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Each Rasi = 30 degrees Zodiac 1 Aries 2 Tauraus 3 Gemini 4 Cancer 5 Leo

Alias name Ruling Planet Mesha Vrishaba Mithuna Kataka Simha Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun

Trikona Groups Triangular groups Fire Earth Air Water Kendra or Quadrangular Groups Chakra / Movable Sthira / Fixed Dwichara / Dual

Rasi's Associated with it Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Tauraus, Virgo, Capricorn Gemini, Libra, Acquarius Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

6 Virgo Kanya 7 Libra Tula 8 Scorpio vrischika 9 Sagittarius Dhanusu 10 Capricorn Makara 11 Acquarius Kumbha 12 Pisces Meena

Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter

Rasi's Associated with it Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Tauraus, Leo, Scorpio, Acquarius Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces Planets

Exalted sign (Uchha rasi)

Debilitated sign (neecha rasi ) Libra Scorpio Cancer Pisces Capricorn Virgo Aries Gemini Sagittarius

Own Sign (swa rasi) Leo Cancer Aries, Scorpio Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius, Pisces Taurus, Libra Capricorn, Acquarius

Friend ( mitra rasi)

1 Sun Aries 2 Moon Taurus 3 Mars Capricorn 4 Mercury Virgo 5 Jupiter Cancer 6 Venus Pisces 7 Saturn Libra 8 Raghu Sagittarius 9 Ketu Gemini

Capricorn Gemini.Varna Brahmin Kshatrya Vaishya Sudra Corresponding Rashis Cancer. Pisces Aries. Aquarius. Saggitarius Tauraus. Libra Enemy (Shatru rasi) Neutral . Leo. Scorpio. Virgo.

no Planet Alias Time Taken to Move a rasi Direction Color Gems Metal 1 Sun Surya 1 Month East Red Ruby Gold 2 Moon Chandra 2-1/2 days North-East White Pearl Silver 3 Mars Mangala/Sevai 45 days South Red Coral Copper 4 Mercury Budha a month North Greem Emarald Bronze 5 Jupiter Guru one year North-East Yellow Sapphire Gold 6 Venus Sukra one month South-East white Diamond Silver 7 Saturn Sani 2-1/2 years west blue Sapphire iron 8 Raghu Dragons head 1-1/2 years North black Gomedhaka mixed metal 9 Ketu Dragons tail 1-1/2 years South Brown Cats eye .S.

commanders. textiles and apparels Days Ruled Sunday Monday He represents.Comments He represents the soul. wines. sex life. arts. research & scientists. superstitions and electronics . A well placed Saturn can bestow excellent power. sea and all things connected with the sea. men in high position. dance. father. real estate agents and surgery Tuesday He represents speech. sorrow. priests. mathematics. teachers. armed forces. the police forces. medical profession. gambling places. foreign countries. the mother. smoke. intelligence. the king or the high officials He represents the mind. short journeys. milk. administrators. prestige. the underworld and the bad elements in the society represents grand parents. house and domestic comforts. trade. energy. spirituality. kidneys and sex organ. cosmetics and beauty products Thursday Friday He represents hard work. engineering. drinking. accounts. younger brothers & sisters. acting. paternal relations. printing and publishing Wednesday He represents higher knowledge. nonconformists. foreign travel. foreigners. emotions. spiritual inclinations. temples. computers and the web. astrology and knowledge of the shastras. old men. municipality and drainage works. engineering and the technical trades. bars. gambling. metals. theft. maternal uncles. courage. journalism. old men. name and fame and a badly placed Saturn can devastate you Saturday represents. technical trades. servants and the lower level workers. will power. sensitivity. gems and jewelers. children and knowledge of the sastras and astrology He represents spouse. people in the iron and steel industry. layers & judges. music. land. fashion. grand parents. hotel and food industry.

Each Nakshatra occupies = 13 degree 20 minutes Each Pada in Nakshatra = 3 degree 20 minutes S No Star Name Pada 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 Rasi 1 Ashiwini Aries 2 Bharani 3 Kirtika Tauraus 4 Rohini 5 Mirugasirisham Gemini 6 Aruda 7 Punarvasu 8 Pushyami Cancer 9 Aslesha 10 Magha Leo 11 P.Phalguni Virgo .Phalguni 12 U.

Badhra 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Acquarius Pisces .12 U.Phalguni 13 Hasta 14 Chitra 15 Swati 16 Vishaka 17 Anuradha 18 Jyestha 19 Moola 20 Poorva Ashada 21 Utra Ashada 22 Shravana 23 Dhanista 24 Satabistha 25 P.

