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By Cecie and Jean-Piere Mouraux
IIExcellent presentation and very informative. The
photos in the book uniquely joins Sam Wilson's life
and family with America's independence and how he
became our national symbol of Uncle Sam. The book
presents the humanity of Uncle Sam.1I
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Praise to Jean-Pierre and Cecile!
Truly a magnificent book about our national symbol, and our rich,
colorful history. A book that should be in every American home and
all schools.
Bravo! You succeeded in writing a book for all, children and adults.
We are not assiduous readers however, as soon as we opened the
first page,we wanted to know more and read it completely. Now we
know IIUncle Samll and through him historical facts of the American
Revolution that you perfectly illustrated.
A perfect scheme for a movie or a TV series.
f � - Sa Jwæ,Ú
Each time Ì read your book IIWho Was Uncle Samll Ì realize how
much work, effort, design and writing skills went into it, making it
so good. Ì use it as a reference book now.
� w. � - 5W, .V
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Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre:
I truly enjoyed the book. I would like to purchase a quantity of them
to pass out as gifts to special visitors to City Hall.
Also I think they would make great gifts to classrooms that I visit.
let me know how I can purchase more books.
Thank you for all you do to promote Uncle Sam and the City of Troy.
I look forward to meeting you both soon.
I recently read the book, "Who Was Uncle Sam?", by Cecile and
Jean-Pierre Mouraux.
Like most Americans today our lives are filled with other things
to do and I haven't spent as much time studying and re-tudying
who our forefathers were and what they did. Reading "Uncle Sam"
reignited that dormant desire to read more of our history.
The book takes the reader step by step through the how, where, and
when of "Uncle Sam". In addition, we learn about his family and the
businesses he owned and operated. Each page is writen to appeal
to both adult and child in a clear, concise way that is both interesting
and inspiring.
In addition to researching and writing the book, Cecile and Jean-Pierre
have purchased the property owned by the original "Uncle Sam", and
preserved it for all Americans to enjoy.
This is a wonderful book and something the whole family can enjoy
and embrace.
The Jason Russell House & mirh Museum
7 Jason Srreet
Arlington, Ma sachuserts 02476-6410
Phone: 781-648-4300
Website: ww .arlingconhiscorical.org
April 18,2006
Cecile and Jean-Pierre Mouraux
2555 Fremont Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
We are so impressed with your work, energy, and effort on behalf of Samuel Wilson.
Your book tells the full story of the man and the myth, and for that we here at the Arlington Historical
Society thank you. Please use anything you like fom the following testimonial:
Through the decades the image of Uncle Sam, the kindly-but-stern figure with goatee, top hat and pointed
fgure, has served as the personifcation of America. Uncle Sam has sold war bonds, recruited servicemen,
and walked in endless Fourth of July parades. His fnger has waggled to admonish us all to do the right
thing, and his hat has been raised to salute those Americans who have served their country.
To most of us Uncle Sam is a symbol, but to Cecile and Jean-Pierre Mouraux, the authors of Who Was
Uncle Sam, Samuel Wilson was frst and foremost a living, breathing American, who witnessed Paul
Revere's ride through Menotomy, Massachusetts; lived the life of a fontiersman in the country village of
Mason, New Hampshire; and built a prosperous meat-packing business in Troy, New York. The Mourauxs
have researched, documented and beautifully illustrated the long and eventful life of the real fesh-and­
blood Samuel Wilson. Their book, like their subject, is colorful and full of the vigor of early America.
The Mourauxs researched and documented Samuel Wilson's diferent roles as an ardent suitor, a successful
entrepreneur, and a community leader. Particularly strong is the volume's numerous full-color images and
bright graphics representing the changes in Uncle Sam wrought by different artists and publications.
Who Was Uncle Sam traces the development of our national symbol with a score of illustrations fom the
pns of Thomas Nast, Joseph Keppler, and Charles Dana Gibson as well as James Montgomery Flagg,
who drew his own self-image for the iconic 1917 recruitment "I Want You" posters.
amuel Wilson was born here in Arlington -then Menotomy-Massachusetts, and we here at the Arlington
Historic Society honor that event. We are equally happy to honor the Mouraux contribution to the long and
remarkable history of Samuel Wilson afer he lef our Menotomy and became everyone's Uncle Sam.
