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A Soul's Journey 3

A Soul's Journey 3

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Published by: adria43 on Jun 01, 2011
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perhaps they have not asked for knowledge, for help, as you asked:

perhaps they are quite satisfied with one of the many orthodox re-

ligions, which tell them to have faith and to believe that everything

sent is the will of God. All happenings are certainly the will of God,

but it is easier if we realize why such things are. It is easier if there is a

logical answer to every question, also if it is made possible for each

individual who takes the trouble, to prove things for himself, thereby

making the acceptance of statements made on a basis of faith un-

necessary. Faith is always good, but knowledge is better. You must

have faith whilst acquiring knowledge and whatever happens, you

must never lose heart. Evolution is a slow process and can seldom

be hurried, though the activities of an individual can be inspired by

encouragement and by help given at the right moment.

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