rd~ ~ftel' ~bcirl~ he' th"inlt$ ·the pac~h9rses had not been .

;;tit the appointed 'placeI sent POl).E:eet:l.ck 'l'#lH' his



o£ );[qg~on~ Eli K'eUQg B:l.'to 9.. PepJhlif(i;

L·like H~lchet Dr t9 half 11, dollar 'to ·p8,Y tt. pair lor

1Jf.'(J)uifJ1J£q~ !S"~i~t ~[r.·:BNlIrddown the River with


;4"men. with dtrectif.ms for Stodda.rd to start .immedi.atelv ~·i'un tli~1':r;iSt,'9ftJ1e,8th' bI¢ricliati-.. th~.the.rest ' · oi-fh@
I • ' •• _ ....

.t-\:twatecrto run the: rest of tlie,Pth-I then. set 'ffttt.fpt tJ,i.·e Salt f$,pl'ing- I t(l6k with me,\Vm B.ID{e~.& .E\1i K0ll~W &. Pontioek Ib floul.' 1'5 lb pori\: l~O:)"

~ith: 2: horses .'bcl·onging to the


'& .one: w.hicl.i belonged to Pontiock 'we traveled about 8 l:l):iles"e~~'~ Ghe lQrth-meJdan & -, e~ pa.gs~d·t]ie,sQ.uth 'stdtf6! a Pbtidoj ab,9lU 2.00 acres. when I judged we h.l1\d got abnul S -or 9 miles we crossed 2 st-reri.'ms·near ¢lV!h .other .thff:2tI· $ c:O~l1~iderab.leCieek.of ahQut 50 link both bearing -aw.ay ,South~ .and here:allOut. very g09cl.- e:;~~ptlltg..t~flS.· ]i~~~e.eti ch_~ef1y-OAk Land - vVe,·Cross the. it 0uy:ahoga. ut about 11,or 1.2 1'fIilE$'a~f the Ro,~,d·,~nd··9, n1 Eas~Eir~,g ..£pl'din:g is V';"fYgQod~- w;~ (ia,mped .fioI' the 'tlJe Iiight 'a."~ the H'rst run near ~h NIil e from the rh~e!J.: ~ T-U(}$ilay -2·,{ - 'Started. at 6 :O~Q! 15~'.tUI"'-~ came to bI,~nclj.:of,tbe,CuY~llo'8~jtbout 1/3 enurse 1\TvV at 7.' OC· we .passed-the south ~id~ of '09. PQ';ud Q.f'ab()~lt, ~O 9l' lp,f)

...thea," ·!~L.7!t,5'(f

.dl;un~: the'same\t branch or. Cuy.aiIoga ttl fippe~;u~ some smaller course Sr\;V, ~t :~h.sf c,ant~ "to same -, com::s~ NW'" _. at SO,C ,'5,0 to" ~ p,()lld on Hie north a'QQut 'iot).: area. - fl.t 1 Oh·S'O'


sQIi).e, ~pDd Intervale n pO.n. jt. he-tween

C.i'ossed ._..;:

'$, ,_.'



N o:i.'tb a.bout .20, wi·de 1.'V''i tho
1.0 &,11.

we .~·QSs~d

·2 sinal! l'lm~:bo·th to the' No;rth. We travelled bef~ 'dinner ·ab~JUt .1!li1~S' '9 ea$ting-', In ·the atre~ilgpn w~

N~ thus fill' the P'rindpalpmi :0£ ·the :timber' is .white &4)lacl~ OaI~. ~smill.mjXtu!'e' of, tr,on ·Woo·d.~· k.k.ol'Ya H *h'~ )titer part of :·,tiheday:,'tbe Tiniber 'WItS Oak ffick;ol':f . Elm .t1s£hl\f~pI.¢::B.e~M111- ~Qj} 'flood ThJs 'nigh I :l.ee..,


a. S4"¢~1

ab.out 40 wide fl.3it 'stony :l:(ottom .C9ID'Sf

on~d we oo;mped a.bout 2 mile.~·Vfest, 'Q'f where the 5th .will ~f.alI-· We:dn,f.~d.a,y '2_8'tli lifJ!i' we' ,ta·a~.ned ~bQut 4:-. fIllJe'

