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Disengage the clutch shift into neutral and stop engine and remove key. c. boards. and shift into neutral before 12. Exercise extreme caution when operating on or crossing gravel drives. your snow thrower as mentioned 4 . 13 Keep all nuts. Keep the area of operation clear of all persons. Adjust the skids so the crushed rock surface. mounting bolts. Never add fuel to a running engine or hot engine. 1S. Handle fuel with care. b. when snow 6. scraper will clear gravel or 2. Know how to stop the unit and disengage the controls quickly.STORAGE . cleaning or repairing your snow thrower. a. Use a grounded three-wire plug-in ers equipped with electric starting for all snow throwmotors. Let engine and snow thrower adjust to outdoor temperatures before starting to clear snow.RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION IMPORTANT CAUTION ALWA YS DISCONNECT CONTACT. TENANCE THE SPARK PLUG WIRE AND PLACE IT WHERE IT CANNOT ACCIDENTIAL STARTING THROWER. partic- 9. Run the snow thrower a few minutes after throwing snow to prevent freeze up of the auger/impeller. bolts and screws tight. 10. Exercise caution when operating to avoid slipping or falling. d. Use an approved fuel container. DURING: PREPARATION MAKE TO PREVENT .MAIN- OF YOUR SNOW "WHAT YOU SHOULD DO" 1. 4. Disengage power to the auger/impeller thrower is transported or not in use. walks or roads. ularly small children and pets. Please read the Owners Manual carefully. 7. Fully get to know the controls and proper use of your snow thrower. snow thrower in reverse. wires and any other foreign objects. Stop the engine whenever you leave the operating positions or adjusting. Stay alert for hidden hazards or traffic. Fill fuel tank outdoors with extreme care. Check and service in this manual. Thoroughly inspect the area where the snow thrower is to be used and remove all doormats. 5. 3. Disengage all clutches starting engine. 8. including engine 14. it is highly flammable. Replace gasoline cap securely and wipe spilled fuel. especially 11. sleds.

automobiles. Do not allow children to operate the snow thrower. place. Exhaust gases carbon monoxide. 15. contain 17. Do not guards. Do not operate your snow thrower if it vibrates too much. Do not allow children. window wells. Wear footwear which will improve footing on slippery surfaces. 16. 5. Do not operate a damaged snow thrower. Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. which is a deadly posion. 11. 14.RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION (CONTINUED) "WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO" 1. more than 30 days 8. Do not store your snow thrower or gasoline can inside a building where fumes may reach an open flame or spark. 12. 5 . Store them in a cool. drop-offs. to keep away from children. without proper adjustment of the snow discharge angle. Do not operate the snow thrower near glass enclosure. Do not direct discharge in front of the unit. Do not operate the snow thrower at high transport speeds on slippery surfaces. the 13. bystanders or pets in the area while you are operating snow thrower. Do not fill gasoline tank indoors or near an open flame. by attempt- 4. Keep your snow thrower and gasoline can in a locked storage. Do not attempt to make any adjustments while engine is running (except carburetor adjustments). dry place. governor setting. operate the snow thrower without proper plates. Use an approved gasoline can. A vibrating snow thrower is a sign of trouble. Do not change engine. Do not store your snow thrower with gasoline in the tank. Always have damage repaired before attempting to start or operate your snow thrower. Do not run engine indoors. 10. Do not operate the snow thrower without wearing adequate winter outer garments. Stop the engine at once and check your snow thrower for the cause. 18. Excerise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes. Do not attempt to clear steep slopes. Do not overload the snow thrower capacity ing to clear snow at too fast a rate. or other safety protective devices in 2. 3. Do not clear snow across the face of slopes. Use care when backing. Keep clear of the discharge openings at all times. at bystanders or allow anyone 6. 9. let the engine cool before storing·. or overspeed your 7.

Put the threaded part of the Eye bolt with Friction Sleeve into handle. The Owners Manual should be read entirely before starting the Engine or using your Snow Thrower. Adjustments for smooth. 1. The depth and type of snow will affect the distance snow can be thrown. 2. 5. turn the control rod clockwise (to right). Experience will establish practices best suited for your situation. which are in a position for shipping. IS The snow discharge direction can be varied 1800 from full right to full left. 2 a). For gravel. turn the skids over so that the sharp edges will cut through into the crusted snow or ice. 2 a). Before using your snow thrower adjust to desired height. HANDLE SET-UP 1. one (1) each side the Impeller Housing are shipped in 1/ 16" or low position. 7. If this occurs. Loosen the two (2) Hex Nuts (one on each side) on the lower end of handles (See Fig. turn control rod. (1) one on each side (See Fig. Pick up the Discharge Chute Crank . See "HANDLE SET-UP". The two (2) skids. Position the Hex Head bolt and formed washers into handle and nut inside plates. FIG. KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM THE CHUTE AND DEFLECTOR WHEN IMPELLER RUNNING. tighten (2) Hex Flange nuts. 4 DISCHARGE AND CHUTE OPERATION CAUTION: ALWAYSSTOP ENGINE BEFORECHANGING DEFLECTOR POSITION. to dischorge left.found attached to Deflector. FIG. To discharge right. remove the flanged nut (See Fig. use the highest or 1 5/16" position (See Fig. 6. SKID POSITIONS FIG.2a HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT (GROUND) The skids provide ground clearance approximately 1/16" (low) to 15/16" (high).2a). R. 3. Follow the patterns and adjust discharge chute and deflector accordingly. 2). 2a). The distance snow can be thrown can be adjusted by tilting the deflector up or down (See Fig. The most efficient operating speed for snow removal will depend on the depth and weight of the snow. 2). Recommended patterns for throwing snow is illustrated in (Fig. Tighten the (2) Hex Head bolts and (2) nuts loosened in step (1) above. 4. Both sides must be adjusted to the same height (See Fig. 2 a). 4 and 5).H. loosen (2) %-16 Hex Flange nuts holding skid to Impeller Housing. Move handles back to operating position (See Fig.locating the Eye bolt with Friction Sleeve. the skids may allow the snow thrower to ride up out of the snow affecting snow removal. 3). except for the Handle Assembly and Discharge Crank. cinder or limestone covered areas. 3 III fl+ lllill ++ III FIG. counter-clockwise (to left). 5 6 . put flanged nut onto Eye bolt and tighten (See Fig. slide down to desired height. Set Impeller Housing on a block of wood or similar object to raise housing. 2. For best results on icy or packed snow conditions. paved areas may use the lowest or 1/16" position. Get the two (2) Hex Head bolts and (2) formed washers from the plastic bag .INTRODUCTION Your Snow Thrower has been completely assembled at the factory. 2 FIG.

