sentence. Write a poem or a quote to stick at the beginning of the first chapter. Family and friends can give you that extra push you may not be able to give yourself. Title: Motivation and inspiration for struggling writers Description: Inspiration and some nonconventional ideas.

Motivation and inspiration for struggling writers http://oh.com/inspirationwrit_rsmw.essortment.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:12 PM] .

This is where the real expense comes in so make sure that you have looked into all possible options before you agree to a printer’s fee. Once the words have been inserted. graphs and more. If you feel that you don’t have the proper English writing skills to publish a good quality how to manual. 4. You will be asked to send in a completed draft of your work along with a check. Expand on your outline by writing topic related paragraphs that seem to follow some type of order. you can add logos.essortment. Printing fees can be anywhere from $5. Find a topic that you know a lot about and jot down all the things you know. pictures. http://va. Use the grammar and spell check on your document to make sure that the best possible copy has been written. 7.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:41:27 PM] . In the mean time. up-front.com/howtoselfpubl_rvla. The following is a step by step guide to self-publishing: 1. they will issue you a library number. bind them with a spiral bind and a front and back cover. 2. type them using a 12 font. A 63 one-sided book will cost $8 per book. This is where you will begin to organize your thoughts and put them in such an order that someone can follow your directions and accomplish the task or tasks that you have set out before them. Purchase a newsletter program such as Publisher 98 and copy and paste your written words into Publisher 98. Once the office receives your check. it’s time to write a book. Don’t have that kind of money? Don’t worry.000 to $50. let’s talk shop. Just head on down to your local Kinkos or Staples Copy Center and have them make copies of your book. Think of it as following a recipe and waiting for the final product to come out of the oven.000. 3.How to self publish a how to book How to self publish a how to book Do you have a vast knowledge of something? Is there a book waiting to get out? Have you been told that you know so much that you should teach a class? Have you found yourself just spewing out advice every chance that you can get? If the answer is yes. don’t fret. Prepare an outline from the noted you have jotted down. 6. 5. You can now head on down to your local printer and have copies of your manual made up. Apply for a Copyright from the US Office of Copyright. Once you have your paragraphs written. but you can have them made on an as needed basis. There are tons of Ghost Writers available to lend you a helping hand.

along with an excerpt of your book and a table of contents.essortment. Give them your email address and a PO Box to send cashier’s checks to or sign up with a credit card server (often as low as 1.By printing. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. You can also improve the sells of your manual by performing speaking engagements. Review the full terms by clicking here. http://va. Now look for websites that relate to your how to manual and ask if they would be willing to reciprocate a link exchange. or using you agree to our full terms. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . that you can build yourself. You can even call up local bookstores. After your speech has been given. 11.How to self publish a how to book 8. and stores across the nation and promote your book. and place your web-site out there for others to see. Go on over to the search engines. Inc. 9. downloading. You can find many FREE websites.com/howtoselfpubl_rvla. Once you have this prepared. go to the back of the room and wait for sales to come in.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:41:27 PM] .9% transaction fee). 12. 10. Title: How to self publish a how to book Description: Learn how to self publish a how to book: take an idea and turn it into a self-help manual. Place an eye-catching advertisement on the web. head on over to the internet.

have them copied in color. for example. Even if your editor isn’t interested in your query. he may ask you to do an article pertaining to it. Include any relevant credits you have accumulated no matter how obscurely related they may seem. You never know when an editor is looking for an expert in a field you may have experience in to do an article.essortment. followed by a few examples of other things you have published. you’ll want to pick up some report folders. If your article included color photos. Portfolios add up to a big plus in your favor if you send them along with your query. the most important tool in your arsenal will be your portfolio. fiction. If you want to be chosen out of the hundreds of other writers on the editors slush pile.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:41:42 PM] . type the name of the publication it appeared in along with the date.com/howtomakeapo_rjku. though professional and talented. Before you start. organized and thorough. the kind with the sliding bracket on the edge are the easiest to put together. Also include any information that really doesn’t have anything to do with writing at all. poetry. you need to stand out and present yourself coherently and with style. The portfolio you create could make or break your next writing contract. The more different kinds of examples you can assemble. anything that you have written that has been published. you will be less likely to get ignored http://mtmt. Clips can include brochures. It is always good to show versatility. nonfiction articles. include in the beginning of your portfolio any examples of writing you have done related to this field. not just the best ones. On the bottom of each copy. it is important to be professional. If you want to present your best side to a prospective editor or publisher. newspaper articles. An editor can tell by your portfolio whether you will be difficult to work and you want to give the impression that you are easy going. If. a big advantage! Above all. but you may find a loose leaf type folder even more professional looking and weighty enough to not get lost in a pile of envelopes. you should include a photo of yourself in your portfolio. advertising copy. if he sees something in your resume that looks interesting. Get about twenty good quality laser copies of any articles you have published in the past 3 years.How to make a portfolio How to make a portfolio If you are a writer looking for work. You want to build an arsenal of different types of writing so that when you are querying for a job. you will have a full artillery. sometimes magazines like to include photos of their authors and it also helps the editor to put a face to your writing. you are querying to a children’s magazine. Before you assemble your portfolio. Make sure you produce copies of ALL of your clips. You can tailor make your portfolio to suit the interests of any particular editor. Editors and publishers want to see examples of your work and what kinds of places you have published with before and they don’t want to get a stack of photocopied papers and folded up newspaper clippings. If possible. the better. make your portfolio user friendly and unpretentious. even when working for a targeted audience. you will want to work up a resume to include in the front of your package.

Review the full terms by clicking here. Inc. downloading.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:41:42 PM] . Title: How to make a portfolio Description: How to make a professional portfolio to increase your chances of publishing your articles. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . http://mtmt.How to make a portfolio as a nice looking portfolio is tempting for editors to look through.essortment. or using you agree to our full terms. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.com/howtomakeapo_rjku.By printing.

Give details about how you plan to publicize your http://wv. is there room for more? Before developing your idea you should research the market and find out what has been published and what sold and what did not. Describe the market of readers who will be anxiously awaiting your book. If your interest is fiction. Are they young or old? Male or female? The publisher wants to know that you have done your homework. and your phone number and email. sample chapter. Cover Page The cover page is pretty self-explanatory. Your proposal should include: a cover page. Are there any books out there like yours? If so. and attachments detailing related news and your qualifications.How to write a book proposal How to write a book proposal First make sure a book proposal is the appropriate document for you. Talk to your local librarian and bookstore manager. Before Beginning Thoroughly research your subject before beginning. They can tell you what has been popular and what has not. You want to be clear in your proposal just what shelf your book will sit on and who will be interested in buying it. Many agents and publishers would rather a short query letter before being faced with the whole proposal document. pitch. Don’t forget to include a stamped. publicity and promotional ideas and some information about you. While that is not entirely unheard of. Include the title. the author. Explain your idea in several paragraphs clearly and concisely. Also be sure to check the Writer’s Market or other reference to see if the agent or publisher you are targeting accepts unsolicited proposals. your document should be polished and complete before sending it on. The Pitch The pitch section will outline your idea. your name.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:55 PM] . Be honest about whom you think the competitions will be. You can also check out Publisher’s Weekly to see what is current in the market. who the competition might be. If you think it will be a tough market. Many new writers make the mistake of using a book proposal for fiction. what market it is intended for. While you have the bookstore manager’s ear it doesn’t hurt to explain your idea and ask what genre he or she would put your book in.com/howtowriteab_rinx. You can also request a copy of their submission guidelines at this time. it is not the usual way to get your work in the hands of a publishing house. detailed table of contents. Don’t beat around the bush.essortment. your address. say so. selfaddressed envelope. Book proposals are often used to market non-fiction books and you may send a book proposal to an agent or editor without having finished the book first.

If you want your document back be sure to include a stamped. a humorous piece. Supporting Material The last part of your proposal should contain any recent news clippings related to your topic or media attention you have received. Title: How to write a book proposal Description: Learn how to write a book proposal.K. If they are not interested then try another publisher.essortment. list your qualifications. it doesn’t have to be. Lastly. Then put it in a drawer and take it out a week later and check it again.com/howtowriteab_rinx. While this is something that should be given a lot of thought. http://wv. One of the reasons for sending a proposal for non-fiction is to have the editor give some input for the content of the book. After all. Once you have sent your proposal.How to write a book proposal work and make sure the agent or publisher is left with the impression that you will work hard to get the word out. If you haven’t heard form the agent or editor by that time send a polite note asking if they received your proposal. then send that chapter. Is it going to be an academic document. move on to another project. Just because one agent is not interested doesn’t mean your idea isn’t good. Why are you the person to write this book and how are you qualified in the subject? Don’t be modest. Once you are satisfied that there are no errors pack it up (without shredded paper or Styrofoam peanuts!) and send it out. Make sure there are no errors and remember this is what is going to set the tone for your book. Sending it Off Proofread your proposal and have someone else look at it as well.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:55 PM] . Rowling got an acceptance. or a practical how-to book? Think about your style and consider if it will work with all the other chapters you plan on writing. Changes can be made later if needed. self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage. what the elements are and how to create them. If you think your third or fifth chapter will be more attention getting. Table of Contents You should have worked out how many chapters there will be in your book and what each chapter will cover. Harry Potter was rejected eight times before J. Mark your calendar for two months later. Sample Chapter While the sample chapter is often the first chapter. you don’t have to feel it is written in stone. The purpose of this section is to give credibility to the author and the idea.

How to write a book proposal Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Review the full terms by clicking here. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms. http://wv.essortment. Inc.com/howtowriteab_rinx.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:41:55 PM] .By printing. downloading.

htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:42:12 PM] . if you don’t have a scientific bent. with research and writing experience. choose a genre or type of writing. If you are impatient with details. say. don’t bother trying to do craft how-to pieces. In fact. Let’s assume you’ve chosen Health and Medicine to begin with. and your research can also double or triple for use in more than one article. well-told stories with well-motivated characters and concrete details at every turn. including syntax. With a specific market in mind. business writing and sports writing nay confuse the issue and triple the amount of research you must do. to produce even a modest income. how long to make it. But. you know a little about such injuries. the sale of pieces of writing for profit with corresponding protection of rights is an important part of a free lance writer’s work. and whether to query the editor before it’s completely written or whether they’ll want to see a completed piece. nor will play or script-writing. learn to do excellent research and polish their prose. Where do you find out these things? http://nm. the business of writing. you’ll know how to slant your article. you can hone yourself as an expert by the volume of your work alone.essortment. grammar and lucid use of vocabulary. in celebrity profiles. If you decide to write non-fiction. don’t decide to write technology articles. Start doing your research.Will you write fiction or non-fiction? Poetry is altogether another subject. and efficiently. and even more you’re interested in. but in the meantime. Free lancers must work fast. or perhaps a couple of them. if for example.com/marketingtipsf_rekh. This piece will suggest a series of steps for the beginning writer who must acquaint him/herself with markets in order for sales to begin. an up and coming area for free lancers.Marketing tips for freelance writers Marketing tips for freelance writers Writers just starting out and hoping to publish need to do more than perfect their writing skills. but to work. incidentally. you can dabble in more than one area with ease. and place your focus there. If you will write fiction. and must of necessity choose a few subjects on which to base your early work. Be logical in your choice of what to write. picaresque. although this is not true for all novelists. Later. Because you once had a sports’ injury that required extensive physical therapy. because there are a few subjects in this field you know a bit about. you will have a broader market selection. research the markets and find out where you might be able to pitch a piece on such a sports injury. and markets for poetry will not be dealt with here. The time for novel-writing should probably be after you have proven your skills as a writer of short fiction. aim for short. First. you decide to write health and medical articles.