26 U.Badhra 27 Revathi 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Pisces .

the stomach. he is in a moo happy sciences stinginterested personal decoration with gems and gold and self-assured. physical and ment Devata of has plenty of heat. andblaze the trail. happy. Itnakshatra. the wise minister. Arudra stands renown. the ultimate dispenser of reward andDevata extends 26:40. unkind. You have long hands also all that is low and quick to candid. traveling and causalities have to be traced. only and all things living. Cow. andis no mystery to the knowledge eloquent preceptor. weaponsthe and respected. happy and carry out eyes. strong and handsome but extremely fearful. are symbol hispatheagerness to luck. The are soft. It stands for freedom from restriction and limitation. the supreme consummation Punarvasu (Panchanana). meaning of scriptures. also group. Al all religious ceremonies. thesmall things and fast movers. You arefrom the practice forbidden Man symbol a inauspicious which The The dross daring. famous. They carry the and Magha. Superficially. idle and possess kingly signs. everything related to transport and from 13:20 to 26:40. for it succeed in quarrels. dominates. alladvisers and hate all. If is Venus. forehead crescent 3:20 other serpent any auspicious undertaking. birth and bear scars andtheir improvement. experts. and dependent of creation non-sinners and destroy their enemies. enjoyers. truthful. Spread from Pushyami theirfiery. stable and bright. pontiff. and wide eyes. well-behaved. hefty bodied. servePoorva Phalguni and Uttar Phalguni are pair together. thinkers. of theare bereft of star Pushya are wealthy. They are They are learned. Itpleasant the the special feature and truthful. You are Krittika group. is thethe very best comes within the scope characteristic in architecture. They are learned in would difference of opinion among possiblyThey speak very clearly and people would in theirwork in secret and their words the in this star. in it. increase. minded. in in heart. they probablylord nose with people of same sex and animals has been Ashlesha as eat good food. what could not be attempted they enjoy life planet born whenSymbol-Quiver in Krittika nakshatra are Jupiter. and fat. short tampered. and invisible a wave of brilliant. Fame andof their thos basic seed of it. You sacrifice money. Knowledgeable. They are alwaysbut onbed. .money. unstableis Sun. worshipful earning of the externals. their religion. bright. Pusa. attractive. religious. other hand it aims at partner. confident ornaments. and a or Pitrufor kingsor lord of the Bhava signifying father or son in a similar wa and We brother nakshatra (Tauri or Alcyone)ifItRavi. falls should not always confine for the native. interested that the of good suffer on account of masters endowed likeare angry intelligent. They andmust always bearegood Spread from noble to 26:40’ on are happy. respected. strong. he is the lord of Dharma. highly stingy succor of Poorva Phalguni. The presiding deity the the cause thefood. a ruthless expositor of truth. on the surface of it. women. So.groupperiodicallyand undertake traveling. which burns. sweetness persecutions menstrual course the range of this star. long lived. the deityhave his o Spread sicklied over with various faults The ruling is represents all these. indulge in bringing i Those born in the acts in life handicapped. servitors. thief. prestige. Phalguni are wealthy. and interested in the discussion on scriptures. kingly. endowed with son and Chandra is the while are long-lived and perform accepted jobs. The ruling planet is Moon. play with women. handsome. Those born in Ardra become in the constitution of Aslesha. Brahma the remote cause of foodKrittika of Agni. influences of one after of Vrishabha Rudra purity.planet Mars. Arudra means wet orburn.administration. fearful butwith soft hands and feet. maternal instincts and all that. To The root once broken off. and enjoyment. They are wise and and extremely soft personalities. pure. They tread the and a Its attributes are in the work renown are kings. The mystery of creation him. forget the of is the mouth its Orien. cruel. famous. loved and Dinakar. respected. highly sexy. knowledge of it. learned. head of and wisdom. truthful and help those who have helped them. in great intensity. harmful wife. They suffer Ocean lord They respect gods and Brahmins and know the science of meters and metaphors. other articles of toilet. and vary dissolution. of Vrishabha Rasi is brilliantwith unlike the Krittika of Mesha. It represent and pleasant spoken. the the enjoy or unite surreptitiously. prominent amongst the learned. develop enmity withand ownand endowed withand and stubborn religious an people. by the influence of this star the native is expected to be equestrian (horse-ride) or a soldier. The presiding enjoy wealth and with property earned by them. They are stable. lovable. knowledgeable in the science of spells and respected by kings. The if the Lagna is in KumbhaYama’s gift. wealthy. not incendiary. that is flower and etc. her nostrils that the two Ashwini is possible to born of idea of the nature father Ravi. and obtain creation and in the continuation existence. They are of sweet-speech. Vishnu. a not toleratepreceptor. growing.Chandraon Chandra. also a physician with marvelous powe to heal. Those born in the star Pushya are and effulgence. friendly with the and strengthen. The story of Yama-Nachiketa is a particularly exposition of the hospitality of Yama.a the Chandra ruling the encyclopedic remote cause. handsome. renewal. they had tasted the divine nectar andare with pride. of Guru.on others for life. From 00. Kings respect and of feminine form. the chest. and well off. pureAditi of suffer the Gods disease Those born and Ruling planet star are truthful.00 to 13. prison. Symbol-Antelope orwife suffer from heart diseases.when the churnedhunger at the the of Samudra Manthan And it they undertake purposeless and of marine products and of medicines. defective that isThey are He holds the greatand wideof after head and on hisare Indra. All satisfied with works Symbol-Swinging hammock. It is the gateway to and fearful. is Ketu. anger. They are quick and arrogant and they hate others. to 6:40 for poetry andis supposed to beisRudra. daring enjoyment and cow. Ruler Ketu. Guru refuge Karaka The law-abiding subjects. of lower levels and do bliss and Punarvasu pain along with ill consequences that poison connotes are to be read partners in supreme divine jobs. The Samudra on thestar. experts the burning commerce. displeasure of others. carry out It is also called the Bhagadaivata Star.gamut of the visibleand light. ItKumaras were have anmother Sanga and of Bharani Nakshatra from the nature of Yama. They and also determined. in trade and sensation ofcruel. self-sacrifice without hope Manthan ofcause of stands for In immediate teardrop. The cunningness It therendered by devious nature. frauds. Fromhas on the contrary a softened radiance. lion. Mangal a seeking totruthful. The virtues and vices Magha nakshatra (Regulas or Leonis)Aslesha from 0 degree to 13:20’ Simha. the most they do guide and The Rohini Rohini Krittika in Mesa is devastatingly brilliant. weird. sacrifices and worship co-habit of Kalpurusha. help serpent. Fire gives the earth its sinful and by drawn by Cows. the mother. Without fire creation would not exist. fundamentals of creation and According a Valmiki Ramayana. be of wily disposition. daily caused by this Nakshatra. he is the great judicature. they pomp. Nakshatra and because. he is good speakers and deity of the experts. They are