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Observe how 'the so-called Jews resurrected the devil, Dagol'l, as the one god. Tille letters in the name Dagon are rearranged to read, "one god ", Monotheism. The "a' and 'II" in Dagon spells, "An'. 'An' means' one', Then you have D-G-O remaining, wh,ich is rearranged as G-O-D, Gao. The devil was now the one god. THE DAGOIN Tl1e remains The lAIN" means "ONE' The letters D-G-O are rearranged The Dagon = The One god The devil was then passed that all forms of worship are devil you worsllirp anyt:t1ing, and do not lnside the sun, with the devil, the to you to worship as the one god. Be mindful then worship and are forbidden by Nature. The result if stop whill:,eyou are alive, is your death. Eternity one god. So. Does your name appear in? G-O-D


disappointments, Nature allows us to choose either eternal lif-e or eternal death. It is your free will choice. Nature now reveals what path you are on, so that you might choose wisely.

To eliminate


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As the Archangel Michael, it is my pleasure, and my duty, to tell the truth ..If I do not tell .the truth, the title of Archangel is worthless. What you are about to read in the Book of Life, is the truth taken out of the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible can be interpreted in two ways. You can tell the lie that Is written, or you can tell the truth that Is written. It is my charge as The Archangel to reveal the truth that is written. From Nature springs forth all life. Nature is itself eternal life. Nature has always beenand always will be, aware ·of all who come into this life. Nature is also the bouncer to all who must exit this life. Our goal should be to obtain eternal life, so as to be able to remain in this life forever. While I am certain you are completely convinced that death is a fa~ we all must suffer, I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. As is proven by the history of humankind, anyone can die. Death is not a goal that anyone should desire. Locating the tree of life however, with the gift of eternal llfs springing forth ·from it, requires the dawning of is! new age. We must enter the age of truth, the age of eternal life. The Book of Revelation proves this statement when The Archangel Michael is called to do battle against the beast that deceives the entire world. The Archangel Michael has arrived. The beast who deceives the entire world is god, the devil. There have always been two paths in life. If the blind lead the blind, shall they not both fall in the ditch? The ditch is the grave. Dig a ditch and toss him in it. Religiolls leaders try to lead the people and they both fall into the grave. They both die because the blind cannot lead the blind. If it is eternal that you life seek, The Archangel Michael is here to reveal the truth in the Bible that the blind cannot see. The Oniy way to proceed in telling the truth is to start.from the beginning. We will therefore go back and begin with the Book of Genesis. To make certain that we go back to the very beginning, we will investigate the god of the Old Testament, EL, and attach the many murders god is accountable for, both before the Book of Genesis was written. right up to this very day. This book is dedicated to the revealing of a plot to eliminate the original human beings that Natur-e created, the hermaphrodite. Each hermaphrodite had both sexes, male and female. The truth as to how the hermaphrodite was created, and how you and I were born into this world. rs revealed in the Book of life. Along with this plot to eliminate the hermaphrodite. the male gender of the human species was bred to be enslaved and tossed into death. The theory of Gods was formulated by a hennaphrodite named A'belle, then developed, promoted and expanded, by the female gender of the human species. The purpose of this plot was to keep death in this wond, and thereby rule the earth thru the fear of death. The female however, could not have executed this plot without the help of her god, the devil. Of course, the hermaphrodite that the female would worship as god was A.'belle. To accomplish her goal, the female gender of the human species, is Willing to march head on into death, and drag every livi!1Q human with her. The plot itse·lf would be called, "The tree of the knowiedge of good and of evil," also known as, religion.


In the Bible,' The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, 'is symbolic for religion. Religions provide you with the knowledge of what is good and what is evil. Religions have always maintained the sole copyright to what you leamed to be good and evil. Religion has never allowed anyone else to tell you what is good and what is evil. Religion is therefore the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Be mindful that death is attached directly to the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, which you now know is religion. The result of your involvement in religion is death. Nature has no part in death. Nature produces only life. Nature produced the 1reeof life, the truth. Death is the place where Nature confined the lord God, who hid the tree of life~:so that the man. and ali human life, would die. For this. Nature rightfully named the lord god. the devil.

America is one nation undergod Indivisible. There Is no separation between god and America. America therefore drops bombs on human beings in the name of ,god. Then America allows all forms of religions to be practiced w.ithin its borders. The murder rate in America is directly related to the open worshipping of the devil. It cannot be denied that the lord god is intrinsically connected to religion. Religion is forbidden by Natural Law. Nature is strict; "All forms of worship are devil worship and are forbidden to all who would live."

These pages contain the key to eternal life in this world. While many books claim to hold secrets to life" this book. provides the exact steps one needs' to take to live forever. The reader only need step onto the path of not an easy path to take. It is easy to die. It takes strength to live in this, life forever. This strength is by no means common. If there are any who would cheat the· grave, The Archangel Michael now points the way. Within this book, The Book of Life~ The Archangel Michael reveals the 666 beast, and counts the number of the beast from scripture. Who A'balls was is fully explained. The truth concerning A'dam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and Seth, are revealed in The Book of Life. The reader should be prepared to realize that religion has lied to them from the very beginning. The natural meaning of the word religion is defined in The Book of Ufe. The god of the Old Testament, EL, is exposed for the devil that she is. Do not marvel iong that I have named the devil or god as her. We, were misled to believe that god, who is the devil, was a male. We were once again deceived. Deception is the calling card of the devil. The god of the New Testament, Abbals the same devil of the Old Testament, with a name change. The Archangel will reveal just how this was accomplished,


Nature has given us a test of common sense. What is at stake is your eternal life. The question to be asked is where will you spend eternity? Can you detect the truth fr-om the lies? Do you want the natural or the unnatural? Do you believe in etemallife, or do you believe in dea:th? If you crave the fantasy world, the devil is your pick. The devil, who is God. was never able to do you any physical harm. What God could do was deceive you into willingly giving up your life. The Archangel Michael, through The Book of Life, removes the deception.

Presented to the reader is the opportunity to live forever . .If you believe in death, death you shall have. If you want to live forever, this book is the only path to eternal life in this world. To the young children, do not allow your parents to send you to the devil under the pretense that you are going to heaven. This life is heaven. You are already in heaven. Do not let your parents gel you kicked out of this life, as god was kicked out, and tossed into death, the sun. The reader should understand that what is required to live in this life forever, is to not worship anything, and do not make a slave out of a human being.

the knowledge

The offspring of god, the so-called Jews, have been passing the tree of of good and of evil, religion, since the death of their god A'beUe. Who the real Jews are is revealed in the Book of Life. Many of the unlnterpreted passages from the Book of Revelation are interpreted in The Book of Life. What the church has refused to interpret for you, The Archangel Michae! now reveals.

Many will say that I have no authority to interpret These people fall to understand that Nature sends word by whatever messenger, (angel), Nature sees fit. The messenger, (angel), must bow to the message. Authority remains with the laws of Nature. The lack of authority to interpret depends upon the accuracy of the interpretation. If the interpretatiol"llacks accuracy, It lacks authority. If the interpretation is accurate, authority is established. It is my Intent to interpret the scriptures accurately and as Nature has revealed. My credentials are contained within' The Book of Life '..The fact that I have Nature's Book, coupled wilh the fact thai :I offer what only Nature can offer, Eternal Life in 'this world, is its own proof, that this is indeed the only path to Eternal Life. The Archangel Michael now offers, The Book of Life.


As foretold in THE BOOK of

THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Does Hereby Transcribe And Announce, THE FINAL HOLY BOOK, As Titled;

This book was authored and revealed



REVELATION 12: 7, 8, and 9

"7. And there was war in Heaven: Michael and his Angels fought against the Dagon; and the Dagon fought and his Angels, 8. And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 9. And the great Dagon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and GOD, which deceives the whole

world: she was cast out into the Sun, and her angels were cast out with her..

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REVELAT~ON 3: 7# 8, and 9 "7. And to the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia write;
These things saith she that is holy and true, she that hath the key of Ufe, she that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and

no man openeth;


thy works: behold I have set before thee an

open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and has kept my word, and has not denied my name, NATURE. 9. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of god, which say they are Jews, and are not. butdo lie_;_, behold I will make them to come before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee;"


Rev. 10: 5 and 6
"And The Angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven. 6. And swore by Nature which lives for ever and ever, which created heaven and all the things that thereon are. and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:


Without Nature there would be no Existence; Without Natu ral Law, there wou Id be no life. The Law is simple.
"Guard your free will shall the whole of the law~







The root word of the word religion is lig i. Lig means, , to Lie '. One need only remove the prefix,'re " and the suffix, 'ion', from the word religion, to produce its root word, 'Ugl.'Ug' means, 10 lie. Therefore, the root of the word religion means, 'to lie' ..

Now, add the prefix, 're', which means 'anew', to the root, to lie " and you have,' to lie anew'.

Including the suffix, lion', which means,' a process of being ',and you have, 'a process to lie anew'. That is the natural meanlng of the word religion," a process to lie anew·. All religion. . If the root of the tree is a lie, is not the fruit of the tree a lie? Matt, 7: 17 thru :20

• 17. Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit .
18. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; neither can a corrupt tree bring forth

good fruit. 19. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hawn down, and cast intothe fire. 20. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. " Case in point. If a religion were to teach,' thou shall not kill', and that same religion and its followers mai ntain and utilize killing machines to protect its interests, that religion and its followers are hypocritical. Religion 'Wasthe corrupt tree, (a process to lie anew), which can only produce evil fruit, the lying, murdering, hypocrite. Therefore, you shall know their corrupt god by the fruits of his evil followers. Surely all human beings would agree, that any idiot, who at the command of their god, would strap live bombs to themselves; then blow themselves up, along with any children, woman, old folks, men, or whatever else happens to be in the area. is s8Ning a god who is the devil. Oniy the devil would invent such an act against nature. All such gods and 1heir followers shall be cast into the lake of fire, the sun. It is an inescapable law of nature.

Matt 7:119: 19. fire. IReadlng w~th a sound mind, we have no argument that science has proven tnat the Sun is liquid fire. The Sun is therefore the lake of fire, The Sun ls the incinerator for this solar system. Urnderstandlingthen, that the very root of religion is," A process to liie anew ", how can the fruit of reHgion be good? What every taithis telling you in what they offer you,' religion', is that they will Ue to you repeatedly. ReHgions were formulated to never stop lying to you. The very rneanlnq of the word religion states they willi He to you repeatedly and anew. Since God is the author of reliqion, which has," repeating a lie" at its very mots, god is a liar and the father of it, the devil, The price that you pay for your involvement in re'ligiion is simple. ~if you do not repent re.lig~onwhile you still have life in your body, you must die. At death, your consciousness is drawn from the body by the sum, the blazing lake of fire. Be mindful that alii excess energy within this solar system is naturally drawn back inside the sun. You are energy, energy with a consciousness and free will. Dsafh is the drawing of energy from a body no longer of need on earth. That excess energy and your consciousness are naturally drawn inside the sun, You wlll therefore be fu~ly conscious of the heat of il'le sun, but be unable to bum up, since your consciousness has no density or mass, no-tthiIt'1!g to burn.

EvelY tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the

Notice the reletionshjp of the sun to the planets. You will see that all the planets are above the sun. When you are outside looking at the sun, YOLI are actually looking down into the sun or the center of om solar system. All who worship and do not repent religion must die. Their consciousness ~sthen drawn down inside the sun.


You were trained to believe that the sun is up in the sky. Religion then taught you that hell is down, causing you to eliminate the SUIl as having anything to do with hell: because you believe the sun is up in the sky. Religion claims that hell is down because when someone dies, his or her energy is na1uralliy drawn down inside the sun. Religion even referred to hell as being hot, and that the devil was iin hen. It is actually god, the devil. who is in the sun, warrnlnq heaven, this solar system, for all etemity.

We wel1E! orn with eternal life ..We surrender our birthright of eMrnallife by b believing in god. One must form a pact with god. The pact is simple. If you worship god, when you die, you will go to god in heaven. This is what IS agreed to. Nobody said you had to die except y,our god. By believing ln god, you agree to die in exchange for your worshipping god. You received absolutely nothing out of the deal except death. God knows you will die if you worship her because god knows she is title devil. The result of any form of worship has always been death. All wlh.o worship live in the valley of the shadow of death, because they have agr,eed to die for what they believe in, god, the devil.

The only heaven inside of death is the sun, where. all energy goes, where the devil resides. Your pact was therefore wi~h the devil, disguised as the one god. Surely, someone told you that tile devil is fhe arch deceiver? Only the, Archangel Michael and his angels can do battle with the arch deceiver ..The arch deceiver was never above using the title of god to enlist your worship of the devill. In fact, the title of god works so well for the devil, it has ALWAYS been used.

The devil is tricky in that the devlihas had many names. Always however, the devil maintains the title of :god. A'belle was god. EL was god. The Dagon was god. Baal was god. Bel was god. Baalzebub was god ..Moloch was glad. Cybele was god. Janis was god. Mithras was god. Zeus was god. Sin was god ..lsis was glad. Yahweh was god. AmonRe was god. Hera was god. Atum was god. Pan was god. Ptah was god. Re was god. Hathorwas god. Horus was god. Thoth was g.od. Osiris was god. Ganesh was god. Anubis was god. Shu was god. Nut was god. Set was god. Thor was god. Apollo was god. Indra was god. Poseidon was god. Hermes was god. Abba was god. Allah was god. Jehovah was god. Buddha was god. [Brahmaih was god. Krishna was god. Jesus was god. Saturn was god. Venus was god. Jupiter was god. The sun was god. The moon was god. Now you have just plain god god. I trust you get the point. Without fall; the devil always uses the title of god.


Father Time and Mother Nature are one, hermaphrodite. In time, Nature created human beings in the image of Nature, having both male and female sex organs and attributes. The hermaphrodites could reproduce within themselves, and, just like their creator, Nature, the hermaphrodite could live forever. Gen. 1: 27 should read:

Gen. 1: 27:
So Nature created hermaphrodites in its own image, in the image of Nature,

created it her:; male and female created it them.
Genesis 1: 27, is saying first, that Nature created human beings in its own image. Then the verse gives credit for Nature having created 'Them", male and female. That is a hermaphrodite. That is the only human being that Nature created. Again, we find the same "!ruth in the New Testament, Mark 10: 6.

Mark 10: 6
6. "But from the beginning of creation god made them male and female. While it is true that god did not create anything, Nature did create the human being male and female, hermaphrodite. Just the obvious fact that humans were created male and female stands as proof that god did not create the human race. God is claiming that he created, or made, human beings that have one sex. If this is a truth, then who created the human beings with two sexes? .

Human beings, having been created with both male and female sex organs, establishes that Hermaphrodites were created first. It would be foolish to suggest that Nature would, after having created Hermaphrodites, author a religion that discriminates against its own creation. Any discrimination shown towards the Hermaphrodites is a direct attack against Nature itself. The hermaphrodites are Nature's Jewels of creation. Therefore, the hermaphrodites are the real Jews, Jews was adopted as short tor Jewels of creation.
Nature, being perfect. created the Human race equal. Every hermaphrodite had both sex organs. Nobody had something the other did not. have. Some of the hermaphrodites ended up being worshiped. Nature never instructed anyone to worship it or to worship anything else. A'belle worshiped A'belle, and thought everyone else should also. Nature had no need to create a creature to worship it. Nature is all-powerful and does not need anyone to tell it so. The devil on the other hand, must convince her angels to worship her, so that the devil has a sense of power. This of course, is a false sense of false power, ' the lie '.