Sincerely Yours,
Howard B. Winkler
Dear Jean-Pierre and Cecile,
Congratulations on your new book Who Was Uncle Sam? This is such
an inspiring book that all Americans would benefit from reading.
Samuel Wilson is not only an important part of our history; he is a
symbol of what Americans should strive to be today. His legacy as a
hard-working, self-made man who gave back to his family, employees,
his community and his country should serve as a lesson for us all.
We need more people like him today!
Congratulations and thank you!
JmÜm- òmJ�æ,C
The story of the life of Samuel Wilson, "Uncle Sam", is eye catching,
informative and concise. The illustrations add even more interest to a
very pleasant history lesson.
� úòmù- �, C
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your delightful book
about Uncle Sam.
I have enjoyed it immensely and my wife has also.
Yours sincerely,
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
I truly enjoyed your Uncle Sam book! I learned so many more interesting
facts about Samuel Wilson and his family. The book is extremely
thorough and the pictures are a real compliment to the text.
Many thanks!
A æ.C ,òmJbm- Am, . J
Dear Jean-Pierre and Cecile,
I enjoyed reading your book. I think you met your goals to help people
discover or remember who Samuel Wilson was and to learn more
about his life. I think the book is also a good reminder to people like
myself who live in New England that there is so much history around
us and we should take more time to enjoy and learn more about it.
Tm0i - b�m,¹
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
Thank you for the wonderful book, Who Was Uncle Sam. You have
added the title of "successful authors" to your many accomplishments .
. a Wi � - �pu,C
Dear Jean-Pierre and Cecile:
All I can tell you about your newest book on the life of Samuel Wilson,
a noted resident of our town of Mason who became more notable in
his adult life in Troy and Catskill, NY, was beautifully written. I enjoyed
it very much.
You presented it to me in the morning, I read it while I was having my
lunch. My husband Tom, who is a New-Yorker, has heard me tell the
Uncle Sam story countless times, to alii meet, no matter where I am.
He is usually quiet while I am telling Samuel Wilson's story. He is a
reader, and does most of his reading when we are in Mason.
After lunch, Tom called out to me - "That is really a nice book. I enjoyed
reading it". I was very pleased that he had read it.
fe 5�u- ³m,.!
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
Thank you so much for the new book on Samuel Wilson. I enjoyed
reading it... So many familiar Boston Sights. Having spent a life time
working in Boston, reading the history added to Sam's years in Mason.
You were most thoughtful to share your latest treasure.
� Sc - Am,.!
Hi Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
I read the Uncle Sam book and I found it to be outstanding!
After reading the facts of these historical events and seeing the photos
and illustrations in the book it makes you want to go and visit these
places so you can stand and feel where history happened. I didn't
realize how Samuel Wilson, Paul Revere, the Boston Tea Party, the
Battle of Bunker Hill, Johnny Appleseed and so many other pieces of
history were tied together. Very informative for a history lover like
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
Thank you for the copy of your wonderful book on Uncle Sam!
I gave a small talk recently to my office group using the new edition of
the book.
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
Thank you so much for the copy of the Uncle Sam book. Quite impressive.
I took it on a recent trip and read it from cover to cover.
Sl Am- Su, Wa
Greetings !
It was a pleasant pleasure to have your book here when I returned
home. Marian and I love the book - excellent and thorough.
When published we want a dozen and the Rensselaer Historical
Society will also want some.
Jwf�c - e fw, .1
My Dear Friend,
Thank you for a beautiful and historical book. How you get so much
information, pictures, and facts so fast it's a mystery to me.
Thank you again.
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre:
Just a brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed your new book
"Who Was Uncle Sam".
It's amazing ... He's one person in American history that we all know,
and yet, we know very little about. I was surprised to see how many
points in history where he and his family appeared in the early history
of our country. It's a most educational book.
Your book is entertaining, but also most informative and interesting.
We really enjoyed it.
S. �tf � - Io,C
Dear Jean-Pierre and Cecile,
Thank you for your book. It's absolutely perfect!
The illustrations entice to read the text. We read it like a novel.
If history was taught that way at school, there would be many more
history buffs ...
Dear Cecile and Jean-Pierre,
We've received your book. Isabelle and I love it! It's neat, precise,
concise, and well illustrated. It makes you want to visit the places
where Samuel Wilson lived.
AJize wants her own book. Can you please send another one?
Our next vacations: New England, on the trail of Samuel Wilson . ..
: {, E� • Jm

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