expending money. to seek. deity is Brihaspati. multiply this starmurder. bereft of friends and family. They arehearted. withcereals. They know theafter 23:20 in Vrishabha Rasi upand6:40 the production etc Krittika they fear nakshatra (Orionis)creation. TheyTherefore. withstar Narasimha Those born in the Punarvasu star arecomforts and have wives who are alsoown and othe personal life succeeds in Those born in proudMagha are reserved. Agn Agni. asceticism. there are teardrops falling thisand Chandra both are female grahas (planets) with differenceand while aspects. you effect of the incur theconnote the process ofthey are enjoyers. Symbol – the head of a horse. the wielder of the most tremendous powers. The Punarvasu signifies these. handsome. The up snake. the Moon was (receptacle for arrows). and attractive works. To erotic affair. are nourish and that etymologically to protect. are stingy. enjoyers and interested in lovemaking. Lord Venus. theft. the and the world. cosmetics and decor and was to proud. the physical excellence of women and all that. It extends in the Vrishabha Rasi from 10 degree to 23:20. glory. all Bharani is what deserves to be cultivated and preserved that is dependence. his sense of dharma and causes the fire his superb honesty and great integrity and other divine virtues.incentives. patience Surya of all Arudra or learning.face. The individual who in notedundesirablelived. could rip havin suffer been describedhard bodied.a blue-throated one. The origin of creation. native would friends. truthful. imagination. wealth. The Gods however. in the horoscopes of these physicians it will be seen that the Graha for successful medical practice is positioned in Ashwini Nakshatra. respect their fathers. effulgence and light remain. sage-like and little feared the intrinsic the symbols of til and fish. instant angry and run his The women. impulseheart.Theis the lord of theRahu. FiveThey are Those bornnakshatra (Geminorium) Spread from 20:00 as also inMithuna up to 3:20 Karkata. earn good money. stable sharpness of handsome body. comforts.low voice. (Lord of – 9th house) in this star would run the risk of having her karmadhipati women. it is so strong. They nakshatra gift. to fond of fine dress. the gift of poetry. it Rohini. daring are in the service of kings. word category come withinanwhich means to Rohini nakshatra (Aldebaran)of big is with firepower. obedient. The Krittikaanother. of white likeof the trident. It extends transport department. superior qualities. strength Punarvasu arelustre wealthy. and Rohini imagination. endowed with nobility. loved by people. handsomehuman system and the consequence thegood of whatever is good. They are very harsh. The ruling planet minded. to development. of digestion obedient. So. He is at the same time the most peaceful and wearthe most terrible. loveand learned. sympathiesbe starting its menstrual He is Agni and Symbol. It is possible. Mrigasira Mrigasira Nakshatra extends from scriptures. qualities. brilliance. residuary 10: degree in Vrishabha. intelligent and affectionate to their mother. whom wordall these are ChandraBarun. beauty. Symbol(Lord of the 10th house) or bhagyapatiAttributestheThe virtues and vices of the father’s family.into th this is dueGold and sex were also. obedient and help their relatives. far less They in very other the physical beauty from the lure and they are without strength andexhaled poison Siva achieved quite achieved by prosperous. conduct big operations and are leaders of a big army. enjoying collect bornandcircle of friends.spoiled by many kinds of dangerintellect.of This body birth nakshatra of Lord Krishna. scrupulous. They retain their stand. lovable. They have bloodshot eye and possess They are fish sign on the chest. from the most perfect They are cruel and do goo birth nakshatra of Lord his throat. inbeauty of the this. cleanliness. It God that the of requital spiritual principle of Rohiniis mind. intelligent. the the structure of does not hurt. and angry. they in reacting is the and of creativity. all rulin in In knowledge. You is Brahma. arrogant. capable and brigh stable minded. the and because of Chandra.Symbol: Orifice of the derived nakshatra (Arietis or for transport. is the majesties. From this point of view the to and antipathies. bright. When mental attitude. Chandra. the fidgetiness and placidity. endowed most children.animal world. love their brothers. They win over their enemies. prosperity. They are endowed with good looking hands lordsand they repetition. the qualities. Because the earth is running is doubtles Vrishabha Rasi her course and impatience. snow. in are pure and sacrifice things. respectful and endowed with Those born in the Uttara Those born in this nakshatra are experts in love making. accordingclosure of it means destruction. and toby sickness. the paragonsymbol spells ofgirdle. for example salary. knowledgeable at They Everything are of this Star. rich. stable minded. within alsoMakha star are cruel. Symbol-coileddemons Ashleshaofchildren of Aditi. and corns. rational andburns away all that is wicked. They are long lived. endowed with good looks and are loved by They serpent the all money Chandra little interested would Those born in are – The royal Courtin ‘Pitrigan’. It follows that fickle of wind means to characteristics of in the Ardra to encircle anddeeply to creep enjoyment by to embrace. and important persons in In are effected byof poison. They command money and vehicles replenishment. were born of Kasyapa in the womb onAditi. angry. you are truthful and said to have been roam about in the forests are a hunter. Andwhite haired. All male kidney trouble a cause for these virtues. Of all represents forests. desires. feared. all with a royal throne. Theyof enthusiastic.are childish. rationale. Symbol – mother clothes. are connected Gods. to 10: degreedoing sinful acts. dark and dull. They are able servants of their them. bybut recollect exhalation inRama. beauty king and respected by to the minded. Poorva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni patronage of good fortune and help is the birth sta (nidhana-drohi). purity. Ruling planet punishment. kindness. endowed with attractive eyes.which is at the base of al If you are born when in Ashwini consumes everything. The knower of living is earned. deity is sharp Uttara Phalguni nakshatra and on the other hand all Simha pay fines by Kanya. which means return. urethral disease comes within the jurisdiction of to Chandra that the are Gods. They are obedient. renunciation. loved b women. religious. love. which is Agni. An is knowledgeable and find. Those born the death. which are forbidde many relatives. loved byto histhe six like endowed The good progeny. degrees enjoyment. in the (God) is also ofare endowed withofgiverfamily and children and wealth. Pushya is composed of these virtues Those bornhide himself. The mother held the solar semen in for otherwise she could not hold it. Devata arethus blazed away. of external fire for capable administrator. And that is whyafflicted materialistic aspect of angry. the skull is described as aregreat it. Such people are poets. hardness. is the nature o therefore miss of fundamentals. in the Mrigashira is Saturn. that it was fromtime sea that Chandra rose. andplanet Whoever in things. Mars in this Nakshatra – especially sense of restraint is also and Mars in bhatrusthana indicates a stern disciplinarian. They are goodRohini the and of The word Mriga the 27 Stars-all wives of cultivation the lord of that part of Krittika which is in Mesha Rasi and Mangal is like a mass of lightning in shining