7 ). To Disengage Impeller: Release Control Lever-Right on right hand handle (See Fig. the engine will be ready for snow throwing. holding with right hand.OPERATING SNOW THROWER OPERATION The operation of any snow thrower can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes. adjust to moderate speed. 2. 4. DO NOT hold the Control Lever-Left in engaged position for long periods with Speed Control Lever in "NEUTRAL" position. 6 and 8). NOTE: To prevent damage to Drive Wheel. CAUTION: ALWAYS FOLLOW RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION. We recommend Wide Vision Safety Mask for over spectacles or stonderd safety glasses are available. with left hand squeeze Control Lever-Left to engage (See Fig. 6 and 8). 2. To Stop Forward Motion: Release ConTrol Lever-Left (See Fig. To Stop Reverse Motion: Release or disengage Control Lever-Left and Move Speed Control lever to "NEUTRAL"(See Fig. This will damage and shorten the life of the Friction Wheel. 8) 3. which can result in severe eye damage. 7 . 6. 6 and 8). Move the Speed Control Lever to the "NEUTRAL" position. in engaged position. put Speed Control Lever in Neutral. NOTE: The "REVERSE" position on the Speed Control Lever is spring loaded and will return to "NEUTRAL" when released. Assume operating position behind Snow Thrower. 7 ).r Left. DO NOT change speeds. Using the Throttle Control. (See Fig. To Obtain Impeller Operation: Engage by squeezing Impeller Control Lever-Right on the right hand handle (See Fig. TO START IMPELLER OPERATION CAUTION: BE SURE THAT THE FRONT OF THE UNIT IS CLEAR OF OBSTACLES OR BYSTANDERS BEFORE OPERATING THE IMPELLER. OPERATING SNOW THROWER 1. Efficient snow throwing will result only when engine is running at "FAST" speed. CONTROL LEVER-LEFT ~ FROM OPERATING POSITION LEFT HANDLE FIG. on left handle to "ENGAGED" position (See Fig. 6 and 8). this also will damage and shorten the life of the Friction Wheel. 6 CONTROL LEVERRIGHT~ OPERATING RIGHT POSITION HANDLE FIG. 7. Place Speed Control Lever in 1 or 2 position. S. slowly squeeze Ground Control Leve. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields before starting your snow thrower and while removing snow. To Obtain Reverse Motion: Pull Speed Control Lever back to "REVERSE" position. 7 NOTE: When blowing snow. always put the Throttle Control Lever in "FAST" position. when engine has warmed up and the Choke Lever has been moved to "OFF" position. with Control Lever-Left on left handle. Start the engine. 1.

2. CHOKE NOTE: Since a snow thrower will always be used in cold weather. 2. NOTE: IF TEMPERATURE IS BELOW 10'F (-12. When temperature is below 0° F (-17. 9 ). 8 Always use the same grade of oil as originally used.BEFORE STARTING ENGINE 1. DO NOT OVERFILL. 7. 9 ) to "ON" position. Remove Oil Filler Cap with Dipstick on engine (See Fig. as overfilling may affect engine performance. DEPRESSING PRIMER. Turn Choke Knob to "FULL" choke position (See Fig. Fill to the "FULL" mark on the dipstick with a good grade automotive SW30 oil. UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS. 6. 10 ) for location. DO NOT USE PREMIUM OR HIGH OCTANE GASOLINE. screw filler cap all the way in.2°q. As Engine warms up. NOTE: To check oil level. and small gasoline engines tend to be difficult to start in cold weather. unleaded automotive gasoline. • position 8 . 8). Move Throttle Control Lever (down) to "FAST" position (See Fig. NOTE: Your snow thrower engine is equipped with a "Primer Button" to assist starting in extremely cold temperatures. CHOKE OFF ~ FULL 3.5 C). slowly return Choke Knob to "OFF" position (See Fig. 8 ). WILLNOT BE REQUIRED. (SAE 10 is an acceptable substitute). 9).2°C) DEPRESS THE PRIMER BUTTON ON TOP OF CARBURETOR 2 OR 3 TIMES (SEE FIG. WHEN TEMPERATURE IS ABOVE lOaF (-l2. 6 and 7 ). we recommend that you store your snow thrower in a heated or protected area. Move Speed Control Lever to "NEUTRAL" position (See Fig. DO NOT ALLOWTHE STARTER ROPE TO SNAP BACK OR ROPE CAN BREAK. use SAE SW20 oil. 0 THROTTLE CONTROL LEVER ! oil leakage. 9). for prolonged periods. Tighten filler cap to prevent NOTE: When temperature is below 32° F.10 TO STOP ENGINE Move throttle control lever up to "STOP" (See Fig. 4. (0° C). 5. Pull starter rope sharply. Turn Ignition Switch on engine (See Fig. AS ABOVE. FIG. Regular automotive gasoline can also be used. SAE 10 oil diluted with 10% kerosene is acceptable. TO START ENGINE 1. 8 ). FIG. Fill the gas tank with fresh. Be sure Control Lever-Right and Control Lever-Left are in "DISENGAGED" position (See Fig. clean. Pour slowly to prevent air lock.9 FIG. 3.