~ ':qajtLeto: a. ll!t!g€r deer lick trQ9 enth~elybar:e fbI' sever.al.B;od~we $oo.ri tutuie ro fue. .Big~ Beaver cg~j'S'eN .-t}:}'l:: ;irlbf!l'\r~,lnot ~~dl"f1JiU'dhiNl.Jrrwe·'\t'~n1on ~:Qss~d 2 Or 3 runs 'cO'I:l!I'seN. came to, the ,4th ··)ierida.u u'aveUeu li.l'ffllt 1 lYru,~..o ·tt t srp1.·iuw·:hY 'the' w~y - in ~bQ-ut one mi1~rur:bllerto ~ Sinii!.U run PQ~ll".se..N,-. _·we:foun.d line on a W O*,k Ridge, ws then went p.e.fU'Iy .2- miles on the path in' it N'~J£.;~d:ir~C't.iarr~. C~l.il1'! to' the Salt·..Spring ~~bol1t'3 DC; bl. the ait-elt.l.oon very mu~ th,'e'c:J \vith,6t4; .jml,tn~y; :bIB ~¢onAi,fter we passed ·th¢. Big Bea.\~:er !,'ontiok J made sign 16':08 tha~.h-e·must retbl'U to his .camp at Cu)'_a:.,. hrqga tl'.ilrt.a:n,Indian had. gonet.Uat vv:ay·&ro~I .gave him ' a line. to .1n~lt:terwho lle£t at .Ca:rnp t{))Jive him some ''Whi~lty &: JIotn' .T1Jj,lu'il.itta.y 29. ·JWtM·~ Camp 'at $~lt"SjJrjrig. Eli Kd!r.gg' !eft'~f:limp, s;.;VIO' past 5 in l~e, rnc1r.ning tt;:l. ·C.M·i"Y·a h~·t~l'to Esqr V"~til'l'~ ?-t the- loth rrille ,.p;ost' on the ..3d m-eripian ~t fhe .... same ,tllu,e \Vm J3a~;ket1eft{ ea;nlp.to ·see if'Redfield had int~r~9q,t~dth~ 3d' }{(iI'ldian .~ In the time 'Of th~ir a.bs~n~er fix up one .of··t;h~l{f;t~ 'tles:'& \!oiIecnlb.wn" a,Cltrop 'kittle :full (l,r t~e"wll,t&cit the' rii1t SJ.:ilt'in~,. Kettle' ,qgnt~in'td IO .,vio e qUUI+ & I ~.al~ the


le(l:t~al~ t,-~-;cit S.~l(some: s'kuck·£:a'St to the JletUe~Bou .. le;eliog Returned nbout 19 p;ast.8·- ~1l~hw"9'rd t:na;t ~~:~ri'ei1 Lhle ~,~~ ;.cut th~'O\lgh &' had pas'sed. 'about_ 4.days-' Barker

tefuu')'ned Yz 'a;n hO'llr att@ltl.oonwIth· w6~'.Cl ~bijdre h~td ~'e:eJ'JJ;R~~lfiel4-' 1j;1i~t·MQde'y wss uuwell ~ thntJ3ig:nall had-gone-baek with him & the small htn'~~-to C~l[nlj-' -l(e. bl'Plrght me, a lii.l~~ from J\.fr Ited~ fi~kl"':~~hid~ ird'm:n1ei:l me -that·be had le'tt some provision5 'mil e back-' also that. he;,e:t:~$S~~ ,3, l~ge' Riv.e,. ~;n tJ.le " ~ iilth lJ;~p.g~ 4:th.n1ne-· at 2'7\2ri', Iinks (U)'LU:~e )n .swifr watel' 21!y2' feet deep 1 ,70 Wi~e (this IS tlre 'Quylll~9g;l. yduQh lVI1: Rt;d6.e.1d.mrslpok for :th6Blg be:a.v@J,; or ,,,,hlell, we have-called the 'WIll'.honrng) he writes that he eras,sed th,e .S,atfi.e0·tiv~· nll tpe· 5t~1B;,~ge .& atJhe. '¢rid 'oi 2d illil~ .(this la,s;1;iver is the' big. heaver 01' ~1:ahonin,g) r I·-i:l~Itl; :Barkera£tel' ~s.qt·1-\T.arren for f.ea"t i±ll!:t.l\.e' ':9'otil:d.rinE:·havG seesonahle notioe.where our Head QU'ilr,t~I'.:;sWere. sj~u~_ted~ ~lS00't1,r heve, tbe ·1~,titl ~bridi9n ·C(J~:-


