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MOHAMMAD RAZAVI 45570 silver pond square #300 Sterling ,VA , 20165 Email: mrd1d9f7@westpost.

net Cell: (630)- 432- 7222 Home: (571)-313-1426 OBJECTIVE Cardiac Sonographer EDUCATION Isfahan University Medical School, IRAN (Oct1977-Oct1986) MEDICAL DOCTOR EXPERIENCE Assistant of Heart and CCU department.NIOC Hospital,Tehran(1994-Present time) Echocardiography,Stress Echo,ETT Physician-Echocardiographer General Practitioner in various Emergency Rooms and Hospitals,in different parts of IRAN.(1986-2010) CREDENTIALS ARDMS Certificate,RDCS,2010 ECFMG Part One and two ,1991and 1992 Member of Medical Council of Iran REFERENCES Available on request