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Executive Summary Company Analysis Company History/ Situation Company Location and facilities Legal Form of Ownership Profile of Management team Insurance Market Analysis Product Price Distribution Promotion/ Advertising Industry History/ Industry Trends Target Market and Customer Base Barriers to Entry Intellectual Property Growth Opportunities Trade Agreements/ Vendor/ Supplier Relationships Exit Strategy Company Revenues (projected)


Financial Analysis Inventory Start-up Cost Estimates Budgets Income Statement Balance Sheet Break-even analysis Financial Ratios Company Documents

Grille & Bar is a new eating establishment that will provide moderate entrees and drinks in a slightly upscale yet comfortable atmosphere. The business location has been chosen based on traffic patterns and the availability of real estate. The facility will have three separate areas under one roof that will accommodate up to 250 customers. The owners/ partners have extensive business experience within Petaling Jaya area. Each owner is well educated and has a significant net worth to ensure the business’ success. A seasoned restaurateur who has been employed with other similar type restaurants will manage Grille & Bar. The General Manager will have oversight into the daily operations however the owners will be on-site much of the time. The purpose of this business plan is to introduce Grille & Bar to investors, financiers and suppliers. Grille & Bar is looking for suppliers to assist with the initial capital expenditures by offering extended terms. In total, Grill & Bar will need nearly RM150,000 for equipment and start-up items. While the owners have the equity to provide all these items, they would like to use their existing capital as collateral for creative financing. Grill & Bar has estimated first year revenues at RM511,000 with a 4% growth every year after. Net income is projected at RM44,000, a 9 percent net margin. Overall, the owners are excited about the business and look forward to the grand opening. While they are conservatively optimistic, they are aware of the high failure rate in the restaurant industry. To mitigate this statistic, Grille & Bar will have strict financial measurements that will be monitored on a weekly and monthly basis.

Company Analysis Name The name Grille & Bar was chosen because it describes the business. Several other names were evaluated however after looking at alphabetical names, personal names or random names, Grille & Bar is the most appropriate. A city visitor will know exactly what type of restaurant Grille & Bar is and have specific expectations. Company History Grille & Bar is a restaurant and bar that will attract a clientele interested in retromusic in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. In general, most customers will be from the upper-middle class area and visit regularly. Several competing restaurants offer a similar format, however are located closer to the center of Pusat Bandar Damansara. This location has been chosen based upon its proximity to the Damansara Heights, a western suburb and much sought-after residential and commercial address in the Klang Valley. The location contains a number of complementary businesses such as Jarrod & Rawlins, Nerofico, Cameo Restaurant & Wine Bar, Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar and The Hill Garden Lounge Gallery Dinning. These restaurants will provide a significant source of customers for Grille & Bar. Grille & Bar will be funded entirely with equity capital, and managed by an experienced manager. The owners have extensive business experience and superb financial standing. The manager also has an extensive background in the restaurant industry and has demonstrated success as a general manager for this type of restaurant. The overall market for Grille & Bar will continue to expand and grow. While the bar will attract customers from throughout the metropolitan area, the restaurant population within the immediate vicinity will sustain a high level of income. The median age of the residents living in the immediate area is forty-two, with over 60 percent classified as while collar, and median household income is nearly RM35,000.

The purpose of this plan is to document Grille & Bar’s intention of meeting the following needs: • • • • • • Analyze leasing and remodeling start-up costs Purchase fixtures and furniture Pay license fees (including liquor license) Purchase signage Acquire initial inventory (liquor and food) Analyze operating capital needs

Financial projections are outlined in the financial analysis, which can be found in the Appendix. Grille & Bar has estimated first year net income at RM44,000 which represents nine percent of gross revenues. Company Location and facilities Grille & Bar is planned to be located at Damansara Heights. This location is immediately adjacent to Pusat Bandar Damansara and Bukit Damansara. As mentioned earlier, Grille & Bar is close to Jarrod & Rawlins, Nerofico, Cameo Restaurant & Wine Bar, Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar and The Hill Garden Lounge Gallery Dinning that will compliment their offering. Grille & Bar will attract customers from the immediate area as well as from the surrounding communities. Grille & Bar will offer a variety of hot and cold dishes with a traditional flair, and trendy martini and mix drinks in the evening. Although the food will be traditional, the amenities will be top shelf. The “typical” customer will be a young professional with above average disposable income. Grille & Bar expects significant patronage after 5PM for the happy hour specials and a moderate dinner crowd.