Genesis is not the book of the beginning. Genesis is the book of genes. A'belle, knowing the book would be about genes; merely put the word J.2 behind the word genes, Genesis. Genesis is about who has what genes. Where in The Book of Genesis is the creation of the devil? Where is the creation of hell? A close look at The Book of Genesis wlllieave the reader wondering when the angels were created. We read where someone called god created man. Gen .. 1.: 27: ·So god created man In his own image, in the iimage of god created he him; male

and female created he them:"
Than, as one continues to read, it appears that .Gsl'1.2:7

man is being created again:

"And the lord god formed man afthe dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of I[fe; and man became a living soul," In Gen. 1: 27, it appears that this god person is creating man In his own iril.age. In Gen. 2: 7. the lord god is forming' man 'from the dust of the ground, in Whatever, or whoever's image, it does not say. Unless I have coco puffs for brains, 1here are two different creatures being made and both ·are claimed to be a man. Further, there are two gods here. There is a God who wants to dlaim that Itle created man ln his own image, male and female. Then you have the lord god creatIng man from the dust of the ground.. One god is claiming to be god ..The other godisclaimingl10 be the lord god. The Book of Genesis goes on to say; that there was not a man to till the ground .. Gen. 2:5 'lor the lord god had not caused ilt to rain upon theearth, and there was not a man to till n the ground •

man to till the ground in Gen. 2: 5 and 2: 7?

How can you have just made a man in Gen. 1: 27, and still need to make a

The. Archangellrert1loves the confusion. Man was not created or made in either instance. Those were the hermaphrodites, (daughters), of iNature in Gen. 1: 27. The hennaphrodites were created by Nature in the iimage of Nature,. male and female. In Gen. 2: 7. it is the hermaphrodite A'belle, as thelord god, Baa.l, forming her SLAVE to til11he ground.



Do not be confused. The guyinfihe above photo is not Sa~an. If you believe this is Satan, ~itis because an image of a beast with horns was placed ~n your mind a.s a. child, You were 'then told by the people you trusted 1he most, your church and your parents, thai this hornediimage was Satan. In truth, this is the God of the so-called Jews, BAAL You may be confused on this guys name, but the horns place us all into agreement that tbis is the devil. The church just failed 10 tell you that this horned person is the lord god that you worship. Baal means Lord ill the Hebrew tongue. Therefore, when Moses received his ten commandments, they were given to him by' The lord ', "BAAL ". his god. Since Moses was Hebrew, he spoke the Hebrew The word for Lord in the Hebrew language would be BAAL. Baal is the chief god worshiped by 'the Semitic nations. BAAL is therefore 'the lord thy god, Whil:8 Baal has always been The Lord God to the Semitic nations, the horns give the devil. away every time. Above you: have an ancient stone carving of Baal, complete with the horns. Notice the da.ggerin both images" The god Baal br~ngs slavery and death.


Every minor god was a Baal, It does not matter what the name of tlhegod, every god was a Baal because Baal means lord" All baals were referred to as baalim. The Semitic people spread their devil worship all around the world. Baal was also worshiped under the name of baalzebub or beelzebub, Lord of the flies, god, the devil. The below photo is the SUIl wheel symbol of the god Baal. You will 'find this symbol throughout the htstory of rei:igion.


Allthough Baal was called god by the Semitic nations, Baal was named the devil by Nature itself, Satan is a Hebrew word that means adversary, nothing more. The adversary to god is Nature. Satan was never a particular angel. Satan was never a godl. Nature accuses god of being the devil for causing the humans ito believe in death. God therefore refers to Nature as Satan,

With absolute certalrity, history associates the god Baal with the Wling of the ground. The deceived view Baal as a fertility qed, because of Baal's clear association, with the tillingt of the g'rOund. the blind associate Baal with the tiHing of the ground, and know that Baal is god. The wise, who call read the truth in the Bible, know that Baal has always been associated with the tilling of the ground because Baal makes slaves. Do not forget the lesson from the last chapter; the lord god formed another kind of man, to ·WI!he t ground. lBaal, who is the lord god, made slaves to till the grolUnd. Making a slave out of a human being is Natural Law, To worship the maker o~ slaves is an abomination. The result is your death if not repented while you are alive,

The two keys that Baal is holding, (below photo), are the keys to helll and deaHl. These are the same two keys that were passed to Jesus in Tile Book of R:eve~ation, t: 18. Revelation, 1: 18

~:8."1 am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, ~am alive forever more, Amen; and have the keys of hell arld"


Would you be willing to accept these keys from this fellow? You may not but Jesus did. If you worship Jesus, YOUi have accepted the key to death and the key to hell. There is a pretence that Saint Pe"ler passed these two keys to U1e Pope and his successors. While God may have the keys to hell and death, God acquled those keys by hidinQl the truth concerning eternal Ilite.

This is a photo of these two keys in the hands of what is supposed to be an image of Saili'1~ Peter inside the Vatican Crty. Just his eyes alone are enough to convhc€l me that this is the to untold horror. No life in his whatsoever.

Tlhese are 'the keys to hell and to death. They are the only keys that god ever had. Notice the sun wheel symbol of Baal above the head 0] what is purported to be Sain1 Peter, Folks, that ain't no halo. The reader should also see the symbol: of Baal woven into the encircled wailipaper designs behind the statute. Remember, there is only one god. Baal, Jesus, and Saint Peter, alii have the same two keys. The keys to hell and death, These keys ar·e attached to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, reliqion. let us now find the key to eternal lfe ..That key would have to be attached to the tree of life.


These pages contain the only path to the tree of life. In the Bible, The tree of Life is symbolic for, The tree of Truth. Nature is the only truth. Nature only produces life. Because we were not told that the tree of life is symbolic for the tree of truth, we have failed to seek the truth that will grant us the gift of eternal life. Proof that we have not found the truth that leads to eternal Iif€! lies in the undeniable fact that weare still dying. If you believe that elemallife exists somewhere in death, you are still being deceived. Death is death, never to live again. Etemallife means that you never die. The tree of life was hidden from us by the lorq god. Proof of this statement Is provided in the Bible, Genesis 3: 22, where the lord god had to have the tree of life guarded, even after the man had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Remember, tf any shall reach forth his hand, and eat from thefree of life, you shall live forever. Genesis 3: 22thru 24 22. "And the Lord God said, Behold the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forthhis hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever: I> 23. Therefore The lord god sent him forth from the garden of' Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. 24. " So he drove out the man; and he placed at !he east of E'den Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of Ijfe." The mystery of the Cherubi'ms and the flaming sword are explained fully within this Book of Ufe. What is important that the reader understand at this point is that the lord god hid the tree of life .. If the tree of life is not available, you cannot llveferever; you have to die. Why would the iord god, who IssaiP to be all-merciful, take away the one thing that could keep us alive forever? Was it because the lord god commanded the man not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Gen. 2: 1.6 and 17

16. " And the lord god commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of 1he garden thou mayest freely eat. 17. " But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: fur in the day that thou eat thereof, thou shall surely dis .. "


Here in Genesis 2: 16 and 17, the lord god is clearly telling the man, that he may eat from every tree. The catch is that if he eats from the, ~I'ee of the knowledge of good and evil, he will sUire~lydie ..Well, !ifthe man had to surely die, in Genesis 2:17, for eating from this tree ofthe ~noW,ledge of good and evil, and the man did eat from it, then why would the lord god still have to guard the tree of Irife from the man later 011 ill Genesis 3:22 • if the man was akeady sure to die? The tree of lirfe should have no effect on the man since the man was already sure to die fromeaUng from the tree of the knowledge of good

and evil. 22." And the Lord God said*-z8.e:.hdldfhe man is become as one of us,. to know good

and evil: and now. lest he put forth lhisJJ8nd,,_and take, also of the tree of life, and eat. and
live for ever: " This verse proves thateven after the man had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the man could still have reached out his hand and eaten from the treect life and hvedforever. Understanding this" we, know what was really stopping 1he man from eating from the tree of I[ife.. It was the lord god., Wf!i firmlly believe, that we know for a factthat the Bibl'8 dearly states, that ~he 1J1!a.nad eaten from the iree of the h knowledge of good and evil. .Genesis 3: 6 and 7 6. "And when the woman saw that the tree was gooe! furfood, and itW8S pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be deslredto make one wise, she took of ilie fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. 7. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sew fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

SQ that this is clear. In Genesis 3: 6" the woman gave unto her husband and he did eat. This is (fifteen verses before the fiord god orders fliletree of life hidden from the man In Genesis 3: 22. Clearly, even after the woman's husband had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the lard god still needed to hide the ll"ee of life: from the man, so that the man would not eat from it and liiveforeve,r, If the man could have still livedl rol"€vel' by eating from the tree of life, even after he had already eaten from tlhe tree ofths knowledge of qood and evil, then the thing that is keeping the man from :living forever is mot theea1ing from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, asjhs lord god stated.Jtls the, fact that the Ilord god himself hid the tree of life so that the mall could not eat of it and live forever, It is because the lord god hid the tree of Ufe from the man, so that the man would dle, that Nature named the lord god the devil, and placed the lord god Inside the Sun for all eternity.


It must also be noted that the woman gave the fruit unto her husband and he did eat It does not say that the woman gave some to the man. It states her husband. I do not recall any marriage in the Garden of Eden. Since there was no marriage in the Garden of Eden, we should look to another meaning for the word husband. A husband is also," .A (iller of the ground". Do we have a tiller of the ground in this story? But of course. In the book of GeneSiS, Cain is said to be a tiller of the ground. Gen. 4: 2 2." And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. " It mayor may not be true that Cain was a tiller of the ground. What we do know for a fact is that there is a tiller of the ground in this story. We also know that the lord god formed what he calls a man, from the dust of the ground. to till the ground. We therefore know that the word husband should be interpreted as a tiller of the ground, not as a man who was married, since there was no wedding in the Garden of Eden. Now we have a woman and a tiller of the ground eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. We now need to Identify who the Hiler of the ground is tn this story, so that we will know who ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with the woman. The god Baal is associated with the tilling of the ground because Baal makes slaves. Baal also means Lord in the Hebrew language. We therefore know that the man who was formed from the dust of the ground, to till the ground, was formed by the lord god, Baal. History does not deny that the ancients worshipped Baal as God. History also records the child and adult sacrifices that were offered to Baal as proof that Baal is the devil. Keep in mind that the a.ncients who passed religion to you were depraved barbarians. It was the actual child sacrifices and human sacrifices that led an advancing human race to conclude that this Lord God, Baal, was in fact, the devil. Since Baal was at that time in history being worshipped as The lord God, we have the lord god Baal, with the woman in the Garden of Eden, formulating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, religion. The god Baal is actually a combination of A 'belle and the woman, the two who were in the garden and formulated the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Therefore, we now know that the woman and A'belle, who is the woman's god, are in the garden formulating the tree of the knowtedge of good and evil, religion. Abella Is also portrayed in th~ Bible as Abel. Just knock off the final 'Ie' from A'belle, to make the god of the OldTestament, EL. Use the rest of the name, Abel. in the Bible as a sympathetic character who was suppose to have been needlessly killed by his brother Cain. We therefore know that Abel was the tiller ofilie ground, not Cain.


A'belie, who becomes the god EL,and is portrayed in the Bible as Abel, was a hermaphrodite. That means that there is sti'~1 man, whatsoever, as we define man, In no the Garden of Eden. The woman, al.ollg. with Abel, the tiller of the ground, the hermaphrodite, created the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil in the Garden of Eden. This is important because the man ls today being accused of disobedience in the Garden of Eden. If a man is the man we deilillne today, his gender must be male only. To this point ill tile Bible, we have uncovered none of these sorts of men. We have a hermaphrodite, and we have ,8 woman. You may call the hermaphrodite a man, but if the hermaphrodite is a man, then what is this creature today that prides himself as being a man, to the exclusion of most, if not all others? While the Bible does state that the tree of life was hidden from the man, the Bible does not state that the tree of li:fe was hidden from the woman. The Bible also fails to state that the woman was wanned not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil. In just order, the Bible does not state that tile woman was kicked out of the garden. Only the man was actuailly banned from the garden. We should now turn OUI" attention to the woman in this story. The woman was told that she would not surely die if she ate from the tree of the knowJedge of good and of evil, religibn. Genesis


4. " And the serpent said to the woman" you shall n01;surely die: 5. " For God doth know that in the da,y ye e,at thereof, then yOUI" eyes shatl be opened, and ye shan be as gods,krmwirng goold and evil," It was the serpent that told the woman that she would not surely die. If the lord god had to hide the tree of life from the man, so that the man would not eat from it and live forever, even after the man had eaten from the tree of the knowlledge of good and of evil, then the serpent was telling the truth. Nobody nadto dlie from eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion, as I'ongl as they coul!d eat from the tree of l[fe, the truth. The Serpent knew the woman did not have to surely die after eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evill because, the serpent knew the tree of life was always available. Eating from the tree of IMe, even after eating from the tl'ee of the know.ledge of good and of evifl.,willi still grant you eternal life. Now we can see why the lord god had to guard the tree of life from the man, because the man could have still eaten from it and lived forever ..This means that the Ibrdi god lied, and the serpent told the truth. Remember, we are searching for th.e'truth. In this instance. the, serpent told lhe truth. The lord god lied when he told the man that he woulld surely die. Nature, ill the form of the serpent, told the woman that she would not surely die just from e·atillg of the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion.


Nature was letting the woman know, that if she could obtain the tree of life, the truth, she wOlild' not surely die. Nobody ever had to die. Death is the result ofworshlpping anything or making a slave out of a human being. These things spring forth from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion.

SI'nce the serpent told the truth, we can associate the serpent with the tree of life, because the tree of life is the tree of truth. We must associate the lord god with the lie, religion, which is the process to lie anew, since ihe lord god told theman that he would surely die if he ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil. That was not the truth because the tree of life was still available. If the lord god ilitentlonally hides the tree of life from the man, leaving the man to die, then the tard god killed the man. The lord god is now clearly associated with a lie and a death. Remember, the devil is a liar and a murderer. This description fits the lord god perfectly.

The serpent must be givell credit for telling another truth. The serpent told the woman that if she ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion, her eyes would be opened and she 'Would become as gods. The word Gods is plural and denotes that ther-e was more than one god, even in the Garden of Eden. We have uncovered two gods so far. We have god God" EL, and we have the lord ,god, Baal. If the woman was to be as the gods, then the gods were no more than human beings that had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil" religion. The serpent ls exposing god not only as a liar and a murderer, but. reveals also that the lord god is a human being. The woman oould only be as gods because the gods were hermaphrodite. The woman is female. Nature IS all truth. We may therefore associate Nature with the tree of life, which you now know is the tree of truth. Since we have already assoolated the serpent with the "tree of truth, because the serpent told the woman that she would not surely die from saling from the tree of the knowledge of good .and of evil, Nature is represented by fue serpent in the book of Genesis. Since the serpent is speaking and reasoning, we know fue serpent is a person. Only people talk and reason. The person who the serpent represents is a man. How do we know that it is a man? Only three characters who can talk and reason have been introduced into this story. If the woman is being talked to, and it is not the lord god talking, but a serpent, the only other character who could be talking to the woman is the man. But who Is the man? The only man who can be potntsd to was cr-eated in Genesis 1: 27. Genesis

1: 7

27 ." So god created man in his own imag~. in the image of god created he him; male and female created he them."