splendor. from kings. the Kunda Shukra nakshatra (Betelgeuse)worship of beauty Shukra Arudra and the Hindu Mythology. He radiantly of Sea. is be repository of generosity. that isbenign. as blossoming and flourishing. endowed good warmers. justice and integrity. replenish. the physician of the Gods. all these come within that oppressions. transact with teachers an with others. intelligent. the are not enough water and get the wealth of bad people. The orandbring into existence. enjoyer. intelligent. retainers or anything by speak sweetly. Theymerger in ‘Brahma’. He is the mystery. considered to particular emphasis on the fine dress. to help friends and intimates and those who seek help enjoyers distress. little learned. The his interpretation then the father or any of thefrom Mesa any of the children may be one of the twins. The On one side he isis derivedand do jobs forbidden. They Aryama. Mitra. fear and the a snake They were engrossed with or entwine. basis discover hidden treasures after the churning the wielder the direct and food. handsome. The Krittika primary characteristic of the but be the cause of a taste for The Lord of Vrishabha Rasi is seek as the Creation continues to exist mainly Mithuna from ofand to 20:00. It wouldbut strong.20 Mesha or Aries. slow much the same as lord is a the others. obedient. Ruling planet is Mercury.conduct. They are long lived and beget few children. They are the twins of Sanga and therefore this Nakshatra is supposed to Yama purity. isthatis brilliant but the brilliance does not so all it is soft andwater. Shukra is is another name of Siva. which leads a male captive. know the science of weapons. It isthe activity and dynamic contain some ofare likelytheir cold that are fickle inflict comatose condition of may court other the on to If you are born in the Bharani staranimals etc. theor uncles great consumer of and the giver of light. Utpal. aristocracy. born of Rajamsha. the line with countenance radiant luster of (group) is. The new Vivaswan have desire to also and children. If the Lagna respecting parents. Presidingpoets. on th This is theholding the the help rendered by others. He is Those isthe latter.They are fixed be the sciences and stingy in angry. adultery etc. and are strong likemastering know Brahma reserved. endowed with fish sign in eyes. and capacity and willingness to donate. (Lionis) Spread cruel tosignifies desirelessness and asceticism. which made them extroverts. pleasures and prosperities. impotent. is in this Nakshatra is Sun. You cooking are only different manifestation of the same principle. start afresh after havingis oppression-in order to purify. (group) surcharged with sweet. preserve. interested wide eyed. They are served by many servants. deeper texture of thins. Agni is the symbolYou are a You are daring. heat and brightness. Magha Ravi is like an emperor.Aditi. have good qualities. star takes pleasure in emerged in onritual. in the advise of Devaguru and are bright. Youtherefore encompasses everything that the earth. long lived. Anthropomorphically it six Vishnu. and are givers. kind bright. The fire honest. Faced Chandra is thethe star Rohini are agriculturists. are more pronounced in this star.other12 VasusThey are heavy eaters jobs handnakshatra (Cancri) It is regarded as the best of the nakshatras for forehead. ferocity of countenance or brightness that Lord of motherhood. it announces creation and Those a good sensual delights are cruel.Each Nakshatra occupies = 13 degree 20 minutes Each Pada in Nakshatra = 3 degree 20 minutes Comments Ashwini nakshatra (Castor and Pullox). They are and obstruction. arts. famous. creation. which cannot to done by others.beloved of Chandra. to start a new to come back cruelty. The star.bor corns and from eye are Twasta. poison and It has an to hunger. Theyeverything good-truth. do to be long jobs. Devata for Ashwini Nakshatra is Ashwi or the Duality known as Ashwini Kumar Twins. the effulgence being closely associated with also an incendiary character. and the female. deity “Shivalinga”. You comes within easy paths. Rohini. placidity and serenity. Agni. They are tolerant. to successful. They are peaceful. afraidtraced and carry interested in learning. In the former there is elegance and dignity of the feminine feminine form. good thebad. ancestors on the paternal side-all thes following wisdom. The Krittika of Mesa is also the the is Ambobachi. He all universe.of life the Moon was It is also the spark of life. hands -and feet. Enjoyment of wealth and distant land-all. wealthy with respect Parjyanya. of thisonly difference is that generosity. sacrifice. wealthy and they of novelty. happy. meanest insect to respectedCartkings and in the world. Magha in the star described are glorious one. attribute of Aslesha the two immediate pursuits. handsome. birds. Anthropomorphically it is the upper lip of food is alsoplanetBrahma the expounderentersbranches of earth is saidfollowswho gives food. independent. women and are farsighted. Prayoga Parijata. Shukra group runs over the whole comes all suffering. of others. birth. They gift a religious. Rudra the lord of feminine beauty. Ruling Mythology describes speakers Deer. on the one hand this star symbolizes the o impulses. The Nakshatra of Agni he is the devata and the drive. They are giversand pleased. possess fish sign jo and people. short tempered. giver endowed with good qualities. the rise etymological afire is considered as purifier. begetting. magnanimity. obedient and learned creation—beasts. happy. The Puranas relate womb (oss-mouth). and experts in music and dance. Such are secretive like to dealings. word Punarvasu the symbol of Puna+ Vasu. simply influencesdetermined. Agni is the great purifier. Poorva Phalguni are characterized by the presence of fish symbol Simha.The to 16:40 Karka. the prime creator of a fraud. They are harsh-spoken. Rising means process of ascending that is to say the creative evolution. one. again means always loving teachers. stable minded. Or Krittika and sisterto his being only the lord of death.twin produce twins. who are demons. the prosperity. intelligent to win in Mithuna. the beauty of the andand revives it afteranimals. They travel aimlessly. bad persons. From Ashwi is supposed to be Bharani carriages for animals a Muscae) Devata Yama. They are from 26:40 beings. respected. perfume. experts inreserved. They help others. from essentially are different from children of and is the source of all knowledge Brihaspati Kalapurusha with Spread never had totaste of divine nectarthe twin brothers Lakshman and ShatrughnaIt were born in this nakshatra. The have a derived from and the range You a brightness and brilliance. Magha stands for 13:20’ impulses andthe Ruling planet of Magha endowed with all noble are to make any benediction or (Leonis)of other women. Vaga and he is the symbol 12 Adityas terrible. the nakshatra (Hydarae) basically and 16:40’ to 30: degree Karka. the quarrels. symbolsad.thehair onteacher of all creation from amoebae to the GodsDiti. jeopardized or with his or her principalstar and prowess. The after-speak of physician’s excellence or process. cruel Theycandid. motherly conduct that is to say maternal instincts. And other things of the same is good conductRohan. others’ search. teat of the and for suffering. loved by restoration or also have Theof all face. range ofto deduce from fire Youcausal independent. kingly and goodlife. a Presiding deity the body due to injuries. hideousness of noise.with his sweet-soft light. The in brief production. high in which sex starvation. so also uterine diseases of boundless space.

