\\ The contents of this file are a subset of the inputs to create the sheet meta l checker sensor \\ This

file must be located in the Solid Edge program directory. \\ For example: c:\Program Files\Solid Edge\Program\Sensors.txt \\ If you edit the list you should copy the file before uninstalling Solid Edge. \\ The format for the same appears below. \\ SensorName; EdgeSet1; EdgeSet2; Threshold(a double Value) \\ The Sensor name specified will appear on the Parameters dialog, so also the T hreshold value. \\ EdgeSet1 and EdgeSet2 will appear in the EdgeSet lists on the ribbon for Shee t Metal Checker \\ sensor command, in the respective locale. They have to be strictly one of th e following \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeExteriorEdges seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeInteriorEdges seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeCutouts seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeHoles seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeDimples seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeLouvers seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeDrawnCutouts seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeBeads Exterior Edges Interior Edges Cutouts Holes Dimples Louvers DrawnCutouts Beads

\\ Some restrictions on the inputs. \\ There is no restriction on the what the sensor names should be, but should no t contain the ; delimiter. \\ Both the edge sets should be one of the types mentioned above. \\ The threshold values have to be non-negative(zero included) numerics or varia ble names that exist in the variable table. \\ The Threshold units are always assumed to be that set in the File/Properties/ Units Length Readout coloumn. \\ Also, the decimal delimiter has to be what is shown in this example file, i.e ., a dot('.'). \\ The seperator between various fields is a semi colon(';'). Begin ExampleExteriorEdgesToInteriorEdgesSensor; seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeExterior Edges; seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeInteriorEdges; 0.01 ExampleCutoutsToHolesSensor; seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeCutouts; seSheetMetalS ensorFeatureTypeHoles; 0.02 ExampleLouversToCutoutsSensor; seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeLouvers; seSheetMeta lSensorFeatureTypeCutouts; 0.03 ExampleCutoutsToCutoutsSensor; seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeCutouts; seSheetMeta lSensorFeatureTypeCutouts; 0.02 ExampleHolesToHolesSensor; seSheetMetalSensorFeatureTypeHoles; seSheetMetalSenso rFeatureTypeHoles; 0.03 End