I n this verse, a human was created and it had ba~1lsexes. That is. a hermaphrodite. We have a herrnepbrodite who is being called a man. But what is his name? His name is Cain. Although the name Caiin does suggest a masculine hermaphrodite, he was stilll hermaphrodite and! therefore Cain also had a vagina. Let us keep in mind that the !onj god saw fit to make another kind of man, from the dust of the gr:ound, to till the ground. 111 order to 1000 a man to UII the ground" all tha.t the lord god had

to work with was the hermaphrodlte ~hat Nature created. Because we know that all human life in this world must be born from male sperm, we know that nobody took dirt and formed a complete physical human being, then breadth into his nostrils and the 91ll1Y as alive. w Human beings come from Nature, nowhere else ..There cannot be two different kinds of men. The reason 1he lBible says that this mall was formed from the dust of the ground is because Cain was not related to A'bells. The dust of tlhe ground is the same as one might refer to people as trailer trash, white trash, or l1iggell. Cain was someone that Nbelle had 110 regards for, thus A'belme referred to Cain as the: dust of tile ground, d~rt. Still, this hermaphrodite Cain is being called a man. A'belile had observed the nature of the animal k]ngdom. A'belle knew that the animals did not enjoy incest, and that they produced! offspring that had only one sex. The animals also died. Because the hermaphrodite g:el11eis passed by incest, A'belle figured that if she had sex with another herrnaphmdiite not related to A'belle, the child would be born with only one sex. If A'belle CQulldalso stop fhe hermaphrodites from having incestuous relations, A'bslle could chlang'e ~he human race to be: ill the image of the animal kingdom. A'belle wanted the female human beiing to rule over the males, The males would be the females work slaves. A'belie knew well that whille, this new creature was coming . from human beil1gs, it would have been formed' in the image of animals. A'belle did not desire a son. A son would not have the seed of A'beille. A'bell,e already had her own seed. A son was not needed. Death was not in the realm of humans at thls polnt and A'belle was totally convinoed that she had no price to pay for her behavior. A'belle did not know that she would dle for fhe crimes she was committing against Nlature. Now, how would A'beUe f01TIl1 tli1e man she would need to get the male seed from? Simple. A'belle was a seductress Oof the mrst oro!elf. A'belle seduced Cain so thoroughly that Cain started worshipping, A'belle. Cain pretty much did whatever A'belle said. Technically, Cain wasa slave to A'belle from the, start Gain did not know it but Cain was now in vlotanon of Naturall Law, No worship .. Once completely seduced, all A'belle would have to do is have sex with Cain. Cain would be the planter of the seed, or the man. Once Abella had the child, A'belle could raise tlhe <child in any manner she pleased, while Cain was blinded by sexual lust for A'belle. Keep in mind that Cain is a Hermaphrodite, not a man. However, A'belle was only conoerned in Cain's male seed. A'belle therefore refers to Cain the hermaphrodite as a man. The bottom line is thatthere is stilll no man, as we define man, represented in this Garden of Eden. Gain was created by Nature as a hermaphrodite.


The fact that the lord god put the man in the garden in Genesis 2: 8, proves that the man was under the control of the lord ·god A'belle. Observing Genesis 2: 8, we see that Cain was not told to work or till the ground. This Jets us know that Cain's

prnpose was sexual. Genesis 2: 8
8. "And The Lord God planted a garden eashvard in Eden: and there he put

. the man whom he had formed,"
No mention of work here. After A'belle's sexual need for Cain as a man had been satisfied, A'belle' took' Cain and put him into the garden to do work, a slave.

Genesis 2: 15
15. "And The Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it." The phrase "The lord God took the man ", lets us know that this is not ihe same as in Genesis 2: 8, when the lord god merely puts the man in the garden. If Cain was already in the garden in Genesis 2: 8, why would the lord god have to take Cain and put him into. the garden again in Genesis 2: 15? We have a clear space of time between Genesis 2: 8, when the man is put in ihe garden, and Genesis 2: 15, when the man is taken and placed back into the garden. There are six verses in between Genesis 2: 8, and Genesis 2: 15. These verses talk about rivers and jewels, but, the sex between A'belle and Cairn having occurred in GenesIs 2: 8, time enough had gone by for a child to be born. Remember. the lord god A'belle is trying to. form a different kind of man, other than the hermaphrodite that Nature already created.

Let us check who the characters are in this Garden of Eden. You have Cain, who is called a man. You have A'belle, who is also hermaphrodite and becomes the god EL. A'belle is ihen portrayed as Abel as well as the IQrd god Baal, But the lord god Baal is a combination of A'belle and the woman. We still need to. identify the woman. Oh yes, and you still have A'dam. Naturally, A'dam was a female and not a male as claimed by the religious. Proof that A'dam was a female is simple. A'dam is pronounced like Madam ...;. AAA-DAM. The A' means' 8. ', The word • DAM' means' Lady'. A Lady. A'dam was a lady.

the hermaphrodite






When you say Madam, Ma-Dam, you are saying, My Lady. When you say Adam, A-Dam, you are saying, A Lady ..So, unless the all powerful lord god made the first. man, and then gave the fkst man he formed a name that means a lady, tl1e tru~h to who A'dam was IS revealed in tlhe name. A'dam was a .Iady, a ~emale. Remember, the lord god hid the tree at truth. If the world believes that A'dam was a male, then the lord glod hid the truth about who A'dam really was. Mow that we know A'dam means a lady, we have learned who another one of our characters, A'dam, ls, A lady. Heaven was no place then, or now, for a lady. A lady must be 1aught to behave [in an acceptable manner, A lady is not natural. A female is natural. What the devil did concerning. the formingl of A'darn, wale to omit the name 'A'dam', and replace the name 'A'dam', with THE WORD 'man', lPeople would think that this was a man, A'dam, being formed .. Gen. 2: 7: "And the lord godtorm:ed man, (A'dam), of ~he dust of the glfOlmd, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and MAN, (A'dam), became a Iliving s~!:tu!,{angel)." This verse refers to a man, not a lady. Sillce A'darn was a lady, we know that A'dam was not title subject of this verse ..The man that A'beille .refers to as the dust of:the ground is Gain, the hermaphrodite. Cailnisthere,foi'e the subject of this verse. Cain is referred to as a man only because A'beHe, ~he lord god, needs a male seed not related to her ..A'dam was then bonn from ~he sex that A'bslle had with Cain in the garden. The devIl had the. further problem of ,getting' rid the word 'angel' ..That was accomplished by inventing a 'soul', That 'sOUlI'was them given to the false man the devil was introducil1g: The trouble with this oecepuon is that nowlt1e Book of Genesis appears to be creating two different men on two separate occasions. The deVil made herself and her angels. The fallen a.ngels that worship and live to [protect ~he imaginary soul which the devil gave: 'them. The bottom line to what A'belle did was to ~orm a. creature that Nature did not create, a slave.


Between Genesis 2: 8, and Genesi,s 2: 15, Cain saw his daughter A'dam grow up. Cain ali owed A'belle to teach A'dam to live unnaturel. Cain sat by and watohed as A'belle turned A'dam intoa lady. For that, Cain would pay a price. A'dam was beautifUl and Cain did what came natural. At whateveraqashe was, Cain seduced A'dam and made her pregnant. A'belle flipped out and while caln, who Is liealily a hermaphrodtte, was asleep, the lord god A'belle cut off Cain's peniis .. The lord god cut off Caill's penis because Cain did what came natural, make love toher daughter" Since Cairn was hermaphrodite, and still had a vagil'1la, from thhs point forward, Cain would be known as Eve. Now we have the woman that the lord god made ...The rib that the lord god took ou~ of A'dam, to make a woman, was Cain's penis.


A'beHs had Eve confined in the garden and made to work as a slave. This 1$the second placement into the garden, when the man was took, and put into the garden. Now Eve is being required to work for NOOlls. This lets us know that Gain at some point was involved with the plan that A'belle concocted to make a Slave. A'belle had no natural authority to confine anyone. A'belle got the authority from Cain when Calnjust watched A'belle make a lady out of A'dam. It was right after the making of Eve, that the serpent tells the woman, A'dam that she does not have to surely die. Cain, who would now forever be known as Eve, only· revealed the truth to the woman, A'dam, after .A'belle cut off her ~nis.

The first time the Bible mentions the name Eve is after the man had been kicked out of the garden. That is because Cain could no longer go under the masculine name. The man was kicked out, but it appears that a woman name Eve is leaving the garden. This fact is covered up by the belief that A'dam was a man. It looks like A'dam the man, and Eve the woman, left the garden. Actually, it was only Eve the hermaphrodite that left the garden.A'dam the man could not have left the garden because there never was a A'dam the mall. A'dam means a lady. Eve the woman could not have left the garden because, Eve was not woman. Eve, was a hermaphrodite with her penis cut off. In the Bible., no woman is ever asked or told to leave the garden. So A'darn, the. lady, and the only real woman in this story, never left her god in the garden. The lady still worships the devil in her garden to this day. Cain however,left the garden of the lord god as Eve.
We know that the name Eve is feminine. We know thatA'dam was a lady. There is no way that A'dam and Eve could have produced Cain or Abel after they left the garden, because both A'dam and Eve are females. Eve was still a hermaphrodite, but without a penis, she coutd not impregnate A'dam again.

After cutting off Cain's penis, Abella was the most feared of all humans. The priests of A.'belle would cut off their penises as a sign of loyalty to A;belle, and a beginning of a rebellion against Nature. There was indeed a rebellion in heaven. This life is heaven. The rebellion occurred here on earth. The rebellion was led by A'belle who would become k.nown as god. A'belle led her rebellion against Nature. Naturally, Eve killed A'belle. Cain was not Cain anymore, but Eve. It was Eve that did the killing. After A'belle died for her crimes against Nature, A'belle was made the head of all gods. A'belle's name as god . would become EL. Eve never died. This proves that killing does not necessarily get one dead. Cut off a humans penis, Nature will not fault you for killing 1he asshole,


God teaches you how to dle and enter death where God" the devil. resides. God does not want your soul. God knows you never had a. sOUlI:. The soul is just another lie provided by God, the father of lies, to get you to protect some1hing 1hat does not exist. What you do have is life" God wants your liife. God needs you to give up your life willingly and enter death, just as God did. God must teach you thru reliigion how to live unnatural, because unnatural is not your nature, lhmatural is Gods nature. God is sitting inside the SUIl, calling to you thru re~igion, to die and join God ln death. '

of the knowledge

What you are fae-ad WiUl in the Bible is a choice between two trees. The tree of good and otevu, and tihe tree of life,. Because, Nature gives you a choice between the two trees, there are two stories in the Bibls. The 'NIIO stories til the Bible can be vi'swed as the two paths in life" The one path, relligion, is the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil. That path leads to death.

The second path, the tree of life,. 'is the tree of truth. This path leads to etemallife in this world. If god warned you not to eat from the tree, of the knowledge of good and of evll, air you would surely die, why di:dn't godl tell you what the tree of the knowledge of good and of evi:l is? It iis because the tree of the knowledg:e of good and of evil is reHgion. If god had told you that reli.gion ls forbidden, and is what causes death; you would not come and worship anymore. God woulld have put herself 01.11 of b·US iness, by telling you the truth. God would never tell you the truth because God is the devil.

Sinoe we have touched UPOIil ~he tree of the kllowledge of good and of evil, let me uncover the complete lie the rellqlous devils have, passed to yOUi. The religious claim that Eve bit an apple and gave some to. A'dlam. Fwrmy thing is that there are no apples anywhere in the Bible. Hlow would someone' know that it was an apple that they ate, if there are no apples in the Bible? How does the same lie get passed to everyone? Every Christiall will tell you that it was an apple that they ate. I was never told it was a pear, a banana, or a grapefruit It was al1ways alll applle. If there is not an apple mentioned ln the Bible, then the story about the apple ls a lie. litis a lie that God has her sheep spreading. Nobody could have found anapple iln the Bible because it is not there. Since God is the father of lies, he convinced you to believe it was an apple, without any proof of it. One thing the devil knew, you would mot quesaon god, You would not investigate it for yourself. YOLI would function on faiith and end up dead. The lord god, and the lady A'darn, designed the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion, to kill you. To make damm sure you died, the lord god hid the truth, the tree of life, so tlila.t YOLI would not be able to live forever. The reader should be beginni'ng to see why Nat!.,lFe: named the lord giOd the devil.


God's sole purpose is to deceive flle! humans iinl0 believing that death is unavoidable. Then god provides them wi,tih reUgion" the path to death, (the 1ree of the knowledge of good and of evil). The lord god then tells the lie that we needlreligionto lay something up for ourselves ln the next life ..While we are busy praising god, LInder the impression that we are doing something good, our worship is actually the path to death. Remember, this :is the tree oftheknowledg:e of g:ood and of evil. Even when you think you are doing something good, like worship, you are ac1uallydoing some!thing evil, because you are worshipping the devil. Even the lord god's good is evil to Nature. We bave been decelved by the arch deceiver, God. We have chosen death wi~h the promise of another llfe, The problem is tilat the promise of another life is being made to you by the devil. It is the forty acres and a mule trick. You have once again allowed the slave master to promise you some~hing in order to keep you working. The sad part to this promise is that you have to surrender your life to see if the promise is true. For this reason alone, Nature named God the Devil. Nature's offer of etemallife has always been open to us. Finding the truth aillows one to make, an lnformed choice. We have a choice. We only have to chooseeternal life in ~his world and it will be so. Now "that you know god is ~he devil, do you still think heaven is inside death? This book provides the exact path one must take to avoid! death.

A glance over hi:sto:ryWm reveal that our species has made human sacrifices to god from the tlme ,god was invented. Most learned religious scholars believe that the ancient r~te5of humarn sacrlflce was thought to replenish the land, it was not A human sacrifice to god was sure to cause Niature, to withhold its bounty from the earth. Once the food was ShON, the l'engim!ls.leaders simply made tile people obey them or not be feed from the stores of food the kings kept stashed away. The more human sacrifices that were offered to God, the less Nature would provide to our species. The killing of humans as a sacrifice to god got 50 bad, Nature flooded the earth. If you wanted to make a creature sub] uqated to you, he must be dependent upon you for his very existence. The church made slaves of alUhumanikind.

The religIous trite of human sacrifice has by 110 means ended. In many parts of the world. it is still praetoed with the child! 01" adult being kiilled. These are the countries that suffer eanhq uakes and cyclones with massive Iloss of neman life. A modern form of human sacrifice has been formulated for the less violent devil worshipper of this age. Today, you merely have to offer your dnHd~ or yourserrf, to the devil thru the ritual of chrtstening.or baptism.


Remember. at birth. your chi.ld is born with eternal life. You then give your child to the devil during these religious rites just as the ancients did. Although the child is being offered to the devil, it is you that must die for offering the child to the devil, not the child. The price for offering that chl.ld to the devil I!!> your life.

Unless you can reach the tree of life before death can claim you, you will die. Everyone is dying because nobody thinks about the tree of life. If you did not know about the tree of life, and you did not know that you just christened your child to the devil, you have 110 idea of what you have done. You therefore die never knowing that you could have lived forever, or for that matter, you never knew why you died. This is why the devil needs to keep you busy with day to day bullshit, until the next thing you know, your life is over, you are dead. While it is the child that you offered to the devil, it is you that must die. The devil will get the child you offered in your ritual because you will raise the child to worehlpthe devil, god. The child will repeat the process when your child has. children. Religion is a revolving door to death. Here is why the Ufe of the person offered to god is not taken during the rituals as the, ancients did. The religious leaders know that Nature will act quickly if they kill the child on the alter of god as the ancients taught them. The religious now wait for the payment of the life. ln the meantime, fhe person works like a slave. The person may end up shot dead, a crane on its head, a snake bite, a lion ate them, or even old age will kill them. Whenever or however that person dies, that death is the completion of the religious rituals of baptism or christening. That death is your payment for. the pact with the devil performed during the ritual of baptism or christening to god. While it is Nature's intention for the human to reach its prime physically, and remain there for all times. because you worship the devil, you begin to age towards death, instead of remaining In your prime. The person must age because you have agreed to die. Still. if you repent religion, the aging process reverses. If you are sixty when you realize that you are worshipping' the devil, and you leave that behavior alone, it will take around forty years for you to get back to your prime physically. That is just fine because you are moving away from death. During the forty years that it will take you to get back to your prime, Nature will be watching you. If you revert. to worshipping God, the devil, or you make a slave of a human being, you will die. A'belle died a long time ago. A'belle has been sitting inside the sun because she did not know how to li've under the sun here on earth, which the reader now knows is heaven. A'belle made slaves out of human beings, and required that she be worshiped. This is important to note because we know from the Bible just what the devil wants. The devil wants you to worship her. Consider the book of Matthew, Chapter 4, and verses 8 thru 9:


Matthew 4: 8 and 9 8. " Again, the devil 'taketh Jesus up into an exceeding high mountain,. and showeth him all the kingdoms of the Wbrld, and the glory of them;

9, And saith unto him, all these things [will give 1hee, if 'thou

will fall down

and worship me."