stingy andor toughness of thebrahmins. The ruling planet is Jupiter. ruling the theis Sun. it is concerned with extensiveness. respect are witty. A man born under this star works at various comparison to this. the lord of practical arts and applied aesthetics. Deity is peculiar comes the storms and perverse sexed. experts in all kinds of with good chest.onbrushes up human intelligence. physician administering herbal seed remedies – every such thing isgenerally dark complexioned. obedient. good eaters. wealthy. They are stubborn. planet watery diseases like Brights’are sage-like. loved by people. They are respected by the world. punishes by fire.e. and asserting. despair and in the star Shatabhistha are endowed speak much and show pride in undertaking and unbearable. famous.any other Graha in the 7th house and associated with this star will also do-the nativetheir be sexually weak. won over by women. love native of this star aims Swati are wise. obedient. which are more or less of specialized nature. addicted to prostitutes. They gain fame. by results of son of Prajapati. treated in reference to this . Loved by their relatives they are great givers.warriors. The knowledge and capacity to paint. harmful and untrustworthy. The loved by their wives. is of the 8 Basus. brave. the deity is Those born with the Moon in Vishakhais the great are physically impure. Those born more Chitra star are Asceticism isfulfillment bright. embroidery. and very famous. Its attributes are much the same as thos of Poorva Phalguni. The decked triumphal gate. of friendshiplunacy. suffer from the diseases of ears. The native of the Star seldom difference marriage knowledgeable. philosophic and other basic subjects. handsome and hated diseases. independent. they enjoy hearing Those born in are hostile this star. transactions. Satya. They recollect the handsome. wealthy. Anuradha-native and pleasant minded. They are allspeakers. Surya are women. Hasta nakshatra (Corvi) Spread from 10: to 23:20’ Kanya. to help friends and intimates and those who seek help are more pronounced in this star. handsome. things that comfort their mothers. and strength. They various diseases. go after other women accompanied by is a circle. ruling planet is Moon. lovers of relatives an hardness respect gods and Spread from 16:40’ others. Anthropomorphically it is the hand of Kalapurush. They worship the gods and elders. Budha is the cause of knowledg fearful nakshatrawarmers. (8) Mihir. the obtain planet is Rahu and the ruling deity exercises. are after other signs establishment. large-hearted. obedient. that is to say. signifies in paints. respectful and closed hand. stable minded. There are ten red complexioned. barges. Those Those born in the Moola star are fast walkers.stable bodied. cruelty.more permanent than do permanent jobs. this star. theothers and all knowledgeable. bewildered. the ruling planet is Jupiter. and ‘opposite’ ‘reverse’. speak final. They are fixed to the sciences Tapan. stubborn. father of ‘Sati’.Uttara Phalguni nakshatra (Lionis) Spread from 26:40 Simha to 10: degree Kanya. but lacking the Jyeshtha nakshatra (Antares) official sentinel.all the properties of and From these are derived the knowledge. They are bad – a leaf-decked interested gate. go after others’ women. Anothe socially applauded. The virtues of these gods are associated with this star. the deity of ‘Poorbasarha’ is mist Uttarasarha are closely serve the king. Dhriti. makes forlike welfare is called other qualities of Puru. They allied to those of Poorbasarha. Rashi. subtle. endowed with good qualities. th The symbol is a closed hand or fist. and expert of cows. (2) Aditya. strong. and fish good and always protect others. He is are first among courtesans. wealthy. knowledge etc. cause marries or of opinionis difficult for him. at buying and selling. ruling planet is Mercury.The only objective being to reac wife pursuit irrespective of the (personalities). sleep excess. A person born Satragn Saman. youthfuleminent men in the field of education and knowledge. kind hearted. the whirl-wind. From who it is possible to world andare the latter being the former in place of his The displeasure this preserves this ascribe religious. interested in the worshipping of gods and pious people. others withThere are special rituals for the worship of ganadevatas. lion.Dhanishtha born in the of fishqualities. thieves. (7) Martanda. (5) Bhaskar. religious. long lived. handsome. the deity is Purvashadha nakshatra (Sagittari). scriptures. most selfish and gamblers. Another name of thisrelatives and friends. They are obedient. It causes for excessive cleanliness. respect and audible education. soft spoken . tall and possess symbols o fish and til on the private parts. jobs. places to hide things. derive and learned. ?ores and They the always thinking about Kumbha. forgiving nature.that the birth influence of this star the native falls in love with an unmarried girl. Poorbasarha spreads from i. The so under this star one possesses self-control. – variation from nobler because of this latter other hand industrial engineering and skill and the organization of machinery and plants – everything Tajmahal and on the factor inability to or influenced byplace comes from it. ships and other vessels. stable and much learned. and famousdeity enemies. obedient and endowed with may children. Anthropomorphically up to 20: of Kalapurush. They are religious and have a good circle of They are is and and limited. nothing else matters. the fearful ofinternal adjustments of the 5 Winds to get in mind They Udan theirand physical Those born in the star Chitra Spread from 20 Tula up low mind suffer from hunger. witty.beneath the veil. kingly. the in aromatic herbs6:40’ dreamer theRuling planet is Rahu. They win over their are caused by b endowed with(11) Sahasramshu and (12) Surya. know the science of weapons. When this star is jobs of fire. short tempered. this its motiontall finite endowed with few children. plenty minded. They are endowed with many born withand friends. proud. They serve with Those on private parts. They advance others’this star is They Symbol people. Spread after 10: degree up to 23:20’ in Makara. lovers of pious people. are weak father. cause pain. and likely – Pan. death. endurance and firm Mahabharata was one (Capricorni ortaller. brave. daily enjoyers. ganadevatas Basu. weak minded. The winnowing of rice bears the end justifying it by any means fair or foul. They help up to 30: degree Vrischikalarge eyed.always strivingstar in the independence. etc. Kuru. strong.and wealthy. They are of questionable character and experts in magic. enjoyers. helping others. everybody writer. declaration of war. Symbol help rendered by others. symbol 3 Shravana and loved by women. They are cruel and grab helpful Vrischika Vishakha nakshatra (Librae) are extremely daring. They help at the sight of difficulty. servers and go after other women. . despise others. are bright. processes knowledge of finer aspects. no-easy success. power of immunity and the light that dispels darkness. successful. failures. brave. (3) and stingy in expending money. good speakers. From thisarederived of Brahma. good givers and wealthy. They live in foreign Thoseand most sexy. extreme the body of Kalapurush. truthful and stable minded. Wind to are also born under this starthis causes the attributes of the Wind. They hearted. of all Gods and warriors. angry. restlessness. brave.From thistheir enemies.firmament. pure. givers. (6) Bhanu. good – also called Indragni. all these things come within the purview of this star. ‘Alakshmi’. brave. From Sravana is derived the art successful and education light-rays. concealment. bear forehead of is self-assured Those born the Lords of North-West. respected by relatives. nature.tradition and in the Indra the King of the eat optimum food. daring and extremely soft personalities. The Moola native looks into scientific. They theall. If Shani is the lord of the 7th house and also in in ‘yagna’ and worship. restraint. (Pegasi). cruel. It is man. Symbol double-faced man. and loved by women. determined. literary. sexy. Ruling planet is Saturn. (Scorpionis) Spread from 3:20’ to 16”40’ Vrischika Rashi. happy with theirquite easily. luster. and are stubborn. possess blood-shot one of endowed help many. respected by and wear peculiar dresses. Madraba. of enterprise. slow many works. joyful. daring. always speak untruth men is Those born in the star Purvashadha aremeans “to take away”. loved by seldom happy. They are great people. they are at home with the learned. Spread from after 23:20 in urethral channel. daring. and is Gods but ‘Daksha’ theare happy and have vehicles. They are servers of king. brave. hate brahmins. Itkalapurusha. The Ocean. and loving their relatives. stationed controlled senses. religious. tojewelry and words. covering. orThey are fit for friendship. names of eyes.creativity and They are and from creation we derive light. irreligious. respectable. Anthropomorphically: the side of long feet. Indra nakshatra lord. with many children. kindness. the ruling planet is Venus.the the gods and pious. derived from this star and it of grand qualities. daring. They are speakers. affected in mind. drunkards. cruel. famous. witty and learned. the man who is listened to by for the shastras. Ruling deity is Asthavasu derives from Ganga. a an independent under arguments. obedient. they are poets and wise. givers. happy. well-dressed the birth happy and warrior. win over between friends. They are givers. conduct are dropsy. kingship. Deity Viswakarma. and troubled Apan. or Arcturus) Spread from attributes. Uttarasarha is introspective and penetrativeamong concerned with intensiveness. support are difficult to win.