( 1756· 1791 )

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART was born in Salzburg on January 27, 1756. He received music lessons on the clavier from his father, Leopold, who was himself a gifted musician. Both Wolfgang and his five year older sister, Nannerl , disclosed extraordinary aptitude for music. In 1762 Leopold decided to take his children on a tour to Munich and Vienna as child prodigies. In 1763 they appeared in Paris before the royal family. While in Paris, Wolfgang had his first compositions published. By the age of twenty-two, Mozart had become an accomplished performer on the pianoforte, organ and violin. In the short thirty-six years of his lifetime, he composed over 600 works which include almost fifty symphonies, some twenty operas, thirty piano concerti, as well as innumerable masses, cantatas, chamber pieces, organ compositions, many of them unrivalled musical masterpieces in their style. Few of these compositions were published in his lifetime. Having begun his life with highly successful tours as a child prodigy, Mozart ended his life in financial difficulty and with a lack of recognition. On December 5, 1791 he died and was buried in a pauper's grave, unmarked and unremembered by his contemporaries. Jerry Snyder

... from Sonata In A FIRST MOVEMENT. 39 ..... ACT I Don Giovanni 4603 2 International Copyright© 1975 by California Music Press..A.. Copyright Secured Made in U... 40 No........ .. WORKS 16 7 11 10 MINUET INC MINUET IN F THEME FOR VARIATION..Y. All Rights Reserved / J 42677 ... New York.. Inc.MOZART FOR ClAssiCAl GUiTAR Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR 3 6 4 MOZART COMPOSITIONS TRANSCRIBED PIANOFORTE ALLEGRO ANDANTE MINUET MINUET MINUET . .. N. from Viennese Sonatina IV ORCHESTRAL MINUET Eine Kleine Nachtrnusik THEME FROM FIRST MOVEMENT Symphony Symphony No.. 8 13 WORKS 14 12 9 TRIO FROM MENUETTO OPERATIC WORKS MINUET FROM FINALE.S.....

which tells how a young nobleman. finally meets his end. P I!~. seizes Don Giovanni. Act I Moderato ~·H :~ p 1. In a graveyard.2 MINUET "DON GIOVANNI" (Don Juan) 'Don Giovanni' is Mozart's operatic version of the old Spanish 'Don Juan' legend. WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART K. and consigns him to Hell.B'III-------. Don Giovanni mocks the statue of the father of one of the women he has wronged.~ j ~j I:~~j ~ u r . The statue appears. and invites him to supper. famous everywhere as a pursuer of women. ~o~ ~ ~F*J b . 527 (1787) Transcribed for guitar by JERRY SNYDER from Finale.

) J j sr· q le@J. eJ f 1~ IzJ 1. sr' :Iff mp I J- J J #J I #J .. 3 1762 (Age 6) Original in B~ Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER mf p '~q~ . ~ . . . . "1 o~ - lr· - s~ - sr· :11 . . ." or sr 2 '" . .=1 f Il@J. . .uP . p . 1) mf 14 o~ - J 2J 4J oJ td -or sr lr - j' liP Id #s j J .3 ALLEGRO WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K. .

1 WOLFGANG @=D .Jj 2r loJ 3j ~ . J .S- oqr !'J 3j I~ 2r rr 4) ® H !JJ j 14J OJ oJ 3j 2r 4J IJ gJ r 4r ~ .€). 1 (1761 or 1762) (1756-1791) loJ 3r - IJ 4J oj 2r IJ rr J .§% -B'II e I J oj 4J I J Sj-Sr - - OJ '" I:tq mp I.I~ 1J or - @ II IF .17&OIJ 2r 4J 2F - .a.. #- - .en 4J r j I :f4J IJ 3j OJ 0 oj 3r - Ir or 4J - 14J3F 4 iFf BV ~ )J sf 4..4 MINUET No.~ I: }Jle~pa mj Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER AMADEUS MOZART K.

5 .~ !?J r J J r IJ r .- ~ n#~ - II" #J J J.a ( mp q~ J r r I J rrr J !JJ IJ IJ J rr rr r - J . J - #r r - r £ I. J J - JJ - i r 4J - I or 4J - 3F II ..J 3 r f - J rr ~ J J IJ ~ r ~ - II .~J I..IHIl____.

f ] f3 I f1 PiP" a. .F"·S ~~ ·:t".:J poco rit.a 10 :J I~ p ~ltJ ~)~ I .~f ~P I f':f& Andante I.6 ANDANTE WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K. 15 mm (1764 or 1765) Original in E~ Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER .ll:r:*·s!pa.f .lj14~J un :~ 3r mp II p \.p ® I mf 'f3 .

J I~ J ~ J ~ J I~ JJ JJJ J r r I r ~ r I 4.J J 41 ..-f" J .J 2J . #~ r I . r ? J .7 MINUET WOLFGANG Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) ®=D Moderato ® @---.~. r or - :11 ei73 leJ IJ ® .

indicating a tune followed by varied versions of it. tjJ r· r· IJ r r J . ~q.. I p. the harmony changes but the melody clings to some semblance of the original tune. ~ :11 .. r J . ~ Jl L. while the melody is continually changed. In others. WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K. 331 (1779) Original in A Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER Andante grazioso ) 2- r· J or' ) 10J :PaW or' 2r· Jl L. In many examples. =J r' ~ -Jj r IJ. the harmonic basis remains the same throughout.8 THEME FOR VARIATION from Sonata in A 'Theme and Variations' is one of the oldest of musical forms.

t r r r fr I: FJ I: J: 4 j I po CFer i I~~ r J I. :11 ~ .J ~ l:t. 112. J f i 11. ~) prJ p I:: .9 Trio from the Menuetto SYMPHONY No. 39 WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K-V.~ I .J '~ J ~ J I~ r r r t r . 543 (1788) Original in E~ Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER Allegretto .