It is clear what the devil wants. The devil wants you to worship her. If the devil asked Jesus to, worship the devil, does the devil not want you to worship the devil? The devil just uses the title of god because it works, Natural Law IS simple. No worship, No ,slaves. Nature allows you to do either. but [f you do either, and do not repent your behavior before death arrives, you will be drawn down inside the sun with your god, the devil. At her death, the conclcusness of A'belle was naturally drawn down inside the sun. What the religious call hell, is actually tile- sun. The blazing lake offire. The eonelousness of everything that dies is naturally drawn down inside the sun. God promises . you a heaven after death, but the consclousnesa of everything that dles is naturally drawn inside the sun. In a morbid sort oTway, the sun is heaven for god because that is where god will be for all eternity. It is therefore wise not to die. Since. god is the devil, worshipping god leads to your death. Still, you have tlhe option to repent religion and live in 'this life always. Eternal Ufe is just that simple. The Archangel Michael. is here to lead the angels of life away from the We are all angEl Is. We have all been deceived by god, who I have- informed the reader, Is the devil.,

The reader should completely understand that Nature is fully in charge of every aspect of life,. There is not one thing you can do, or place you can go, that Nature is not present. When the religious person goes off to have sex wi1h someone he has vowed not to have sex: with, Nature is right there. Nature is what causes you to have the desire for sex. Nature knows all that you do or think. After all, thoughts are a Natural process. To mak.e damm stlre you will be a hypocrite, God tells you that even a lustful thought is a sin. Well hell, it is only natural to have lustful thoughts. God has again made what is Natural to you, a sin. You cannot help but violate the rules you agreed to uphold. That makes you a hypocrite. Hypocrites must die and go down inside the sun with the devil, god.


While god may not have had time to make a real son, or save his only son from being brutally beaten and then murdered, Nature has always had enough 'time to see to it that everyone urinates and defecates whenever and wherever it is necessary. Nature is in control of all our functions, and each star. You may live forever and enjoy Nature's life only so long as you do not worship anything or make a slave out of a human being. Now, this is what Nature has to say about working a human being.

You may work a human being, but if you do, give them everythlng they The only way this can happen is jf you take the money out of the system ..Then you simply employ everyone. Once everyone has a job, everything will be available. If you need a car, cars are being made, go get one. If you need gas, just pull in to your favorite gas station and someone will be there to fill it up. All stores will be open twenty four hours everyday. Get whatever you want because all things are being made. We can ship all around the world because everyone is working. Nature provides more than enough for all its creatures. The devIl is holding you back from enjoying your life in heaven. Observe what money has written on it, "In god we trust ". I have informed the reader that god is the devil. What money actually has written on it is, "In the Devil we trust ". Money was never needed, so Nature never saw a need to make any money. Human beings made money. Money is only needed to deny things to those who do not have the money. Nature will make certain that everyone has wl1at he or she wants.


Nature gives you every right to die. You have a free will. You can die if that is your will. It is for the sake of the few that want to live, that Nature put this work: together. The rellqious have promised you heaven. All religions have a. different heaven. The. Christian religion does not accept Muslims in their heaven. The Muslims do not accept the Christian in their heaven. The Buddhist have their own heaven, as do the Hindus. It is therefore just a continuation of the same separation of people that goes. on in this life. Some religions even promise their followers that they can reincarnate. But to collect 011 that promise, you still have to die and get in the box. God, (the devil), WILL PROMI8E YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOU IN THE GRAVE. God offers each race of people whichever religion convinces lhem to accept death. Once you are dead, you cannot do anything about it anY\fllay. Find a seat if you can, but it is tonnentingly hot inside the sun. The reader now has the opportunity to eat from the tree of life, the tmth. The choice that we have has always been the same, eternal life, or eternal death. While the lord god may have hid the tree of life, The Archangel Michael now reveals where the lord god hid the truth, in plain view. Come, meet. your god EL.





EL is the chief god of the pag!an devil worshipers. EL is the god of Moses ..El is actually A'belle, EL has always been a god of war and bloodshed, Killing is the hal!mark ofUle gOod EL To worship EL is toworshlp the devil's purest form. The so-called Jews worship EL as Elol1im, and do notallow anyone to worship g:od under the name of EL. Eloah is lhefeminine 'form of the name IEL IEloh~m is therefore· tile plural of EL, to denote the fact that EL was a hermaphrodite, Ell would therefore have both sexes, male and . female, The hermaphrodites would become known as gods. The so-callec Jews fonnulated different religions whkh do allow anyone to worship the de:vil thll'Ough one of the devil's surrogates, i.!e... Jesus, Alllah, or Mary. Ilf .I did not mention your gods' name, do . not feel cheated, Any form of worship is devil worship and forbidden by Nature, the result if you do not repent relligion is death. A Hermaphrodite is actually a daughter. The name A'bellle· means the most beautiful. A'belle was indeed beautiful and believed that alii human life should bow down to A'belle's beauty and worship A'belle. Rumor has it that the devil was the most beautiful angel, A'belle was not then, nor has A'belle ever been, 811 angel. A'belle was a Hermaphrodite, and god, and the devil. God and her followers have killed off most of the Hermaphrodites that Nature created ..This mass murder was accornpllished with the Art of Religious Deception.

The reader wilileam mare about A'beille ln sub seq uent chapters. I mention A'belle at this point because the last two letters lin the name A'belle were removed to form Iile name of the god who would be worshipped, EL. A'belle (After removing Abel Abel wasfhen presented 10 the world lin the 6'ible as a helpless male who was needlessly killed by his brother catn, This alleged unprovoked murder is claimed to have been because Abel gave a better offering to god than did his brother Cain. Do you remember what the offering was that Abel made to his god? The bloody dead carcass of a lamb. Oh yes, and the tat thereof. Therefore, god preferred to have a dead bloody an1mal over the offering that Cain made of vegetables, Is this fhe same creator that told man that frui1s and nuts were to be his food? 39 A'belle, you have)

Gen. 1: 29 In addition, god said, Behold, I have gIven you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the 'face of the earth, and every tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

Why would a god who created 'this male and female creature to eat vegetables, take so much pride in the killing and offering of a bloody sheep? Well, here is where the story gets Interesting. Nature created the Hermaphrodites and they were vegetarians. Genesis 1: 29 should read;
Gen. 1: 29 29. And Nature said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. A'belle, the devil, called god, formed another creature that Nature would refer to as the Angel. Nature viewed these new creatures as angels because they were innocent of the crimes A'belle was committing against Nature. This new creature would be female only or male only human beings. These creatures would only have one sex and therefore would not be in the image of Nature. The females were to rule over the males. The male ehild would either be made a slave, or offered to god as a sacrifice. At this point, Natural Law has boon violated. The angels would suffer death because of A'belle. These creatures would kill animals or humans for food, just as the lower creatures in Nature did. These creatures were of their rather the devil, and god.

The reader has learned that a Hermaphrodite named A'belle, formed us from the original Hermaphrodite that Nature created. After A'belle died for having made slaves out of human beings, the, el, in A'belle was removed to form the name of the god

that would be worshipped, EL.
A'belle - le




Baal as a god is just the combination of A'belle and A'dam, The Semitic devil worshippers simply took the Band l out of the name A'belle, and placed the two a's from A'dam in between the b and L from A'belle. The god baal was formed.

b__ L

Adam _aa,_ baai


Another name would be used for the New Testament g;od. After all, thousands of years had passed and people would not worship ELin EL's purest form as the devil or god. No 10nQ'ercould people openly offer human sacrifices, EL would be changed to Abba, which means Father. This is how that was. done, A'belle drops the LE and was I~eft ith Abel. The last, el, in Abel was w dropped leaving Ab. The Ab was then repeated, ba, to produce the god Abba. Abba means Father, Abba would be the kinder, gel1Ue devil or god,

A'belle A'belle - Ie =, A'bel Abel - el = Ab Ab +Ab = AbbA ABBA = Father

Abba was now the Father god of the New Testament. She is the same murdering, babying killing god of the Old Testament. If some readers find this process somewhat confusing and complicated, "they should remember that that was the lntent, to confuse and complicate the truth. As long as the reader can see that these gods came from a Hermaphrodite name A'lbeHe, it is not 1hat complicated to understand that any form of worship is devil worship and forbidden by iN!ature.



The Dagon, (above photo), is the god that the world worships, The Dagon requires you submit your will freely to the devil as god of all. You were born free, with a free will. The devil is in the sun because the devil made slaves out of human beings, and required that they worship the devil as lord of all, god. Natural law was violated. Those, that worship must follow their god into the sun. Life does not need a god or any of god's worshipers. They are all condemned to die and go down into the sun. When god was exposed by Samson, she was exposed as the devil. pushed down the pillars of the temple of the Dagon or god. Judges 17: 23 thru 30 23. " Then the lords of 'the Philistines gathered them together for to offer a great sacrifice unto Dagon their god, and to rejoice: for they said, Our god hath delivered Samson OUI" enemy into our hand. 24. And when the people saw him, they praised their god: for they said, Our god hath delivered into our hands our enemy, and the destroyer of our country, which slew many of us. 25. And it came to pass, when their hearts were merry. that they said, Call tor Samson, that he may make us sport. And they called for Samson out of the prison house; and he made them sport: and they set him be1ween the pillars. Samson


26. And Samson said unto the lad that held h~m by the hand, Suffer me, that I may feel the pillars whereupon the, !louse standeth, tihat ~may ~ean upon them.

27. Now the house was full of men and woman; and all the lords of the Philistines wem there; and there were upon the root about three thousand men and woman, that behelld while Samson made sport. 28. And Samson calledunto ~.helord, and said, 0 Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strenqthsn me, i pray thee, only this once, 0 God, that I may be at: onoeavenged of tile Philistines for my two ey,es. 29. And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars upon which the house stood, and
.011 which it was borne up" of the one with his right hand, of the other' with his letl.

30. And Samson said, Let me die with the Philisfines, And he bowed hirnselt willl all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than he slew ill his life.

What was meant is that the strength of Nature, thru Samson, revealed that the Dagon was the devil. Do not befleve for one moment that Samson was an angel. He was not I~ does not say in the Bible that he was. Samson was fighting for the lord God, Baal, Samson also died. This is .1l0~ what you want. The religious have fed you a diem 0-1 all dead men as your heroes, Samsoll died for the lord god. That is the point of the story. The Dagon was being put to rest, and the lord god was being exulted as stronger ihan the Dagon. Still, the lord god required the liile 01 Samson, and your iifa.


The title of god tide. If the name does 110t appearance. To the devtl, your place in the sun with

causes you to worshiip, regardless of the name attached to the suit you, ~he devil is more than willing tc change her name or your worship iis paramount because it leads to your death, and the devil, god.

History records the many names of the deviil. The Hebrews, needed a way to deceive the world into worshiping the deV:iIwithout them knowing they were devil worshiping. Humans will not naturally worship the devil if they are aware that it is the devil Ihey are worship'ing. The devil's prior names could not be used. The name Dagon, who the world now thought was defeated by Samson and the lord god" was formulated to, be rearranged to mean, 'one god '. The Semitic Nations then flooded the world with devil worship, under the name of the One God, which is still the devil, the Dag:on.

,one sod

for de:r:iving the
from the Dagon

The letters in the name Dagon can be arrang:ed to read, "one god ", Monotheism. The 'a' arid 'n' in Dagon spells, 'An'. 'An' means' one '. Then you have O-G-O remainilng which ;is rearranged as GOlD.



The letters D-G-O is arranged G-O-D
'THE ONE GOD', Tile Dagon

= The

One' god


some half Ihumalill. winged creat~re,. that. zooms thiro.ughout cr~led]:ondoll1lg the tasks assl].grlled to' it by god, who ~:s,thedev! I,flis verse frern ~~e iHoly Bib~e is offered as proof that aJng:elswallk, ea .•food, slleep, and are in mct, mesr, Ge[l~19: 1tbnJJ2
1., "And there came two, angellis to Sod "Om at evertand Lot sat in the gate 'of SOOrom: 91ild Lot seeing them rose up to meet ®hem;aad he bowed him:se!mwltth face towards the ground;

~nCo'nside, the many r:e,a:derswino I~avle am tmage awan a.nge!11as beallg

house, 8rl1dtarry all nightJ' and wash your feet, and ye sha~~rieeep eariy,. and go on your w,ays. And they said. Nay;: bll~ we willi: abide in the street aU night

2.,.And he said, Behold now, my lorcs, turn in, I pr·ay you, Into yourservslrlt's

3. .Andlhe pressed upon them greatly; and they tumed! in unto him. a rid entered into his house; and he made them a 'Mast andl did bake unl,eavened breed, and thEW did

4. But beror,e they lay down. the men of the cit/, even the men o~ Sod'om,. compassed the house round, both old and young,. all the !peop~e from every querter:

5.. .Analthey- ca!Uedunto l01l:, and they said unto him,Wl1eM are the ,MlENI vvlhich came into thee thflS, night? i8rnng-Ua.em ern, unto us, tM.t we may kn.ow them.
6 . .Andl Lo~went out at the door unto tilem,and shut 'Vhedoor aft:eiF him,

(. And said. Ilpray you, brethren, do not so wickedly. 8. IBehold rmow,I have tWCl daughters wi1i,ch have nol k~own MflJn; let me, I p~ray you, t)r~lng:them OUII. nto YOU,3I1d do ye to them as is good ~n your eyes: o.nll!yun~.othese u MEN do no,tnilng!;for toorefolM ca,me'they undler' tha shadow o·f my roof.
:9. And ~hey said, Standi back. And they said aga'~n,ih~s 0118 'fel'!ow came ~nto sojOLlrn, andl he wi II needs be a j~dg€l: rilO'Ww~1I e de;alwors€; withth€:~. tha m with them. w And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to, break the door.

10 ..Sui!:~heM!:N put ~ofitjhtheir hand" and pulled Lot iJJIO the house to them, and shut to thecoor,
11. Aind ~hey smote the men that. \iVeire at the door of the house with Ibillindness. both smJaliand great so that l:hey wearied thernsetves to fnlid the door.