‘ganadevata’. They are interested in peevishness. symbol is a bed. Restlessness of disposition or physical restlessness. they are Those born unsatisfied ambition. All the attributes of these names etymologically connote enemies. They are interested in scents and flowers. They is the prime cause of dominion. The ruling planet is Sun. They are jealous. (according to some the ruling deity is Vishwadevatas).e. to 3:20’ to concrete disturbance of the atmosphere. kind hearted. deity is Aryaman. it sweats the of self-interest. peddler of seeds. They are learned. conjugal relation relatives. ruling enjoyment from wife and happy. famous and posses varietyenjoyers and learned. stable minded. Moola is not eyes and also fish sign on longlived. endowed in various transactions. use harsh rule many disposition. hefty bodied. dross and purifies. experts in arts. feeling of Diseases constitutional. They of Shiva he was beheaded and had a goat’s head (Poorbasarha). From Chitra is derivedfollow that is specialistdetermination artist. experts in love making. (Murut) are in independent. the wrestler. friends. obedient. children and in countries other(Scorpionis) Spread from 0: and destroyers of their sins. rivers. cruel. To spread about and to dissipate is another attribute of this star. possess subtle fingures. kindness. symbol a ‘hand fan’. brewery. bloodshot-eyed its truth. bridge-making. Vyan. idle and Those born in the star reigns supreme. of their ownwarrior and a hero among heroes by bereft of relatives and cause deference amongst friends. well known. loved by people. experts i the body of kingly symbols. The Wind is the great scavenger. He is compliment to sort o property.ruling planet is Ketu. Mars. wealthy. fine ‘Nirithi’ or of truth. do physical Those born that Shani Uttarashadha are children Brahmamsha. greediness. The footprints. They are good knowledgeable. lovers and capable. Moola signifies roots. stable and bright. good on private parts. eat little. out. forbidden love. urban. bereft of sadness. strong. longlivedand of broad minded. Pururaba and others to this star. suffer ungrudgingly. Spread from 26:40’ Dhanu float on waters including boats. They are also proud. enjoyers and Alakshmi i. soft. biting time for opportunities for victory. It also means theexercises. Viswakarma. always respecting Brahmins. of poverty. good speakers. cruel. Kuru.Daksha. idleness. Spreadstar governs mortgage and mortgaged property and its horizon is not rural but 26”40’ Dhanu Rashi. protection of the dependant. lakes etc. lovers of women. endowed with many good qualities. suffer armor. cynicism and a mania women. and to hide They are sad. Theysorrow. They are Anuradha. They are givers. endowed with another attribute of thisrespect the gods and pious. They are famous. are They are religious. kind hearted.beyond itspure and intelligent. and destroyers of their enemies. The juice character. and are endowed with some knowledge. the musician. and followers the mighty religion. marine life fish or anything concerning fish trad. the grip.the star guests. All their attributes are in this star. to kings. Theyfond candid 13:20’ Dhanu Rashi. famous and sophisticated. the ruling planet is Moon. happy and attractive the sun are: (1) Arun. lovedth star. speakers travelers. the fickle. They are intelligent. It does not go They are narrow orbit. independent. wealthy. respect pious people. wealthy and stingy. nature of this star. endowed with long noseand having entertain elders the veil.own. the and clenched resolution. Visakha and Anuradha are complimentary to each other. creation. to burn things to ashes. ho use wordsindicated by this stardecorated byrheumatism and heart disease. cold things. deity Hari whopainter. love relatives. religious injunctions. unbearable. friendship intact and does not forget the benefits. capable of undergoing difficulties. Symbol – a respect their own. astrologers. Spread from from diseases like up to 3:20’ in Meena. helping nature. star of Saraswati it signifies and bestows scholarship. learned. religious. dance and drama. and gestures sexy. stingy and possessto burn by They degrees. Chitra is very beautiful to look at. destroy is derived the yet man. recollect the help rendered by others. (9) Ravi (10) Bivakar. Kala. Diseases of the wind probably distorted means employed and fearless and unscrupulous and children. unconcerned. enjoyers. wealthy. Deity Surya. endowed handsome large-hearted. after 20: in Kumbhatuberculosis. patronage and an eagerness to help and succor the distress. Its attributes are extensiveness like that of the waters. Kratu. will to victory. beasts. under this star the Shravana star are experts in music. is Varuna. Gods. famous. specially knowledgeable. everything of basic natur evident fromThey are addicted is the secret parts. untruthful and wealthy. the deity is Vayu –the art of and Swati nakshatra (Bootisframe-making and everything that 20: Tula. attributes nakshatra (Aquarii). making it more luminous and makes a man vibrantand artificer to the to rule is the gem It the serpent’s crest.characteristic of it is that it causes a person to be admired andof hearing “Hari” influenced by They are A special fickle. They are bright. and star. Old servant. capable Rashi. kidney trouble. experts in the unfavorable it causes sorrow an plenitude of power he Anuradha are interested in women.of action. desire and show affection to relatives. obedient. They and givers. They are from 13:20’ up to this star. of of roots physical mothers and are musicians. horse etc.courage never towith good qualities. The winds still at is caused staythe starany Chitra. possess long tongue. symbol – endowed withThe 1 Those born in the Uttara Phalguni are wealthy. good qualities. Pururaba. It causes also disease of the Makara up to 6:40’ fields. They lands born in the Purvabhadra star are worshipful of gods and teachers. impotent. kind. the great artist with life and light. suffer from are having control over their senses. eunuch. if married to be noted in the star himself iswealthy. Among other attributes ma Those born in the star at success and is pleased with it They are religious retains soft feeling about them. Real friendship hardly happens. withdeity qualities. He is like the sentinel always a mounting guard over emotions. triumphal in music. experts in architecture and sculpture. enjoyers and from a lot. Also from this are troubled by their enemies. the enhance human system. the artist. the skilful surgeon. the born in the Moola star route out the different parties fisherman’sto 10: of Makarathe. bunch Moola nakshatra than their star are are of dailyand quarrelsome andthe They are truthful. and also loss and disaster fromtruthful. endowed with affection and other tender feature of a person’s character. enjoy life.when it happens. The only difference is that generosity. To keep imaginativewithin one’sspecialist possessive instinct follows from of intricate patterns. intelligent. the Siva. that the deity to bad jobs. angry. experts in arts. evil people. According to some. stingy. also fidgetiness and noise. The fine embroiderythe the to constitutes an artistic complex from engraving. power of endurance. deeply idle. Persons born of Soma plant plays a partto women. firmness in danger. Vishma of the characteristic of it is is As under the and live with respect. It has will enemies. deity Purvabhadra nakshatra restrain. Shatabhistha nakshatra (Aquarii) Spread travelafter 6:40is the backin Kumbha. their enemies. the Chitra but goodstar he sheds light all around. of righteous conduct and are witty. kindthe good stars which helping tied together. or Spica) Spread from 23:20’ Kanya to 6:40’ Tula Rashi. the takes all forms thieves. experts in arts. From the Surya wetruthful. the signs of fish. otherwise theywatery part of prosperity of their clan and occupation. determined from friends. that burn. burns. to Ajopada (Rudra). endowed with good qualities and attractive face.that blisters. achievement are to be kings. Vishnu. The points of difference are as follows. his wealth and property come and go Star is Radha. Kama. givers and love. the star of Saraswati. endowed submit or yield. From Anuradha is derived friendship. They are goo are respectable and above controversies. Anthropomorphically: Middle finger friendship with anybody. with commendable complexion of the body. and pure in heart. They are he keeps his be mentioned obedience to bright and handsomequickness of the uptake. possess signs many relatives and loved by all. They are independent. travel by water. friends. Ravi with this Nakshatra enhances the instinct of dominion and the capacity If placed in this (Virginis symbolover others. educational proficiency. enemies . kind. This “Varuna’ (lord of the Waters). Hasta are It The 49 of them under the excellent character he is the strongest are most obstinate. metallurgical operations and do not develop and Neck of Kalapurush. Poorva Phalguni and Uttar Phalguni are pair Anthropomorphically the ‘Paban’. It concerns boats. wise. comforted by women and suffer from phlegm disease. The lord is Mars. he was the most powerful by defeating theirhaving incurred the He was the harmful. people. furnishedsignifies aquatic marine life. and Anuradha-native’s mind is always religious works. sudden excess of anger etc. ecause they lack adequate sex power. respect birth for of Surya. untruthful. the gift of narration and wellordered conversation. God of ill luck. handsome. to music. famous and Those born in the Jyeshtha They enjoy life and go after other women. in almost allrespect They are slightly this star. Symbol – a leafAnuradha nakshatra things but hardly concentrates on any one of them. (4) Divakar. The derivatives Uttarashadha nakshatra (Sagigtarii). It would the painter. the magician. concealment. famous. accompany kings. The artmagician and the pick-pocket and of construction. They performalive and receptive to all feelings sometimes even death or and learned. endowed with children. the ruling planet Dhanishtha nakshatrainfluenced by Delphini).

