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Found Poem #1 For Chuck "Lana Turner has collapsed." Frank O'Hara


The Main Title, including the arrival of the newly weds Holly Parker (Lana Turner) and Clayton Anderson V (John Forsthe) at Clayton's ancestral mansion "Greenacres" where she meets her mother-in-law Estelle (Constance Bennett) for the first time. CAREER BOUND Holly and Clayton are making plans for a holiday together when a telephone call from the State Department orders him to Africa on official business. After his departure she is lonely and despondent. A friend phones her inviting her to a party but Holly refuses the invitation. DANISH DREAM Holly travels from country to country seeking to find peace of mind. In Copenhagen she becomes ill and is befriended by Christian Torben (John Van Dreelen), a bachelor concert pianist, who takes her to his home where he nurses her back to health. During this association he falls in love with her. LOVE THEME FROM "MADAME X" During the course of the trial Holly collapses and dies in the arms of her son. (Keir Dellea). The father, who now knows who Madame X is, joins the son, and together they leave as Holly's face assumes an expression of repose. reflecting the inner peace she had so long sought.