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People's expectations toward individual mobility require more than iust a convenient means of transportation, The old understanding of cars has become outdated, A car represents Individual lifestyles, and it becomes an integral part of their lives. At the same time, the automobile industry has experienced seismic change, Hyundai Motor Company has grown rapidly to become one of the largest automakers, backed by world class production capability and superior quality, We have now reached a point where we need a qualitative approach to bring bigger ideas and relevant solutions to our customers. This is an opportunity to move forward and we have developed a new Centre, brand slogan that encapsulates our willingness to take a big leap. Led by our new slogan and the new thinking underlying it, we will become a company that keeps challenging itself to unlock new possibilities for people and the planet

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luxury and power. Offering sleek good looks. and a revolution ahead. . the new Verna engages your senses with its very presence. advanced technology and groundbreaking safety features.Cutting-Edge Technology meets Fluidic Philosophy Introducing the new Hyundai Verna . this Sedan is a cut above the rest. Following a fluidic sculpture design philosophy that seeks to create cars that are inspired by nature and are based on the natural rhythm of life. it harmoniously With uninterrupted blends power with style. curves and a Coupe like sporty profile.A car that redefines style.

Fog lamps The built-in stvish fog lamps not just give you extra visibility in foggy conditions. these headlamps sport a two-piece black bezel design that adds a touch of luxury during the day. imparting an air of regal splendour.m. .:I.. coupe-like demeanour and aggressive styling. Outside Mirrors with Side Repeaters These body-coloured side mirrors have in-built LED turn indicators for style. the Dual Chrome Exhaust Pipes give the Verna a new. additional safety.Fluidic Sculpture. Chrome Front Grille The Hexagonal Chrome Front Grille amplifies the premium look of the Hyundai's new Verna.m) Adding to the look of the car. this is a sedan like no other. wraparound rear lignts delivEOrhigh vsibilitv illumination. these convenient and looks elegant on the new Verna.An exterior that commands respect The new Verna's bold lines and inimitable styling are a result of Hvundai's new Design Philosophy . Two Tone Chrome Rear Garnish The Rear Chrome Garnish not only highlights the rear profile of the car but also adds to the car's style quotient. but also add to the look of the new Verna. Chrome Outside Door Handles Rear Combination Lamps Stylish chrome pull type door handles arec::::.!!ntegrated into the very design of the car. With its low-slung looks. more sporty look. Chrome Dual Exhaust Pipe (1!!.'IO. Eagle Eye Head lamps Providing optimum illumination at night.:====::. and are electrically adjustable and foldable.

The Smart Key also facilitates keyless ignition and remote opening of doors and boot... AudIo System Keep yourself entertained with this 2 DIN Audio System that plays everything from CDs to MP3s. Driver Information System The new Verna comes equipped with an onboard computer that gives you useful driving information ECO drive indicator in the Automatic variant that helps you drive in a more fuel-. This panel also has a 1" in segment The in-built Cluster Ionizer purifies the cabin air a nd keeps it fresh and hea Ithy.efficient way such as Journey time and 'Distance to empty' helping you manage your trips better. the cluster provides vehicle information through both sight and sound.:..C/ Sensors in the new Verna detect the smart key's presence and the door can be unlocked by just pressing a button on the outside door handle.:. Smart Key with Button Start 'J-c-. you can control your audio system on the fly with just a push of a button as well as take and receive calls via With its circular rev counter and speedometer illuminated with white and blue lighting for optimum clarity and readability... MT Shift Indicator The manual transmission Shift Indicator helps you ahieve optimum gear usage and gives you mximum fuel efficiency while driving... allowing you to have access to unlimited music.. USB+iPod+Aux The integrated system supports other multimedia devices like iPods and USBs. Supervision No-nonsense meets sporting elegance in the Supervision Cluster of the new Verna. It also comes with a hand-remote so you can control it from anywhere. Bluetooth Hands Free + Steering Mounted AudIo Controls Thanks to the Steering Mounted Remote. .2 DIN.

