JUNE 2011

Pray for the Welch’s & Mercy House
Sunday 12 Please pray that we arrive safely in Nairobi after 22 hours of travel. 13 We are thankful for the sweet fellowship and time to get to know the maternity home staff. Please say a prayer for them today. 20 Monday 14 Please pray as we adjust to our surroundings and unpack and organize 1000 pounds of donations Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16 Thursday 17 Pray as we visit the hospital and local church we are working with in the community Two days of Staff Development Setting up homeschool area today! 24 Visit Compassion Intn’l Office/ Spend the day with our sponsored kids. Please pray for all our children’a health & safety. Friday 18 Dedication Ceremony Pray as we join a Board of Directors for a meeting Saturday

19 Please pray for Terrell as he preaches today!



Teaching Skills Please pray for patience and understanding

23 Please pray as we visit some other organizations we hope to work with in Nairobi

25 Please pray as we continue to work on skills, accounting and rest.

Please pray for the pregnant girls today. 26 Please pray we will all be refreshed at the local church and work in unity to complete our agenda 27 29 30 Please pray as we wrap up loose ends, training, teaching, etc today 1 We will prepare to leave today. Please pray specifically for Maureen. 2 Please pray for a safe trip back to the USA

Traveling to Kitale to meet with Mattaw and see examples of a similar home for pregnant girls. This is a 4 hour trip. Please pray for safety.

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