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ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 3 Request for Proposal for Trainers

ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 3 Request for Proposal for Trainers

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ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 3 Request for Proposal for Trainers
ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 3 Request for Proposal for Trainers

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Published by: Number1Tutor on Jun 02, 2011
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Southwire Company

Request for proposal OPS Initiative
----------------OPS Manager, Southwire One Southwire Drive Carrollton, GA 30119 ------------@southwire.com Phone number

Organizational Overview The Southwire Company was founded during 1950 by Roy Richards Sr. Roy launched the Southwire Company in an effort to provide his eighty five year old grandma and his area with electrical energy. During the last fifty nine years Southwire has expanded to be the world’s number one privately managed cable and wire producing organization. Southwire presently operates several units throughout North America with worker quantities varying roughly 5,000. Around a hundred thirty five countries are supplied with Southwire products and a 5th of all homes have different kinds of Southwire’s product. Southwire’s business headquarters are situated in Roy Richards’s home town of Carrollton, Georgia. Southwire is known as the world’s top inventor and supplier of cable and wire. Southwire’s mission is to relentlessly continue operational excellence to remain ahead of our rivalry. Project Overview The objective of this offer is to hire outside instructors who will help the growth Southwire’s Operational Perfection System (OPS program).

engineering or relevant field. . Interaction with management and general laborer’s is pertinent to job accomplishment. Deliverables 1) 2) 3) Creation of Standardized process and procedures which help remove scrap. OPS will actively create processes and procedures meant to remove waste while maintaining excellent working environments. Individuals should have a minimum of a bachelor’s qualification in business. Georgia. speed. Southwire has selected to accomplish VPP reputation so as to offer workers with unmatched working environments. Applicants will be needed to know several processes linked with Southwire’s production environment. The development of OPS tradition will contribute to business achievement and help the VPP process. The execution of this program will be checked at the Southwire Utility Products Plant (SCUPP) situated at company headquarters in Carrollton.Objective Southwire is presently along the way of achieving the Occupational Safety and Heath Administrations (OSHA) desired Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) honor. Experience in a production environment is a plus. Family has remained one of Southwire’s unifying concepts all through the company’s past. Fluent computer abilities and communication abilities will contribute to job accomplishment. New User Guides which describe rates. Recipient Southwire is presently looking for a team of ten qualified persons to create and maintain a new operational program defined as OPS. Training Videos showing correct machine installation and operation. The execution of OSHA’s VPP will encourage effective worksite-based security and healthy working environments for all workers. and process objectives.

PowerPoint demonstrations which evaluate progress should be developed monthly until project is finished. Total cost of OPS execution. Quarterly revision of OPS improvement must be accessed every three months. Proposal replies should include a minimum of ten copies that include organization name. At least 3 project referrals should be incorporated.com Replies received after July 1. Individual qualifications of possible training applicants. 2009. Pilot testing of all process or procedures must be carried out before should be implanted. Proposal Format Proposals should incorporate: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Detail explanation of processes used to carry out OPS training. . Proposals must be submitted as PDF files detailing all proposal requirements. New worker time cards which monitor daily manufacturing.4) Monthly safety conferences are held which evaluate company growth. address and contact details. Detailed time line linked with training process. Breakdown of individual cost of OPS initiatives. Timeline The Southwire Company will accept proposal replies until July 1. Standardized work stations which use related devices for each work station Worker Surveys relating the OPS culture and VPP modifications. 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Detail reports shown monthly detailing OPS improvement. implantation. 2009 won't be considered. Replies must be sent straight to -----------@southwire.

2010. Additional Information ----------------.Assumptions and Agreements Southwire will submit the application for VPP position on January 2. The OPS program should be fully functional by December 31. A detail Invoice detailing all cost of OPS training should be submitted to Stuart Thorn (CEO) by the authorized date. experience. The OPS will remain a cultural change in the Southwire Company. Ultimate decision will be examined by Southwire’s board of directors.com Sincerely.administrative assistant 770-832-4368 -----------------@southwire. Expense. skills and adherence to Southwire’s objectives will contribute to ultimate decision. 2012. ---------------- .

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