and offers updated market listings. Just reading these Writer’s Guidelines.com/marketingtipsf_rekh. Most libraries have a few of these annuals in their reference departments. with illustrations and headlines—a thrill. or Submission Guidelines will help you decide how to slant your article. and often you can take out the year-old volumes for study at home. get a few “sales” under your belt will help your resume when you query an editor and try to sell later. when you have no experience of sales. except in copies. you’re in a bind. Aim for the small guys first. There’s also a possibility that straight print magazines who want your piece won’t pay either. which you may want to save for you fame and glory days. they’re hungry for you and your well-written articles. but the thrill I got from seeing my work in print. and when you’re ready to get paid or die trying.00. sports’ medicine or the physical therapist’s role in keeping athletes fit. and may have to accept that route as the best starting point. niche markets that don’t get 1. E-publishing is incidentally a great way to get started. As a beginner. a compendium of all kinds of markets for writers. don’t neglect newspapers. Finally get paid for short stories took a few years.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:42:12 PM] .000 submissions a month like Sports’ Illustrated does. a group of us decided to continue to meet. stay with nonfiction and study the markets. and so on. Writer’s Digest and Byline. Another tack for marketing is to connect yourself to a writers’ group. such as Christian Writer’s Market Guide Annual. and start poring over the market suggestions in current and back issues. My first two short stories were freebies. Illustrated. Also. though.essortment. Business Writer’s Guides. but the mutual support we were able to give and receive in our group has been a godsend. Later I got paid small amounts. is a Writer’s Digest Books selection that costs about $25. while my local paper will not. We were all pretty much beginners. you’ll graduate to the Writer’s Annuals. A regional newspaper near my town is large enough to pay at lest a two-figure amount for my travel and food articles. critique each other’s work and educate one another by sharing market tips and advice.Marketing tips for freelance writers Without a hesitation. So if you’re eager to publish. If you can’t locate some specific markets in the magazines. Study your Writer’s Market like a Bible. incidentally. http://nm. go online and do a search. You may come up with five or six magazines outside of the top ones like. You decide when you’ve had enough of that routine. Writer’s Market 2000. After a helpful eight-week course. local and regional. and the nice comments I got from the editors of those two literary magazines was pay enough. Even if you have to publish for no pay. or go directly to some e-zines which may also be looking for such pieces. and twice had the pleasure of seeing the cover of two more magazines push my story. Eventually. even if I occasionally offer them a freebie for public relations’ sake. and. I’ve never made as much from short fiction as from noon-fiction. Obtain copies at the library or invest in them at your mega bookstore. say Sports. for example. I found mine when I took a college evening course called Writer’s Support Group. There are also subject-particular references. go to writing magazines like The Writer. You will discover small. See if your chosen selections are looking for pieces on sports injuries.

and you’re well on your way to a free-lance writing career. http://nm.essortment. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . downloading. focus your work. you’ll make it. or using you agree to our full terms.By printing.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:42:12 PM] . Written by Eleanor Sullo Title: Marketing tips for freelance writers Description: Marketing tips for freelance writers. If you have enough determination and a modicum of skill and marketing savvy. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. find support and educational resources.com/marketingtipsf_rekh. Useful resources and offers vital suggestions for writers at the erearly stages of their careers.Marketing tips for freelance writers Learn your markets. Review the full terms by clicking here. Inc.

Use Courier. there's a basic body of rules every writer should know. you're not guaranteed success. Never triple space. or a similar easily-read font. even when it comes to marketing their work. Nevertheless. use the office's during lunchtime. Without them. The first line of each paragraph should be indented about half an inch.essortment. These are the hallmarks of a good fiction writer. when followed. always use a clean. 1. since 20-pound white bond is the industry standard. and erasable paper isn't particularly erasable. sharp ribbon. Avoid double-sided copies or printouts. Inkjet printers are OK. Nevertheless. borrow a friend's. If you're one of those prehistoric hard-cases who still pecks away at a typewriter.htm (1 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:42:23 PM] . these rules will become so familiar that you'll use them without even thinking about them. Ten Not-So-Little Rules Every writer develops his or her own style. 7. Talent. 5. Print your stories on white 20-pound paper. the basic rules of manuscript formatting loom largest. Use two double-spaces to indicate a scene break or the passage of time. Courier New. 3. Colored paper is annoying and amateurish. There's no need to use anything else. It's also cheap (copier paper works just fine). there are certain conventions that. can give your manuscripts that professional look and feel that sets them apart from the rest of the slush pile.com/writingmanuscri_rdos. Among these. If you don't have one.Writing a short story manuscript format for publication Writing a short story manuscript format for publication Persistence. you'll never succeed in the overpopulated field that publishing's become these days. No self-respecting editor would ever consider a hand-written manuscript. They're too hard to read and edit. Make sure your margins are at least one-and-a-half inches wide (but don't overdo it). Imagination. In time. Double-space between lines. 4. you can get a good one new for less than $250 these days. Always type or word-process your manuscript (or at least have someone else do it). Even with them. but dot-matrix printers don't cut it. 2. Try to print your article with a laser printer. do you? 6. You don't want the editor to get eyestrain. http://il. or go to Kinko's.

there are certain conventions that. On the first page of your manuscript. "Joe Blow/Story"). you're done! This is what your properly-formatted title page should look like: John Q.com HOW TO FORMAT A SHORT STORY MANUSCRIPT FOR PUBLICATION by Jake Scribbler Persistence. Imagination. 8.Writing a short story manuscript format for publication Leave the right margin unjustified. Nevertheless. type the estimated word count. left justify your text.htm (2 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:42:23 PM] . About a third of the way down the first page. Continue until done. and type the word "by" followed by your penname. Talent. and start typing your story. you're not guaranteed success. In the upper right corner. center your text. type your name. include a header in the upper left corner that briefly identifies your manuscript and its author (for example. address. http://il. phone number. and type THE END in bold caps. In the upper left corner. drop down one double space. indent your paragraph. NJ 21000 (123) 456-7890 writer@someisp. but don't bother with a page number on page one.essortment. Without them.com/writingmanuscri_rdos. include your contact and rights information. Ta-da. Even with them. Once you've brought your opus to a close. Keep your text centered. On subsequent pages. you'll never success in the dog-eat-dog field that publishing's become these days. 9. Scribbler 700 words 1600 Marvin Gardens Atlantic City. 10. and e-mail address (if you have one). Page numbers should be centered at the bottom of the page. center the text and type the story's title in bold caps. Then press Enter twice. this makes it easier to edit. These are the hallmarks of a good fiction writer. drop down two or three lines.

Review the full terms by clicking here.By printing. Ten Not-So-Little Rules Every writer develops his or her own style. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . In time.com/writingmanuscri_rdos. Nevertheless.htm (3 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:42:23 PM] . even when it comes down to the marketing aspects of their work. these rules will become so familiar you'll use them without even thinking about them. there's a basic body of rules every writer should know. can give your manuscripts that professional look and feel that sets them apart from the rest of the slush pile. ****** THE END Title: Writing a short story manuscript format for publication Description: Details about the best way to format a short story manuscript for submission. downloading. http://il. Among these.Writing a short story manuscript format for publication when followed. the basic rules of manuscript formatting loom largest. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.essortment. or using you agree to our full terms. Inc.

com/writingmanuscri_rdos.htm (4 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:42:23 PM] .Writing a short story manuscript format for publication http://il.essortment.

How to submit a short story manuscript to an editor

How to submit a short story manuscript to an editor
Writing fiction at the professional level isn't for the faint of heart. Any writer who wants to remain competitive in the field must be blessed with talent, imagination, and (especially) perseverance. As if that weren't enough, he or she must also learn to be a good businessperson -- and that means mastering the basics of marketing, negotiation, manuscript formatting, and manuscript submission. This article covers the most often overlooked of these subjects, the submission of the manuscript itself. Ten Important Rules Before you submit your story to a professional publication, you need to learn the basic rules of the game. Study these, learn them, and internalize them until they're second nature. Along with formatting, they're the key to your success as a fiction writer. Editors won't look twice at your work if you don't follow the rules. NOTE: Many of these items assume that you'll be submitting your article by snail-mail. Electronic submissions may be the wave of the future, but most editors haven't gotten around to accepting them yet. And away we go: 1. Don't submit to a market unless you've studied it carefully. While few writers are careless enough to submit a regency romance story to a hard science fiction magazine, it's not uncommon for editors at such a magazine to be inundated by piles of soft SF, sword-and-sorcery, and fantasy stories. 2. Unless you're submitting a work that the editor has asked for specifically, or if you have special instructions for the disposal of the manuscript, don't bother with a cover letter. Most editors think they're a waste of time. 3. If you're submitting the story by snail-mail, always be sure to include a selfaddressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with it. Make sure the SASE is big enough for the entire manuscript to return in (usually 9 by 12 inches are larger). Always use stamps for your SASE, because the Postal Service won't accept a SASE with metered postage. If the manuscript is disposable, let the editor know and include a smaller SASE for their reply. If you're submitting electronically, ask the editor for submission instructions and follow them to the letter.

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How to submit a short story manuscript to an editor

4. Snail-mail manuscripts should be submitted in a large envelope, at least 9 by 12 inches in size. This will give you plenty of room for your manuscript, SASE, and any other items you need to include. One exception: very short manuscripts can be submitted in a plain business-sized envelope. 5. If you're including a computer disk or other electronic media in your submission, invest in a disk mailer to keep it safe. Label the mailer with your name and story title, just in case it gets loose in the editor's office or mailroom. You should also label the exterior of the submission envelope with the legend "DO NOT BEND. ELECTRONIC MEDIA ENCLOSED." 6. For a more professional look, type or print the editorial and return addresses on adhesive labels and attach them to the appropriate spots on your submission envelope. 7. Submit all snail-mail manuscripts by First Class mail. Why? It's not that expensive, it looks more professional, and it arrives more quickly than other classes of mail. 8. Unless the editor has asked otherwise, always submit the complete manuscript. 9. Try to submit your story to the proper editor. Sending it to the wrong place will delay its consideration, or might simply get it lost altogether. If you must, call the editorial office to verify the name of the editor, but don't make a habit of this. 10. Never call an editor about a submission. This will only irritate them. After the reporting period has lapsed, submit a politely-worded query asking about the piece's status. After a month, follow it with another, similar query. If this doesn't result in a reply, wait a bit and then send a letter politely withdrawing the story from consideration. Yes, this is a lengthy process, but you do have other projects going in the meantime -right? These rules won't sell your story by themselves -- you have to have the right idea and right execution, too. But if keep them in mind, along with your formatting requirements, you'll be on your way to a publishing success. You might not sell the story right away, but it'll look damn professional while it's on an editor's desk.

