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ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 4 DQs

ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 4 DQs

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ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 4 DQs
ENG221 / ENG 221 / Week 4 DQs

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Based on Ganier’s (2007) article, Describe the critical success factors of developing an effective user manual. Which of these factors will be difficult for your group? The Gainer article shows style, material, construction, as well as user ability are necessary elements to a successful user guide.

WEEK 4 DQ 2 Based on Dupont and Bestgen’s (2006) article. A lot of users can better know how to use a . • • • When is it appropriate to use illustrations in a user manual? Are illustrations more effective or less effective than written instructions in communicating meaning? Why or why not? The Dupont and Bestgen article suggests using pictures to increase user understanding and to create a connection with written text.

Confirmation of written text is readily recognizable by using pictures. operation. Readers might have trouble comprehending or following just written text. Pictures can be more efficient compared to written text however are most powerful when properly merged with user-friendly language. The cooperation of written text and pictures should consider a users prior knowledge of the identified tool. Pictures offer users with a crossreference for knowing technical information. Identifying probable user problems will contribute to effective use of pictures and written text. Efficient technical papers should include text and pictures into one easily comprehensible demonstration. Pictures should properly represent the desired goal. . and written directions. Vague pictures can contribute to user misconception and incorrect use of tools.tool when pictures are present. Dupont and Bestgen say “including an example to a part of text can be advantageous only when the reader is capable to set up referential connections between these two sources of information” (2006). Pictures provide users with different sources for comprehending technical information. The cognitive element of pictures fortifies user identification and plays a role in device operability. The use of referrals marks is an efficient device while mixing written text with pictures.

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