~tt.iuei~'o' th{i{~tQ.r SpafY6td migh£ l~.~r~ ih6'·~ame',as: th~y-,Vi'm'e both ignorant of .it - ]wstarte~ about _2 00-, this; .D.·£t¢;i'-UQon- .. this lias ·he·en it, 'Ml'y 'li;otd ~y I fi}i"6c]:'8

oamp-~lssto-run .to \V"al'r.eu lille~lJ'rid'(iy t'h;l: -Qoth J u'1te J.:i #:1 I rill}' '\iV' s-t f1·o:rn.1he S:;l)lt<S.pril.lg to the ..1r'Iel'idinn e b"~t,\v¢.en!tbe' 3Cl &.''i'th R~I.gedb(! ru)iel::i ChaU:ls '&-'90 linlrf;;- 1 +ll.en._mea\Su:r,:ed £eromthe' 12th ::Nm.e--POSl~ s:d on' ~t@rj9:i.~n rit)E'c.h ufitill I ·,qa,tlJlf t'9 the.' \¥Mt.liIi-~flWlJn~pEi Sal t 8Ill'; ng which was ·34 c'bar-n.s & '7'O-·ll(~ks-- The Salt Spr'~g Is ,tn.c91ll:g:assed with ~ Vat about 7' ril" ~ l~~t squa:l'~;'&··~hOltt-gfed"'de.eI)b~t the depth cannot well 11:e

,tllH'e'is a ibat "i.~. a-·v.el·~~ li;~~lebrack .. ish to' the south of hh:e sptit~g which inay easily-' berlr,a.ifi¢:t1oft'- in .a trolfigh or<-~p6ut-aJ.-s6. the grinn'ld eru.'t of
iiitQ ~

det~ID:ijtJt·d oil' aceennt df the' mud lha:t".h~td ,~o~ked .



the Spring is SP~'ingy& but little 'b:ra.ckish- this ~.~pr~s~ iel.'.lt tlms Salt Sp:rirl'g' but l'tluy be eerried -'O\rel" ,it- 'the' salt· ispieing empties to 't!l¢ nOJ~i~b tb;r('}ugl~ a;_ small :.hain in a" 1it~~e.:ijuri o,Lbraekish w~teJ.' belto1:!mg 'away. the saiRe. course & passed about 2 Rod east of the. SPl'il~g T.her.e'·ate:c. a number of IrO!) .Kettles a bout.the Spring: ''to the nu·mhet., ~f .n or 12 most o{whieh would Contain 6 or 7-' .nucket'S'but'~h~y ~l'e. ~1.1_.Cl:alJlagedi' having th~il' h 1,e·gS;..&Ear.~ kno:c.ked off & pieees bruken aff'so as 10 be. worth but little, The fOl~m.el' w;.Qrks. w~l"e·:tal':£(ct~d P11.tj}t e14~lside.()f":the..RtlU TKo barild:il gentle &'Clayy there i.s some cieal"e(Uaucl. onthisside.whete is y~y ;J)l~'a$l:ln~ -C1impmg 'grqmi~-. 'the w~tel·.hj:~:re about In:e unpleasant 'being,bl't1.ckish-, we-cleased a spring, a,bcwJ I) Rod sQ.utll


of 'i~e- s.~n Spring 'tha'~ WfI,S tol.e!'a.:ble - the timbfd' aiio1,lt ihe Spring' is,w,hite'S;: black 'b'nk &. -Hickory t.h~ cnuutry"level -_. SOoil npp:eaJ's' ptetty good '-_