Title: How to submit a short story manuscript to an editor Description: A guide for how to properly submit a short story manuscript to an editor.
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How to submit a short story manuscript to an editor

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the cry is being heard loud and clear as the Internet on-line publishing services become the voice of the oppressed writer.Free web publishing: how writers can profit in cyberspace Free web publishing: how writers can profit in cyberspace In the opening chapter of Olivia Goldsmiths' novel The Bestseller.com/publishingwebf_rcle. space and trees. sometimes years. especially in the fiction market. usually within twenty-four hours. Throughout the literary world. Ever since the invention of the written word. even longer to find an agent. Print-On-Demand is another publishing innovation that saves time. Ebook pages can also be downloaded and printed from any computer and read in hard copy format. the publisher prints and mails the book. This eliminates huge inventory costs and awards greater royalties for the author. text books and encyclopedias that used to take up shelf space and weigh several pounds can now be stored and transported in a small carry case and read anywhere. such as Amazon. With the introduction of Ebook readers early this year. to complete a novel. http://ny. It may take months. With buy-outs and mergers.com.com. When a book is ordered from an on-line store. Ebooks. And with that. the opportunity for writers to have their work published diminished as well. Until the miracle of the Internet began to turn the tide.ebookshoppe. receives twenty-six rejection letters and promptly hangs herself. Written in 1996. books that are published in CD-Rom or 3-1/2" floppy disk format.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:42:48 PM] . the number of publishers has diminished rapidly over the past decade. The odds of being published became almost as slim as winning the lottery. What the printing press and the copier did for writers of the parchment and quill age. a writer. are growing in number. tedious and sometimes painful process. Any revolution begins with a small group of individuals who are fed up with the tyranny of those in power. The Electronic Publishing Revolution is here and writers no longer need to rely on a handful of publishing powerhouses to get their books into the hands of thousands of hungry readers. such as www. list over three hundred titles. The agent then submits the manuscript to a group of editors at major publishing houses. It takes only one editor to kill it. the Internet and electronic publishing will do for aspiring authors in the new millennium. publishing has been a long.essortment. Production costs are low so that the average price of an ebook is much more affordable than typical hard cover or even paperback releases. with more being added every month. the premise is almost laughable today. who could hold onto it for months. Ebookstores. the main character.

bookstores would have to be the size of a small city to be able to hold all the titles that will soon be available through this new publishing medium. No longer will authors be at the mercy of a handful of agents and an even smaller handful of publishers for their works to be read. or using you agree to our full terms. can profit in cyberspace. lists over 200 paying web sites.Free web publishing: how writers can profit in cyberspace But the greatest benefit of this new industry is the freedom it allows both the writer and the bibliophile. The battle cry has been sounded and the literary community will never be the same.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:42:48 PM] . and a diverse selection of authors who have been kept silent. Millions of people from around the world will now have instant access to thousands of titles. in hundreds of categories.com/publishingwebf_rcle. as a writer. Review the full terms by clicking here.essortment. in a typical bookstore. Former paper publications such as OMNI have transformed their magazine to on e-zine and finding their readership has increased substantially. The Electronic Publishing Revolution is here and you can be a part of it! Copyright 2002 by PageWise. But the opportunities for writers in cyberspace isn't limited to novels. Written by Robin Westmiller Title: Free web publishing: how writers can profit in cyberspace Description: Learn about free web publishing and how you. Writers Market for the Internet by Anthony Tedesco. the writers are in control. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Never before in the history of the written word. New genres are being created everyday. from sources that would never have been published with conventional methods. And this is only the beginning! A new resource for writers in Cyberspace has just been published. ezines. Print On Demand. exceptional writing. The Electronic Publishing Revolution is here. New e-zines are appearing on almost a daily basis. freelance writers on the internet are finding themselves in high demand. would you find Erotic Science Fiction? Even today's mega. have writers had this much opportunity to make money from writing. Inc.By printing. Publishers of paper magazines are discovering the enormous savings of internet publishing. downloading. and these magazines need talented writers. From the exotic to the erotic. And the literary community is now free to discover a wide variety of wonderful literature. For the first time in the history of publishing. Where. http://ny. and ebook publishers. Best sellers will no longer be decided by an elite group of publishers.

essortment.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:42:48 PM] .com/publishingwebf_rcle.Free web publishing: how writers can profit in cyberspace http://ny.

Currently. and most importantly. many can be "discovered" by publishing on the Internet. The average cost of an e-book is $5. he or she is given that password. or become an Internet selfpublisher. your chance of selling as many as you would in print form is unlikely. reliable servers and included features.00 or more. electronic publishers don't seem to do much advertising the work of their authors. A password protected directory is simply a space on a server that requires a password to access. and one of the easiest things to find on the Internet is a company to host it. If you are an author receiving royalties of ten percent on a printed book priced at $20. There are two very important features the author needs. many of the current electronic publishing Web sites are little more than vanity presses. you're way ahead. Then once a customer orders your book. if you are an author wanting to publish on the Internet. which can often lead to their work winding up in print. You will want to upload a plain text file of your book to this directory. For obvious reasons. The reason for that unfortunate fact centers on marketing.essortment. The most obvious is the 100% royalty on your work. or "hard-copy. such as credit card disputes.00. The next thing to acquire is a merchant account.com/publishingonin_rrer. One is a password-protected directory. Things to consider when choosing a Web host are connection speeds. Even at forty percent on a $5. Like self-publishing houses." However. their market is the unpublished author. Luckily. The author will then receive as little as 10% in royalties and have to pay for expenses.00 is $. And there is something to be said for having complete control over its production. This is by far the most difficult and http://wiwi.Self publishing on internet Self publishing on internet New writers have a tough time getting that first book published. and it is a big one.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:43:10 PM] . They take care of delivering your book to the reader. you have two options: go with an electronic publisher and pay them to publish it. But there are also advantages to becoming an Internet self-publisher. credit card processing. is that an electronic publisher will handle all of the ordering process. Ten percent of $5. so new authors are paying up front costs of $700. The advantage of the former. the other an autoresponder.00 for titles written by unknown authors. The first thing you will need is a Web site.00 digital book.50. The majority require fees to publish books online.

The other advantage of the auto-responder is that you will know how many people request your free chapters.” you may accomplish your goal and more. address an envelope. they will process credit card orders and deposit your share in your bank.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:43:10 PM] . followed with the URL to your Web site. You will certainly learn the meaning of “flame” if you do. Internet self-publishing is an inexpensive way of doing it. So anytime of the day. And don’t post an advertisement in a mailing list that is strictly discussion. write an ad describing your book. But it is as necessary as any other step to take. For example. a reader can make a request. offer the first few chapters for free. Once there. This email address actually leads to your auto-responder.com/publishingonin_rrer. they can order via your online form the password that will allow them to access the remaining chapters stored in your password-protected directory. potential customers will find an email address where they can request the free portion of your book. One of the best and least expensive ways to reach people on the Internet is through mailing lists and newsgroups.essortment. he also has time to change his mind. But before you start promoting your book using these free mediums. As an incentive. receive the chapters and read them. And as long as the work doesn’t stop with the words “The End. the most costly aspect of the self-publishing venture. Title: Self publishing on internet Description: Electronic publishing costs money. One option is the growing number of processing companies found on the Internet. how long do you want customers to have access to the book? Do you give them a few weeks to read or download it and then change the password? And once your hard work is out there for the world to see. This lets you know the effectiveness of your ad and if you are providing enough “hook” for your readers to purchase the rest of your book. If the customer has to take the time to write a check. Then with their credit card. Once everything is set up. take some time and read what other members are posting. it automatically sends the free portion of your book to the email address of the person sending the message without you having to do a thing. The one thing that makes electronic commerce successful is the impulsive buyer. Once it receives an email message. but self publishing on the internet allows writers to publish their ebooks online at their own Website and keep 100% of the royalties.Self publishing on internet sometimes. http://wiwi. This whirlwind tour through the Internet self-publishing concept leaves out many important things to consider. So once you find the appropriate list. the next step is promotion. For a fee and/or percentage of sale. how much protection do you have over copyright infringement? If your goal is to get your work out there while making money for your labor. and drop it in the mailbox.

Review the full terms by clicking here. downloading. Inc. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .By printing.Self publishing on internet Copyright 2002 by PageWise.essortment. http://wiwi.com/publishingonin_rrer. or using you agree to our full terms.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:43:10 PM] .

com/freelancewritin_rqub.How to decide if freelance writing is for you How to decide if freelance writing is for you So you want to be a writer. Can you write? Writing for the web is different from any other kind of writing. there will plenty of those. but you dream of writing. But there are a few questions you should ask yourself before quitting your day job: Can you be both boss and worker. You’ve written some short stories. but could you do it full-time? You’ve got bills to pay. of being a writer. unless you are one of the lucky few who can afford a secretary.essortment. Do you have a financial safety net? Some writers say you should have three months’ worth of income saved. let alone jobs that pay well. You CAN make a living by being an Internet writer. You have to able to manage your business efficiently. and only you can decide that. It takes time to get established as a writer and get jobs that pay. but you should know the basics of writing and grammar. If you truly love writing. And being a writer. Does this describe you? Well. you’ll have more rejections at first than you have assignments. friends and family who also believe in you. which at least at first. You’ve thought about becoming a freelance writer. You might work at a job you tolerate. you need to have as much in the bank as you are comfortable. you have to have a passion for writing. it will show in your work. You will have to be clear. Many writers start out writing in their free time at first. No publication wants an article riddled with errors or typos. salesman and office manager? You have to write enough to make money. You have to believe in yourself. Surfers often have short attention spans. concise and able to write short. and if you have other means of income. But most of all. Only you can decide when that is. You have to sell your work and yourself to editors and publishers. tight paragraphs.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:44:09 PM] . You have to be able to write in a conversational style and put the information into an easy-to-read format such as bullets. and that will carry you the rejections. you can be a writer. some say a year. will probably be quite a bit. and then moving to full-time when they become successful enough to do so. But you just have to believe in yourself and be persistent. so you have to grab their attention with great text. http://mo. you already know you have to be a good editor. And if you’re anything like most writers. But if your income is the only one you have to depend on. Can you take rejection? Yes. especially if you consider a relatively new and fairly lucrative market: Internet writing. maybe a mortgage and some kids to feed. some articles. You don’t have to be the greatest wordsmith that ever lived. Know that you can do it and that your hard work will pay off. but that will carry you only so far. of making a living from being a writer. It’s great if you have a support system. how much savings you have. maybe some poetry or even a novel. It depends upon what your expenses are.

000. don’t get distracted by the kids or the dishes. Title: How to decide if freelance writing is for you Description: Some key questions you should ask yourself when deciding to become a freelance writer. You have to sell yourself to editors. You have to ignore the mounting pile of laundry. You are a salesperson. and when you land a job.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:44:09 PM] . If nothing else.How to decide if freelance writing is for you Can you market yourself and your writing? You have to be business-like. or using you agree to our full terms. you have to sell the publication to the readers with your content. No one wants to be the next Greatest American Copywriter.com/freelancewritin_rqub.By printing. No one says you have to give up your dream of publishing your novel. Everyone wants to be the next Great American Novelist. you should definitely consider Internet writing. but the fact is it is much easier to make money from commercial writing than from “literary” writing. you have to separate your home life from your work life. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Advances for a nonfiction book can run between $5000-$25.essortment. pay the bills. So act like a salesman: be a professional marketer for yourself and it will pay off. but an advance for a first-time novel is likely to be much less because there are so many would-be novelists. so you stand to make a lot more money at that. I’m simply suggesting that if you want to make money at writing. You must be able to schedule your work time so that you can meet deadlines without a boss hanging over your shoulder. http://mo. O f course you love your literary writing. it could get you out of that job you hate. downloading. Inc. Are you self-disciplined? If you work from home. and leave you with more free time to write that novel of yours. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Review the full terms by clicking here.

you may be tempted to try some or all of these gimmicks yourself. Undoubtedly. Here are five things you do NOT want to do to impress editors or improve your chances of publication. List what credits you do have. Resubmission of inferior work to the same editor amounts to harrassment. and resort to attentiongrabbing tricks in order to impress an editor or exaggerate their own accomplishments. say so. If you have limited experience. even if they sound minor or amateur in nature. if at all. but do fight the temptation.essortment. This is the same tactic that young actors sometimes employ to get auditions from high-profile directors. Success is not an invitation to overload someone's desk with more and http://il. For many beginning writers. Some writers have been lead to believe that editors live to be worn down. Freelance writing can be a tough field to break into and find success. If you receive a rejection letter from a magazine editor. either resubmit the work to another editor at a different magazine. regardless of his decision. thousands or maybe even millions of people can become an obsession.Writing for publication: five attention getters not impressive to editors Writing for publication: five attention getters not impressive to editors The world of freelance writing has a very strong appeal to those of us who would love to see our writing get world-wide exposure. Always wait a considerate amount of time before submitting new work to any editor. These would-be writers can actually achieve some of their goals through the use of these tricks. keep sending out the same type of material he rejected last week.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:44:42 PM] . but it is most rewarding when done honorably. It may work once out of a thousand times. false acceptance claims and exaggerated educational backgrounds. or what schools they may have attended. however. If you are just starting out on a freelance career. the thought of having something we created ourselves being read by hundreds. whether or not he or she accepted your previous submissions. some unscrupulous writers have gotten away with this form of resume padding. 1. Submit work to the same editor every week. but ultimately a solid writing career is based on hard work and dedication. not Jedi mind games. You never know where an editor has worked before. but you wouldn't want to be one of them when the real truth comes out. Exaggerate your publication history. 2. Some writers translate this request to mean that they won't get hired or accepted unless they can list a tremendous amount of bona fide writing credentials. Many editors request cover letters or brief bios that give them some idea of your previous writing credits. Never put down a reference or a publication credit that you cannot verify. Some writers are not content to work within the confines of the established freelance system. You should never resort to unprovable background information. and may lead to legal action if taken too far. or rework the piece until you believe you have improved it sufficiently. If you really want to get on an editor's bad side. They will pad out their 'curriculum vitae' with non-existent publications.com/writingpublicat_pmi. Editors may take a chance on a young unknown if the query letter is well-formed and the cover letter sells the sizzle.