this is better to have a slightly rich mixture to obtain better operation under load of snow throwing. 6. remove cotter pin from upper end of Control Rod (See Fig. To obtain this adjustment. 8). i --------~_-'I ~~-rC--------. however. s. If adjustment is required.ADJUSTMENTS ENGINE CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT NEVER MAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO CARBURETOR UNLESS NECESSARY. 12 SHIFT CONTROL LEVER --. To adjust belt. Start engine and move Throttle Control Lever fo full "FAST" speed for High speed adjustment. IMPORTANT: NEVER ATTEMPT TO CHANGE THE ENGINE SPEED.IMPELLER DRIVE If Impeller Drive Belt slips under normal load. All V-Belts stretch during normal use. Close High Speed adjusting needle finger tight. and back out to re-open one (1) turn (See Fig. Turn High speed adjusting needle in or out 1/8 turn at a time until engine runs smooth (See Fig. where noticeable slippage in the ground drive occurs.GROUND DRIVE 'SPEED CONTROL ROD The Ground Drive Belt has a spring loaded idler to maintain proper belt tension (See Fig. some belts will require adjustments after the first 5 hours of operation where adjustments must be made. 11). and back out re-open one (1) turn (See Fig. LUBRICATINGOR MAKING ANY ADJUSTMENTS ON YOUR SNOW THROWER. BYPASSING THE GOVERNOR TO OBTAIN HIGHER SPEEDS. When engine smoothes out.( il ~l. 1. turn counter-clockwise up.~ IMPELLER DRIVE BELT FIG. 2. . This may make the engine run with some slight roughness. 13 DRIVE BELT . 11).~ . ._--J . proceed as follows: 1. 11). loosen Jam Nut at Ball Joint. . THIS CAN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO ENGINE. Move Throttle Control Lever to "SLOW" position for Idle adjustment (See Fig. turn High speed adjusting needle out/open approximately 1/8 turn. At such time during the life of your snow thrower the belt stretch b~comes excessive. Correct tension on belt is when Control Lever-Right on right hand handle is approximately JAil from grip moving lever toward engaged position. 16). Close Idle adjusting needle finger tight.FIG. 12). FACTORY RECOMMENDED SETTINGS ARE CORRECT FOR MOST APPLICATIONS. NOTE: Allow several seconds between each adjustment allow the engine to adjust to the change in setting. to IDLE NG NEEDLE . Turn Idle adjusting needle in or out 1/8 turn at a time until engine idles smoothly (See Fig. thread Control Rod. the belt must be replaced. adjustment of belt is required. and tighten Jam Nut against Ball Joint. FIG. 3. ~ »> DRIVE BELT ADJUSTMENT CAUTION: ALWAYS STOP THE ENGINE AND DISCONNECT SPARK PLUG WIRE BEFORECLEANING. 9 CAUTION: ALWAYS FOLLOW RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION.. 2.__ " <" \ 1) -- r----->2:< ---------GROUND DRIVE BE:LT ~_'Q//~"'" ~~ ~.>: ~ DRIVE BELT . 11 BELT COVER 4. 11).