the Power Window Control switches are designed for a better grip. convenient cooling for everyone all the time. the inside of the new Verna sports plush.". Sunglass Holder The new Verna sports a fabric-lined Sung lass Holder. and never in the way. Just set the temperature and the system takes over to ensure uniform. no matter what the temperature outside. Height-adjustable Seatbelts The new Verna sports Seatbelts that adjust to your height to give you more comfort and better safety. Cooled Glove Box The Glove compartment is voluminous and cooled by the air-conditioning system so that your things remain cool. . Leather Upholstery To lend a rich. Power Window Controls Ergonom ica Ily positioned. Sliding .Armrest (1~1. so they're exactly where you need them. luxurious look. Rear Seat Armrest The Armrest in the rear doubles up as support and as a storage space in which you can keep things for easy access Height-adjustable Headrests The front and rear Headrests in the new Verna are height-adjustable for maximum comfort. beige Leather Upholstery."') The center armrest in the new Verna comes with sliding function and storage space for enhanced convenience. Manual Air Conditioner This convenient and instantly recognizable triple dial knob lets you control and adjust the temperature and airflow according to your need. both on the seats and door pads.m. luggage Space The Luggage Space is impressive in capacity with enough to hold all your traveling needs A Luggage Net is also provided to keep them in place during travel Sunvisor with Mirror The Sunvisor has been designed using a knit-embossed fabric for a luxurious feel and also sports a pocket type ticket holder and vanity mirror for convenience.FuliV Automatic Air Conditioner The new Verna allows you to set climate levels with the Fully Automatic Air Conditioning system.

The 1"6 L ofters segment leading power of 128 ps @ 4000 rpm and torque of 26... sporty acceleration.t.. optimised gear-tooth shaped and precision machining .5 KmfL IARAI) with unprecedented performance..'1::::: ~'.) Parking is now a breeze with the visually guided parking system in the electro-chromic rearview mirror where a camera helps you align the car in relation to other vehicles and the kerb. '1. .t 1111!1111~1 I" ••• ~ II. Petrol 11.4 L IITVT which boasts of similarly unbeatable performance and best-in-segment mileage of 17..'.4 L VTVTJ The 1.~ I~ ..) Sensors in the rear bumper detect objects you can't see while reversing and sound a warning if you get too close.6 L CRDi VGT and 1. The new Verna also offers a 1.inM:9!1l1ml) The new Verna offers all-round protection with 6 airbags .".~.. Both these engines are designed to deliver dynamic performance and unmatched mileage. ~·. dramatically reducing glare.. Manual Transmission Th e 5 speed petrol and 6 speed diesel manual gearboxes provide smooth. Automatic Transmission While variable oil pressure allows tor smoother shifting. 2 side airbags and 2 for the driver and front passenger Choice of Engines ABS with EBD Driving over wet and slippery roads IS now a lot safer with the new Verna's ABS system. ~~ I ••• • ..2 curtain airbags running along the length of the cabin. " •• ~ . Diesel (1.""m.Ilijill'll.. ~.43 KmfL IARAI).6 L VTVT engine is a powerhouse which is refined to deliver best-in-segment 123ps@ 6300 rpm leaving the competition way behind. . . •• . noiseless shifting of gears thanks to the key and ball-type synchromesh.5 kgm while the 1.. .) This mirror automatically senses and reduces light intrusion from vehicles following you. like that of a manual transmission. '.6 L VTVT & 1...""m'".. the 4-speed H-Matic auto transmission offers highly responsive. ~I 'Ii'~II . .... The engine is tuned to generate optimum efficiency without compromising on power.l ~ •~. ECM {Electro-Chromic Mirror)(1~..6 L CRDi VGT & 1. Rear Parking Assist System ( 1~1""m.4 L CRDi.4 L CROll The Diesel Verna is available in two configurations 1. The EBD System distributes the brake force on all four wheels according to vehicle load. ~~ ••• t •• .. Rear Proximity Warning System ( 1~.4 L delivers a mileage of 23.~."~. 6 Airbags (7!J.

This is in line with Hvundai's environmental a difference. The Alternator Management relieve engine workload.ECO Drive The new Verna comes packed with features and technology to help you save fuel and ultimately.iiiiii Verna controls the power supply to the battery to reducing fuel while and emissions while decelerating and idling. At Hyundai we believe all these little innovations ultimately make a big difference your world. consumption accelerating. the environment. Then there's the gear shift-indicator transmission) efficiently transmission) (manual System in the new approach to building cars that make t I_:. and enhances performance which prompts you to change gears which glows when the car is at its and the ECO indicator (automatic fuel efficient best. and our environment. Alternator management system when it comes to Decelereuon Ear Speed .