Editors face what is referred to as the 'slush pile' every working day. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. Simply move on to the next name on your list and hope for a better result. don't accept it for the sake of a publishing credit. They will call the editor's direct line within weeks of a submission and ask for feedback or decisions. Their hope is that the story will write itself and their lack of native ability will not be noticed by the editorial staff. 5.essortment. and he will not be moved. and feel obligated to fire off complaint letters that defend the merits of their rejected works. Know your own limitations and strengths before pitching your skills to a specialized magazine. never try to appear more knowledgeable on a specific subject than you are. The reality is that the editor realizes precisely what he will be missing in his life by rejecting your article. even if the acceptances aren't exactly flowing in yet.Writing for publication: five attention getters not impressive to editors more submissions. This is that ever-growing pile of unsolicited manuscripts that demand their attention. Calling an editor on an unsolicited manuscript submission is considered rude and unprofessional in most publishing circles. there is usually a reason behind it. 4. you may get extremely lucky and catch the editor in a good mood. Overstate your writing level and ability. http://il. A good freelance reporter depends heavily on interviews with bona fide experts in the field he or she is covering. If you don't have the proper skills or knowledge to take on a freelance assignment. Ambitious freelancers sometimes feel the necessity to exaggerate their level of expertise or writing level in order to land the higherpaying assignments. If a manuscript is rejected by an editor. Argue the merits of your rejected article. Try to maintain a good professional relationship with the editorial staff. If you want to continue working for a particular magazine. Again. Inc. The skill of writing comes into play much later. when the thoughts of the experts are blended in with the author's own observations.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:44:42 PM] . Do yourself a favor and stay off the phone unless specifically requested to do so in the course of acceptance.com/writingpublicat_pmi. Some beginning writers take rejection very hard. Here are five tricks to avoid as a fledgling writer. 3. The hope is that an editor will take a second look at the piece and realize just how misguided and shortsighted he was. Title: Writing for publication: five attention getters not impressive to editors Description: Freelance writing for publication can be such a competitive field that some beginning writers resort to attention-getting tricks to impress editors. You may never be privileged enough as a freelancer to learn what that reason was. but that is a rareity. If you argue with an editor now. he or she may remember your name for a very long time. Never waste precious time and energy arguing a rejection decision. Call an editor on the phone for updates. but you should learn to live with rejection slips in the writing business. they won't appreciate any writer's inquiry on a manuscript they probably haven't even seen yet. but you would be wrong in most circumstances. much less formed any sort of opinion on its merit. Even if they could answer the phone. No matter how many times the guideline books tell a writer not to call the editor directly. You may believe that such phone calls imply a writer's strong interest in the magazine or his willingness to follow up on a submission. some writers just don't get the hint.

Review the full terms by clicking here. http://il.Writing for publication: five attention getters not impressive to editors DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms.com/writingpublicat_pmi.By printing. downloading.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:44:42 PM] .essortment.

Free ink is always the best. Colorful cards are attention getters.00. phone number and web site. Strongly suggest they wear it on "story telling days" at your local library or book store. The easiest. If you don't live near a store that sells pre-designed business cards. But don't bask in the glow of accomplishment for too long. The real work is just beginning. http://wv. you've spent months. or your handy lap-top and HP laser jet printer. parades. and if you print out only what you'll need. Unless you have mega-bucks to hire your own publicist or marketing company. All these changes were free. with the Barnes and Noble's store address and phone number. people could find the location of where to purchase my book. Office Depot and Kinko's. self-publisher. anywhere there are crowds. rejection letters and pessimistic friends. maybe even years working on your novel. no one will know about it unless you are ready to take the next step. publishers. Whatever path you chose for your book. postcards and letterhead. Contrary to the opinion of professional PR firms. marketing and promotion. you're holding your finished book in your hands.A.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:44:55 PM] . take the kiddies. and finally after trudging through agents. whether it's published by a major publisher. there are many low cost ways to promote yourself and your book.) You might find a theme card that will work well with your promotional material as well as matching brochures. I've printed the caption "Wake Up with Red Wine For Breakfast" a small one line description of my book. I use several different designs for my writing in general and a more specific design for my novel which has a picture of a wine bottle and glass on it. and least expensive is to make your own business cards using your home computer and printer. you will spend about ten percent of your time writing and 110 percent working hard to have what you wrote.How to market and promote a book How to market and promote a book As an author. I replaced the booth location.essortment. copublisher.com/howtomarketbo_rfhw. Times Book Festival. The box of 500 cards was just under $30. (order their catalogue by calling 1-800-4-papers. they are an excellent source of free press and promotion. you can use them for any event or promotional occasion. your web site. At my recent booksigning event. there is an excellent catalogue company called Paper Direct that carries a complete line of business stationery. Buy some iron-on transfer paper and make your own t-shirts with a picture of the cover of your book on one side. The computer printed cards work well if you're going to a lot of different events. At the recent L. or other information on how to buy your book on the back. street fairs. read. If you have children. I substituted my phone number with the booth location number so when I handed out the cards on site. City events in the park. especially if you're holding a booksigning there.

egroup. Cracking the Media and Essentials for marketing and promoting your book. you can have magnetic signs made of the cover and display your book right on your vehicle! If you're in the business community. Your car is another excellent advertising tool. and belong to three others where we share ideas and support each other's efforts. Traffic is an wonderful opportunity to promote your book. articles. Try to get on your local cable shows that may have topics related to you or your book. If your state has personalized license plates. Make copies of all your interviews. Radio and television interview shows are saturated with authors looking to talk about their books. (but don't be obnoxious either!) People will be more inclined to buy books from author's they know. they will tell other CMR's of your generosity and will schedule an event for you just for the free gift! Collect all promotional material written about you and your book. photos and create a full press kit for radio and local television stations. saving their files in a variety of formats.How to market and promote a book PTA events. Here you will find sections on Publicity. On the Internet. Most authors write their novels on a PC. something interesting that will spark their interest. and my web site on the bottom line. Hopefully. join the local Chamber of Commerce. which takes place in a Los Angeles radio station.com/howtomarketbo_rfhw. If you own a truck. and contact their community relations managers. Cute little kids make excellent billboards! The cost is low (maybe some ice cream) and the exposure is high. Create a new angle to promote yourself. No longer. Do NOT be shy about your book. find a company that makes personalized license plate holders. find a way to put yourself or your book title on the plate. publishing and marketing. school and extracurricular activities all are excellent places to promote your book. breakfast meetings. Find a new approach. Join the www. both in the cost of the books and in the postage. I have my own list for Print On Demand authors. Both Barnes and Noble and Borders has a complete listing of their store's locations on their site. Mine is red with white lettering and has "Wake up with Red Wine For Breakfast" imprinted on the top line.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:44:55 PM] . one of the best sites for information on marketing and promotion can be found at iUniverse authors tool kit. I give them pewter pens that I sell in my store because they're not available anywhere locally. network to anyone and everyone. getting it into the hands of reviewers can be a costly process. Attend mixers. I've written an article about the new "Electronic Publishing Revolution" and have been receiving a great deal of press on the subject. especially if you personally autograph their copy! Make a list of the local bookstores in your area. Another excellent and inexpensive way to get your book into the hands of reviewers is send them disk versions of your work. Marketing. reviews. Of course this won't work if your children are pre-teen or teenagers. especially when trying to book a radio talk show. It's a huge source of valuable information. Unless you're book is cool. don't forget to bring a gift for the person who made the booking. Adobe had created the perfect way to promote your entire novel in an easy http://wv. And if you are invited to a store.essortment. and I always find a way to promote my novel. if this is impractical. (Mine reads: GR82B RW) However. Once their book is published.com and check out the many lists about writing. but it will be up to you as to how much of it you use.

there are only two things you should be doing in your spare time: writing and promoting your work.How to market and promote a book and inexpensive way. it can be copied onto disks which can then be mailed to anyone with an Adobe program. for FREE! Once saved. Inc. Written by Robin Westmiller Title: How to market and promote a book Description: How to market and promote a book. Remember. schedule your time. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. provided you send an email with instructions as to how to upload your file. Those that can't go to meetings. effective and inexpensive ways.essortment. http://wv.By printing. downloading. overnight success takes about 10 years. plan one or two days a week. You will become very educated. Most importantly. up to three. There are a number of creative. Avoid unnecessary meetings. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . If possible. to concentrate on the marketing aspect of your new career. Review the full terms by clicking here. and very satisfied when you see all your hard work pay off. or using you agree to our full terms.com/howtomarketbo_rfhw. Those that can. or sell them at a fraction of the cost for those who are interested in this new and exciting format. And those who attend meetings very rarely buy or read other member's books! At this stage of your writing career. write.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:44:55 PM] . very tired. Their site can save any file. which can also be downloaded from their site for FREE. clubs and activities that take away from your main focus: to get your book and yourself noticed! Don't join a lot of writer's clubs. You can also use this method to offer an "ebook" of your novel as a tease. This is an excellent way for authors to send out copies of their books.

PRO: Pseudonyms can increase an author's overall marketability. but in a promotional sense you need to hook your readers from the beginning.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:45:05 PM] . Dread' may sound like a gimmick. Trevanian. but it does establish that the author is a doctor and that his or her information may jeopardize careers. "Secrets of the Emergency Room" by 'Dr.essortment. but here are some pros and cons to adopting a pen name you should consider first. Other pseudonyms may take on even more significance. A well-chosen pseudonym can add an air of mystery or intrigue.com/penname_ravc. you may choose a pseudonym based on a character you enjoy from literature or history. George Sand. If your own name is reasonably marketable and your work is meant to be taken seriously. As a marketing tool. If you write action/adventure novels. you should not resort to a meaningless pen name. but almost everyone has enjoyed Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. but you need a name and reputation first. you have very little leverage with publishers as it is. you may want to use a pen name for protection. Later in your career you may feel the need to use a pen name for works outside your established genre. In a different vein.what do all these authors have in common? They are all pen names created by best-selling or critically acclaimed authors. such as "Trevanian" or "Phaedrus". CON: A poorly chosen pseudonym can hurt your chances of acceptance. or establish your credibility as an expert on the subject.Should a writer adopt a pen name? Should a writer adopt a pen name? Richard Bachman. So should you as a beginning writer consider doing the same? Only you can decide if a pseudonym is the proper route to go with your first publications. CON: Pseudonyms can create 'identities' from which there is no escape. Pen names have been used throughout the ages by authors who either seek anonymity or a more 'marketable' presence. Few people have ever heard of Charles Dodgson's scholarly works on such arcane topics as croquet. you may want to adopt a name that is more suited to the genre. Indeed. In the same way http://mdmd. a good pseudonym can boost sales and create enough positive buzz to give your 'name' some strong selling power. As a beginning writer. Lewis Carroll. few viewers suspected that the science fiction writer behind the movie "The Running Man" was actually horror master Stephan King using a pseudonym. "Rivers of Blood" by 'Tank McThunder' may appeal more to the readers than "Rivers of Blood" by Murray Fishbinder. Sometimes a writer takes on a subject that is highly controversial or threatens to expose secrets. PRO: Pseudonyms can make artistic statements for the author. Rather than remain anonymous or risk personal injury as the named author. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with the Fishbinder name. Mark Twain. but won't give you staying power. Insisting on a blatantly obvious pseudonym may make you a one or two hit wonder. The pen name you choose may reflect some element of the controversy. so you may not want to muddy the waters further by using a pretentious or gimmicky pen name.