Put Speed Control Lever in "NEUTRAL" position. (See Fig. 13 ). however. 3.16 ). Upon completion of length adjustment. 4. . 15 ). with handles up. If the Friction Wheel is to the right or left of the center. each time between adjustments. 7. replace cotter pin and tighten Jam Nut down against Ball Joint (See Fig. remove penny from Drive Wheel and replace bottom cover and tighten the (6) Hex Head screws. 5. To make adjustment. If gap between Friction Wheel and Drive Wheel is greater than the thickness of a penny. 6. adjustment is required. keep screws for re-assembly.tilt snow thrower forward. This space adjustment should be checked after first five hours of operation. 3. 16). 14 ). 15 ). adjustment must be made as follows: 6. Push upper Clutch Rod down through spring to expose the (2) Jam Nuts below spring (See Fig. FIG. and at least once each season thereafter. 10. 8. 16 NOTE: In making adjustment steps 8 and 9 above. 4. Stop engine. With engine running. The snow thrower should not move forward or reverse. Remove the bottom cover from unit by removing the (6) Hex Head Screws. until upper end of Control Rod will fit into arm. loosen upper Jam Nut by (2) complete turns. replace cotter pin into upper Clutch Rod. 15 ) and remove cotter pin from upper end of Speed Control Rod (See Fig. 15 ). it is recommended that after the first hour of operation that the alignment be checked for correctness. This will indicate required gap for correct adjustment (See Fig.16 ). 15 GROUND CONTROL CLUTCH ADJUSTMENT 1. 2. 16 ). hold lever engaged only for 3 or 4 seconds. 10 . FRICTION s-: WHEEL WHEEL BOTTOM COVER FIG. With Speed Control Lever in "NEUTRAL" position. resting unit on the Protection Bar (See Fig. then tighten lower Jam Nut up against the upper Jam Nut (See Fig. If gap between Friction Wheel and Drive Wheel is less than the thickness of a penny. Place a penny between the Friction Wheel and Drive Wheel. 16 ). re-assembling upper Clutch Rod into spring and into Control Lever-Left. keep screws for re-assembly. 9. Loosen Jam Nut at the Ball Joint on Speed Control Rod by turning nut counter-clockwise (up). slowly engage Control Lever Left hand. When adjustment spacing has .FRICTION WHEEL Alignment of Friction and Drive Wheel has been correctly set at the factory. (holding longer can damage Friction Wheel) (See -Fig. put Speed Control Lever in "NEUTRAL" position. Remove cotter pin from upper Clutch Rod (See Fig. adjust the length of Control Rod by turning into or out of Ball Joint. Move Friction Wheel to exact center of Drive Wheel. 5. tilt snow thrower up resting on Protection Bar with handles up (See Fig. Remove bottom cover from unit by removing the (6) Hex Head Screws. 15). it may be necessary to repeat the step more than once. then tighten the top Jam Nut down against lower Jam Nut (See Fig. no more. 7. 2.been made. To verify proper adjustment of Friction and Drive Wheel: 1. The Friction Wheel should be centered exactly in the center of the Drive Wheel (See Fig. 14 ). If snow thrower moves with Speed Control Lever in "NEUTRAL". loosen the lower Jam Nut by (2) complete turns. The correct contact pressure for drive under normal conditions with contact between Friction and Drive Wheel is manitained by proper space adjustment of approximately 1/16" (thickness of a penny) (See Fig. unless slipping becomes apparent during operation.

always check oil level before starting engine. which might keep discharge chute from rotating to discharge snow in desired direction. LUBRICATING OR MAKING ANY ADJUSTMENTS ON YOUR SNOW THROWER. 2. To drain oil. If sprocket teeth skip across flange holes at base of Chute Assembly. place a pan for collecting oil at the side of the engine. Remove spark plug and inspect it each time you change the oil. Fill engine crankcase to "FULL" mark on the dipstick. 17 CONTAINER FIG. To improve starting and efficient engine performance at the beginning of each season: Replace only with "RESISTOR" type spark plug. 3. so does a snow thrower engine. 11 . Drain oil into container. Having grease on these areas keeps ice from accumulating on the movable surfaces. Keep oil level to "FULL" mark on dipstick.. SEE NOTES under "BEFORE STARTING ENGINE" section. An accumulation of carbon or oil will greatly reduce engine performance. LUBRICATING OR MAKING ANY ADJUSTMENTS ON YOUR SNOW THROWER. and every 25 hours thereafter. spark grease plug. grease with automotive chassis grease five (5) fittings as shown on Lubrication Chart. Before installing with a graphite plug in future. 3. 3.030). at least once each season. NOTE: As an automobile requires maintenance from time to time. Replace cap on drain pipe. At least once each season apply a coating of chassis grease between the flange and base of discharge chute.621 liters) with SAE 5W30 oil or equivalent. Check the spark plug gap using proper feeler guage (. The electrodes must be kept clean and free of carbon. Change oil in the engine crankshaft after first two (2) hours of operation. ignition points. FIG. Replacement of spark plug. CAUTION: ALWAYS FOLLOW RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION. DO NOT OVERFILL. Carburetor Linkage on Engine d. Transmission Control Linkage b. ect. 17). 18 SNOW THROWER LUBRICA liON CAUTION: SPARK PLUG 1. lubricate the following with motor oil such as SAE30 (See Lubrication Chart on page 26): a. is necessary by normal use. remove cap from drain pipe at the base of engine (See Fig. Tighten bolts securely (See Fig. 2. raise the adjusting brackets slightly. 5. Every 5 to 10 hours of operation.18 ). Discharge Chute Controls c. 1. at least every 5 hours of operation. approximately 1 1/4 pints (. Drive Chains 2. 4. ADJUSTING ~1 BRKTS MAINTENANCE ENGINE LUBRICATION CAUTION: ALWAYS STOP THE ENGINE AND DISCONNECT SPARK PLUG WIRE BEFORE CLEANING. After the first two (2) hous of operation.CHUTE CONTROL ROD ADJUSTMENT If sprocket teeth tend to jam in flange at base of Chute Assembly. 6. (Refer to engine parts list for correct replacement type) 4. lightly coat threads to insure easy removal of ALWAYS STOP ENGINE AND DISCONNECT SPARK PLUG WIRE BEFORE CLEANING. lower the sprocket slightly by loosening the bolts and lowering the adjusting brackets. 1.

