Gerry Struble 2/12/11 H. Lit. Classics/2111 Mrs.

Huey-Burns/B4 The Four Seasons The seasons are the best part µbout the year. Their diff¶rence makes the year seem so diverse. From spring to winter changes just appear. With so much change how could things get much worse?

In spring the pretty flowers feel so warm, So many scents can sometimes catch you dazed. The summer¶s heat can often sunburn arms, But hopping in the pool is just so great.

With fall colors of red and brown emerge. The turkey on the table sure smells good. Boy, winter is so cold, your brain will surge. Your ears freezing, you prob¶ly need a hood.

With no seasons, there¶s nothing to look for. With the seasons, you can expect some more.

Classics/2111 Mrs. Lit. Huey-Burns/B4 .Gerry Struble 2/12/11 H.

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