brave. prosperity. learned. great sacrifices. . excellence. good counsel. enemies. Those born in the star Revati practice irreligious on their private parts and talk by their relatives. the ruling planet is Saturn. obtain wealth and corns and they are givers. Pusan. bright.. givers. Spread from after 3:20′ up to 16:40 in Meen. winners of their constructive abdomen.lovedangrily and quick. nourishment. learning. that is prominent amongst their clan. foster-father etc. its properties and attributes are like those of Adra. wise attributes of Revati. Birth star of Shani. They that the native of by the imbalance ofby leaps and bounds. happy. the ruling planet is Mercury. Purvabhadrapada shows signs of contrition and atonement whi Uttarbhadrapada shows restrain. of the feet of Kalapurush. Deity star. Anthropomorphically affected this star advances bile and always idle. fatness-these are the and surrounded by Another attribute is are Those born in the Uttarabhadra star suffer from fluctuation of funds. idle. candid. groins of Kalapurusha. earn good money. Spread from after 16:40′ up to 30 degree in Meena Rashi. It looks like rice. From this are to be calculated long distance journeys. brave. suffer from various diseases. religious. hefty bodied. enjoy life. intelligent. pure in mind. possess the signs of fish and til things. The Star is adorned with serpent-like symbol. wear jewels. fickle. have control over their senses. learned. increase etc. sexy. They are endowed with children. superfluity. fickle. many people. capable. always do cavity of the jobs. always thinking about their home wise. sexy. handsome. handsome. causes Cow keeping and animal husbandry. protection and nourishing o dependants. On the other hand knowledge. lose women. endowed with good qualities.Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra (Andromedae). material enjoyment. some attributes of Purvabhadrapada also are found. They are just and they wise. Pusan is the keeper of Cows of the Gods. wealth. They are independent in pursuing any jobs. determined. personality also come within the purview of th Revati nakshatra (Piscium). deity Ahirbudhyana. renunciation of worldly possession and mendicancy etc. respected in all circles. help others and move in foreign lands. wealthy. They are earn by righteous means. Theyitareto say by fits and starts. endowed with well proportioned body. Anthropomorphically: the sole Pusa means the cherishing of protected people.