S. Replacement of Spark Plug and Ignition Point! is made necessary by normal use. then connect outside link (See Fig.4. with tire centered in chains (See Fig. foreign materials will restrict cooling which can cause overheating and loss of power. 3. Follow lubrication instructions with proper lubrication as defined will assist in keeping from freezing. AUGER GEAR BOX LUBRICATION 1. NOTE: It is recommended that the end of each season's use. Always keep Drive Chains well lubricated using SAE 10 or 20 motor oil. which ever occurs first. TIRE PRESSURE Recommended tire pressure is 10 to 12 P. 19). 12 . Place blocks under chassis to raise tires. GENERAL Just as an automobile needs professional mechanical maintenance from time to time. free of dirt accumulation. FIG. Check gear oil level every five (5) hours of operation. s. 19and 20). be sure that cross links are free with no kinks. the Drive Chains be removed and immersed in light oil. protected area. Pull snow thrower backwards onto chains. If necessary fill to level of filler plug. 20 TO REMOVE TIRE CHAINS Use a plain bit screwdriver to unhook connector link on outside of tire. 5. keeping weight of unit off the tires. 2. Clean after every use of snow thrower. 19 ASSEMBLY OF TIRE CHAINS 1. Run engine until it runs all gasoline from gasoline tank. particularly the working parts such as Impeller and Impeller Housing with an oily cloth. wipe unit. 2. Store snow thrower in a dry. Be sure both connectors inside and out are hooked into links of side chains. for long periods of storage. straighten chains and repeat assembly procedures. OUTSIDE CONNECTOR LINK \ END OF CHAIN OPPOSITE FIG. To insure maximum performance: 1. 3. 2. CLEANING SNOW THROWER CAUTION: ALWAYS DISCONNECT SPARK PLUG WIRE BEFORE CLEANING YOUR SNOW THROWER. 1. 4. then unhook the inside connector. particularly at the start and end of snow season. Storing gasoline in tank for off season can deteriorate and become stale and cause hard starting and effect engine performance. Fill gear box to level of oil fill plug opening with SAE 90 Gear Oil. so does your snow thrower. Keep inside of Impeller Housing clean. 3. Move cross chains on tire to snug fit all around tire. and Chute Control to remove excess moisture. 2. using SAE 90 Gear Oil ONLY. wipe off excess oil and re-assemble to unit. 19 ). Place tire chains flat on surface behind wheels. Change oil after first two (2) hours of operation. STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: Leaving moisture on components of your snow thrower can freeze and make snow thrower not operate if stored in an unheated area. Check chains for kinks and if found. DO NOT OVER FILL (See Lubrication Chart). 4. 4. Before storing. 6. Clean snow thrower throughly. To prevent rusting. NOTE: If chain connectors cannot be hooked.I. with connectors rearward (See Fig. move all Shift Levers. chain appears to be too short. Change gear oil every season or every 25 hours. clean. Wrap chains onto tire and connect the inside link. Keep engine blower housing clean.

4. Move Choke Control Knob to "OFF". Check Skids for equal NOTES AND MAINTENANCE Date Hours Used Oil Change Air Cleaner Service Lubrication RECORD Winter Storage Spring Service Spark Plug Gap 13 . Water in gasoline from condensation. Remove Control Cover and clean away dirt accumulation. 4. Skids not adjusted 1. 3. height setting. Clean Impeller Poor Snow Discharge Uneven Cut in Housing and/ or Discharge Chute. even. 2. under Control Cover on Engine. adjust Skids. Drain gasoline tank and refill with fresh. Build-up of dirt or ice in Impeller Housing. 4. 1. 1. Loss Of Power 3. 2. 3. 2. Snow or ice packed CORRECTION 1.----------11 PROBLEM Does Not Start TROUBLE SHOOTING POINTS t-I ----- CAUSE 1. Accumulation of dirt around the governor linkage. Connect spark plug wire to spark plug. Clean Discharge Chute. clean gasoline. Control Knob in partial choke. Dirty or burnt-out spark plug. Drain gas tank and refill with fresh. 4. Clean Impeller Housing. 1. re-adjust or replace spark plug. NOTE: Shut off Engine and remove spark plug wire before cleaning. 1. Turn Ignition Switch Key "ON". 3. Stale Gasoline. 1. 2. Housing. Spark plug wire disconnected from spark plug. Ignition Switch Key "OFF". clean gasoline. Clean.

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.. 0 co _0 II') ...... a CII £0 VII) ....: . ~ CL - CL . .. .... V) 3: o z w C) V) -= 0 Glz ~ -----. - #. CO~O-C'4MVII')_O . . CO~O-C'4MVII')_O COCOCOCO~~~~~~~~~~OOOOOOOO £::! o £Oc II') _ J: ti CII ~ (. 2 au Q.... ... ..... o o CI:: C s w CI:: 3: :::r::: o DZ CL - CL -...... u _... o E o JD CII '. _.: . -. 0 .. en ..It )( I . CO~O-C'4MVII')_O""CO~O-C'4MVII')_O""CO oO--NNNNNNNNN CO --------------------- _. .5 GI ... Z .. 0 D- O Gl 0 ~z 16 -= .... a .c".c « u ....2 o u u u ... I « .. _O .5 . o E o u..o - C'4 >< o II') C"! . . o o I- :J c .aCaDO C CII -.. . -M _OC'4 ..... .::cccc DZ .... CII c CII co _0 o :::I - Z « c « z « u CI:: W CI:: DZ CL - CL -. CII CII CII ::.... w E o Z .. CII II') ~ II') a :::I C ~ CII .

NOTES AND MAINTENANCE Date Hours Used Oil Change Air CLeaner Service Lubrication RECORD Winter Storage Spring Service Spark plug Gap 17 .

~ co N -~ 0 M .I- .~~~~---i o ) / 18 .

