WWII Textbook 463-519 (1) Totalitarianism Notes (2) League of Nations Notes (3) WWII Events Timeline (4) Nuremberg Trials Notes

(5) Holocaust Notes Great DepressionHyperinflation FascismMussoliniAdolf Hitler NazismMein KampfLebensraumTojo HidekiEmperor HirohitoShintoismStalin5 year plansCollectivizationGreat PurgeAppeasementAxis PowersNonagression PactBlitzkriegInvasion of Poland Fall of FranceBattle of BritainEastern FrontPearl HarborIsland HoppingKamikaze D-Day InvasionBattle of the Bulge Holocaust Radar Enigma Charles de Gaulle19391945Atomic Bomb Possible Short Answer Questions (1) Why did the new democratic governments fall? (2) What mistakes did the Axis powers make in WWII to lose the war? (3) What new technology & war strategies were invented in WWII? (4) Were the Nuremberg Trial s a victor s justice ? What was the significance of the Nuremberg trials?

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