The restaurant will be divided into three separate areas with private dining booths in each area. The largest dining area will be in the open air. Although the large dining room is open air, it will offer privacy booths throughout the large expanse. The other two smaller areas will be the bar and small dining room. The bar side includes a small stage to host jazz and blues musicians, and a liquor bar made out of old wood found on the property. Music will be bumped to all areas of the facility through the state-ofthe-art sound system. Legal Form of Ownership Grille & Bar is owned by a partnership that includes Sam Lai, Albert Yap and Howard How. All three are successful businessmen with backgrounds in food and beverage operations. Together they comprise an experienced and effective management team. Profile of the Management team The management team is comprised of the following: Sam Lai currently owns a production house business and has had restaurants in the past. He is a native resident of Damansara Heights and attended nearby HELP University graduating with a Master in Business Administration specializing in Marketing. He has over 10 years in entrepreneurship and understands the competitive environment of restaurants. Albert Yap is has lived in Damansara Heights for over eight years. He has been helpful in developing several shopping malls throughout the city and working with city leaders. Mr. Yap attended a university majoring in Real Estate and Tax. His property management company is the second largest in Kuala Lumpur. Howard How is the youngest of the three partners and recently completed his education at HELP University. His Restaurant and Hotel degree will be beneficial as he directs the operation an sets the tactical plan. Mr. Lai has worked at a number of restaurants since he was 16 and most recently spent three semester breaks as an intern at the admired Club Med in Cherating, Pahang.

In addition to the owners, a General Manager complements the management team for Grille & Bar with solid experience in nightclub operations. She has successfully managed several similar operations in the past. Insurance Business insurance will be acquired from ACE Insurance Company and cover liability and general business activities. The partners negotiated with several companies and chose ACE Insurance. Market Analysis Product Grille & Bar will offer hot and cold dishes of the traditional variety. These will be moderate portions served in an upbeat, trendy atmosphere. The typical dish will offer a good-sized entrée, side dish, and soup or salad. Quality will be emphasized from the raw ingredients, to the type/ style of dishes and utensils. Every table will have a full place setting laid on cloth tablecloths and cotton napkins. Although these will add some cost to the overall operation, they will reflect the quality image Grille & Bar is portraying.

Price Consumers demand value when eating out and Grille & Bar will provide excellent value for the offering. The generous entrees will be priced between RM7.50 and RM9.90, with specials ranging from RM19.90 to RM39.90. These prices are comparable to other restaurants in the vicinity and provide good value for the serving size. Beverages will be priced according to market demand and competition. Soft drinks Beer Wine Cocktails RM7.5 RM13 bottle RM35 draft varied among labels RM38 house

Grille & Bar will use a combination of the market pricing model and mark-up pricing model. Every meal must satisfy a certain benchmark for profitability. Grille & Bar will also offer entry-level advertised specials to draw customers in the door. These offerings will generally be excellent value, however, low cost to produce. Distribution All meals will be available at Grille & Bar only location at Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights. Customers will have ample parking at Jalan Batai open car park. Inside the restaurant, patrons will wait in either the bar or waiting room. The waiting room will have replica antique benches and upholstered high back chairs. Customers will have the option of eating-in the three dining areas or take-out. Although the entire menu will not be available for take-out, and Grille & Bar will not be available for take-out, and Grille & Bar will not advertise the take-out option. Because they will be offering a high quality product, some of the product characteristics may deteriorate in the time between picking up the meal. Grille & Bar will use their website as an advertising medium, offering coupons, information, and upcoming specials. Promotion/ Advertising Grille & Bar is planning a soft opening beginning January 15th and a Grand Opening February 2nd. The soft opening will allow traffic to filter in before the anticipated grand opening rush. This will allow all the employees enough time to become familiar with the operation and customer interaction. The Grand Opening will begin on a Thursday, which will further improve the employees’ skills before the major dining nights of Friday and Saturday. The Grand Opening will be advertised in the local paper and radio and last one month. Once the newness of the restaurant has subsided, Grille & Bar will engage in an ongoing advertising campaign targeted at the local vicinity, five-mile radius.

Special promotions will also occur prior to holidays and celebrated events (Mother’s day, Father’s day, etc). Because Grille & Bar has ample seating for 250 individuals, it will be a destination for large gatherings of families and friends. Nightly specials will be offered in the bar and weekend live music will be performed. Local jazz and ‘background’ music entertainers will provide music in the bar. Grille & Bar will not be the ‘new release site’ for up and coming musicians, however, will offer good listening music in a relaxed atmosphere. Industry History/ Industry Trends The restaurant industry will continue to grow due to the growth of the domestic industry in 2011 and as the economy improved and disposable income increases, these will propel the industry into another year of real growth. The major challenges facing the industry are economy, maintaining the business volume, recruiting/ retaining labor, and competition. Overall the restaurant industry is experiencing excellent growth and expansion. Individuals are eating out more and enjoy gathering outside the home. Target market and Customer Base The main target market is upper middle class professional in the local vicinity. These individuals have more disposable income and enjoy a few cocktails while dining. The average customer will be 24-45 with an average household income of RM42,000. Many of these individuals will have young families, however, Grille & Bar will not pursue children’s visitation. It will be a destination place for couples on a night out, without the children. The partners estimate that over 250,000 individuals satisfy their immediate target market and live within five miles of the location. In addition to the immediate target market, Grille & Bar will have access to 200,000 individuals older than 45 who live within five miles.