essortment. downloading. http://mdmd. You may be able to continue working under your own name without penalty. Using a pen name for deceptive purposes makes you look thoroughly unprofessional. If you honestly believe that you may need to work under these conditions. then use a pseudonym for any work not covered by the contract with the publisher. If you are comfortable with the idea of perpetuating a character that writes your books. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:45:05 PM] . your audience might. then a pseudonym can work. If you know that you are using a pen name to circumvent the terms of a legitimate contract. Even if the publisher does not make the connection. Many authors who use pseudonyms discover that they must keep using that pseudonym long past its usefulness. In essence. Pseudonyms may provide a way that freelance writers can continue to work while under contract. Sometimes a publishing contract limits a writer to the number of outside projects he or she can do under their name. then don't use one.By printing. Inc. But the reality is that writers still must work for a living.it is the improper use of pseudonyms that could be actionable. the penalties can be stiff. Pseudonyms are not illegal in themselves. you run the risk of breeching your contract and facing civil court action. By unilaterally deciding to use a false name to get around the process. Review the full terms by clicking here. PRO: Pseudonyms can offer an author some protection in the business side of publishing. If you have some legitimate concerns about your contract. Here are some pros and cons to consider about using pen names. If you are concerned that a gimmicky pen name will take away your future credibility. Some authors may create elaborate backstories to give dimension to their alter ego pseudonyms. the pseudonym's fantasy personality may overwhelm the actual writer's persona. CON: Using a pseudonym to deceive publishers or the audience can come back to haunt you.com/penname_ravc.Should a writer adopt a pen name? that an actor may be linked forever with a popular character. work out a reasonable compromise with your publisher. Many beginning writers dream of the day when a major publishing house accepts their first novel or signs them to a multi-book deal. or using you agree to our full terms. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Written by Michael Pollick Title: Should a writer adopt a pen name? Description: Many fledgling writers want to adopt pen names. much like some famous authors have done through the ages. even if their first book is accepted. Efforts to publish works under their real names may be met with rejection or reluctance. an author may be linked forever with the character created by a pseudonym.

htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:45:05 PM] .com/penname_ravc.essortment.Should a writer adopt a pen name? http://mdmd.

. Be patient. Playboy may not be the magazine for it because the overall theme is different. a topic description. they won't have time for newcomers such as you or myself they're busy with the already-familiar people. Now you have to find a magazine that will accept it for publication. In other words. of course!) that you've got an idea. send personal stories to Readers Digest and great recipes to Martha Stewart Living or The Joy of Cooking. Speaking of people. who. Go for the magazines that publish work similar to yours in idea and theme . and a little bit of information directly relating to the article you wish to write. In other words.essortment.in other words.Getting published in magazines Getting published in magazines You've typed out your great-grandmother's secret barbecue sauce recipe. if you've got a short collection of recipes using a certain common ingredient.give them the chance http://wa. For the moment. It's just like working here at Writeforcash .stick with the facts. this is just something you do in your free time . she could make a barbecue sauce! How do you go about sharing it? Why don't you submit it to a magazine? The publication doesn't have to be a huge one most magazines are read by a lot of people. it's almost always a lot more enjoyable if you're writing for the fun of it . who tell THEIR friends and family. Remember. let's face it. this doesn't have anything to do with sucking up. and those people tell their friends and family.you get the idea. Address your letter to one of the assitant editors (usually named on the publication's masthead. who do you address your initial letter to. Send one letter at a time for each article. Never go for the editor-in-chief . as this could take a bit of time depending on how busy these people are. rambling for hours. My point is simply this: keep your priorities straight. or the like .htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:45:14 PM] . The first step to getting your work published is simple: Write the thing. and now you want to share it with the world because. of course) because they've got a little more time AND they're eager to discover new. fresh talent . anyway? One of the assistant editors.he or she is guaranteed to be busy dealing with people that are already published. Now that you've found a few magazines you wish to hit up for publication. don't hit up more than one magazine at a time for the same article.though writing it because the money's not bad is good as well.com/gettingpublishe_rvlb. along with the other editors and staff. In other words.your next meal doesn't depend on whether or not you write this.. and tell it like it is. you need to write them a letter explaining (politely. For example.give a short proposal.

Please remember the following: Don't discuss money during the initial letter.By printing. Enjoy this! It's not pulling teeth. Be patient.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:45:14 PM] . Inc.essortment.six months is usually a fair estimate.they'll make an offer to you if they like what they read. if you're anything like that. you're just trying to get noticed at this point . downloading.on your part as well as the parts of everyone working for the magazines your proposals were sent to. or using you agree to our full terms. Send your proposals in as early as possible so that your chances of getting a check are better. going about this a bit early never hurts. Review the full terms by clicking here. why don't you? Also.Getting published in magazines to prove themselves at their place of work. it's WRITING! This is one of my favorite things to do and. Remember. This takes time and effort . http://wa. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . while you're at it. A lot of magazines have printing schedules that are up to a year in advance . Title: Getting published in magazines Description: Tips for getting your writing published in magazines.com/gettingpublishe_rvlb. you'll get a bigger kick out of writing it than you do the check (although the money certainly doesn't hurt).

So what can you do to enhance your chance of publication? Add a newsworthy point to the release. or about 500 to 700 words. When you’ve covered the item you want to push and added a newsworthy tidbit. Two or three double-spaced pages. But. Drop four more spaces down and begin your text. How do you “design” your press release? One standard format is to print your name. Did Ted say he’d give ten cents from the price of each hot dog to the local food bank? That would make the story newsworthy and highly increase its chances of seeing print.Writing a newspaper press release Writing a newspaper press release Local papers constantly seek copy to fill their hungry pages. So be ready to print your piece and mail it via the U.” There. there is hope if you want to push a new business in town or just tout your child’s sports team accomplishments. and why. type your proposed headline.S. a lot of people can’t seem to write a news release a hometown editor will print.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:45:21 PM] . Tell a little bit about the history of Ted’s Hot-dog Stand. Yet.essortment. But. Make sure you hit all of these concepts when you write your press release. where. what. you’ve heard them use the words who. Give a reader a reason to read the item. You’ve hit all the pertinent facts. Two or three spaces down. centered. when. is a good length for submission to a local paper. type “For Immediate Release”. Two spaces down. Ted Jones of Ted’s Hot-dog Stand opened his second restaurant on June 15 on the corner of Blain and Oak. indenting the beginning of each paragraph about five spaces. also centered. “After a year of record sales in his first establishment. Here’s what I've found busy editors look for. He hopes to triple his sales in the new location. Now.com/pressreleases_rvss. If you’ve ever heard journalists discuss their trade. Always double-space your copy and print it on one side of the page only. Close your piece. Fold the manuscript in thirds and use a http://me. address and phone number in the upper left hand corner of the page. harried editors may just see your story as a blatant case of advertising only and may refuse to run it for that reason. for instance. Now expand upon them. how do you submit your press release? Many small-town newspapers accept only hard-copy releases--that is old-fashioned print on white paper. single spaced. For example. Drop a few spaces down and type in the words “Press Release”. Postal Service. centered. If the five w’s are the only points you write about. stop. The first thing you should know is what goes into a standard press release. don’t stop there.

there is no reason that your words won’t see print in the next edition.By printing.essortment. http://me. Newspaper editors receive hundreds of press releases every year. downloading.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:45:21 PM] . so don’t expect an acknowledgment of receipt. Be sure to keep a copy of your article for your records. Review the full terms by clicking here. Just watch the pages of your local paper to see when your release is run. If you can write a good press release with the extra value of newsworthiness.Writing a newspaper press release Number 10 white business envelope. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.com/pressreleases_rvss. or using you agree to our full terms. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Title: Writing a newspaper press release Description: How to write press releases that newspaper editors will print. Inc. Home-town newspaper editors are always on the look out for good copy to fill their pages.

First of all. How can I add angle to a Non-fiction Article? Before sitting down to write any piece of fiction.Non fiction writing Non fiction writing 1. Observe this comparison: a. but it is also the difficult part too. your article should represent a strong voice. you can use this when you ask questions like presented in this article. Can I use first person in some cases? · Yes.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:45:36 PM] . an article to be sold online. Now this doesn't have to read like a testimonial. · Avoid the use of boorish testimonial writing in non-fiction 4. We writers are always looking for new ways to incorporate an angle into our articles. you should be sure that you have an angle. · You do this by getting them interested in the topic or by involving them in the article. It is amazing how a simple switch of pronouns comes off so clean and professional. refer to yourself in the article as "we" helps.com/writingtipstec_nuj.essortment. How can I use persuasive techniques without sounding preachy? This is the key to adding an angle. · NOTE: Try to use first person pronouns very sparingly.much more professional! 3. You must persuade your reader without them being conscience of it. I always am looking for new ways to incorporate an angle into my articles. or any non-fiction piece that you will be selling to a publisher. · Notice that the latter sentence just sounds cleaner and crisper. Just replace I with we. b. 2. How can I add an angle to my article without using first person? · A good way to do this is to think in the third person frame of mind. This makes the reader feel like part of a team. There are ways to make your article appeal to the reader without using first person. http://wvwv. · Some authors of non-fiction pieces use "we" for that very reason. Whether it is a news story for a local paper.

Often you can give additional options for more information like libraries online. 5. · Some writers also like to begin with a quote.Non fiction writing · Other authors choose to drive their readers to change or right some wrong that plagues the world. If you started with a quote.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:45:36 PM] . connecting them with your message. finish with a comment on the quote. ETC. 7. You might want to give examples of the writer's first attempts that were considered very boring and read like textbook or encyclopedia. An example of this would be a story about a writer who never was a success until he or she learned the value of adding angle to an article. You start out broad and finish up very narrow. it is good to mention that you hope all of the reader's questions were answered by your article. What is another way to involve the reader in my article? · Try to ask questions that your reader may also be having. What should I check my article for when proofreading for the effectiveness of my angle? http://wvwv. · When you begin with a question. · You can use the name of famous people also to move your readers. many times they are absorbed quickly into the article. How should I end my article? · End the same way as you began it. end with a reiteration of the statement or some comment about it. 6. Without the reader even realizing. like you see here in this nonfiction piece.com/writingtipstec_nuj.essortment. In this case. · If you started with a bold statement. · Other writers like to make a very bold statement. How should I begin my article for the best possibility of my angle touching the reader? · Many writers often start off with a question. · Use examples of real life instances to touch your readers. These authors challenge the reader to make a change in him or herself. Think of the article as a funnel. perhaps a quote from Longfellow or Poe about writing. 8. prodding them into action. provoking the reader to think about the subject of the article. books.

check for the use of first person passages. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Also trade magazines and papers aimed at writers are a great place for writing tips. http://wvwv. look for writing tips or advice. or using you agree to our full terms.Non fiction writing · Of course.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:45:36 PM] .com/writingtipstec_nuj. When you search. many writers find the use of Internet search engines and their local libraries very helpful. Good luck with all of your endeavors! Title: Non fiction writing Description: These writing tips and tricks for writing non fiction will reach out and touch your audience! Copyright 2002 by PageWise.essortment. · Ask yourself if the article would move you. · Read the article as if it were not your own. Inc. downloading. Review the full terms by clicking here. If you need additional help with adding an angle to your article. · Also look to see if you used third person effectively.By printing. I hope that by reading this article many of your questions were answered and that you are now able to add an angle or slant to your article with much more ease.