12. And the MEN said unite,Let, Hast thou here any besides? SOil in law, and thy sons, and thy daughters; and whatsoever thou hast in ~Ihecity, bring them out of this place:

Verse one allows the reader to see that there are two angels. Any reference afterwards to these angels clearly indicate that the angels are men. The lnvltation that they wash their feet is customary for having walked on dusty roads or paths. They did not fly.. Tile angels ate the same food as Lot.,as is evidenced by the feast that Lot prepared for them, and they did eat. The angels were also offered a place to sleep, they needed rest. It should not be very confusing then that The Archangel Michael is a man. With this fact ~n mind, the reader must be, strong enough to let go of the fantasy image of an angel being some winged creature, This fantasy was fed to you as a child by god, the devil. As a 'fullcuioningi adult, onlly you are responsibte for finding and accepting what is real over what is fantasy. As The Archanqel lMichael has already proven to tile reader, The Great Dagon was turned into The One God. Now, the fact that The Archangel Michaell would come to do battle with the Dagon" who is the one god, cannot be brought into question; Rev, 12: 7 and 8: " 7. And there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the Dagon,(Uhe one Qlodl);and the Dagon,(the one god),fought against his angels. 8. Arid prevailed not; neither was there place found anymore ln heaver." The Dagon is the one, god who deceives the entire world. Tlhe Dagon is represented by a half human, half fish image, (see below photo), 'he Oag:ornis the god the so-called Jews resurrected as the one god. The Dagon has always been 'the ,god of these so-called! Jews, and the god they have passed to you.


The symbol of the Dagon is in the form at a hat, or miter, as the devil worsblppsrs refer to it. The Pope, being the devil's representative on earth, or heaven as it were, must wear tile miter, (hat),. of the Dagon, which ls god, the deviil. Note fhe open mouth of the fish at the top of each mite:r. The miter of the D.agon is fhe head of a fish, with its mouth open, and the body or tail of the fish running down. The miter otthe Dagon has. been traced back to ancient times. Note the left photo of an ancient stone carving of a fish covering, ell but the Dagon priest's arms and leqs. Notice these Dagon priests wearing the fish head miter of the Dagon, wlth its mouth open ..As time advanced, so have the versions. of the fish head miter, right up to the Pope. Observe the lower photo of the Pope wi1ih hlis miter of the Dagon whh its mouth open. The Pope also Iholds U19 crooked cross of Mithras, (a Persian and Aryan god, devil).

The rank of btshopqivss one the righil to wear the miter of the Dagon" (below photo), You cam dearly see the open mouth of ~h,efish. What you need to also r1o~iceis the tail of the fish running down the back of the miter of the Dagon worn by these bishops. Notice tile symbol of Baal on the pallium's hang~!lg over the shoulders of these bishops as they sport the fish head miter anile Dagon, with the symbol of Baal on their miters. Of course, you havsthe cross of The cross of esus is a Roman cross.

Look at The Pope with the syrnbot of 'Baal' at the forefront. of his miter of the Dagon, god, the devil. The is a zoomed in version of the below photo of ths front symbo:1 of 881811 tile on Pope's miter of the Dagon. THE POPE

Observe tbe sun symbol of Baal on the shoulder of the Pope ..He holds the crooked cross of Mithras, 011 which Jesus hangs. Why is Jesushanqinp on the crooked cross of Mithms? Jesus was claimed to have been crucified on 8) Roman cross. We have tile miter of the Dagon, the devil. The sun symbol 0-1 Baal, the devil. The crooked cross of Mlthras, 1he devil. Then the GIrOSS of Jesus; the devil. All worship is devil. worship.




This is 1he most important chapter ill THE BOOK OF LIFE. From reading The Book of Life, what the reader should understand at this point is that god, as well as l1e devil, were at one time, human beings ..To complicate matters even further, the deviE and god are blood kin, comrades, not adversaries, as most relligions claim. Their objective is also the same. They both want to see you dead. Your god calls you to be with him ill death. Does not the devil also call you to be witt1lhilil1 in death? The enemy of the human race is not god or the devil" the enemy is death. Nature has two Ilaws that if violated, result in death. No Worship, No Slaves, Nature put god inside the sun a very, very, long time ago. Rest assured that. Nature is more than capable of enforcing its Laws and has done so since the beginning. I lhink It to be safe for me to conclude that you firmly believe that all. human beings must die. This is the great Ilie that the deviilformu~ated and spread throughout the world after the devil's Mother; A'belllle,. (who would rome to be known as the god EL). violated Natural Law and died. Whille you may think me to be insane because I now tell you that human beings can live illl this Ilife,forever, thiink what you will of me, my duty, as The Arehanqel, is to telll the ~rutl1. Here is the truth. This life is eternal.

The natural instinct to gain the victory over death is wIllat motivates the religious to go to church. While the followers of reHgiion may have been misled to believe, they were going to a better Ilife, that does not at aU dIminish the human being's natural instinct to live forever. He must be promised another 'life. All have attempted to find eternal life. The human race has accepted death as the door-to eternallilfe. Do not be deceived. Death is the door to the solar incinerator, the sun" The key to eternal life is simple. Do not worship anything, and do mot make a slave of a human being. You may then Jive in harmony with Nature Iright here in this life fo:r alii eternity.

The reader is now being lead away from the grave and into etemallife in this world. Travelil1lg em this patill, as well as ~he path to death, must be a free will decision made by the traveler. While the decision to Ilive forever in this life, or die, is a free will decision, you can be deceived into taking the path to death ..Ilfthe path you are on is paved with lies, you are on the path to death. Since IIhave explained to the reader that it is a. lie that human beings have to die, it is this lie" ~he belief that all human beings must. die, that becomes the first brick in the path towards the grave.


God ls no more than a person named A'belle, who found the key to death, then passed the belief in death throughout the wor1d. A'dam formulated the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, (which the reader has learned is religion), to deceived the human race into believing that they must die. A'dam knew that she must first convince the human race that there were no other options besides death, and then provide the humans with .the same behavior that got A'belle dead. The humans would accept death as a naturat process, instead of viewing death as being a result of how one lives or lived. It is your disbelief in etemal lite In this world that places you on the path to death or destruction. That disbelief is established by your parents, then reenforced by the death you see everyday. Once a chlld has been totally convinced by their parent that they must die, the parent then provides 'the child with the path that leads to death. The parent either feeds the child from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion, or teaches the, child to make slaves out of human beings. This is the same thing the devil or god has done. Nature rightly sends the coneicusness of the dead to the sun where the devil and god are confined. To stop worshipping god is nothing if you still believe that you must die. You have to know that your life in this world is eternal in order to claim the prize of eternal life. The only way you can know that your life is eternal is if you know the tr!Jth-

.Anyone who believes in death worships god, the devil, Whether you God does not need you to go to church every Sunday, or pray everyday. God does not need you to believe in her. God only needs you to believe in death. God will then provide you with a path that leads to death so that death can claim you. This fact is proven when you consider that you have to die in order to be with god. If believing in god were required- to die, the atheist would live forever. It is death that the devil or god has convinced the atheist. right along with the religious, to believe in.

believe in god as a being IS unimportant.

The atheist wi'll say that they are more aware of reality than those who believe in god. The religious will say that they are more aware because they worship god. The common denominator between all who have died is the belief that they have 10 die. Understand completely that all that is necessary for a human being to die is to believe that they have to die, and then Jive on a. path that leads to death. The atheist believes in death as do the religious, they just differ on what will happen after death. Neither God nor the devil gives a damm what you believe happens a.ttel' death, they just want you dead. Nature views the religious and the atheist as the same. They both believe in death. If you believe in death. death you shall have. Nature offers etemallife to all at birth. You must however, be aware of the pltfa:lls that the religious devil worshipers have set for those who want eternal life :in this world. Remember, if death is the door to god, then god wants us all to die, religious or atheist,


Here are the two biggest traps that send the atheist to death. Money and Country. Money is not natural. Man made, money just as man made god and the devil. The objective of money is to make someone else make money for you, a slave. The profits of a person's labor does not go to the person who did the labor. The profits of that person's labor goes to someone else. To Natuse, you have just made a slave out of a human being. That is a violation of Natural Law. Slaves are forbidden by Nature, the result if not repented while you are alive is desfh,

Capitalism is therefore a'gaillst the laws of Natura. Naturally, all capitalists die because they spent thelrentire II~vesmaking slaves out of human beings. Both the devil and god need you to live in opposition to Nature, so that you will die ..While the aitheist does not have to deal with gettingl away from worshipping the devil as a religion, they still do the devils and god's wlill by capitalizing off the labor of another human being. The atheist therefore dies.

When the atheist enlists in the miliitary, the, atheist iiS fighUng for a nation under god indivisible. The atheist fights right alo'l1glside tile Christian because they baltl believe in death. The atheists may delludethemsellves into thinking that they are not fighting for god, but the mere fact that deafh is the result of war, proves that the atheist believes in death. The atheist therefore dies right ,along with the religious. They both end up in the sun, which is where the oonclousness of the dead are.

The fact that you beHeve in death is proof certain that you have been affected by The nee of The ~owledge of good and of evil, lI'elli9lion.God has always been after your life. The atheist dies right along with the re~igious. What is the difference? The bottom line is that they are both dead. Just what god, tlhe devil, wanted.

Most of the world has concentrated on serving godl. This IS an attempt to be accepted into the kingdom god has promised. This great fight between god and the devil has always been conducted by the same person ..Not only has the devil been clever enouah to throw you off her scent, she has atso been able to cause you to forget what your real enemy is, death. Death is the enemy of the human race. Once you focus on the real enemy, the power of the devil lis elirnlnated ..The onliy power the dlel/il, or god, ever had was in getting us to believe in deatih. Once YOLI believe in death, the devil only has to provide the paths to the grave.


The first step in making a slave is 10 remove the victims knowledge of themselves. We are all angels, whether you are living natural or unnatural. An Angel turns to religion to learn good and evil, and to die. The name Lucifer means, "The bearer of IIghf. Who bears the light better than Nature? Nature is therefore Lucifer. Lucifer was never a particular person. Lucifer as a being was somehow injected, only once, into the Bible Old Testament book of Isaiah 14:12. Isaiah 14:12

down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! "

"How art thou fallen from heaven, 0 Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut

The problem is that the Bible calls Lucifer a son, male. lucifer however, has always been a. girl's name. Lucy..:fer. Oust spelledV!li1h an 'iT). Lucifer in life is any person who brings light lucifer, said," Stay-away from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, ' no religion,' " do not pass the lie ", This warning was passed down from the beginning by the living bearing the light, to prevent those seeking the truth from dying. Naturally, the religious order had to try to eliminate lucifer, the bearer of light. The religious order needed to discredit anyone who discovered the truth. lucifer was therefore labeled the devil by the devil, god. The religious devils attributed the truth of Lucifer, the bearer of light, to Jesus, a son of their gOd' Abba ', Abba is the devil and the only power the devil ever had was the power people give the devil by worshiping the devil.

The devil always does the opposite of what is natural. Nature reveals that sex is how babies are made. Therefore, the religious order fabricated their savior, Jesus, and claimed he was conceived without sex. This lie was then passed to billions of angels to keep them working and to lead them to death and their god, the devil. Nature revealed that if an angel passed the tfee of the knowledge of good and of evil to a child, and does not make timely repentance, they would surely go to the sun. You have the gift oflife. Ufe ls eternal. The only reason you don't remain in life for eternity is because you have passed that forbidden tree to a child, or your life force depleted while you were still worshiping the devil, god. You have willingly given your eternal life away. Of course, one may repent. religion while they are ,still al.ive.


To the many religious leaderaseholars, and participants, that I anticipate will daim I have interpreted the scriptures to condemn them to the death they were promised if they passed the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil to a child; I now remind them that :their hypocrisy condemned them to the promise of death which came from Nature's laws. Their oondem nati on rests in: John 3:19:

"'And this is the condemnation, that light has come into the world, and the angels loved darkness ralher than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone that doeth evil hate!h 'the light. neither cometh to the light or

The deeds that condemned the angel was either the passing of the tree of the knowledge of good and evi.l,' religion ', to a child, making a slave of a human being, or devotion to the devil, god. Nothing less, nothing else. The religious spend their lives in folly, having never searched for the truth. Matt. 7: 7

"Ask, and It shall be given you; S€ek, and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened unto you,"

The truth has been before the eyes of the condemned since the foundation of the world. The condemned were, blinded by their own hypocrisy, which resulted in a failure to seek the same truth that has always been at their very fingertips. The angels have willingly embraced the religious order as their divine ushers to the path of eternal life, or heaven as it were. I do not condemn, I interpret. You condemn yourselves by violating Natural Law.


The seven prophets are the seven heads on t:l1e beast referred to in Rev. 13; 1. Rev. 13: 1 1. ~And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast riise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns tell crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. "

ReHgion is the beast and the seven prophets are the seven heads on the beast of religion. The prophets never existed. The religious so-called J1ews made every one of them up. The so-called Jews then fed religion to the world knowing reHg!ion lis the forbidden fruit.

Once the religious order manufactured the story of Jesus" they slrnply wrote his character to lead you to death. The church convinces its victims to believe that Jesus died so they will believe they have to die also .. If the son of god was killed, who are YOIJ to question death? Religion then tells you that Jesus resurrected and that if you Ilive like they tell you to live, you will resurrect also. If Jesus was ina son of the almighty" he would have no need to resurrect, you cannot kill am immortal. The story of Jesus was written to make you follow their beast Into the realm of dea~h. A g!obal Jim J'oIl€S if you will. Every god Known to man has been resurrected at least once in their career. You have witnessed for yourselves in the pages of this very book, how the devil, the Dagon, was resurrected as the one god. This is the only kind of resurrecdon that ever took place ..Here is another resurrection.

'The Jesus lie was written to resurrect Jesus into the 666 beast spoken of in The Book of Revelatiol1. Revelatiol1l means to uncover or show. The Book. Revelation: is the revealing of J,esus Christ The book shows thatJesus became the 666 head on the beast. His throne is on the beast. The beast is death. Death welcomes all ~hose who either make slaves out of human beings. pass ~he tree of the knowledge of good and of evil to a child, or accepted the ways IQf the religious as their way of life. All may repent, (refuse), religion While they still live.


The Book of Revelation contai IiIS fhe 666 Beast. My work wlll reveal the 666 beast whom we know is a man. Detailed i,nstructioil5 win be, givenconceming how one may avoid the beast. I, The.Arehangel Mrichael, now count the number of the beast.


Rev. 13: 18: "Here is wisdom. let him thai hath UNDERSTANDING count the number of the BEAST: for it is the· number of a MAN; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. 666".
Since the church is bellt on passing the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, lets see if JESUS,the MAN, adds up to the number ofthe beast, 666. We begin with:

Matthew 1:17 17. "$0 all the generations from Abraham to David ar-e fOllrteengenerations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations,"
This verse marks the birth of Jesus. Let us do the math. 14+14+14= 42,

4+2= 6, His birth is his first 6.

What Jesus was is the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet. 2+4~6.
What hewss is the second 6

Wouldn't you know it? The flnal six was the age of Jesus when he was crucified. 33.
3+3=6. His death age.

His end marks the third 6 of the BEAST,


Descriptions of the BEAST can be found in these verses from The Book of Revelation: Revelation 13: 3
"And I saw one of his heads as it was wounded to death; and his deadly wound was

healed: and AL.Lthe world wondered after the 8 EAST. "

ThiS verse describes Jesus Christ as one of the heads of the beast: wounded to death, but any deadly wound which has been healed means he is not dead but lives. And all the world will seek the head of the beast whose deadly would was healed. 666 (JESUS). Revelation 13: 4 "and they worshiped the Beast. 'saying', Who is like unto the BEAST? Who is able to do war with him?" Jesus Christ is worshiped and like none ollier. What religion can match the sheer worship of Jesus? Who is able to take down Jesus? Revelation 13; 12 " And caused the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first BEAST whose DEADLY wound was HEALED. " Jesus was the only man whose DEADLY wound was HEALED and was worshiped. Remember, the 666 beast lsa man. As the story goes, Jesus was a man. Revelation 13: 14 ''They should make an lrnage to the BEAST, which had the wound by a sword, and did live." The life of Jesus was said to have been taken with a sword on the cross, and he did
live. The cross is the image made to the BEAST. Wherever you see the image of a cross, it is a. reminder of the BEAST, and DEATH.

