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Published by Anthony Rosales
From a seed to a bud, from a bud to a flower, from a flower to the sky, to the sky and beyond.
From a seed to a bud, from a bud to a flower, from a flower to the sky, to the sky and beyond.

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Published by: Anthony Rosales on Jun 02, 2011
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Eden In a garden, all alone, next to an aging stone, Pretty leaf you are but a bud, of indiscriminate color

, With no peddles to flutter from your clover crests, But a potential flower with more potential than all the rest. Your small and delicate and float in the wind, To bend to those around you, and hope for the best. I’d pick you but I want you to grow, Grow for me so I can grow for you too. Little flower, where have you been? What have you seen and who do you expect to be? Will you blossom violet red or bloom a radiant yellow? Could you expose these secrets to this humble fellow? Could you dream as if you had forever? Would you exceed your expectations if you had the elevation? And what of the other buds in your place? Would you be able to stand out from the rest? Of course you do, and you will despite the tears, Because tomorrow always comes in autumn years. The wind blows on you and the sun shines as well, The rain falls on the best of us, but in the end, The drops that fall will help you grow and swell. And if you were to lose a peddle, Another shall form bigger and more beautiful than ever. I leave this garden of thought, this garden that grows outside of your limitations, A place where you may exceed and breed freely. One day your pollen will float, And the skies shall be the limit, For then immortality shall be yours, Because there are no limits in the big blue sky, And no limits indeed, That’s just fine, In this secret garden of Eden. Anthony K. Rosales

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