........: 0 0::: CIIZ - .... -z. <t: II> II> GJ C! v >< o ..... Oz a..IX) I QjQj a....: ci CIIZ 0::: - .s en ... >< i=ii ~E VI<t: Q. w Q o Z :e 0:: e.. -.. o ~ -NMV~~~~~O-NMv~~~~~O-NMV~ .. Q...: .c: U ..c: QjVl l. <C <C Q -.....! Z a. o 0 . CII :c GJ >- :c E II> II> >GJ ee E . ~E GJ E _> Q. W ~ o 0:: t- Oz e......) c c~ ...... .. a..'t >< ~ :c~ E GJ <t:M >. 0 . ~I CII =Qj .... o E o ~ v e .......! _ . l: o z V) ~ w C> <C V) t- ~ <C ::J Q . _ VI~ 0 Z ~ <C U w a.:! e • .. 0 .. o o E c en .. c E G.. .>.........: 0 ~Z -NMV~~~~~O-NMV~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ v eo I .. Q.:... NNNNNN 19 ......! .0 >< <t: GJ II> II> <t: c . -. u..) GJ...... .>< M >:c ~V E o CII ee ... ..

.. r-.00 LI) N r-. w 3: l- J: 0 ac: V) V) ~ W V) Z 0 3: w l- 0 ta 0:: >< « C) V) « « ::l Q ...... ta ::e DI:: >. 0 DI:: . w « C) ::: -0 N w I- 0 ::e « Q « z « u DI:: ::i \ V //v / 20 w A.. 0 0:: « A.... DI:: « 0~ -0 00 0:: W ta V) ac: w ~ s ::J Z t- ::e Z w 0 ::l .

... . o w Z C o ~ ~ ~ c. ...:0 ~z u w ~ ~ . 0 ~ o ~ Q. z C -.) a:: e ~~ . :I: a:::Z .. 0 E C o I- a.. C C u E ~ u o ..: 0 41 o z V) V) w C> l- « . - - n. -.. « ::J Q Z « Q « z « u w Cz c. -.... a::: 0 Uz 21 ...41 Z c. C E C . .... 0 e. E -:. z C . -... ..

S..TECUMSEH 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER: HMBO-155172F 110_Y I 124 122 ~~112 r! / /~ 79. 694463 22 Litho in U.. .78-~ 79-e Et 109 99 Form No.A.

Pan hd. 10-24 x 1/2 Gasket. 20 & 21 ) Pin. Compression Link. (Incl.020 oversize) Piston. Belleville Nut. Dowel Seal. 32589 650737 33662 650490 8116 34030 *34041 6021A 650727 650691 33272 650713 33636 34251 Canada 28423 28424 *27896 28425 27627 650128 *27915 33877 650378 ·33861 30088A 29752 30705 26460 29774 32961 33876 33461A 650549 31342 33371 33878 33374 27793 28942 34145 29747A 650788 610973 33013 650760 33273 650128 33377 650767 34140 28942 650765 34126 28545 650643 34154 34155 2 3 5 6 I 7) 55 . Piston (Std. Oil Lifter. Fuel line Gasket. Sems. spin-lock thread forming.) Ring Set. Compo Release) Gasket. shakeproof.) Piston & Pin Assy. 1/4-20 x 5/8 Cover. Serns. 5/16-24 x 3/4 Screw. (Incl. Nos. 10-32 Screw. Flywheel Screw. 8-32 x 7/16 Extension. No.. Ref. 5/16-18 x 5/8 Plug. 1/4-20 x 1/2 Hub & Screen Assy. Carburetor Screw. Hex washer hd. 1/4-28 xl Nut & Lockwasher. Fil. 47) Valve. Pan hd. hd. (Incl. Governor lever Screw. Serns. Fil. Exhaust (1/32" oversize) (I ncl. 1/4-20 x 1-3/4 Valve. 23 & 24) (Std. taptite. 6 & Yoke. Hex flange hd. Governor Lockwasher.. Fuel tank mounting Bracket. Governor (I ncl. 1/4-20 x 5/8 Crankshaft Assy. hd. Starter Washer. Sems. 10-32 x 19/32 Washer. 5/~6-18 x 1 1/8 Gasket. Stator Control Assy. self-tap. Governor Ring. Hex washer hd. Retaining Clamp. hd. Governor gear Screw. No. No. Carburetor Screw. No.010 oversize) Piston. Governor lever-to-bellcrank Link. Tank mounting "Indicates Parts Included in Gasket Set. Special hex hd. 47) Valve. 10-32 x 1/2 Bracket. 10-32 x 3/8 Screw. Intake pipe Pipe. hd. 8-18 x 3/8 Plate.84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 100 102 72 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 43 44 tl4 45 46 47 48 49 50 99 103 104 105 108 109 Key. Mechanical governor Spool. Piston pin retaining Ring Set. 1/4-28 Line. Fuel Valve. Crankshaft Seal.. 8-32 x 5/8 Cover. Connecting (Incl. Hex hd. 23 . Fil. No. Cylinder (Incl.. Sems.. (Incl. Exhaust (Std. Sems. 82.47) Cap. 8-32 x 5/16 Lever.86 & 92) Screw. Cylinder Gasket. Pin & Ring Assy.020 oversize) Rod Assy. Sems. Nos. hd. Hex hd. Cylinder head Screw. Ground Part No. 30588A 29193 30591 33369 28763 30590A 650488 650493 34035 34036 27878A 27880A 27882 27881 32581 650489 610118 34240 Part Name Cylinder Assy. Hex hd. Blower housing Screw. self-drilling. Pin & Ring Assy. Hex Head. Hex hd. Oil drain Rod Assy. Valve Camshaft (Mech. Blower housing Screw. Serns. Hex hd. Valve spring Tube. 2. Intake (Std. 8-32 Baffle. Crankshaft Piston & Pin Assy.. No. Speed (I ncl.010 oversize) Piston & Pin Assy. Retaining Gear Assy. Grommet mounting Grommet Screw. 23) 1. Conduit Screw. 34348 27652 32630 27642 30699C 30700 650494 29642 29916 29826 29216 650548 33454 29918 30322 29536 650561 33365B 29783 33245 34329A 34552 34330A 34553 34331A 34554 27888 34332 34333 34334 32591C 650662A 34242 34034 34143 *33253 33367A 33368 31950 31845 . Crankshaft gear Gear. Hex washer hd. Breather cover Cover. Square. hd. Nos. 23 & 24) (. Piston (. Cvl inder cover Cover. Hex hd.. Fil. Sems. Starter bubble Screw. 5/16-18 x 1-1/2 Screw. No. Connecting rod Dipper. 23) (Std. 3 & 4) Pin. Nos. Piston (. Pin & Ring Assy. Fuel line Line. 33 & 34) Bushing. Hex hd. 40) Bracket.T. Lower valve spring Screw. No. Nos. taptite .020 oversize) Ring. Nos. Upper valve spring Spring. Spark plug Wire. tapped. Blower Screw. No. Intake (1/32" oversize) (Incl. (Incl. Breather Gasket. 83. Flat Cover. Nos..47) Valve. Intake Screw. Valve Cap. 1 4 I MODEL Ref. Hex hd. durlock. Governor Screw. Spark (Champion J-8 or equivalent) Except for Canada Resistor Spark Plug (Canadian Regulations require RJ-17LM resistor spark plug) Body..) Piston. Nut & Lockwasher Assv. Nos. Governor lever-to-throttle Spring. No. 23 & 24) 1. 10-24 x 1/2 Bracket. (Incl. 1/4-20 x 1-1/4 Screw. Hex washer hd. (Incl. 5116-18 x 1-3/4 Washer. Oil Shaft. Serns.TECUMSEH 4-CYCLE ENGINE Ref. (Incl. 165. taptite. No. Breather Screw. Hex washer hd. 10-32 x 3/8 Housing.8 E.... Nos. 26 & 27) Bolt. 5-40 x 7/16 Spring.Oil Plug. 51 52 53 54 56 57 58 59 60 61 63 65 65 NUMBER: HMBO-155172F Part Name Part No. 5/16-18 x 3/4 Terminal Assy. Hex washer hd. Carburetor cover mounting Screw. Cover. 10-32 x 3/4 Nut. Governor (Incl. Breather Element. Flat Screw.] (Incl. Hex washer hd. Fil. 6-40 x 5/16 Ring. Fuel Clamp.010 oversize) Ring Set.] (Incl. Extension Clip. Sems. Sems. No.> 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 8 9 7 66 67 68 69 70 71 22 22 22 22 22 23 24 24 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 79A 79B 80 81 82 83 . 23) 1. 32. Cylinder head Screw. F il.