It could be about a hobby or personal experience. how much they pay. If you want to write an article that has been covered in the magazine. When the editor saw that I was an engineer.How to get an article published in a magazine How to get an article published in a magazine Here are a few things that I learned from researching in the library and on the Internet that helped get my first article accepted for publication. One of the most important things is the idea for the article. Most magazine editors prefer that you “query first”. I think the fact that I didn’t have any clippings was not a problem. For my first article I chose to write about designing welded structures. Write about what your know. You can get these by simply writing the magazine and asking for them. The query letter is your sales pitch for your article idea.).htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:45:45 PM] . Be sure to look in the advertising section of the magazine.com/howtogetanar_rsxa. Another thing is to present your article in a professional manner. ask yourself the question “What kind of people would want to buy this?”. It is also a good idea to use 12-point type. This means that you send the editor a query letter. Another thing is to find a market for the article. Your subject doesn’t need to be about your job. These tips should increase your odds of being published. Most editors will tell you to read at least the last 6 issues of their magazine in order to get a “feel” for their style and focus. etc. clippings. Be sure to enclose a SASE for their reply. http://nh. The guidelines will tell you what kind of articles they buy. The editor will give more consideration to a new topic or angle. Resist the temptation to use fancy fonts. and any other particulars that might be important. There are several books on how to write query letters. Either you will be rejected or you will get the go ahead. make sure it has not been covered in the last three years. A query letter is a letter stating your idea for a story and a paragraph about yourself (qualifications. Be sure to double space your manuscript. It has been my job for over ten years. As you look through the ads. Get a copy of the writers’ guidelines. I was able to write most of the article by drawing on my experience as a mechanical engineer. I found this very helpful in determining the type of readers a magazine had. what format they prefer. Another benefit to writing about what you know is that you already have credentials.essortment. I had been a subscriber to the magazine for 2 years before I wrote the article. One of my favorites is Queries and Submissions – Elements of Article Writing Series by Thomas Clark. Do not e-mail the editor unless the guidelines say it is acceptable. Finding a niche that very little has been written about or finding a unique angle to the subject is a good start. the editor will probably do one of two things. how long they should be. After you send the query letter.

Never give up. downloading.By printing.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:45:45 PM] . http://nh. If you get a rejection. free-lance writers. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . Copyright 2002 by PageWise.essortment. Title: How to get an article published in a magazine Description: How to get an article published in a magazine: focusing on beginning. Inc.com/howtogetanar_rsxa.How to get an article published in a magazine The last thing is to keep trying. nonfiction. Review the full terms by clicking here. send a query letter on your idea to another publication the same day. or using you agree to our full terms.

Five traps to avoid when re writing a manuscript Five traps to avoid when re writing a manuscript Almost every writer. You may feel passionately about a suggested change. but you still have an obligation to explore an editor's point of view.don't view it as punishment for not being perfect the first time. This is a very common trap for the beginning writer who has not been faced with the demands of extensive rewriting. but that is rarely the case. How dare he insist that you expand that character or eliminate that chapter. then you should know that the basic structure is still good. If your work has merited such careful editorial guidance. it is also a necessary evil in a competitive publishing world that demands the best work possible." You may start looking at the editor's suggested changes and begin to wonder if he has lost his mind. by all means present your case to your editor. But there are several 'traps' that writers may discover during the rewriting stage. 1. regardless of their status in the publishing world. "The Editor Doesn't Know What He's Doing. He's not the genius around hereyou are. We would all like to believe that our own work is good enough to find acceptance without the spectre of rewriting. Anyone involved in a creative process should understand that ideas may have to be reworked or rethought in order to insure future success. Rewriting is a difficult process. If you have a strong argument against a suggested change. You should keep in mind that you are not being asked to build a new house. Sound remotely familiar? Writing is a collaborative process. along with some advice on how to get out of them if needed. can recall instantly the first time they were asked to rewrite a submitted manuscript. Beware of Self-Doubt. Rewrite from a position of strength and confidence. 2. Seeing their prized story come back from the editor's office with red ink marks can be a humbling and disheartening experience for any writer. or fill a writer's mind with enough self-doubt to render him unable to continue with the project. just tweak the furniture that is already there. Self-doubt can cripple a writer's confidence at a point where he or she needs the most confidence yet. Talk over your concerns with a trusted friend or fellow writers. But don't allow pride or stubborness to stand in http://ia. While the rewriting process may be painful at times.com/writingmanuscri_pmj. Here are five such traps to avoid while rewriting your own manuscript.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:46:00 PM] . These traps may keep a writer from making the changes necessary. Suggestions for rewrites are not intended to create doubt in your own ability as a writer.one that asks the author to go back into a story and start tearing out the walls and floorboards. Work on the rewrite just as hard as you worked on the original manuscript.essortment. famous or struggling. and the relationship between writer and editor should be a cordial and professional one. take some time away from the project to re-affirm belief in your own writing ability. If you feel that you are indeed in the grips of self-doubt.

Five traps to avoid when re writing a manuscript the way of the entire rewriting process. both mentally and physically. No one is asking you to rebuild the Pyramids or reinvent the wheel from scratch. Before continuing on the rewrite. Keep your audience's expectations firmly in mind when rewriting for content. Although rewriting for improved readability and cohesion should be your primary goal. You must fight the temptation to leave a promising work in limbo simply because the task of reshaping it seems daunting. stop rewriting and start resubmitting. make sure that your intended audience will also accept these changes in plotline or character. For the first rewrite.a paragraph needs tightening or a certain passage is confusing. If you are writing a series of science fiction novels. Title: Five traps to avoid when re writing a manuscript Description: When re writing manuscripts. because the original work obviously doesn't deserve such extreme measures. the audience may remember an important plot twist in an earlier book that you have forgotten in the midst of rewriting the present book.com/writingmanuscri_pmj. Don't second-guess the entire manuscript based on minor changes. Rewriting and polishing a manuscript is hard work for a writer. you may be tempted to scrap the entire project and start over. If a project shows enough promise to merit even one rewrite. Overcorrection. Here are five common traps when rewriting and how to avoid them. These changes can be made relatively painlessly. Inc. No one ever said the writing world was going to be easy. Many rewriting suggestions are technical in nature. You will be tempted to make more and more changes to your manuscript until it is barely recognizable.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:46:00 PM] . Once those changes have been made. 5. even hundreds of times before publication. and should not be touched at all. never sacrifice established characters or plotlines in the process. 4. Sometimes it's best to rewrite the manuscript per your editor's suggestions. and should not affect the main thrust of your story. Going back into an older manuscript in order to fix mistakes can be half as exciting as it sounds. then you should view it as a badge of honor to start the process. The final trap will continue to spring up throughout every rewriting session you do. You may believe it would much easier to abandon this project in favor of some new and exciting idea for a novel. Why bother rewriting? This trap may come up as your list of potential new projects grows and your interest in unfinished business shrinks. http://ia. But as the writer/tortured artist. There are parts of the original manuscript that work perfectly well as written. concentrate strictly on the suggested changes made by your editor or trusted critic. This would be a complete waste of time and energy on your part. But occasionally the suggested changes will take your story in a direction you may not have anticipated. the process of reworking a piece can be very difficult for the writer. Many famous literary masterpieces were rewritten dozens. Trust the collaborative process to point you in the right direction for future rewriting efforts. 3. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. then hash major disagreements out in a different forum. Gaining distance and perspective on a manuscript is the best gift a writer can give him or herself during the difficult rewriting phase. Never forget the intended audience. for example.essortment.

http://ia. downloading.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:46:00 PM] .By printing. Review the full terms by clicking here.essortment. or using you agree to our full terms.Five traps to avoid when re writing a manuscript DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .com/writingmanuscri_pmj.

or it may try to inform or educate the reader on a particular topic. http://momo.essortment. Every good essay will follow the following outline: 1. and so on. Body (Usually 3-6 Paragraphs) 5. Conclusion OUTLINE To create your outline.com/howtowriteess_rtry. Under item 1. You will use your outline to construct your essay's paragraphs. Thesis 4. list these as A. B. Your essay may try to persuade the reader to share your view on the topic. list three to six main ideas about your topic. Introduction 3. Your outline may look similar to this one: 1. Outline of your topic 2. the first step is to choose a topic and determine what direction or point of view you will take. list the topic you have chosen as item 1. it may try to explain to the reader how to complete a particular task. Topic Idea A. C.htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:46:07 PM] .How to write an essay How to write an essay When you are writing an essay.

Start by writing down one of your main ideas. The introduction should attract the reader's attention and give the reader an idea of the essay's focus. Start with a few sentences. If you had three main ideas. to provide a final perspective on your topic or to simply review the main points. http://momo. You may begin with an attention grabber such as intriguing information. captivating dialogue or a startling fact. In three to five sentences. until you reach your thesis. Conclusion The conclusion brings closure to the reader. The thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will be about. This fact about topic C. In your thesis. you should state the topic of the essay and state the point of the essay or the main ideas on your topic that you determined in your outline. This information about topic Introduction/Thesis The first paragraph consists of the introduction and a thesis statement. Go on to the next main idea. explain your views or the facts surrounding this main idea.essortment. Three or four sentences are all that is needed to write a conclusion. BODY PARAGRAGHS The body paragraphs will describe and explain your essay topic.htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:46:07 PM] . in sentence form. You may use your conclusion to sum up the points of your essay. you will have three body paragraphs. explaining your topic in general terms and lead into your thesis statement. and what points you will be making in your essay.How to write an essay This idea about topic B. Each sentence of your opening statement should become a bit more specific. Each of the main ideas that you listed in your outline will become a paragraph in your essay. and follow the same steps until each main idea has been turned into a paragraph.com/howtowriteess_rtry. which will form paragraph 2.

Inc. Review the full terms by clicking here.How to write an essay Title: How to write an essay Description: Follow this guide for how to write an essay. or using you agree to our full terms.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:46:07 PM] .By printing. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. A step by step guide to each part of the essay from outline to conclusion. http://momo. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .com/howtowriteess_rtry. downloading.essortment.

Narrowing the topic would mean choosing one instance of historical significance or one person in American history to research. Magazine volume numbers or month and year designations should also be notated.they all mean one thing and that is the preparation of a paper that must use sources to document given facts. often have the most recent information on subjects. This will be useful later in making the bibliography. those with information that will be useful in writing the paper should be set aside. and in fact. Information incident to the source can be written in a corner of the note card: the name of the book or article." Current magazine and newspaper articles are also good resources.essortment. Questions usually abound: Where should one start? How are resources organized? How are notes taken? What is a bibliography? Writing a research paper can be overwhelming. A topic usually begins as a broad category. reference paper. a subject of interest might be American history. 1) Choosing a topic Finding a topic of interest is a good start because searching for information is more fun if the person is intrigued by the subject matter. places. However. Incident notes are those that that list people. Public and Internet libraries offer excellent resources. dates and time. and the company that did the publishing. 2) Finding material Before a paper can be written. Internet surfing can produce results leading the researcher to other books or web sites offering up-to-date sources. magazine or Internet article that is most comprehensive . When more than three words in a row are copied. 3) Taking notes As possible resources are scanned. it must be narrowed.the book. For instance.com/howtowriteres_rtvy. investigative theme . Books that might not be on the local library's shelf can be requested from another library by "inter-library loan.and then progress through all the sources that have been collected.How to write a research paper How to write a research paper Research paper. Other sources that are not applicable may be returned. material on a subject must be gathered. Summary notes recapitulate general information in concise phrases and sentences that can later become a part of the body of the paper. Note-taking can begin with the most valuable source . the words should be quoted and the author given credit http://ndnd. it is much too broad a category to be covered adequately in one paper. events. Then. the place and year it was published. One note card should be used for each major point. Facts should be translated from the source into the writer's own words. term paper. Breaking it down into steps helps.htm (1 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:46:14 PM] .

essortment. an organization of the writer's research and thoughts. depending on the person preparing the paper and on whether the recipient of the paper requires the outline in a certain form to be turned in as a part of the assignment. using the word "you. Entries should be alphabetized by authors. month/date/year. company that published. II. place published. 5) Making an outline The first outline is preliminary. and III of Roman numerals or they can be simple lists. title. 6) Writing the paper A research paper should be written in third person. Magazines are notated with the article title first followed by the name of the magazine. as well as grammar and punctuation usage.How to write a research paper within the text. Each source in a bibliography is written in the following order: author (where there is one). Specific article titles should be placed within quotation marks. and year. It can change as the paper develops. That means it is not presented from the standpoint of "I' telling the story or as a means of direction. by title. 8) Typing the paper Research papers should be double-spaced and typed using a font that is easily read such as Times New Roman or Arial. but it is crucial in that it offers a place to begin. Introducing another of the five senses activates other parts of the brain to make the writer more focused. Names of books and magazines may be underlined or typed in italics. Organization by grouping leads easily into the making of an outline. 4) Grouping ideas When enough information has been gathered to adequately address the topic. 9) Preparing the Bibliography The purpose of the bibliography is to list each source from which information was obtained in the preparation of the research paper. still giving credit to the author http://ndnd. The writing of the paper is facilitated by using the outline for organization and the note cards for the recollection of facts. and where there is no author.htm (2 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:46:14 PM] ." Third person writing tells a story or presents information from the standpoint of a narrator. Online and email sources are similar. volume. Revisions should be made to the first draft before final typing. and a place for all of this to culminate in an ending.com/howtowriteres_rtvy. 7) Proofing for errors The best way to proofread any paper is to read it aloud. Outlines can utilize the traditional I. note cards should then be grouped by major points. Writing should only be on one side of each sheet of paper. Spelling must be checked.