Jlp~3r~j1'~I. mj p -srn --- J f J__:ih .5(1762) Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER p -r at r &~pl.t2fP3f'-'~i.JP. j t J .10 MINUET IN F WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K.JP. I~ rr 3 3 3 ~ mf f f~i J 0 J f a i 3 ~¢J #h I J .

lr rr .w t 4:1 4~ I J. 6 (1762) Allegretto & .11 MINUET IN C WOLFGANG Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K. 3t •F4J .4/> 4J 3J I ® ® It J ~ ~~ I Ir 4r a #~ ® oj Ir 1 r .

12 Theme from 1st Movement SYMPHONY No..-!~.J li~ l BII==:--J 4~ II .~. BVII- -IrVII-. -IrVII BVII-. I' .~ trip IF li~ I[~IJ i~·J.f. 40 WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K.. -IrVII t II. 550 (1778) Original in G minor Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER p P i P i pip i· P .J I.'EE ~~' ~ r r It r) ~J·n lit r Er ·t r gJ r B II BII -------.~'r J ~J #p f BIll r~. ~ t IF . 3~ l ##p BII~ I~· # l ~-~-" . ===12. :::::==- r P l P IJ OF :11 I i.[t . -8 VII -.-I. 1.

13 First Movement from VIENNESE SONATINA IV WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER K. ~p~FP_~j-aI~~ L~ 12. 439b (1783) Original in m mf 3rd time to Coda ZII -----. $- &M:sa ~ ! ~ r ~ J F J I~ : I~ 3F r p ~f jj I r~~ r j of I~it :11 Coda &#fo~. lf1tlo~ p ~ :~? f p .·a~j:oif III .

J ~ ~ J f r r J r i1 J t I J r :m ~ r IF z r Fine :11- .~J z r l"pJ oj 2J "~ 3 .J omi~ ~r °t 1J r #~ .J f J I :~ 2r at oj I 4J oJ :r ~ at 4J 2r I J r 4J °t 2#t IJ .14 EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK WOLFGANG MINUET K.:j 3 t . 4. p J J r I:~ 2r 4.nJ 2t a 10 j aJ 2r J ~r 1J ~ 03 cresco .::. IffloJ at & . 9.3 aF - 23 J~4 r 1 0. I!fd I J ~ J.V. 525 Original in G Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) Allegretto .

al Fine . 4J 2r - - r J r J J ® J 10J l :[ 2r r D.u~ JJJ IJ !~ r ® I J r r l :11 ~ ~ I- J I ~ J i J oJ . C.15 .

.. 2 1762 (Age 6) Original in F Transcribed by JERRY SNYDER .} 1 £3 4J or' 2 J l.jl ~] oj :j I~ r .Nj J J I#7J I:f* Ir r .y~-..Ir -r r - [erese..] r \:.J [mj] J I·Nj J Ir' #r' I 4J I.16 MINUET WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) K. ~ &## -g eJ ° r' 2£1 J [creec...J 3: IJP·J ~ 1:f9 Allegretto v =::::..J [pI r rrr [a tempo] [rit] .] [rit.iJJ· - 3 J IJ :> ~=== BII 3r or ® I ~~ Ir or - oj :1 &#/O~.

ponticello.95 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH A collection of his works Arranged for Guitar by Howard Tennison A collection of easy to intermediate selections. Several fine pictures help to illustrate the classical guitar technique. exercises. Rondo. Trumpet Tune In D. Included are: Air In D Minor. right hand positions.00 1 $2. March In C. and others. tambourine. harmonics. Selections range from easy to difficult with Gilberte's transcription of the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven being the most challenging. pizzicato. and rasquado. A very helpful book for the development of good technique and habits. Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring and several others faithfully transcribed and adapted for guitar by this young English innovator. Hornpipe. rest stroke.50 4565 1860 Broadway / New York. I ncludes: how to hold the guitar. H668 1 $1. slurs. HH261 $3. plus a collection of intermed iate classicaI guitar solos. Minuet In 0 Minor. Contents include several works by Bach from the Anna Magdalene Notebook as well as Air On The G String. scales. left hand positions. Trumpet Minuet.50 GUITAR MOODS by Gilberta Martinez HENRY PURCELL MUSIC FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR Edited by Walter Stanul A brilliant guitarist from Hawaii has put together a delightful book which includes original compositions and some tra nscriptions.95 A collection of 20 stately tunes and dances. M535 CLASSICAL GUITAR LEARNING PHOTOS Book One An exciting new book by Alexander Bellow that effectively uses photos to demonstrate how to hold the guitar. Canary. left and right hand positions. 03681 $2. Minuet. T5091 $1. free stroke. New York 10023 . ---~-- eLAS Mario Abril's 97 Alexander Bellow's A MANUAL OF TECHNIQUE FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR A conc ise manual of basic classical technique by Mario Abril._---- --~ --- -------_. rest stroke (apoyando I free stroke (tirando).

The series will soon be expanded. £Sd CHARlEs HANSEN EOOCATlO"W. WRITE FOR JERRY SNYDER'S LATEST ~ . MASTERS FoR ClASsicAl GUiTAR Transcription Series by JERRY SNYDER MOZART 1-1731 SCHUMANN PRESENmEd'by JERRYSNydER MASTERS FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR by JERRY SNYDER presents easy to intermediate authentic transcriptions of the masters. Many selections have never before been transcribed for classical guitar.S.''. NfcW York 10023 & booe Printed in U.I( York. Available for sale in the United Kingdom 22S/5Y6/MI 42677 . Stf:ET ! New 1860 Broadway MU'.A.

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