Hex hd. Rewind Gasket Set (Inc!. 136 & 137) Bulb. self-tap. 1A) Fan Spring. Name Carburetor (Inc!. Coil locking Spring. Sems. No. Snow guard Muffler Screw. as shown in parts list. Choke Screw. Muffler locking Dipstick. "0" Ring Tank Assy. 75) Magneto (The complete magneto is not available as an assembly. 16. Cover Primer Assy. Breaker Washer. items marked *) Owners Manual "Indicates Parts Included in Gasket Set. Terminal Screw & Washer. Order component parts individually. Fuel (Inc!. 12) Wire. Ref. (I riel. Choke Bracket.. Fi!. Primer (Bilingual) Decal. 5/16-18 x 3-3/16 Plate. (Incl. Part Name Magneto Flywheel (Incl.TECUMSEH 4-CYCLE ENGINE Ref. No. Nos.. MAGNETO NO. as shown in parts list. 137 138 142 143 144 145 150 151 152 153 161 162 NUMBER: HMSO-155172F Part Name Part No. 110 112 115 116 117 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 128 131 132 133 134 135 136 MODEL Ref. Choke Decal. Dust cover Contact Assy. Cam wiper Clip. 1/4-20 x 5/8 Nut & Lockwasher. Warning (Bilingual) Decal. ) Starter. No. No. Fuel filler Decal. Starter Seal. 135. 126) Tube. Condenser Coil Assy. (Incl. Hex washer hd. Instruction (Bilingual) Nipple. 10-32 x 1/2 Knob.Oil (Inc!. Oil drain Plug. 650665 650561 29752 34141 32576 33280 650729 31588 34011 A 33590 34156 33893A 30998B 34416 32678 30969 31291 32182 32183 32184 Part Name Screw. Primer Part No. Primer bulb Line. Breaker box dust cover Cover. Coil wedge 2 3 4 5 6 9 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 12 18 610848 610847 610934 30551 610947 610957 30547A 610385 33356 610408 29181 610593 30560A 30554 30548B 30545 30561B 30549 31311 29629 24 . The magneto number is shown for reference pu rposes only. 2 thru 14. The magneto number is shown for reference purposes only. No. 1/4-14x7/8 Screw. Ground terminal Nut. Oil drain Cap. Ref_ No. Breaker Screw.17 & 18) Felt. durlock. Serns. 123) Gasket. Lead Condenser Core & Plate Stator Assy. Control Decal. No. Order component parts individually. Primer Rod. Nos.. 165. Oil filler Cap. 1 1A Part No. 610848 The complete magneto is not available as an assembly. Primer Body. Dust Gasket. 32312 32180B 34586 34587 28820 34585 34414 34417 34589 34316 632111 610848 163 165 590479 33279C 694463 Retainer. No. Terminal Tab. No. 1/4-28 Guard. hd. He-x washer hd.