" Available email: psyc@puco. Magazine article "Moment Musical. http://www. Anne. (Note: all articles. 20:715. this should also be designated by use of brackets. The Permissible Lie. Houston: Psytek Services. Book with author Baker.memory.] Memory & Cognition. Online should be indicated in brackets and the web site given. the first impression that the reader will have. 1989. Boston: Heritage Publishing Company." [On-line. web sites.com/cognition/ Email source Fundermont. The presentation of the research paper is. Thomas. It isn't so overwhelming when there are http://ndnd. The Monitor Tester (Version 4. Anchorage: Alaskan Publishing Company. Dan. after all. and email addresses are fictitious and are only for the purpose of demonstrating bibliography format.) Research papers may be delivered in a variety of folder styles and choices.com/howtowriteres_rtvy. 70:106. The one most appropriate for the recipient of the paper should be chosen. Online source Meyer. November 27. Samm. books. When computer software is used as a source. Title: How to write a research paper Description: How to write a research paper. 1998. 2000.How to write a research paper and title of the article first.essortment.htm (3 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:46:14 PM] .0) [Computer software]. Bibliography samples: Book with no designated author The Stone Age Dictionary of Elementary Language.net Computer software Miller." Lyre Gazette. 1969. "The Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenum. "Commentary on Brahms.

Inc.essortment. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . http://ndnd.htm (4 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:46:14 PM] . downloading. Review the full terms by clicking here. or using you agree to our full terms.How to write a research paper guidelines to follow. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.com/howtowriteres_rtvy.By printing. step-by-step directions organize thoughts into a written product. From the note card to the bibliography.

Books for the youngest children are called picture books. they are heavily illustrated. but are not as long and usually not as complex. But. that’s not true. you will find that there is a place for almost every idea you can come up with when you decide you want to write your own book. The last step up the ladder is the young adult novel. for the beginning reader all the way up to readers who are almost ready for chapter books. as you can see. When they are too old for easy-to-reads. they graduate up to the “easy-to-reads. These books are almost identical to adult novels. They are read to the child.com/writingchildren_rtdb. Still. and can have bigger words. shapes and colors. all come under the “picture book” category. They are for the child who is a little older and can understand a plot that is a little more advanced. as well as those with a story.” This is where you will notice both a change in the size of the words and the number of words in the book.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:46:20 PM] . when you say “children’s books” you are talking about a very wide range of possibilities. Children under ten usually choose these books. Chapter books are simple. Concept books. So. usually short books. Adults read these to the children. since there are so many different types of books for different ages. that are divided into chapters. once you know what the age levels are and the different choices. These books have pictures on every page. children look to the more grown-up feel of the chapter book. Children this age may be able to understand the meaning of many words. The next step up from the picture book is the picture storybook. it clears away some of the confusion. And. but can’t always read them on their own. like those that cover the alphabet and counting.Writing childrens books: choosing the right audience Writing childrens books: choosing the right audience Some think that writing children’s books is easier than writing books for adults. When a child begins to read on their own. Kids read these books until they get to be about twelve. These books are also available in several levels. But. But. They usually have an illustration on every few pages. you have to remember to keep the plot simple. as they soon find out. since they can’t yet read for themselves. Children’s book writing can actually be more complicated. but not as elaborate as the ones found in picture books.essortment. and can start to have some “heavier” plots and subjects. but they have to be simple enough for the younger children to understand. http://ca. They are for teens.

Writing childrens books: choosing the right audience

Title: Writing childrens books: choosing the right audience Description: Writing childrens books can seem complicated to the beginning writer. This article explains the different books and the requirements of each.
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How to write an autobiography

How to write an autobiography
WHY WRITE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY? There are bad reasons: - to make a million dollars (unless you're a celebrity or hero) - to exact revenge - getting back at someone by spilling the beans - to revise history - creating a false past Then there are some good reasons: - to leave a message to future generations - to pass on your heritage - to put closure to a period or episode - to process experiences - to preserve family history - to share what and who you are However, if you're not a writer the task can seem overwhelming. Here are some suggestions. Start by making lists. Make lists of relatives, boyfriends/girlfriends, places you've lived over the years, pets you've owned, schools attended and other things like that. But the most important are the Life-Lists. Choose categories as you go along: elementary school days; military life; college; family vacation; illnesses. More will occur to you as you write. Under each category, write down a word or two to identify some event that you want to remember. Next, narrow each life-list to 10 core life events which will be the most significant or memorable events to demonstrate that category. Write about each of your core events. Start with a rough draft in which you simply concentrate on getting all the information down on paper. Then go back and polish for details, grammar, and tone. If you're not confident in your writing ability, you may enlist someone else's help to edit. But remember, in an autobiography, it's important to retain YOUR VOICE in the final
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How to write an autobiography

narrative. Your personality should come through. Using flawless grammar or fancy words may very well take away from the charm and value of your autobiography. Use a variety of writing styles throughout the book. Use the one which best suits the event you're working on. One style is Narrative, in which you give a pretty much linear account of events without much reference to underlying emotions or moods. Then there's Descriptive writing, which is appropriate when you want to paint a picture of something for your reader, either because of its beauty, its ugliness or simply because it's very different from what that reader may know. There's Emotional writing, when you have strong feelings about your topic and want to evoke some emotional response in your reader. Action writing is characterized by short sentences with strong verbs. This type of writing is for exciting events, when you want to carry your reader along in a headlong rush to find out what happens next. When you've done all you can with your autobiography, you're ready for finishing. Organize all the pieces you¡¦ve written into some kind of order. If you don't type, have it typed and saved on a floppy disk. This is also the time to engage an outside editor if you so desire. There are a number of ways to publish your autobiography. If you feel it has interest to a large general audience, by all means send it to a publisher. A writing book will give you details on submitting your manuscript professionally and there are other books that list publishers interested in this type of work. But most of us will probably self-publish our autobiographies. If you just need a few copies (say for family members), take your final manuscript to a copy store with a service desk. For a reasonable fee, they will not only make as many copies as you like but they also can offer several choices for binding it. You can even create your own cover which they will reproduce and attach to the finished book. Or you can check those writing books for self-publishing companies which will produce a professional looking book at your expense. Be warned that these businesses usually require a relatively high print run and can be quite costly. What will you do with your finished book? Family members will be delighted to be presented with a copy, no doubt. You can donate a copy to your local library. The lives of local people add a personal touch to the history shelves. By the same token, school libraries and teachers might be interested in having a copy. If you've been active in a particular club or organization, that group would probably also be grateful for a copy. The most important thing is to begin. By putting your life story down on paper, you can leave a lasting legacy for those who come after you.

Title: How to write an autobiography Description: How to write an an autobiography that will share your life with relatives
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downloading. Inc.com/howtowritea_rves. http://va. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.essortment. Review the full terms by clicking here. or using you agree to our full terms.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:46:34 PM] . DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ .By printing.How to write an autobiography and other interested people.

concept. There are suggestive titles which lead the reader to view the article. and have noticed that articles don't shout "read me" as loud as they could. but the title has to stand alone when it comes to representing what the article is about. etc. for it will pay off. the best title for your piece Have you ever noticed that certain articles get more attention from readers? Often. we all do to some extent. Titles can allude to the content. Not every article will be easy to dream up a creative title for. There are various approaches to this.essortment.com/articlewriting_rxzi." While I am not as fond of using these. "You Must Read This. the best title for your piece Article writing tip. it is the title that lends to the success of the article. "Tell All" titles pretty much sum up the entire article and leave no surprises. A mediocre title suggests a mediocre review. but an interesting one can make a world of difference. but can serve useful in a few instances if you are sure your content will be able to carry itself strongly. using visceral words that hit the reader in the gut and make them wonder what the article is about. I have written my share of mediocre titles. especially when my creative juices aren't flowing. Just make sure that taste is an appetizing one. as it is often an effective timesaving mechanism.Article writing tip. or whatever the case http://wi. the content of the article is also important. As with this article. I've often found myself reading more of other people's articles because of a suggestive title. It is human nature to categorize and label. Look at your article from various points of view and try to see it in a unique light. pen to paper. giving the reader a taste of what's in store. This involves taking some element of your article and alluding to it by using a related idea. or an article by its title for that matter. Place great importance upon the task of choosing a title. the next time you strike fingers to keyboard. Think of your title as the main selling point of your article. you can opt for the shocking title. even though you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. For example. Sure. Let's face it. So. whether this is the case or not.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:46:47 PM] . and then use this newfound angle to construct a title that will make people want to read more.

the best title for your piece may be.essortment. http://wi. Individuality is like a drink of fresh. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . is the need for an effective title. the best title for your piece Description: When writing an article one tip that I cannot stress enough." You might just notice that your articles are getting more attention. Review the full terms by clicking here.com/articlewriting_rxzi. One must catch the reader's attention. or using you agree to our full terms. blaze that article with a title that will scream "read me. cool water to a weary desert traveler. Above all.By printing. downloading.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:46:47 PM] . be creative. Inc. Copyright 2002 by PageWise.Article writing tip. Titillate the reader with those titles! Written by Vanessa Zanella Title: Article writing tip.

After watching the film that is to be reviewed. there are several different things that you should keep in mind during the writing process. The second stage is to give a brief synopsis of the film. a magazine enjoyed by adults. if I was writing a review of the film Apocalypse Now. This title gives a very brief idea of the nature of the film and provides a starting point for the reader to focus on. After the synopsis. it is important to take notes immediately. Depending on the audience and the market it is written for. Firstly. You could also state your early opinions here. Your aim is to make the audience want to finish the article. For a children’s magazine. it is important to stress it in a comprehensible manner. but don’t give too much away too soon.How to write a good film review How to write a good film review Writing film reviews can be rewarding and enjoyable.essortment. go into detail about what you thought of the film. It should not be too long or contain material that the age group would not understand. it is time to retrieve your notes and look at your basic ideas.com/writingfilmrev_ralk. ‘faith and hope disappear in the midst of the Vietnam War’. I mean that you should spend time stating which parts of the film worked for you. It is necessary to break the film down into its separate parts. If you really enjoyed it or really hated it. perhaps a good title could be. I believe. Examine the film more closely. say. Firstly. what age groups are you writing for? A review for a school magazine would warrant a different writing process than. For instance. what you enjoyed and remembered from the images and ideas in the film are what could be the deciding factor in whether or not the reader actually goes to see the film themselves. make it clear. try to go into detail about the many ideas contained within the film. Once you have established the audience you are writing for. Don’t forget. you need to think of an imaginative title.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:46:59 PM] . With adult writing there is less need to omit images that are controversial. This is. By this. the review will need to be quite punchy. Writing for a young audience often proves to be harder than writing for adults. This will be of great importance when you actually sit down to write the piece. Was it thought provoking? Did it have lasting images and ideas that particularly enthralled you? Did you think that it was a complete turkey? Whatever you view is. The notes should be detailed enough to bring back to memory the images that you found most appealing. the most important part of the writing process. Was the setting and atmosphere successful? Did the plot flow all the way through the film or did it become http://ks.

