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A Soul's Journey 3

A Soul's Journey 3

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Published by: adria43 on Jun 01, 2011
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has to have one of each of these three bodies. I want you to visualize

the ego as a naked man, preparing to clothe himself with his three

coverings or bodies. The least dense in texture is the mental body,

and this the ego draws round himself from the matter of which the

mental world is constructed: this can be likened to the underclothes

of a man. The type of mental body that each man gets is in accord-

ance with his mental development at the end of his last incarnation,

so obviously the mental body of an unevolved man is very different

from that of an evolved being, an old soul, one who has had many

lives and has gained much experience. The ego next draws round

himself a slightly coarser vehicle, made of the matter of the astral

world. This body is, as it were, on top of or outside the mental body,

and the type of the body is again in accordance with the man's

emotional development. The astral body therefore can be likened

to the man's suit of clothes. A still coarser and denser body is now

required and to obtain this, a body has to be found by physical

means at the physical level. In other words, a woman, with the assis-

tance of a man, produces a child. This new physical body is also in

accordance with the man's deserts, with his karma made in

previous lives. The physical body corresponds to the man's overcoat.

'So every man you see at the physical level is, as it were, wearing

three bodies, each one under the other, but owing to the density of

the outside body, the physical, it is impossible to see the other two.

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