&_aturrla.y 1.J14·ly·1"1!Jf/ '. I fixed a~-pout. to the' salt. SprIDQ' & .found ~hat i.t s rp:liitte(i jn cl udleg the fresh Sli:t"ings' .abo-lit l;2:(l Oilbi€'
Inches V\r atel" in 20 sChoN beats '01 a watch of wli;iqh 'thet,e are :ibC:lllt 2.90' in .ft. .nii.n'nte'- one oj the' f1:esh . ~--.: .~ . _". . '~piiRg emits 8"6'·Inches of ~r{'l.tel' in. 78, shW·t b.~f~tsaf ,a w.;.a,tch- "~hat ftes_h c~:I,rne in'to.the $piring I eould not :tV1ic' l"b,jn but think the rest Would nob he mQl'C th~\11 139 ,ct,ib,iriTnches.m one minute. 'Th~ 'l;vllole guantity tha.t runs. from t llesprirrg. both sal t: &- fl'f{$h is, nnw at the I'fi~ of 13 01' 14 h~lT~] hQ;l;lt· O'f' whieb about "'[1 i~ of the P):~" san kind - the .';O;',1.l, ter flf the spring is not ,n.,eal' as' Sltlt':is; ·tha;t',0.f ~h.e,p¢e$n '. ..



B(1~Jd·a.j;,?i 1J~lly 1 'tefn Kellogg w.entthis morning with fi letter t() ]eayf;': for lVII· Re'dficliJ. wliere' hemt~TB~ected the' Hhe between .. -. .:



th~ 3d &: :i;lli R,a~,g~s- Showerythe f(rre pa,!'t 'Of the ,da:yI "\\irot:e t,Q, }n'Redfi~l d 10 hirv.e hun return on.' hi}; Hne untill he got to the 4th }';Ie:ifidhtll wheee h~ len his .Pl'ovJ~iq;ri.~. tlr¢ri' foliow it·.zou:th mitjll he came 'b;:,' me .at

the South line oii'the'llb$el'\;e'

l{eUDg~tl?eturtJ.fd, &; in th¢ Q-ftel'I1,Q;qn we $~uek our on the 'Indian Path until] we ,gQt i1(~~bli a,.~6t'l~1'ill:i1:«:fl"om ·~e;'th )I.e.~idjaIl'&'el;',~.::aniped~y -a Sp:t'i~
lent '~' t.l'avclIed1iVest

.S'u;n(J'aiJ !i!q, J:u.ly ~,QUl' horses strn1ed away, ICeI .. l'0~g' started after them. .es slO6n as' ·d.~Y·ight .,Appeareu l h~.."v~t to ..tll~ 'east S\lPROsil~trthey 'were malcin~' f~(n· he t &alt 8.pI"ing -·h~ wenf Pasl·,th~enl & t:i~)fltin~l,eclo 'the: t

si(lllt.sp·-tiuO's & uot'fin.ding them he returned within about ,g.l\cfile's of Cil.MP & fOJma thC·,T(.I.. he .·gQ~.tn·C.amp a;pd.ut
~ ,5. ,~. .

f..btl.nd rna:r-ked. on a tree. "'J"une.·:ZS·"-- we t;ra;y,eUt;ld to ~1f,··e.lr~j~' SPCaff.Q.t:g. Il1te·i'~ ~;'~ted .. which was also North ef' ,HIe;, 5" llile Post -' found 'h.L·eUf;J.:~ wh.i9h says tha,t. l1¢EJ~s~d T!l-u/r84'ay 29th J·£line snrr en hour. high ·at night--that .Phin, ':Barkia'& :t\ir. Artdl'fj'.VS' had ~d fits o~:FEr;rel' &, .t\g.uc ,_ that himself was, unwell hu.t ex .. pe~t,edtQgel thtf.ltlgh, we c~mp-~~(I ~~.}' n thc:r4fh ].fjIe· F9',st.
i#y'a 3'ubbe:r·

S'bl,r'ted'arkl' n & got to the 4th J\'hrlclian~'~ ~09n. \VttIT..<:iJInt¢rse¢¢d N:o.l'tb trE the 10 m.Post.L


of standittg


we..moved south witb1n, aQdut:,1/s -0£ a l;IilIe 'of ··the aQ'Uth·LinelJv' ar (hlltte)' btl' sbneliu;g. wate~, ~e q(!)uld 'no hdterb;",. going the Lilli; wh1Ch 'w(,rdid f.oJlowihg' .jt East:.. & .continuing - we 'C.a:mped & prepared tty Bitd. the l'(el':i,man, ~ ~~lcUlate QrF~hci ritiii;pl~ thaJ, the.. ole"" gl'eR test Elongation on P P

lJ[o.rt.duy &d ,/;dj/'.1 'l'fJ:7 ._



t];u~:S'ollth <is '2""'~I:~ I tnok fll~,gr~"at~'$t }pr.rgai~~nof' E

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