If you pass religion to a child, and do not make timely repentance, you will surely die. The lie which is Jesus leads the death worshiping angels to the cross. These death worshippers believe Jesus was killed. The worshippers of death must die and go to their lying god. the devil.

Nature sends all the religious over to death to find Jesus, and their god, Baal. They never come back. Jesus never died because he never lived. He was truly a ghost. He was manufactured to get you to believe in death, Those who believe in death shall have death. The religious angels must die to find their god., Baal, Jesus, the one god.


This is the interpretation of Revelation 11:9 thru 11
"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads (leaders) are seven mountains, (religions), on which the woman (A'DAM) sltteth." Because we know Jesus is one of the heads on the beast, we only need to other prophets to complete the heads (leaders) and mountains. (religions). (Persian prophet) 600 b .. . c (Zoroastrianism)



1. Zoroaster

2. Buddha (Chinese) 563-438 b,c, (Buddhism) 3. Confucius (Chinese) 551-479 b.c.(Confucianism)

4. Mahavira (India) 500's b.c, (Jainism)

5. Lao-tse (Chinese) 604-531 b,c, (Taoism)
6. Mohammed, (Arabian) 670-632 Jew)

a.d. (Islam)

7. Jesus (so-called


These were aU·false prophets manufactured by the so-called Jews who taught "religion", with the promise of a reward after death. The woman sitting on top of the mountain is A'dam. A'dam was the first woman. A'dam is the Great. Harlot, Babylon. The other six religions were aimed at one race of angels. Jesus is aimed at all angels. Jesus wants everyone, no matter what you have done. Jesus accepts all angels for the beast. Revelation 17: 10 .. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come, and when he cometh, he must continue a short space."

We have the seven kings listed above. The fallen five, (dead),at of Revelation were:

the writing of The Book

1. Zoroaster,
2. Buddha,


3. Confucius, 4. Mahavira,



The king that still is, is Jesus. He still ls because he never lived the first time. JesUs was alive only ln story ..Jesus therefore remains alive oilly ill story. The one yet to rome at the time of the writi ng of The Book of Reve:latiolli was Mohammed. Revelation 17: 11 " And the beast that was, and is not. even he ls the eiighth, and is of the, seven, and

goeth into perdition. "
We know that the beast who was, and iis not, is Jesus, making him one of the seven kings. Jesus becomes the eighth king because he also slts [in the place of GOD, since Jesus and his father god are one. They all go into perdition or ruin. Judaism was never a religion, which makes Moses a false prophet. We know Moses spread religion so we know Moses is a liar, Religiion means to lie anew. Judaism is the Dagon in The Book of Revelation who passes his power 10 the beast. Rev. 13: 2 " And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were· as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a Han: and the Dagon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. " When Judaism attached their Old Testament to the Christian's New Testament, the Dagon of the so-called Jews gav'6 :Chris1ianiiy a foothold in religion. The attaching of these tw'o books made it appear that the one god of the so-called Jews. was the g:od of aU. That was fhe power that was passed to the beast. That is how the Dagon became your god. The Dagon is the devil, the one god. I am still trying toftigure out how the so-caned Jews, who deny anything to do with this Jesus guy, could attach their holy book, the Old Testament, to the New Testament to promote a guy they didn't accept. Only If you wanted people away from religion would you leave the 666 cl we. Once you figured outwhothe beast was, you turn away from relligion. Eve had to write ill code, to pass the message down In the only thill1lgthe church aUowed to be read, their religious book.








( a.k.a ) SUNWORSHIP
Religion, (the process oflying anew), has fed the world a lie called hell. Hen is not a place. Hell is a description of any woeful condition. One can be in hell on earth, but being conscious inside the sun is the greatest of all hells. When those who sympathized with A'beUe buried her, the worship oflhe ground began. It was believed that aU of nature contained A'beUe. It had already been noted by the wise, who did not worship anything, that the worshippers of A'belle were the only creatures dying. Now that the Jews and the angels who were worshipping the ground were also dying, a connection between death and worship was being established. When the information on the study of gravity and its relationship to the liie force and death, had been gathered and debated, it was concluded that the life force of the dead is naturally pulled into the sun. Those who still wantsd to worship A'belle now knew she was in the sun. At this point sun worship began. This information was hidden by the religious order, and many died before even this much was learned. Centuries passed before it was learned that weapons, disease, or old age, are not causes of death, but only a few of the unlimited methods by which natural law emorees its sentence of death, when its law of 'No Worship', or 'No Siaves', has been violated. All those that worship and do not make timely repentance, must die and go tc their god A'belle, who, as I have informed the reader, is in the sun. What is.wilhin our bodies is the energy of life. Our consciousness is attached to ihat life energy. We are powered by that primal energy which, once released from the body, must go back to the origin of the primal energy, the SUIl. At the trme of death, when the life energy leaves the body. because of its lightweight, and the gravitational pull of the sun, your life energy is pulled di rectly into the sun, along with your consciousness. The sun draws all energy in this solar system to itself. Anything as light as the consciousness stands no chance whatsoever against the gravitational pull of the sun. What you end up with is a consciousness inside the sun that is fully aware of the heat, yet unable to die because the consciousness is immortal, and unable to escape the heat, because the consciousness is too light to escape the gravitational pull of the sun. A consciousness tormented by the heat of the sun for all etemity. It is your·free will thai will cause you to want to get out of the sun. Because you did not use your free will in life to figure out why people die, your free will cannot assist you in death. For all etemity you will be inside the sun willing yourself out, and getting no results.

Sunday is the first day of the week. The Christians regard it as the last day of the week in which their god rested from his work of creatinqall the stuff he never created. Nature has ~ taken a rest from its creation, not for one second. Still, six days has to be a record, albeit a lie. The relligious must believe we have sawdust tor brains, if they want us to accept that tnelr god made over one rnllllon diner'ent species of animals il'l one day. We have animals that are here now that did not exlst one thousand years ag'o. It took nature millions of years to evolve all the animals, we know of, Naiure therefore calls this god person a liar and the 'father of it, the devil. In either event, Sunday was set aside for Christians to worship on the SUIl'S day. Sunday means,the day of the sun, Sun Worship, You now know that the devil was placed' in the sun. Any worship on the sun's day is devil worship. The Pope naturally has a sun wheel, (the symbol of Baal the devil, see photo), at the front of h[s miter, and on his pallium over his shoulder.

Once again the symbol of Baal


The Pope and the Vatican C~ty are surrounded by the sun wheel symbol of Baal, who is god .the dev~I. Notice 'the sun wheel of Baal r~ght in the center of thls Catholic alter (below photo).


Not to be out done'! The poor little devils had to palnt the symbol of Baal


the ground in

the center square at the Vatican City. Observe an Ariel view, see if you can find the

of the devil. Baal


" Sharp Two-edged Sword
This sharp two-edged


sword Is found at;

Rev.1: 16 ~16. And she had in her right hand seven stars: and out of her mouth wel1t a sharp Twoedged sword:" The sword is symbolic for the word. The purpose of the two edges on the sword are because the truth is one edge, but the religious order wrote lies that produced a second edge. There are two stories in the Bible. One leads to death or destruction. The ofher path leads to etemallife right here on earth. The religious order developed.a false teaching and attributed it to their make believe savior, Jesus. Gen.3:


Cherubim's, life.

.24.i! So God drove out the man; and placed at the east of The Garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way. to keep the way of the tree of

A Cherub is a child angel. If you pass religion to a Cherub or a child, your path to the tree of life has been blocked. You will die and go to the devil in fue sun if you do not locate the tree of life. That flaming Sword or word is incest, a flaming word. Incest is a topic that even the brave in this world do not touch. That is because the lord god, the devil, made incest forbidden in religion. Incest will cause the hermaphrodites to be born aqain, the way Nature started human life. Nature will send every one of us into death, if we do not put life back the way Nature had it Unless you were willing to do just the opposite of what religion teaches you, and enjoy incest with your kin, without shame or guilt. you would never learn the truth. Truth Is the tree of life ..The word incest bums YOlJr very core with fear. This fear is the flaming sword that keeps the religious from ever finding the tree of lIfe, which is the truth. Nature teaches the angels to stay away' from rel.igion. R.eligion bid the angel to come, spread the lie, and die. You must know the truth to avoid the lies. Both stories are presented in the Bible. One is a lie. You have already leamed that the word religion means "A process to lie anew". Therefore, anything in the Bible that has to do with religion Is a lie. Once an angel has eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they must figure out which story is the truth before they die, One story leads to destruction, the other to eternal life. .


Matt. 7: 13 and 14

13. " Enter ye in at the strait gat.e::for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the there be that find it."

way, whJch leadth unto life, and few

let me show you which path you are on, The pathto destruction is broad and wide. How many angels do you figure have died since the foundation of the world? I think it would be reasonable to say it must be classified as many. All these have gone in at the
wrong gate. Hello, death is destruction. How many angels do you figure do not believe in god and live naturally? Only a few. These few entered at the strait gate.


From the Foundation of the World
The religious order prides itself in beginning the knowledge of their god with the creation of the world. This is because EL, the god otthe so-called Jews, was creetecata certain point in time ..EL would oilly be able to begin her version of creation at a point she has knowledge of. According to religion, the earth was void and without form: Gen.1:: 2 and 3 "2. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep ..And the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters. 3. And god said," let there be light; and there was light. " This verse gives the impression that god is all-powerful. All god had to do was say let there be light. and there was light. This is an outstanding accomplishment for a god who formed a man, then figured out that it was not good for the man to be alone. Then the lord god gives the poor chap a name that means a lady. If god said. "let there be light", and ·there was light, why didn't god just say let there be everything and be done with it? God could have saved himself six days of hard labor which only ended up causing him to wear his poor little self out I rather fancy the commandment that the lord thy god is a jealous god. Jealousy? In god? I can see a human being jealous, but god? God was jealous because God was a human being named A'belle. What would the all-powerful need to be jealous about? His own creation? Nature is all-powerful and does not need you to tell i1 so. In this light, one should understand that all forms of worship are forbidden. If you worship anything, your name has been removed from the Book of Life.

Rev. 17:8
"And they that dwell upon the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in The Book of Life from the foundation of the world." Rev.13:8 "And all that dwell upon the earth Shall worship him, whose names are not written in The Book of Life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. ~ Since the Christian believes in the Bible, they should know that everyone on the earth shall worship the beast. While the Christian may not want this verse to apply to any of them, there IS only one person that all on this earth worships. That person is god. If you worship god, your name has been removed from the book of life.


The recording of ~he names of those who wi'll see elernallilfe proves that being saved by religion is lrrrposs'ble. You would either live naturally and see eternal life, or live worshiping the devil and die. Either you were never in jeopardy, or you condemned yourself. Nature does not make mistakes.

One can quickly learn his or her status by examining The Book of Revelation. Rev. 17: verse 8 "They that dwelll on the 'earth shal.11 onder, whose names were not written in The w Book of Ufe from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is." The measure, which will let each angel know if he or she is condemned, is whether he or she 'wonders' when they behdld, [Ieamll, who the beast is. The beast is god. God was here. Now god is not. Yet god is stilll here sitting in the sun. Are you in wonder? If so, you are condemned un~i1you stop worshiping the devil. This condemnsnon is to the point. Rev. 1]3: 8 "And all that dwell upon tile earth shall worship her, [the beast], whose names are not written in The Book of Ufe of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world ".

The lamb that was slaln firom the foundation of the world is the truth. The truth is as innocent as a lamb. A'beille slayad the truth so that the man would die. The slaying of the truth is the offering that Abel made to her god, which was herself, A'belle as EL. I have already informed the reader thatA'belle worshipped A'belle. The flrst sacrifice to god was the truth. That sacrifice was made to ,god by glad. The truth was spat UpOIl from the beginning. The truth was replaced with a lie, a beliief iin god, the devil, and death. Gan any religion truthfully claim to save a devill that nature condemned before the world or religions were founded? A bel lef is a temporary substitute for the: truth. If one has the truth. of what value is a belief?


Since religions do not have 'The Book of Life'; to verify that the names of their followers have actually been recorded in The Book 'Of life, religions offer no verification that anyone is saved. On an issue as important asetemallife, shouldn't verification be required? Nature verifies who the condemned are. Those who pass the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil to a .child, or use humans as slaves, are condemned. Simple.

Can a religion condemn an angel who has been granted etemallife? Religion cannot. Until the Book of Revelation was revealed, there was no way any religion could have known that Nature had already recorded the names of its choices before one atom was utilized in the creation of the world .. Nature snows us all to know who will enter eternal life. Those angels who do not pass religion shall enter eternal life, What religious devil can stand before the world and prove they have been gra.nted eternal life? Yet the names were recorded before the foundation of the world.


No physical heaven as a place to go after death was ever created ..Heaven as a place to go after death is a lie formulated by the devil to mislead and bring you to her in the sun. It is the opposite of the truth. Heaven is right here. Death is the final destination of all that exist outside of life. Heaven is a state of mind that is in tune with the creation of Nature. If you get kicked out of heaven, you enter the realm of death, yet there is no death. Nothing dies, everything changes to energy. Death as an end was created by the devil. An empty word, a lie. Death only means that you are no longer alive. Death is not living. Heaven is life. Death is eternity inside the sun, your life force to be used for aU time to warm the earth, heaven. Nature made marijuana; cocaine, heroin, opium, and all drugs, and they were

perfect. Only the devil would say drugs are bad after Nature created everything perfect.
The religious order ALWAYS works the opposite of Nature. Religion condemns Nature's creation because religion exists outside of the creation of Nature. In plaln words, Nature did not create religion. the devil as god did. Another opposite. Religion is a lie, a lie that was repeated anew. The Garden of Eden is actually the Garden of Need. The devil switched the letters in the word Need to read Eden. The word need denoted a purpose for the earth. That would have given away too much of the truth. The garden itself is the entire universe. The hermaphrodites of life were created to have sex anywhere in The Garden, with whomever they choose. Nature only put things into The Garden that were of need. Eden on the other hand, gives a relaxed feeling of paradise. The devil needs you to relax. and play your life away paying no real attention to the place called Eden. Nature placed its hermaphrodites in The Garden of Need because they needed to develop, the same reason why you are here. Nature never created a tree of the knowledge of good and of evil and put it Into the gar{jen. This is The Garden of Need. What did Nature need with a tree of death in its garden of sex? Life did not need death. The devil however, would need death. Nature created death to put the things no longer of need. The D on the end of the word need is placed between the two E's. The N in the word need is placed on the end. NEED


.The denial that this is the only life will get one sent to the sun. The denial that all that Nature created is perfect, puts one into opposition with Nature and gets one sent to the sun. If one judges what nature created as not good, Nature sends you to the only other place, death, which is not good. Therefore, choose wisely.


Of course, a female and could not Gain had with A'dam in one reason, to convince the Blbla claims that A'dam was the father ot Seth, but A'dam was father a child ..Seth was the child of Cain and A'dam. The sex. that the garden produced Seth. The name Seth was given to her for the world that this was the son of Eve the! hermaphrodite.

Son of Eve T he
Ii child.


Because A'belile cut off Cain's penis" there would be no proof that Cain made Eve could not claim the child because of the loss of her penis. Gain and A'dam were directly related, Seth therefore, was born Hermaphrodite. This was a step backward for Nbelle because A'belle wanted A'dam to bring humans wi~lhone sex. into the world. A'dam would lie and say Seth was her child with Eve" who A'dam would claim was a hermaphrodite unrelated to A'dam. A'dam would further claiim that Seth was born male, a son. A'dam could not admit that Cain was, the father of Seth because Cain was A'dam's father and A'darn was working to outlaw lncest, Seth was Cain's child with his daughter A'dam, and Seth was herrnaphrodite. Seth, under the guidance of her mother A'dam, would go on to be worshipped as the Dagon. Nature already put A'belle iinside the sun by the time Seth was born. A'dam however, would pass religion to Seth, securiing the death of A'dam. A'dam had become bold with her religion. A'dam knew she wanted to die. What could Nature do to her? Those who had accepted A'dam's religion had begun to !kill one another. Gen. 4: 25 ",And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For god, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew."