Inc. Never simply say that you loved or hated a certain movie without giving your reasons. http://ks.How to write a good film review disjointed and messy part of the way through? You must also look carefully into the characterisation.essortment. downloading. Following these guidelines should provide you with enough information to start writing your own reviews. When you write a good review you should find it rewarding. at the end of the piece you should give a conclusion that states strongly what you thought. or using you agree to our full terms. Even though your article should show from the start what your opinions are. Written by David Hill Title: How to write a good film review Description: A how to guide to writing a good film review that is interesting and hopefully publishable in the writing community Copyright 2002 by PageWise.com/writingfilmrev_ralk. Review the full terms by clicking here. A close examination of the key roles in the feature will provide your audience with a better idea of how the film is going to be. Always explain why you feel the way you do and back it up with descriptive examples.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:46:59 PM] . DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . especially if it is published.By printing.

com/writingnonfict_reju. or an index card or two of details. 3 different gardens 4-The clean. Perhaps your research notes are a few scribbled lines. but organizing your material. make a list of pertinent ideas. theories and research findings you’ve gathered. or on your computer screen. and organize their materials into a readable article with time to spare. or at least trying to pad the pin money.essortment. A—BRAINSTORM: On a large sheet of notebook paper. For the purposes of this article. Here are some simple steps that experienced and published writers say work for them. a phrase or bit of color that jumped out at you. It may be a clearly dominant fact. need to know how to turn their pieces around from a vague idea to a finished product quickly. and knowing where to start have you stymied. facts. a question.htm (1 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:47:14 PM] . Don’t second guess yourself or try to place them in any order. just let the intuitive juices flow and jot down everything that comes to mind. dig in the dirt to find him” 8-How to get started on your own 9-Fills the spiritual vessel http://scsc. sweet smell of cilantro spilling out of the herb bed 5-The sunshine on my back 6-Yoga in the garden 7-Shaw quote—“finding God in a garden. You have an idea of what you want to say. do research and not waste it. My brainstorming list for an article I’m writing about how people use their gardens as spiritual refreshment includes the following: 1-how I find it easy to pray in a garden 2-is it the process or the product that most touches? 3-Three different women. let’s assume you’ve chosen the topic you want to write about and have done any necessary research.Five fast and easy steps to writing nonfiction Five fast and easy steps to writing nonfiction Writers trying to make a living with free lance writing.

#’s 2 and 5 hit on the common result all my subjects mentioned. stood alone to me. The Shaw quote. then. 4 and 5 reflected my personal experience. or even some connecting ideas in each group of material. so I scheduled another phone interview with her to clarify some points and garner more details. as part of the closing information to provide in group V. I left it at first. Group V. Although #2 seemed to overlap two groups. I plugged that information in as #13 under Group IV. D—ORDER the groups of material.htm (2 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:47:14 PM] . and which a decent ending. so I went back to my research and added: #11. Then I looked at the Shaw quote. that my closing. C—Check to consider if you need MORE INFORMATION from your research. I moved it to the Introduction spot. so they were grouped together under I. Here I realized I needed more specific facts from my research to describe each woman’s particular gardening benefits. which a good middle. and realized it made a perfect opening—humorous. so became #III. The other three groups clearly made a middle. ecstasy I feel in an English cottage garden B—Begin to GROUP your list of findings or ideas into three or four groups. to see where it best worked out. like overriding themes. with my charted outline. considering which group constitutes a good introduction. Now I had a beginning and an ending. after making suggestions for readers to follow in starting their own spiritual garden. Both these items I added to Group IV. probably echoes of #2 and #9. At this time I sensed a bit of weakness in my coverage of one subject’s garden. needed more transition material. yet touching and non-threatening. I thought I should start the article with my own awareness of my garden and my tendency to pray there.com/writingnonfict_reju. and #12.Five fast and easy steps to writing nonfiction 10-Happiness. but in which order should I place them? Perhaps only in the writing could I tell for sure. Group II. For the middle section. I also readily saw. Finally. which seemed. or additional research. I saw that #s 1.essortment. I had a hunch as I worked that #10 might make a good ending. I had three groups of materials: http://scsc. I so marked Group V and left it with plenty of material for a neat. As for an introductory section. Forming IV were specific details about my three subjects. ONE woman’s meditation space built into her garden. after I grouped them. as #II. with its bit of dry humor and truth. and lumped #8 with it. at first. As I began to group my items. Already I had a sense of which material would make for a moving and helpful closing. 2 and 9. 2-paragraph summary and closing. #’s 6. one woman’s use of her garden as a subject of her painting.

Putting meat on the bones of an article’s skeleton seems more like fun. the article wrote itself. From this point on. I was now ready to start writing.essortment. and you have what seems like a jumble of only semi-related facts to start with.By printing. come to the writer before s/he starts. find a catchy title. check for smooth transitions. E—WRITE each section. when the writer has taken time to outline or organize in this way or some other way. a way to proceed. and create a clear. and even if there was some flexibility allowed as I went. sharpen the writing. or using you agree to our full terms. organize their material. and IV.com/writingnonfict_reju. Eventually. GROUPED your material. Occasionally. such as a newspaper. In addition. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . being sure to make smooth transitions from one section to the next. But when the direction is less clear. It’s bound to sell! Written by Eleanor Sullo Title: Five fast and easy steps to writing nonfiction Description: Tips for writers on writing nonfiction: how to brainstorm their ideas. Make necessary changes in order. downloading. With your first draft in hand. unless the publication you’re aiming for. With enthusiasm. checked for MORE NEEDED INFORMATION. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. and type “The End. III.Five fast and easy steps to writing nonfiction I. ORDERED your groups of material. the outline of an article. the portion explaining the common results all my subjects experienced. Congratulations on a piece done using your best skills. Inc. it is not much work to verify that your sections have been placed in the right or wrong order. likes to come up with its own title. add extra detail if needed. My garden-spirituality article now had a map. this order worked well. and WRITTEN the best article you could write. I no longer felt swamped with an overwhelming amount of data and no clear route to go. http://scsc. focused piece on any topic. the specifics of their experiences. but I could have easily changed the order later. Group II was the introductory section and Group V the closing. Review the full terms by clicking here.” You’ve BRAINSOTRMED. or at least which points you want to make and in which order. this 5-step process is a big help.htm (3 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:47:14 PM] . the portion about my own garden. it felt much more “do-able” than it had in the beginning.

com/writingnonfict_reju.htm (4 of 4) [2/5/2004 12:47:14 PM] .essortment.Five fast and easy steps to writing nonfiction http://scsc.

The character we mainly view the "movie world" from.This is your idea in two or three short lines. Don't be too http://sdsd. To simplify the process.How to write a working screenplay How to write a working screenplay Writing a screenplay is by no means an easy task.The world of the story.com/howtowriteas_rejv.The tone or feel POINT OF VIEW . The script has eight main elements.The events and action CONFLICT .The inhabitants of your story SETTING .The controlling idea MOOD/ATMOSPHERE . It can be challanging and overwhelming to say the least. Two questions you should always be asking yourself when writing a script are 1) What am I seeing? 2) What am I hearing? And always keep in mind that actions illuminates character and character determines action.essortment. time/place STRUCTURE .htm (1 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:47:23 PM] . (25 words or less) Write you OUTLINE . a screenwriter will take several steps and follow certain formulas to achieve his/her goal. Start with your IDEA Write your CONCEPT or LOG LINE .This should give us a general concept of your story. all of which are key to an effective screenplay.The struggles and obstacles CHARACTERS . PLOT .The combination of all the elements THEME .

This is where you want to resolve all that has been established and built. Relationships. All loose ends are tied in this act up to and including the final push to the climax. just write.This is where you want to give all the ideas and concepts of your story. time. (25%) ACT 2 . what. This was created by Aristotle for Greek theatre. the industry standard format for scripts is the three act structure. And remember.essortment. (25%) An interesting way of looking at it is Put your character in a tree Throw rocks at him Then let him down You will inevitably face obstacles can at times seem overwhelming . Who. happenings and the problems your character faces.who's making what happen. The only way to get better is to write. (10-30 pages) STEPSHEET .Progress . Another very helpful tool is the CHARACTER PROFILE Detailing each characters traits. All elements and details are disclosed in your treatment. Especially the character defeating or being defeated.Passion Keep at it. present and future. Or if the end result is not positive then the character should seem to have defeated the problems(s). situations. where. when. connections. Today in Hollywood and abroad. (50%) ACT 3 .com/howtowriteas_rejv. tie-ins.This is a scene by scene work through of your script .htm (2 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:47:23 PM] . This is called the inciting incident.How to write a working screenplay specific though. ACT 1 . Counteract with these three p's: Patience . Everything that the audience will need to follow the rest of the film. The complication should progress and by the end of act 2 your main character should seem defeated by the problem. The main character takes on a problem or faces a problem of some sort about half way through this act.perfection.In act 2 you should be building all that has been established. why and how. place. TELL A GOOD STORY! http://sdsd. (2-3 pages) Next. involvements. It doesn't matter what it is about. your TREATMENT .In act 1 you want to establish all your characters. relevant past. paralysis and procrastination.

http://sdsd.com/howtowriteas_rejv.How to write a working screenplay Title: How to write a working screenplay Description: Learn how to write a working screenplay! Copyright 2002 by PageWise. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . or using you agree to our full terms.essortment. Inc.htm (3 of 3) [2/5/2004 12:47:23 PM] . Review the full terms by clicking here.By printing. downloading.

How can I write a book How can I write a book Before beginning to write a book you can prepare by following these tips: 1. then this will not be most prevalent. Often change is good. Information from the experienced is often very helpful. Gather your ideas. One hour per day could increase that to over 720 pages. Don’t be afraid to go in a whole different direction than you originally intended.com/bookwritehowc_rmtk. 8. you would have approximately 180 pages. Work during your “free time. Reread what you have written and make changes often. Carry a tape recorder or small notepad and take notes while in line at the grocery store or in a doctor’s waiting room. You will have someone to turn to for encouragement. research. 5.htm (1 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:47:32 PM] . If you want to become a best selling novelist then you need to produce material that is well accepted and will sell easily. 2. Read articles from other writers about publishing books. 9. or help. Join a local writer’s group or one on the Internet for support. If it is enjoyable. Research your material. it is a good idea to research the different types of publication. 7. 15 minutes per day should produce one page. sitting in traffic or stopped at a red light as long as you also concentrate on the road. If you use the tape recorder method. http://idid. you must present documented resources for your facts and opinions of others. 10.” You have more of it than you think. Make time to write. If you plan to have your book published. Write in a genre that you like. you want to understand how to make your characters believable. and clippings in a notebook or binder so they are all readily accessible when you begin writing. you could talk while you are driving. which may be longer than necessary. If you wrote daily for 6 months. whether you need an agent. and the cost you will have to pay up front to make this a reality. you will be more likely to put more time and effort into working steadily and finishing it. Even if you are writing fiction. 4.essortment. 3. If non-fiction is your chosen path. Determine the reason you are writing and work toward that goal. sympathy. 6. If you are writing for your own pleasure and money is no concern.

Brace yourself for rejection from agents and publishers. 15. not bad material written quickly. Review the full terms by clicking here. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ . It would be your responsibility to advertise and arrange payment methods and shipping.com/bookwritehowc_rmtk.essortment. Consider hiring an editor to proofread and suggest any changes that need to be made.By printing. Only a small number of books written each year actually get published by vested publishing houses. Do not use anyone’s likeness or quotes without their written permission. But with today’s advances in the Internet. downloading. 13. grammar. 12. 14. and punctuation before submitting it. you can produce your own copies for a small amount of money. Written by Susan Padezanin Title: How can I write a book Description: How can I write a book? There are easy ways to spark your writing and continue it until you have a book completed to your satisfaction. Copyright 2002 by PageWise. or using you agree to our full terms.htm (2 of 2) [2/5/2004 12:47:32 PM] . Check the finished manuscript for errors in spelling. http://idid. Inc. Plagiarism is against the law. Do not pressure yourself with a strict deadline if you cannot adhere to it. Do not use any previously published material without written permission.How can I write a book 11. The goal is to produce good material.

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