Human Rights Education Program (Rawalpindi


Name: Gender: CNIC: Email: Qualificati on Address

SHAMA FIRDAUS FEMALE 37405-9008337-0 Shamah2050@gmail.c om

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Masters in business Administration

H# 115, st# 33A, sector II, Gulshan-e-abad Rawalpindi 1. Background experience in the field of development/Human Rights (Volunteer/Professional)?

I worked as volunteer at university & with YOUTH PALRIAMENT OF PAKISTAN 2. What do you know about Human Rights Education?

Human rights education is about the basic rights of human being that every person in society must have.

Government of Pakistan Email: (Trainer Email) (Trainer Contact #) Contact: . What are the three main rights which are being violated in your area? Child labour Child abuse Women empowement 4. What are your expectations from this program? I want to know that if some one is violating our basic rights than legally what action we can take? I hereby certify that. Signature:Shama firdaus th Date: 27 may 2011 Note: Know Your Rights is a National Human Rights Education Program initiated by Youth Parliament of Pakistan in Collaboration with Ministry of Human Rights.3. the information provided in this form is true and Youth Parliament of Pakistan can use this information for Human Rights Education Program and for the organizational purpose.

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