A'belle or Abel was slain by Eve. Had Cain still been Cain, Abel would still be alive. A'dam had the child, not Eve. A'belte however, was dead. A'belle left her seed of religion within her daughter A'dam. A'dam and Seth would produce a line of liars, hypocrites, and ultimately killers. It is tlhe seed of A'belle, A'dam and Seth, that the Sernlfic people come from.


Enoch would be the first child of Eve. Remember, although Cain had her penis cut off, Cain was still a hermaphrodite ..While Eve could not pass her seed as a man to a woman, because of the loss of her penis, Eve could still give birth on her own. These offspring from Eve would be hermaphrodite. We know that the Bible claims that Cain found a wife in the land of Nod. Not true. Not only did Cain not need a wife because Cain is a hermaphrodite, Cain could not have sex with a wife because of the loss of her penis. A'dam was tossed into death and combined with A'belle her mother to form' Baal'. The combining of A'darn and Abella created the first unnatural marriage, and the god of the so-called Jews,' Baal '. Baal would forever require her followers to marry and become one flesh with someone else, like A'belle would always be combined with A'dam in the sun. These are idols of Allah. Notice the three crescent moons on her stomach, one on both her knees. The second idol has the crescent moon on her chest. Anyone who would claim that their ancestors did not worship idols is a liar and the father of it. It is the tree of religion which brings the fallen angel to their god Allah in the sun. You can spe!1 the moon god Allah, (below photos), using the' h ' from Seth, the two Lis from A'belle, and the two' A's' from A'dam. The creature once known as 0 on was now' The one '

The actual name Allah will always point to the fact that god was a human being. Starting witb the right Arm, right Leg, left Leg, left Arm, Head.

There is a group of devils who call themselves Jews and are not; Rev. 2: 9 9. "I, Nature, know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews! and
are not."

These false Jews blasphemy against Nature when they say their god, (EL). created and authored the world. Abram already had a covenant with Nature that appeared to be
just fine.

Gen. 15: 18
"In the same day Nature made a covenant with Abram, saying. unto thy seed have I given this land, from The River of Egypt unto The Great River, The River Euphrates."

Now this truly is a gift from Nature. End of covenant. Nature gave your seed the land, what more is needed? The covenant between Nature and Abram did not call for anything other than he have sex with his sister, be natural. The, two got busy so here is the land. Good deal, covenant complete.

When this Abraham guy appears in the bible, so does the weird offerings of severed foreskins and the killing of ones own child.

Gen. 17: 5
~5. Neither shall thy name anymore be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham." So now, Abram, who had a good covenant with Nature, has become Abraham and is talking to a god who wants like ten million tons of dick skin as a sign of friendship. Beam me up Scottie. Why would Abram change his name and enter into another covenant with a god who wants dick skin from everybody?


Gen. 17: 10
"10. "This is my covenant, which y'e shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man-child among you shall be circumcised. 11. And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it snall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.

12. And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you,
13. and my covenant shall be in your ftesh for an everlasting covenant. "

Abram, who humped his sister for one hundred years unfit she was pregnant, already had the same covenant with Nature. Why all the cutting off of penis meat?

Remember, A'belle removed Cain"s penis. The ritual of circumcision is dedicated to Baal, who IS a mixture of A'belle and A'dam. In order to serve their god, (Baal). these sow called Jews made a pact with the devil, (A'dam) that called for the circumcision of the foreskin of all male children. That dead dick skin is offered to the devil as a sign of acknowledgement that A'belle began by cutting off Cain's penis. Only the devil would require dick skins as a sign of friendship. The weird requests never stop coming. This god of this new Abraham now wants the guy Abraham to kill his son who the man waited one hundred years to make with a woman who was just as old; but because Abram lived naturally. and therefore forever. one hundred years old is an infant to Nature. Gen. 22: 2 "And he said; Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into ihe land of Mo·ri-ah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee ... It was at this point when Abraham should have reported this dick skin lovin, baby

boy klllln, god/devil, to the authorities .. Rest easy folks. Abraham dtd not. exist. It was just
the devil getting the so-called Jews

to offer up some HUMAN SACRIFICES.


The Jews of today claim that ones mother needs to be Jewish in order for he child to be Jew:ish. Thls is to a<i1ign themselves with Baal. Although Cain fathered both A.'dam and Seth, because the so-called Jews only acknowiedqe the woman involved, Cain was not considered a Jew. Yet Cain, like A'belle, were natural .Jsws because they were born hermaphrodite. The seed of the so-called Jews starts with A'be,llle, the devil.

U ones mother needs to be Jewish for the child to be Jewish, thefirst Jew would have to be a mother. The first woman was A'dam. Therefore, the mother of the 80Galled Jews is A'darn, the devil. That would make A'belle, (god), the mother of the devil. Therefore, the mother ot the so-called Jews really ,~sgod, but god is the devil, t:he father of lies. That woulld fall in line with the rel~igions that god offers, "a process to 118anew".

These fake Jews have been trying to give their god as many angels as possible, lin exchange for the religion they have spread across the world, the so-called Jews helpthernselves to the eartb's wealth left behind by the people they knew their religiofl would klll. This is done tor greed of money, and because the devil is miserable misery wants miserable company.


What do you say about a race of devHs who sold oumNature to get some jewels out of the gmund? Them these same people were kind enough to spread religion around tile world! so that you can lose your eternal life by passing on the religions they founded with the devil.

The Jewish high priests wear a breastplate of judgment, (see above photo). Within this breastplate of judqrnent is a jewel called a 'Iigure " Li9l, as you already know, means to lle. 'ure " means, practice. So Din tile Jewish breastplate of ~udgment is a jewel that represents the so-called Jews motto, 'Practice to lls.' The high priest wears this>


Even the Pope is wining to wear the Jewish breastplate of judgment with its command to practice to Lie '. Practice to lie goes right along with wsaring, the of the Dagan. llhe symbol of Baal, the cross of Jesus, and the Sitar and Crescent of Allah. They are all devil .

This is the Pope wearing the breastplate of judgment symbol of the so-called Jews. These false jlews gained some information concerning how the art of religious deception could trick Eve and her seed into death. The so-called Jews sold out Nature and everything living for material wealth. The hermaphrodites Mathe real Jewels at Nature.


The woman was formed to be a harlot, a hypocrite, a shameless whore ..., and a mother;. IRev.17.: Sand 6

5. "upon her forehead was wrlttsn a name, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE
MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTiH," 6. And I saw the woman drunken w~th the blood 0"1 the saints, and wiilh the blood of the martyrs of Jesus; and when I;saw her, I wondered with great admiration. n Wonder no more. The name written upon the forehead of the Mother of harlots is A' bene (see photo). Notice the fish head miter of the Dagon. Note the two Uons at her knees. The same ~wo Lions beside. the idol of the moon goddess Allah,

While A'belle is the mother at all shameless the woman w is drunken with the blood is A'dam. The mother daughter bond is such that they should naturally be as one. Because the mother lives unnaturally, the mother 'is jealous of the daiUgh~er. The mother therefore wants to kiH the daughter. The mother passes religion to her daughter to make certain the daughter dies. The mother passe's death to her male child simply because he is male, The lady, as opposed to a temale, is by nature a abornlnatlon. The followers of A'belle would actually call the teal Jews, the hermaphrodites, abominations before their god EL Remember, A'bells was at one time the most: beautiful hermaphrodite in Nature. Those who believs in god worship the devil and are the abominations of the earth. All rel~gion has lts origin with the sa-called Jew,. the seed of Abelle, The lie can be traced back to the Jew who was not a Jew, A'dam, tile first woman. Because Eve kil~ed A'b8~IB for having Gut off her penis, A'dam feed reliqion to Gain's child Seth. The end result is a world full of murdering devil worshippers. A'bejle is no one to 'lear, A'belle is inside the sun calling the anqels with re~igion to Join her in death.


The tree of the knowledge Of Good and Evil
Gell. 2: 17
17. ~f But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil ,thou shalt not eat of It: for in the day thatthou eat thereof, thou shall surely die.~ God never commanded anyone not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of goOd and evil. God, who is the devil, created the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which you now know is religion. However, when Eve figured out how the angels were dying, she warned them.

~ifanyone eats of this tree of religion, and passes that lie to a child and does not make timely repentance, that angel WQuJd surely die."
Evil and death seeped intothe realm of humans With the forming of RELIGION. A'belle, A'dam, and Seth, formulated religion to be a process to lie anew. A'dam, (the devil), had to formulate a way to get the angels involved with religion so they could die and help A'belle in the sun. The first task was to make A'belle the top dog. This was accomplished by kicking one, ' 0 ' out of the word good. Now the good in good was gone . .she was left with, god. Since this was a creation other than was made by Nature, this god guy belonged in deam, the place where things of 110 need are put. The god would be A'belle. A'belle would be called EL. A'belle was already in the sun. A'dam switched the name A'belle to Abel, leaving a masculine image. A'dam would change her name to Adam and remove all traces of the female devil in this story. A'dam would claim 1hat Cain slayed Abel. A'dam did not want the angels in heaven to live. A'dam turned the word live around and got evil. Her rellqlon would be the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil. There would be no good in her religion because she got rid of the good when she formed the word god. Nature, as a matter of course, breathed death into every word thatA'dam used in her religion. You must therefore die to be with your god.


So that the angels would know that passing religion can result in death, Eve taught one not to touch the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil. By injecting that phrase into A'belle's religion as the forbidden fruit, Eve passed the light to anyone who would seek the truth. Still, the devil only had to convince the angels to pass the religion, thereby disobeying the laws of Nature, resulting in their death if 'they do not make timely repentance. A male angel is created to be perfect The female had to make her religion appear to be good or the angel would never accept religion. After Cain's encounter with A'belle in the garden, Cain rejected religion straight out. If you believe in any god at the time of death. death claims you. If you doni. practice religion, or make a slave out of a human being, you will never see death. Nature allows you to do what you will in this life, You must prove yourself worthy of eternal life. We had to figure ollt what the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil was. Nature was making a man. To avoid death, one must avoid religion. One can be tricked into eating from this tree, but Nature judges the heart, not the act. Eve sern out the cal! for aU Angels to abandon religion and live:

"Come out of her, [religion}, my angels, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." The word "her" is used in the Book of Revelation as a symbolic term for rel'lgion because religion was the creation of the woman. All violations of natural law have consequences.


Even if some part of the story about Adam and Eve were true, they still would have had to enjoy incest just to populate the earth. Clearly, if you start from one man, and you pull a woman out of ths'! man, they have the exact same DNA. These same two people, with the exact same DNA" are then commanded to multiply. That there is incest and do not try to pull the wool over my eyes. Now, if you end up with billions of humans from these same two people, incest was jumping off for a very long time. So when did it become outlawed, and by whom? Good guess, the devil, as god. In the Book. of GenesiS, while still in the Garden of Eden, the lord god puts enmity between the woman and the serpent, Gen. 2: 13 thru 15 13. " And the lord god said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat 14. And the lord god said unto the serpent, Becauselhou hast done this, thou are cursed above all cattle, and above every beast ofthe field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shall thou eat all the days of thy life: 15. And I will put enmity between thy seed and her seed; It shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel." The word enmity means hatred, or a feeling that enemies have for each other. If the lord god was placing hatred between the woman and the serpent, and we know that the serpent was Cain, the father and blood relation to the woman A'dam, then the lord god was placing hatred between the woman and her blood kin. The devil commanded the woman to reject incest. The enmity that was placed between the woman and her blood kin was incest. The lord god, Baal, would forbid incest between the woman and her own seed. Remember, the serpent also represents Nature. The lord god put enmity between the woman and what she would do naturally. This enmity was done with religion. Since enmity means hatred, and the lord god put hatred between the woman and her blood kin, the woman therefore hates the very thought of incest. Not because incest was unlawful, but because the devil. her god, told her not to do it. The lord god used religion to stop incestuous relations so that more male slaves would be born. Rejecting incest would not only make the woman unnatural, it would cause the woman to raise her male children to not have sex with their mother or blood kin. If the male child listens to his mother, the male child would obey what the devil commanded. That Is worship and is forbidden. Now the male child dies right along with his blood kin. They all would die because they did not do what comes natural.


If you have sex with your own Mother, the church condemns you as a sinner. If a child eats, urinates, and defecates in their mother's womb for nine months, these two share all bodily fluids and are bonded 'for all times. Sex once out the womb is natural. A sign of love and affection. A continuation of the bond established in the womb.

If one was to consider something a marriage, it is the bond between parent and child,and brother and sister. Religion, that which an angel is forbidden to touch, proclaimed incest to be a sin. It is religion that placed the will of Nature in the category of sin. If you do not do what is natural to do, you must die. Religion bans incest because incest is how you obtaln eternal life, and how the hermaphrodites are born. Nature used incest as an etemal sign left behind to show the world that there was never any possibility of sin. How could there be any such thing as sin if incest was permitted? All Angels who lived naturally indulged in incest. Abram was sexing his sister. Eve told the Jews that they do not do the things that Abram did, like hump their sister. Here is another example of the sharp two-edged sword. Jacob married two sisters that were his Uncle's daughters, making them all of the same blood. Lot made both his daughters pregnant. We could go on and on with names but just from a health standpoint, incest makes sense for keeping strange blood out. of your bloodline. The natural thing for Cain and A'dam to do was make love, They did. They were all blood related. Incest was then, and is now, completely natural. A'dam however, was not the seed of Nature. A'dam loved being unnatural. She loved death. Cain on the other hand, wanted to make love to his daughter A'dam. Cain loved his daughter. A'dam was selfish. In time though, A'dam gave in, but she never put any love into it. Cain had been schooled well and would tear fire to A'dam's nice firm ass. She loved it but would never admit lt, she was a lady, and she was unnatural. Why would a god create sexually opposite creatures and not instruct them to have sex? The lord god failed to instruct A'dam and Eve to have sex, 10 multiply and be fruitful. That instruction was given to the hermaphrodites by Nature, long before the making of A'dam or Eve. Genesis 1: 27 and 28 27. So Nature created hermaphrodites created it her: male and female created it them. in its own image, in the image of Nature,


28. And Nature blessed them, and Nature sald unto them. Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish 1he earth.


It was Naturally in the hermaphrodites to have sex with their own blood kin. The hermaphrodite gives birth to its own child. The hermaphrodite had both a penis and a vagina. Whichever one the child liked best, the parent had it. There were no authority figures to tell the hermaphrodite what to do. When an adult male parent feels sexual lust towards his daughter, that is a Natural attraction. The daughter will also feel the attraction towards her father. These relationships are common and completely Natural. The father's penis is the first penis the daughter craves. The father may just accidentally brush up against his daughter and become erect. The daughter needs the sex from her father because he is the man that she trusts and admires. If a father does not know he has a sexy daughter, he is an idiot.