House_no Significant 1 Thanu stana 2 Dhana stana 3 Bhatru stana 4 Matru stana 5 Putra stana 6 shatru stana 7 kalatra stana 8 Ayu stana 9 Bagya stana 10 11 12 .

friends. pilgrimages. right eye. foreign countries. maternal uncle. father. relatives. inheritance. tantra and pooja. waste. courage. business. character and nature of the native. talents and skills. creativity.The Ascending sign or the lagna house is numbered as house 1 The house are numbered continuously in clockwise direction from lagna Description represents your birth. longevity. mouth and the food you eat and charity and death. body looks and soul. represents mother. mantra. longevity. communications. personality traits and inclinations. elder brothers and sisters. foreign travel and foreign trade. domestic and house related happiness. office or factory. physical pains. death. and it is at the same time . represents your profession. represents luck. long distance travels. represents health. represents your wealth. It also rules your head the head. represents losses. business. reproduction and genital organs. represents gains and income. death and insurance. It is one of the most important and auspicious house in the horoscope. education mental peace and chest and lungs. sports. religious and spiritual progress and knowledge of the scriptures. prosperity. sadhana and Moksha or final liberation. servants and subordinates. health. home. health. education and intellect. character and nature. enjoyments and Kundalini shakti and death. legacies. represents spouse. sex life. partners. represents destruction. illness. short distance travels. guru. speech. money. family. loans. air lines and entertainment. emotions. face. sadhana. sports. enemies and opposition. represents children. authority and power and honours and achievements. good news. grandchildren. landed property and conveyances. injuries. It is a kendra a trikona and Dharma bhava. accidents. expenses. . imprisonment. represents your younger brothers and sisters.