Due to the location, projections for 2011 show a three percent growth in the 25-45age category. The area is experiencing excellent growth and expansion of commercial and multi-residential housing units. Barriers to Entry Although it is relatively easy to open a restaurant, Grille & Bar will experience several barriers to entry such as state license, health department certification, and numerous inspections by various organizations. The main barrier to entering the industry is the large capital expenditure for the building and fixtures. Fortunately this barrier is mitigated by the partners’ strong financial foundation and business experience. Grille & Bar will try to increase the local barriers by offering excellent products at affordable prices. If customers seek out Grille & Bar, they will visit more frequently making it more difficult for other establishments. Intellectual Property Grille & Bar has applied for federal and state protection from the Malaysia Patent and Trademark office. The partners completed a search of potential names, and determined Grille & Bar is available. Because of their franchise goal, the partners wanted to ensure brand/ name recognition and protection from the start. Only a few individuals will manage recipes and food preparation secrets. This will further protect Grille & Bar from exposing their excellent menu items. Growth Opportunities Grille & Bar will be modeled after other successful restaurants like Outback, The Ship and TGIF. With that in mind, the partners would like to make Grille & Bar a franchise opportunity and manage it as such. This is an excellent growth model, as franchisees will build the network, at limited risk to the original partners.

Trade Agreements/ Vendor/ Supplier Relationships The partners have partnered with De-Luxe Food, Casa Vino and Allied Foodservice Equipment to supply all food and restaurant needs. These two companies offered the best quality and variety of items when compared to smaller lesser-known companies. Grille & Bar will use locally owned Starkey Industry Sdn Bhd for the entire kitchen ‘hardware’. Alpha Steel will provide refrigerators, vegetable and manual slicers, food processor, mixers, slicers, water boilers, convection ovens, pasta boilers, charbroilers, bar blender and dishwashers for the entire restaurant. Other interior design and decorating will be provided by Archideco Design. Archideco is a locally owned and well-respected design firm that has assisted with numerous commercial projects. The Principal, Jason K L Fong is having 20 years of design experience in interior design industry including café and restaurant and retail shops. He has been involved in numerous prestigious projects while with the Sunway Group. Exit Strategy The exit strategy in not well defined, however has two simple outcomes; closures or franchise expansion. The partners are well aware of the restaurant industries failure rate and will monitor the financials closely. While knowing the failure rate is one thing, acting upon the triggers is another. The partners have devised a series of financial calculations that when triggered will signal to them that the business is headed in the wrong direction. Because the ‘newlywed phase’ of a restaurant varies in timeline, the partners are prepared to close the business before the first anniversary if necessary to limit financial losses. The second exit strategy is expansion to franchise. This will be evaluated at the 12month point. When Grille & Bar is exceeding financial projections and the partners’ expectations, they plan on pursuing franchise agreements. From the beginning, standards will be in place and strictly followed. Estimated growth cannot be determined until a later date.

Company Revenues (projected)

Year Revenue Net income

2011 $511,275 $44,064

2012 $530,400 $46,032

2013 $549,525 $62,832

Revenues will be comprised of both food items and drink items with an average purchase of $10. Grille & Bar believe this is a conservation number and look forward to higher receipts. Financial Analysis Inventory Appendix A-1, Restaurant Inventory Start-up Cost Estimates Appendix B-1 Appendix B-1 Budgets Appendix C Appendix C-01, Year Ending December 31,2011 Appendix C-02, Year Ending December 31,2012 Appendix C-03, Year Ending December 31,2013 Appendix C-04, Year Ending December 31,2014 Income Statement Appendix D-1 Income Statement Summary Appendix D-02, Year Ending December 31,2011 Appendix D-03, Year Ending December 31,2012 Appendix D-04, Year Ending December 31,2013 Appendix D-05, Year Ending December 31,2014

Balance Sheet Appendix E, Starting Balance Sheet Appendix E-02, December 31,2011 Appendix E-03, December 31,2012 Appendix E-04, December 31,2013 Appendix E-05, December 31,2014 Break-even analysis Appendix F Financial Ratios Appendix G Company Documents Appendix H

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