We need to mention the relationship between Mother and son. While most mothers will tell their male child that he has to find some other female for sex, it is still the mother that provides the first sexual arousal for the son. Every male child wants to look up mommy's dress. The male chiId will naturally protect his mother from all males including his father. The male child will still hold his mother above any woman he might marry. The only thing missing from the mother son relationship is the sex. It is the incest that perfects the relationship. It is the incest that completes the human being. By not enjoying the incest, the mother is actually abandoning her duty as a mother. The mother does not love her son. If you do not love your blood kin, you must die. One should also understand that it is the woman that makes certain that incest does not occur. This falls in line with the woman creating the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil with the devil. The woman has made incest evil, and her number one enemy. The reason being is that incest is the key to eternal life. The woman does not want to live. The woman therefore made up her own rules and fed that to her children to secure their death. Incest will make the mother equal to her son. The woman does not want to be equal with her son. The woman wants to rule her son. It is this desire to rule a human being that led to the development of religion. Remember, you must live the opposite of religion if you want eternal life. Clearly incest is the will of Nature. Incest would ensure that the love which binds blood kin would always bind bedmates. Remember, the kingdom is within, within ones own blood line. This is how being saved works. Through incest, the Mother must save the son. The Father must save the daughter, and the brother must save the sister. There is no other way. This can not be done as a hypocrite. Nature will not give you credit. Not once did Nature suggest that anyone marry, have just one sex mate, or worship anything. It was not natural then, and it is not natural now. Humans only needed to stay away from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, and live.


The early founders of the one god approach to death were the Hebrews. Nobody ever saw this Moses person because Moses never existed as a person. Moses was actually A'belle, disguised as the god EL.

. .


..... L_
. .

You will see at the top of this diagram. the name of the god of the Old Testament. As I have informed the reader, the god's name is EL. Below the English written name of EL. is the ancient Semites way of writing their god EL. You will notice that EL is a man with a staff pointing outwards or towards the world. This man with his staff is Moses. EL was therefore Moses.


The pagan god name Sin was ruler of Mount Sinai where Moses claims to have met his god. Mount Sinai is the mountain of Sin. SQ Moses went to ~he mountain of Sin to get the law to save you from sin? Good luck. Moses had an agenda all his own. Instead of the world having many gods, Moses, who is A'belle disguised as the god El, wanted to bring the world under one god, the Dagon. Dagon means one god. Moses.set out to write down the ten things people had to do to please the one god be was introducing. No real amazement that no other person beside the brother of Moses. was claimed to be present to hear and see this god give Moses his marching orders. You would think that god would have showed himself to everyone, put Moses in charge, and threaten everybody with hell fire if they did not do what Moses said. Just seems to me that if a god wanted the world to know something, he could have, told them himself, and not have told only Moses.


Moses had a lot of property that he did not want to gIve up. He was getting old and the young guys were waiting to pounce, on his property. After Moses wrote that man shall have no other god before his Dagon, Moses was quick to add that you folks shall not covet his wife or his property, nor anything that belongs to Moses. Moses could lay claim to whoever's property he wanted, 'in his god's name of course.

As he demonstrated in Egypt. Moses never had any problem murdering people. What are the odds that a righteous god would choose a murderer to be his spokesperson? If Moses could not kill real people, he was not above making up some folks to kill.

Pay very dose attention while I pull the curtain off this Wizar"d. Now, certain folks, have told certain other folks, that a guy name Moses went down into Egypt land and drowned all the Pharaoh's army with one wave of his hand. Damm good trick, but folks, it is not true. We have very accurate records of all that occurred in Egypt dating back long before old Moses was around. Not one hint of any Pharaoh loosing his entire army at one sitting. Do you folks know that jf Moses could have gotten lid of the Pharaoh's army. Egypt would have been Mosasville? Not for long though because every standing army at the time would have heard about this massive drowning of the Pharaoh's entire army and been in Egypt collecting the females.

If an angel did not pay homage to the god of Moses, he was killed and his property taken. More rules would be added in time. The goal of the followers of Moses was to control everything. The, religion of Moses was set up to be the opposite of what Nature intended. Remember, the devil always says the opposlte of what Nature dOBS. Moses could not very well call himself the devil so he gave that role to Nature, then called Nature Satan. Satan would now be code tor Nature, the opposite of the god of Moses. Remember, Satan means the adversary. and. Survival And The Androgen, (hermaphrodite) Nation. Moses was making Nature and eternal life the devll.:

Most are lost in the wilderness of religion ..Not only is religion the wilderness that Moses led the human race into, it Is-also the path to death. Death however, must be your free will cholce.


The final act used to call the Angels to their death was to send The Son of Man. The Son of what Man? Jesus never existed. Jesus is a ghost, a lie, and the 666 Beast. The church claims that Jesus is the son of their god, born of the virgin Mary. Sorry, wrong answer. Virgins cannot have babies. Common sense tells us the virg'in with the baby story is a lie. That would fit right into the theme of religion, a process to lie anew. Once again, the religious folks go opposite to the way Nature said babies are made. Nature said, "Get to humping." The religious fulks, always doing the opposite of Nature, needed a clean unhumped woman to have their gods' baby. If she wasn't good enough to hump, what made her worthy of his child? Listen folks, virgin means, pure. Nothing has been in her. In the case of Jesus, we have a pregnant woman. You cannot have a baby growing in you and call yourself a virgin or pure. I wonder if she was still a virgin once the afterbirth was cleaned out? The virgin who had a baby is not only an insult to anyone with a brain that works; it is also a lie against Nature. This is the type of bold face lie that god promotes ..

What the virgin with a baby story ooes is make you a. clear liar. All liars must go down with the devil, father of lies, God. It is almost funny that god requires his followers to repeat what all men know is a clear lie. While the lie may not appear to be much to you, you make a liar out of your children. You are doing the, will of the devil by spreading lies. I have spent eoollflh time on a virgin who had a baby.


Jesus is claimed to be the only begotten son of god, yet Moses said the sons of god took wives of tile daughters of men; 36n.6: 2 "That the sons of god saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives all which they chose."

If Jesus came from Nature, his father would have been hermaphrodite. hermaphrodite would have no need for a woman, virgin or otherwise. They reproduce within themselves.



The church claims Jesus to be the son of their god and that Jesus came into the world to do the will of their god. You know, healing the sick, feeding the starving, walking on water, and forgiving sin. There was never any need for forgiveness of sin because there never was any such a thing as sin, except on the tree of the knowledge of gO'od and evil, and that tree was forbidden to pass to anyone. How you can kJilla guy that can walk on water is beyond me. It is very troubling to me that such a nice fellow would be spat upon, beat, knifed, and nailed to a tree. All this was done to prevent Jesus from doing all the good stuff the religious order claimed he did. Yeah okay, but who would kill such a nice fellow? Yep, you guessed, the religious order of course. It was the followers of Moses who conspired against Jesus to kill him. Why would the Jews kill god? To make their god EL top god once again. Remember, A'belle changed her name to EL,. the god of the Old Testament. A'belle's name was changed again to Abba, the goo of the New Testament Only one god at a time. Abba. had no intention of sharing power with Jesus his son. Jesus had to die. It appears In the bible that EL and Abba, never died. The wise know that both El and Abba died when A'belle was killed by Eve.

The Jews formulated the STORY of Jesus Christ into a religion knowing that religion was forbidden. Jesus was always the, 666 beast. Judaism is the Great Red Dagon in the Book of Revelation. The deck was stacked against religion. Stili, even the Christians must acknowledge that this world belongs to Satan, who Is Nature. Death belongs to their god, Jesus. In this light, it is not thai hard to understand that Nature kept Eve,the bearer of light, in this world 10 remind the angels not to pass the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, (religion), to anyone. Makes sense. -


A'dam was not punished for eating from the forbidden tree. She invented the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil. She was sentenced for feeding it to her seed, Seth. Eve had that drop of truth. A'belle and A'dam wanted to kill that truth. Unnatural living can result in death. The seed of A'dam, the lady, can only become free through incesl All of the Daughters of Cain were mature natural whores and serviced their father, including

A'dam would go on to trick the male offspring into working and taking care of her. A'dam has tricked them into being her slave. From putting the toilet seat down to raising some other angel's baby, A'dam has tricked the male offspring into de-ath. This is why Nature sends the offspring of A'dam and Eve to death on a regular basis.

A'dam figured jf she had to die, she would take all the angels with her. A'dam developed her religion to her fullest ability and passed her religion on to as many as would accept it. A'dam knew she was going to die; she wanted the company of her own offspring. She was too selfish to spare her own offspring the agony of death, just as her mother A'belle had done her. The hermaphrodites, who did not worship, vi:ewed Adam's religion for what it was, death. and wrote it as forbidden to all who would live. Those who would carry A'dam's banner of religion would track down the real Jews, the hermaphrodites, who did worship, and slaughter them wherever they were found. The tree of the knowledge of good and of evil would grow and bring forth its fruit. After all. the scriptures must be fulfilled conceming the entire world worshiping the beast. The beast that shall sit as the god of the world is,' The Dagon', the god of the so-called
Jews, the one god.

Because Nature created angels for incest, religion teaches that incest Is a sin. Everything that came natural to Cain was now listed as a sin under A'dam's religion. Cain would still have sex with his daughters because Cain did what is natural to do, the will of Nature. Religion teaches the opposite of Nature's will for the angels, so that the angels will die. A'dsrn's hypocrisy knew bounds. The hermaphrodites would have sex with, A'dam just to expose her hypocrisy.


With the passage of time, A'darn's religion would take on many forms. Regardless

of the times, each form of religion led to the exact same result, death. All religions promise
their reward after death. Death is iherefore the reward of religion. Once A'dam formulated her religion, the promise of death was realized on earth. If a human must die to be with god, then It is the will of god that man die. The will of god is being done on earth,


A'belle, along with her daughter A'dam, formulated a plan to make slaves out ot human beings. To demonstrate the heartless nature of the woman, the woman, along with A'belle the, hermaphrodite, planned the death of the male humans before they were ever born. The male human, having not yet been born, had done nothing to deserve the fate of death. The trap of slavery and death would nonetheless be waiting for him. The male human has been worshipping the devil based on a violation in the Garden of Eden that never occurred. It. was the woman in the Garden of Eden that took it upon herself to decide the fate of the male human, and 'thereby the entire human species. The tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion. would be, the woman's weapon and her path to death. It was Nature that then put her ass straight inside. the sun, with her mother, A'belle. for all etem1:ty. Still, it would require a man to uncover the plot, thereby ending death.

Understanding this, the last thing a woman wanted to see born into this world was a man. To make certain the male child would never mature into a man, the woman raised the child on fantasy and death. From gods that could impregnate females and still claim she was a virgin, to flying angels, to having the male run and jump on a hand grenade to prove he was a man, the woman scrambled the male child's brains until the poor thing did whatever the woman said in order to be viewed by her as a man. In truth, if the male child could not mature and come face to face with the lies and the images the mother plaoodinside his mind when he was a child, the male would live his entire life as a child mentally, not knowing that he could have developed the strength of a man, and figure out the truth to overcome death. It is the men who must raise their daughters to be natural and love their fathers. If the woman wants death, let her go. It was the woman that made god, Nature has no objection to her going to her god.

Further, the hermaphrodites who worshiped and followed A'belle, would natural law by w.orshipping lhe god (he woman would pass to him. It was the worshipping of god the devil, and making of a slave oui. of a human being, that placed these hermaphrodites in violation of Natural Law. They were left: the choice of freeing their slaves and repenting that behavior, or die -, They chose death. You do not have to choose death. If you can read this, you can still choose life eternal.
breed outside of their own bloodline just to produce a human being with one sex, that they would then make a slave, sending him into death once he had unknowingly violated


To complicate matters even further, the lord god, which is the oombination

of A'belle and A'darn, called Baal, hid the tree of life. the truth, so that the male would
believe he had to die for violating some command that was never issued to him, The woman, who does not want to be in life because she cannot rule Nature, willingly accepts death just to make it appear to the male child that everyone must die ..While the male child was sure to worship what his mother had taught him was god., it was this very worship and belief in god that was a violation of natural law and sure to get the child dead in time. During the time it would take for the male child to die, the male child was taught to work . and honor his mother. This means that the woman is in fact being worshipped for maldng her child a slave, and then killing her child. This is what the de~l. the lord god did. These are the reasons the lord god, and ali her followers, are placed inside the sun by the one power that can do it. Nature. In order to receive the proteouon of Nature, the angel must give up the worshipping. All forms of worship. are forbidden by Nature. .

Religions sprang up evefYlNhere. From the Sun God 10 the Sea God. from cows to rocks, from Zeus to the devil, the 8ngels have worshiped everything. The key to the door of etemallife is this, GIVE BACK THE RELIGION. The only way to show nature that you have completely given back the religion is through incest To do the incest and still worship god IS to condemn yourself needlessly. The natural sexual attraction between blood kin must be done in strength, not as a cowardly hypocrite. Nature protects the strong. The worshipping of god is as simple as the belief in death. If god is inside of death, and god wants you to be with him, then god needs you to believe in death so that you will come willingly. Death must be a free will choice ..If ·the atheist believes. that they must die, then the atheist believes in death ..God and death are one. You can call death god, or you can call god death. as long as. you believe in death, god has convinced you to willingly give up your life. The key to getting death out of the world is getting the religion out of the world. It is the duty of the reader to now cross check all the facts presented in The Book of Life. The reader can find the meaning of the word lig on the internet. Learn about the gods EI, Dagon, Baal,. and Abba. They are all one and they are the devil. While these gods were worshipped as god during the time that their followers adored them, it was not until humans had evolved enough to understand that the child sacrifices and the murder of other human beings to spread the belief in one god was devilishment, that these very same gods were realized to be the devil. It was men of light and intelligence that understood that this was devil worship. These men passed the truth down in code within The Holy Books. Only the one who was truly called would be able to read the truth in these books that have been around for thousands of years. The devil ·then had to change his image to fit the age of enlightenment.


The devil would change his image toa loving god. It was all the same to the devil because the devil knows that allfonns of worship are forbidden and would end in the same result, the death of the worshipper. Examine once again how the word Dagon was transformed into the one God.

The remains The 'AN' means 'ONE' The letters D-G-O are arranged G-O-D 'THE ONE GOD t, The Dagon

= The

One god

This is clear proof of the plot that changed the Dagon into the One God. Because this is the age of information, all these gods and their histories can be located on the internet. You no longer have to be deceived. You no longer have to believe, you can know. Knowledge is power. You have the power to live forever. All you need is the knowledge of the truth, and the courage to accept the truth. The Archangel Michael was called to merely brake certain words down to their root word, to reveal the natural meaning of the word, and how it was put together. To learn that the word religion naturally means a process to lie anew, is damming to the religious. After all, it is the father of lies that you seek to avoid at all costs. Understanding this .•the act of incest is no cost at all. The interpretation of the Bible verses are proof that the Archangel has arrived to reveal the truth from the same book tha.t has been available for thousands of years. So ask yourself. why none of the Popes, nor their followers, have counted the number of the beast for you, nor revealed what the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil is, nor what the tree of life is, or its location. The poor little devils had to lie and make up a story about an apple, when there are no apples in the. bible. Now folks, that is weak. All terms used in The Book of Life can be located in a good dictionary. There was never any magical hocus pocus involved with life. The imag·e of a winged half human creature as an angel was put to rest with the story of Lot, a story that has been at your very finger tips for thousands of years. Until one truly called has arrived, it was always the blind trying to lead the blind. They all ended up in the grave. We only needed to make a sincere search for the truth, then accept the truth once it was located. Never had Nature instructed anyone to worship it or anything else. Nature does not worship anything, neither should its angels. Nature now provides what the human species is wanting.


If you worship anything, you have now been found wanting. If you have passed the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, religion, to a child, you have now been found wanting. If you do not give each human the profits of their labor, you have now been found wanting. If you have not enjoyed incest, in truth and in love. you have now been found wanting. If you believe that any drug nature has created is bad, you have now been found wanting" The wages of sin was never death. There never was any sln, The wages of living unnatural is death, eternity inside the sun.


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