Bowl-to-body "0" Ring. Seat & Clip Assy. Throttle return Shutter. Carburetor Shaft. Main (Incl. Dog Pulley & Bearing Assy. Throttle Spring. 590479 Ref. items marked *) 632111 1 631776 631970 2 3 631778 650506 4 5 630766 5A 630738 650417 6 7. Throttle & Choke shutter Spring. Handle Assy. Adjustment screw Screw. Starter t. Ilncl. No. Starter Housing Assy. Choke Plug.. 590479 590480 590481 590482 32024 590483 590484 590485 590486 590456 590487 590387 590488 Part Name Rewind Starter Screw. Brake Washer. Dog Spring. 23 & 27) Gasket. Float Adjustment Screw Assy. Bowl-to-body Fitting. Retainer Dog Spring. No. Throttle Screw.. Starter Spring & Keeper Assy. I I I \ I 7_~:~7 6~:~_5 l t&_6 l 5 -----. Part Name Carburetor Shaft & Lever Assy. Choke positioning Shutter. Main adjustment screw Screw. Regulating screw Spring. 632112 630735 8 631881 9 10 *630748 11 *631027 12 *631021 13 14 15 16 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 631022 632019 *631024 631867 *631583 27110 *630740 *630898 *631028 631803 630739 631978 REWIND STARTER NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Part No. 21. Part No. No. 'Inlet needle Float. Welch Inlet Needle. Idle regulating Shaft & Lever Assy. Brake Ring.CARBURETOR NO 632111 Ref. Welch Plug. Choke Spring.. Nos...<SIt@-_·_4 ~-3 ~-2 I ~--1 25 . 5A. Center Cam. Idle adjustment Gasket. 13) Clip. Rope. Float Bowl.. Fue~inlet Washer Repair Kit (lncl.


and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. The Engine Warranty must be referred to in the event of an engine problem. Engine Warranty: All engine powered ROPER CANADA LIMITED products have a separate Engine Warranty extended by the individual Engine Manufacturer. at our option. ROPER CANADA LIMITED will replace. This warranty is subject to the following limitations: 7. so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. any battery which we find to be defective during your first ninety (90) days of ownership. Serial Number and Date of Purchase of your product and Address of the Authorized ROPER CANADA LIMITED dealer from whom it was purchased. After ninety (90) days. we will repair or replace.ROPER CANADA LIMITED quality OUTDOOR POWER equipment ROPER CANADA LIMITED WARRANTY ROPER CANADA LIMITED warrants to the original consumer purchaser that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship. adjusted and operated in accordance with instructions found in the Product Literature for your product. Some states do not allow the limitation of consequential damages or limitations of how long an implied warranty may last. 2. without charge. Should you have any unanswered questions concerning this warranty. This is a LIMITED WARRANTY within the meaning of that term as defined Act of 7975. This warranty does not apply to incidental or consequential damages and any IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED TO THE SAME TIME PERIODS STATED HEREIN FOR ROPER CANADA LIMITED'S EXPRESSED WARRANTIES. For a period of one (7) year from the date of purchase. in the Magnuson-Moss 27 . The warranty applies only to products which have been properly assembled. 4.O. purposes is limited 3. without charge to you. BOX 37 INGERSOLL. 5. charging you 7/72 the price for a new battery for each full month from the date of the original sale. any part except for the engine which we find to be defective due to materials or workmanship. The warranty period of any products used for rental or commercial to 45 days from the date of original purchase. we will exchange the battery. Battery Warranty: On products equipped with a battery. please contact: ROPER CANADA LIMITED P. In the event that you have a claim (other than an engine claim) under this warranty. you must return the product to an Authorized Roper Canada Limited service dealer. ONTARIO NSC 3K2 giving the Model Number.

unless otherwise authorized by ROPER CANADA LIMITED SNOW THROWER FACTORY. Service always mention Model Number owner s manual MODEL NO.S. When ordering Repair Parts. ONTARIO Part No. Included with your snow thrower is a Service Directory listing authorized ROPER CANADA LIMITEDSNOW THROWER DISTRIBUTORSAND SERVICEDEALERS. All parts listed herein may be ordered through ROPER CANADALIMITED AUTHOR· IZED DISTRIBUTORS.Refer to the Service Directory for Distributor or Service Dealer nearest you.HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICEOR ORDER REPAIR PARTS SERVICE ROPER ©&~&[Q)& [bO~OLf~[Q) ROPER CANADA LIMITEDSNOW THROWER has a nationwide Service Organization to furnish Repair Parts and Service. which can be found on a plate attached to your snow thrower.A. refer to the illustrated parts list in the Owners Manual and order by listed Part Number. 4/2/79 . Refer to Engine Manual for anything pertaining to Engine Service or Repair Parts. Each snow thrower has it own Model Number. FOR SERVICEAND REPAIR PARTS .SNOW THROWER When ordering Repair Parts or requesting of your snow thrower. TO ORDER REPAIR PARTS . 78658 Rev.ENGINE Engine Service and Repair Parts must be handled by the Engine Manufacturers Authorized Service Organization. . Part Name and quantity required. ALWAYS INSIST ON ORIGINAL ROPER CANADA LIMITED PARTS AND FACTORY AUTHORIZED SERVICE. 0 Printed in U. S8649AR SERVICE and REPAIR PARTS ROPER INGERSOll. All warranty Service must be handled by an Authorized Service Agency.