Using Technology in Library Management

Skills for More Efficient Adm inist rat ion and Com m unicat ion

Session 1: Better Communication through Technology June 2, 2011, 2:30pm – 4:00pm Eastern

using social media and technology for work?

G r o u p P ol l

1. 2. Limited v a l u e 3. Limited ti m e 4. Cost 5. My o r g a n i z a ti o n

 Get Kenley  Get Mobile  Get Instant  Get Google (Voice, Chat, and Email)  Get Social  Get Experienced

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Early adopter. Loves and embraces technology. Integrates technology throughout the work environment. Implements technology solutions for non-profit organizations. Sees communication as primary skill needed for any administrator. Trained in meditation and in conflict mediation.

Do you have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?
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Yes or No

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Get Mobile
   Why mobile? Which phone? How do you integrate?

Do you use text messaging?

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Do you use instant messaging?

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Get Instant

   Text Messaging Group Messaging Instant Messaging

Get Google

  Google Voice Gmail

Do you use Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn every day?
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Get Social

   Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Let’s Get Experienced
 Boxcar  GroupMe  Google Voice  Gmail  Google Chat  Adium (chat - Mac Only)  Pidgin (chat - all platforms)  Facebook



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