396 ~varjant Automatic1.led Glove Box Luggage Nel & Hook MT Shill Indicator Alternator Management System S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S 5 S S S S S (ECII Indic.. All specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice. grated on Foldi.p •• d 15.d 15.8/4.2 ra U ~."imum Maximum Power Manual 1.6 1.6 sx (01 CROi S S VGT 1. ~ Ilnly IA MT .6 SXVTVT 1. 1.4 CRDi Dual Sid.000 26.matic and 1.08/4.6 SX CRDiVGT (0) U SX VTVT Aut. Elecro·Chromic Electrically ElectricaUy izer] • Rear Vi.6 1.. Interior Iliunmination Supervisiofl Cluster S Interior Trim Shock Absorbers S S 5 S Actual body color may differ slightly from the printed photos in this catalogue. Passenger-Vanity Mirror Passenger S S S S Drlver& Theater Diming Interior Lamp Front Map lamp Sleek Silver 1.t Armr es t.6VTVT l..6 1.d S S * '* S S S S S * S S Torque (kgm/rpm) 13. Headrest S S S S Full Cloth Upholstery Leather Upholstery Z DIN MP3 Player with AUX·i.532 128.ity Ion 1.8/ Seat Rea.w Mirror (ECM) (Aut.4 1.6 SX (01 VTVT 1. Dim)lnsid.415 2.OOO 26.fety Airbags ABSwilhE8D Rear Disc Brakes I I 1.. Phantom Black Crvstal White Purple Fantasia Audio Hand Remote Hemote & USB 5 S S S S 5 S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S (1!!~ . S'iill~~rtl. Adjustable ble Dri.. * 5 S S S S S 5 S Adjustable Outside Rear View Mirror Foldable Outside 'Mirror * S S S S S S (Automatic) S S S S S Comfort & Convenience Driver InformaCion Displav Electric Sungl Power Steering with Tilt funcuon S S S S S Frnnt Seat Back Pockets ass Holdo.matic 4 Speakers with Tweeters Steering Mounted Audi.truts with coil.591 12105/6.2 4. S 1S .Sliding with Box Rear Center Armrest with Bo)( Seating Tilt Adj .50/1900-2150 e-sp •• d S.ATIONS KEY FEATURES Petrol Manual 1.51ll 5.6 1.rlo.6 5X VTVT ((I) and 1.53~ 1~8. iPod Cabl.g Rear Parking Sensors cti.g Coli Control •• S S S (Automatic) S S S (Automatic) EXTERIOR COLOURS Air Conditioner Clean Ai.396 (ns Irpm) 107/6.4 VTVT and 1.000 5·..6CRDi Driver VGT 1. Black & Woodgrain Power Windows Chrome Interior Package Smart Key with Illuminated Rear 'View Camera Bluetooth C•••• S S S S (Time Lag) DIMENSIONS unit: mm S S(Tjme Lag) S S with Driller Side Auto Down Start Button * S S Keyless Entry ·' .5011900-2750 6-'p •• d 1.erall Width (mm) Dimensions O.6 SX eRDj VGT S S S S S S S S 1..6 VTVT.4 1. 1.. Please check with Hyundai authorised dealer for exact specifications.pring Ga.200 a-sp •• d Impact Sensing Door Unlock Speed Sensing Door Loc'k Front Fog Lamp.6 SX CRDi VGT AUl.370 1.100 1. Clutch Lock System •.ight (mm) (mm) Wheelbase S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S Turning Radius 1m) Fuel Tank Capacity (ll 185/65 R 15 McPherson 43 195/!l5R16 ..415 2.4VTVT 1.4 CRDi Key with Display on ECM S S S S S * with Steeri.e * S S 5 4. S S S S S S S Interiors S S * S S (Time Lag) S S S S Mounled IIIt"rior High Glos.700 1.8/5.pring Ga.000 22.5S1 12105/6.200 5-. Centrol Locking System Immobilizer Full Wheel Cover 16" Alloy Wheels Chrome Tipped Dual Muffler LED Turn Indicators S S S S S' TransmissioH Overall length (mm) O.300 Automatic 1.370 1. Curtai.08/4..6 CnDi VGT.TECHNICAL SPECIFIC. Audio 1.51ll 5.6 SX CnDi VOl Carbon Grey Stone Beige Co. Type 195/55 R 16 185/65 R 15 McPherson 43 195/!l5R 16 struts with coil .300 8. 1.300 Diese( I Fue( Transmission Engine Variant Displacement Engine M. Type 195/!l5R 16 Exterior Ivres Suspension Tyr es 16" AllovWheels available with SX and Automatic variants Front Rear nn Outside Mirror S S Couple Torsion Beam Axle Couple Torsion Beam Axle Chrome DUlSide Door Handles Rear Defogger with Timer Chrome Front GriUB Two Tone Chrome Rear Garnish Door Black out Tapes Blu.6 SX VTVT and 1. S S S All' Helqht Adjustable front 5 eethelts Front 5e." S S ~/4.(·2750 6-spe..

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